Bags Under My Eyes - Discover Top Eye Creams With Natural Ingredients

Top eye creams may have both chemical based and natural extract based products in the list. This makes the task of choosing the best cream a difficult one. Different products are advertised differently. Some are endorsed by celebrities, and others simply display the ingredients. In such a scenario how would you select a product that fulfills your requirements?

Eyes are the most sensitive organs in our body. Imagine a small particle entering your eyes. The first thing that comes to mind is watering followed by redness in the eyes. Such a small particle has the capacity to irritate the eyes as well as cause swelling and puffiness. Imagine what strong chemicals would do. Many of the top eye creams and other skin care products are manufactured using strong chemical formulations. Why? Simply to get instant results. Though this becomes a good selling point for the company, it can prove to be disastrous for your eyes.

The skin around the eyes is extremely fragile. Watch your eyes the next day when you haven't had a good night's sleep. You would notice dark circles and puffiness around the eyes. Even the smallest event of not getting enough sleep can make your eyes look like that. Think of what pollution and UV rays can do.

The solution to your problem is applying an eye cream made from natural ingredients. Nature is your best friend when it comes to your health. Though science and technology has given much weight to chemicals, one must not forget the rich healing capacity that nature holds. Many of the essential oils are extracted from roots, leaves and flowers of plants. For instance, applying rose water provides immediate relaxation to the eyes. Similarly, Homo Age is known for reducing wrinkles around the eyes.

You must look for the top eye cream containing natural ingredients. Equipped with the power of nature such a product can provide instant relief to tired and puffy eyes without you succumbing to chemicals that can cause irritation in the long-term.

In case you are looking for an anti aging product for the eyes, you can check contents of some top eye creams that help reduce the signs of aging. With age, our eyes begin to form bags under them. Apart from this, they also develop crow's feet. A good anti aging eye cream can help remove and prevent these signs of aging, giving your eyes a youthful glow.

Worrying yourself is not going to solve the problem. In fact, it would increase the dark circles, where stress may even intensify the wrinkles around your eyes. Stop worrying when you see sagging skin and swollen eyes. Get yourself one of the top eye creams in the market and smile away your age.

How to Get Star Look at Competitive Price

To get a star look, there is no need to burn a hole in your wallet. Following the tips followed and shop smart, you will get the trick.

There is no denying that stars usually look charming and fantastic for their unique style, which is achieved by selecting suitable clothing and fashion accessories to complete their look. Outfits are meticulously chosen according to the wearer's look rather than someone else.

To get a star look, first and foremost, you should have a clear idea about what fits you to perfection. Try to check out what colors can enhance your look with radiance, and wear those contribute to your brilliant look and avoid those make you plain.

Then you should also have a clear idea of your figure. Which figure do you belong to, angular, curvy, top heavy, bottom heavy or a balanced hourglass?

Bear in mind what clothes enhance you look better and brag those that make you splash like a star in the huge crowd.

Choose clothes that match perfectly with your personal style, your color choice and your figure. Only in this way, you can get a more fabulous effect at the lowest cost.

Why not have your hard-earned money spend on a few essential items that make you look the best rather than wasting money on fashion accessories that make you look horrific.

Next, bling is also of vital importance to achieve a star look. It is common known that diamonds are women's best friends, and a vast myriad of celebrities are sport wearing spectacular jewels with proudness while walking on the red carpet. Decorating your splendid new dress with a pair of elegant earrings and an appealing necklace is truly a good option.

A Gift to Seal the Deal

In the world of business, you meet a lot of people. The clients, the business partners, investors, stakeholders and even the plain employees and you deal with them face to face every day. Business is a complicated world that relies on building relationships. The stronger your relationship foundation with your clients, the more established the partnership becomes.

Some of these good relations are celebrated. One way to treasure this corporate compatibility is through gift-giving. To someone you have been doing business with for years, for your strict but reasonable boss, for the hardworking secretary down the hall or even just someone you just met in the workplace. Look for the best executive gift ideas that they would always remember.

For men, one of the most popular gifts especially when it's for the ladies would be a lovely bouquet of flowers. For this, men should be on the lookout for the best flower shop to impress the ladies.

In any way, you can also provide a terrific basket selection of any of their favorite food choices, may it be in food, wine, veggies or cheese.

Some executive gift ideas would rely based on the interest of the businessperson. For example, your boss is a long time Boston Red Sox fan, it would be best if you would give him tickets for two or possible for the whole family, to the playoff game with the Red Sox. Not only did he enjoyed the game for itself buy he was able to spend it with family.

For the women, you can treat them by giving them tickets to their favorite concert or theater play. They women love watching this types of performances because it appeals to their emotions.

Some of the executive gift ideas would include a treat to a spa or massage center. It pays to have that long and well deserved rest and relaxation after a hard day's work. Pampering yourself to the best known local spa could be an opportunity for you to unwind and de-stress yourself from all the problems in work and just care about yourself.

Either way if you want to go luxurious and impress your boss or your friend from the business sector you can provide him/her with tickets abroad to the country of their choice. Not only would you want to prove to them how much you value them but you would also want them to think how thankful you are in having them as you're business partners.

It may be expensive or grand when you talk about executive gift ideas but that is how it works in the corporate world. It's a world where you need to expose what you can do too.

Hosting a Three-Ring Circus Birthday Party!

The magic and fun of circuses surely brings out the kid in everyone! So, what better way to celebrate your kid's birthday than a Circus-themed party right in your own backyard! Pile on the colorful decor, jovial ambiance and fun food to create a circus atmosphere at home! Here's how.....

Send Out Some Cute Party Invitations!

Crafty and creative birthday invitations can build excitement as well as increase guests at your party. If ever you like to make the birthday party invites yourself, then there are several great ideas to help get things started. First is to create faces of clowns out of paper bags. Then write the party details at the back portion. You can add several pieces of candies to the envelopes before sending them.

Another great idea is to affix a card-style invitation into an animal crackers box or bag of circus peanuts. Hand them over to your guests afterwards. Or you can attach the card-style invitation into a large red nose and ask the guests to have the nose on at the party. Another alternative is to send the party invitations inside flattened popcorn bags.

Create A Fun Atmosphere With Party Decorations!

Make a Circus Tentby using vibrant streamers to act as a canopy over the center of the party table. Make the streamers fall from a certain point in the middle (such as from the center of the chandelier or the ceiling) down and go into the sides of the room. You can also hang yellow, blue and red plastic table covers from the ceiling down over the walls of the party hall.

For your party tables, place yellow, blue and red table covers matched with centerpieces made from a bunch of your child's stuffed animals. Also create some Admission Tickets to hand your guests when they arrive. Buy some admission ticket rolls or print out some copies on cardstock before you cut them out. Provide red clown noses and clown hats to guests as they arrive.

To create flying trapezes, string rope through empty paper towel tubes and hang them throughout the party space. You can then set one stuffed animal on each trapeze. Do not forget about balloons! Balloons will always be a hit with the kids, and they definitely heighten the environment! Attach some bunch of five helium balloons into balloon weights, then put them all over the party hall. Also tie balloons at the backs of the party chairs.

A circus party wouldn't be complete if there is no clown around. So enlist an older child or adult to dress as one, and make some balloon animals for the children! Play some carnival music to add more circus atmosphere to the party scene!

Plan A Worthy Menu!

Circuses have all manner of treats. Have some cotton candies, caramel corns, candy apples, hot dogs and elephant ears. If you can rent or find a real cotton candy maker or popcorn machine, then better. Ask an adult or teenager to run the cotton candy maker or the popcorn machine.

Host A Fun Squad of Games!

Host the Circus Lion Roaring Game ---- a game that will make everyone a winner! Let each kid give his or her best roar, then come up with awards for the loudest, most real, saddest, funniest, squeakiest, etc. You can also have the Musical Circus Game, where you will use the concept of the classic game of musical chairs. Instead of chairs, have hats on a table for the kids to walk around while music is still playing. When the music stops, the kiddies must scramble to put on a hat. The child who won't get a hat must exit the game. The game continues with one less hat until there is only one remaining.

Give Fun Party Favors!

Provide some fun thematic party favors to each party guest. You can give out inexpensive plush circus animals, plastic popcorn boxes, clown noses, popcorn ball, small candy assortment or a box of animal crackers.

A circus-themed party will definitely bring some full-blown fun for both boys and girls! With this party plan in mind, your child's birthday party will definitely be a memorable one!

Aussie Labour Hire - Providing Skilled Labour For More Than 50 Years

Before we leap into the 50 years plus celebration of Labour Hire, I need to highlight the fact that all labour is skilled. It is just the level of skill that sometimes changes!

By comparison to many industries, this type of hire is relatively new here in Australia.

As limited as the history manuals are; the use of agencies or companies specialising in the provision of workers to organisations dates back to at least the 1950s.

In Australia, the Skilled Group is widely credited for creating labour hire as a viable business service. That service has now been with us, dating back more than 50 years ago.

The company was formed in 1964 and changed its name in 1966 to Skilled Engineering which is what many know it by today.

The pieces of the puzzle that come together to make what the industry is today can be viewed through three industrial developments.

1. The traditional agency employment industry.
'Temping agencies' have long specialised in the provision of workers to help clients cope with fluctuations in demand or the temporary absence of employees through the likes of holidays.

The temps may not have all been of the highest administrative calibre but over time, skills developed and so too did its value to the market.

Many of firms have flourished in recent years and expanded the range of staff they can provide well beyond the original office temps that dominated 'staffing solutions' prior to the 1990's.

2. The recruitment industry.
Growing in popularity during the 1970's and 1980's was the need to outsource certain aspects of HR functions. Specialist recruitment companies providing shortlists of suitable candidates was quickly becoming an accepted practice.

With the growth in the demand for labour hire, recruitment firms found it relatively easy to offer clients short term or longer term placements whereby the worker worked at the client's premises but their wage was paid by the recruitment firm.

The "Try before you buy" was born!
Companies where quick to realise the power behind being able to evaluate possible long term placements whilst accepting little of the risk during the initial employment period.

3. The 'Raw' labour hire industry.
In the late 1980s a number of small specialist firms began to offer contract labour as a alternative to existing employment for companies in a number of highly unionised and dispute-prone industries such as building and construction and shearing.

The early '90's saw more and more companies discarding their base employment strategies, or at least a substantial portion of it, and utilised labour hire companies to provide their workforce.

The growth of labour hire companies in recent years reflects the desire by Australian businesses to maximize workforce flexibility. It is a huge benefit and one that provides choice well beyond what may have otherwise been available.

As company and organizational needs change, we see the Labour Hire industry adapt itself right along with it. The evolvement serves as a constant reminder that the traditional employer-employee relationships are not as they used to be and new requirements are now in place.

Skilled labour and unskilled labour continues to become more accessible as agencies and their resources on offer continue to spread their wings. It comes as no surprise to see more and more industries positioning themselves to take advantage of it.

60th Anniversary Gifts

Whether it's the wedding anniversary gift for a couple very close to you or it's for your adorable life partner, 60th anniversary gifts have to be unique and stunning, since these gifts commemorate a long and successful journey.

It is also known as the diamond jubilee year; therefore an appropriate gift for your wife can be a genuine and real diamond which will add a sparkle to your celebrations. She can use it as a pendant accompanied with a beautiful gold chain, or on a bracelet to add charm to her wrist. And if it's your loving husband of 60 years, whom you want to thank from the bottom of your heart; gifting his favourite personalised bottle of wine or champagne can be really touching. You can personalise the gift with your spouse's name and a short and loving message to accompany it. The Chablis and smoked salmon is a great choice which will include a Scottish Oak smoked salmon, not to mention a fine bottle of wine with excellent fruit and acidic flavour.

A relationship can still be romantic even at this age. And what better way to show your love for your life partner, but to write a lovely romantic poem or a touching message full of gratitude and love for your adorable better half. And this can be presented by way of 'message in a bottle', a unique and emotive 60th anniversary gift. At this age you have ample of time to sit back and think about your environment and about animals that are not so privileged to lead a smooth and carefree life. You can therefore gift your life partner a wonderful gift box which can give him/ her unique chance of saving the lives of helpless animals. There are various options such as adopt a monkey gift box, adopt a donkey, adopt a big cat gift box etc, where the recipient will save the life of an endangered species and gift the animal a better surrounding to live in. 60th anniversary gift such as these are really remarkable and will let both you and your partner be associated with a noble cause.

Tie Dye Fashion - Not Just For the Hippies, New Style of Tie Dye Fashion For 2010

For some of us 'Hippies' tie dye fashion never left us. But in today's innovative world this fashion has become more subtle. Integrating all sorts of styles in a variety of colours as well as the cut of the garment. Making the whole style a little bit more mainstream and up market. And it is a trend that we can all embrace.

So lets take a look at what all the fashionistas are wearing in this gorgeous style. Lovely soft flowing fabrics for that bohemian look is a large part of this current trend. Steering away from the harsh cottons and into the softer rayon fabrics as well as soft cotton crepes. Teaming the tops up with jeans for the urban grunge look. The bohemian style skirts are best worn with a tight fitting t-shirt to contrast away from the fullness of the skirt.

Tie dye is a look that a lot of young celebrities are embracing now. Some of the top designers are featuring tie dye on the runway. So this fashion that we have loved all those years ago has come of age. Always making you smile as the colour always makes you feel happy never blue!! These garments are available at all price points, making it available to everyone at their own budget.

The newer styles that are available are a lot more chic, then the traditional styles from the sixties. And Fashionistas nowadays are looking for that chic classy style. It is all about being individual as well as in style.

World Cruise Vacation

Holidays on a cruise ship are great and exiting. Cruises provide various options for people of any age group to individually participate in everything from kids programs, to relaxing spa treatments. Cruise vacations are hassle free, do not require any cooking and cleaning and there is plenty of space as compared to the landlocked vacations. In fact, you can have an estimate of the amount you need to spend beforehand which is not possible in any other vacations. Cruise ships are uniquely suited to offer great services that make the world cruise vacation a pleasurable memory for all.

However, It is always recommended to get travel insurance as well as cancellation insurance done in advance to avoid losses in case of emergency. Here are few points which will help you to plan a vacation on the cruise:

When to start

You can book the cruise either through an agent or directly with the cruise line. If you have a good idea about cruise travel then it is wise to book the cruise directly to save those extra pennies spend on the agent.

Summer may be a good time for world cruise vacation in most places. Cruises are even cheaper in the summers.

The springs might be comparatively crowded due to spring breaks. However, the spring break crowd seems to vary based on the cruise ship.

Winter is great especially for the western Caribbean and the southern Gulf of Mexico Infact, some cruises even cater for the Christmas time but these can be expensive.

Family friendly facilities

As most of the cruise vacations are planned with the family or may be a family reunion time, it is important to choose the cruise comfortable and enjoyable for the family. Few of the family friendly ones are:

The Carnival Lines - Carnival Glory has large youth room having an arts and crafts center, a video room for movies; a computer lab featuring educational computer games, a PlayStation and a children's library with books and magazines.

The Royal Caribbean and Celebrity have aqua adventure park for the entire family. Costa ships feature a year-round youth program.

The Disney cruise line is totally family oriented and do not have casinos. Disney has added Animal Kingdom Lodge to its Land & Sea Vacation packages.

In case of a long vacation the choice lies between a luxury and a premium one Luxury ships are built to a higher standard than the premium lines. The premium vacation might charge for each and every item you use whereas the luxury holiday usually includes most of the charges in one price.A cheap or discount price does not always promise you the best deal. There are discounts and specials for all of the cruise lines and depending on when and where you sail, the savings could be substantial. So, it is wise to compare the rates and do a little research before choosing the type of cruise for a world vacation.

Fiji Romantic Resorts - Top 3

Fiji loves honeymooners which prompted a travel magazine to call Fiji "Honeymoon Heaven." Last summer, ranked Fiji among the lowest-priced countries for American travelers. If you are planning a honeymoon, anniversary celebration or vow renewal consider one of these three heavenly resorts.

Likuliku Lagoon Resort won, Best Overseas Resort, in Australia's Luxury Travel Magazine's annual 2010 Gold List with good reason. It was the first resort in Fiji with over-water bures (bungalows.) All 46 of Likuliku's thatched-roof bures feature lagoon views, but 10 of them are suspended over the Lagoon's reef edge. They are private, exclusive and beautiful. You can laze on your deck or luxuriate in your separate bathing pavilion with Lagoon views from your bathtub.

Although its most popular features are overwater bures, another good choice is a deluxe pool bure, right by the beach. There are only eighteen of these private sanctuaries on the beachfront, They feature air-conditioning, music systems, phones, flat-screen monitors and DVD player, secluded rear courtyard, outdoor shower, spacious deck, daybed retreat and personal plunge pool. They are surrounded by glossy-leafed greenery and brightly flowering hedges.

Likuliku Resort is also heralded for serving exquisite food, some say the best in the country. It could be so easy to stay cocooned in your romantic hideaway, and leave the drama of the world behind.

Likuliku is on Malolo Island in the Mamanuca group, within easy access of Port Denarau (a short drive from Nadi airport.) The resort has designed two very special wedding packages and a "renewal of vows" package to suit all needs. And certain times of the year, weddings are free. Rates range from $734 to $1233.

The Royal Davui Island Resort allows for no more than 32 guests on the island at any one time. Conde Naste magazine crowned them the most romantic island hideaway in the South Pacific and Caribbean. Set on a hillside, it has wonderful views of Fiji's finest lagoon. This is an adults-only, all-inclusive hotel and each room features a private plunge pool. If you want to elope, they are offering a free wedding package until March, 2011.

The Qamea Resort & Spa was selected as one of the top 10 hideaway resorts in the world by the Robb Report. This idyllic resort location is surrounded by jungle clad hills and white sand beaches. It recently opened the Qamea Jungle Spa which is perched on a cliff at the edge of the jungle. One of the resorts most unique features is the option to reserve a romantic afternoon on honeymoon beach-a totally private beach. They will whisk you away by ferry, supply you with a picnic lunch and bottle of wine and leave you totally alone on the island until you are ready to be picked up. You will possibly come back more in love than when you arrived at the resort.

Be a Successful Nightclub Promoter!

A nightclub promoter is a good paying job as long as you know how to do it with right techniques and skills. Normally, nightclub promoters are hired to promote events and attract people to attend events at nightclubs, bars and concerts. For the club owners and event organizers, hiring a club promoter is more cost effective and more beneficial than paying for numerous advertisements.

How to be a successful nightclub promoter?

To success in nightclub promoting business, you have to learn good public relations skills. You need to be good in approaching and persuading people. Nightclub promoters often deal with complete strangers and attract their interest in attending your events. Keep in mind that you need to be friendly to everyone and give gratitude to those who frequently attend the events that you promote. By becoming friendly and rewarding your customers, you will gain their trust and you will have more loyal customers.

In addition, it is critical to have good advertising skills to be a successful club promoter. The typical way that nightclub promoters do is to distribute flyers to people on the street informing them about the upcoming events. However, as technology is setting up the trends in marketing, most nightclub promoters are now implementing marketing strategies through the use of social networking sites. You can create a profile at the most popular social networking sites and start adding people to your network. You can also set up a website for your nightclub promoting business so that your potential clients will have an overview of you, your events and the services that you offer.

In promoting nightclub events, you should also make sure that you provide accurate information. Avoid wrong information as this will make people get frustrated. Do not announce an upcoming event unless the date and the venue are confirmed. Make sure that everything in the event is already fixed and no changes will be made.

If you want to be successful in the nightclub promoting business, you should not only love clubbing and have tons of friends who love partying. You should also learn the right ways as a good start for this rewarding and interesting industry!

Be a successful nightclub promoter!

7 Tips For Getting Your Children Unplugged

Have you noticed that your kids are becoming more attached than ever to television, video games and texting? And the season doesn't seem to matter. During summer, with more free time and fewer structured activities, it's easy to turn to electronics for stimulation. In winter, the shorter daylight hours and long, dark evenings allow less time for outdoor play.

The latest figures indicate that children are watching more TV than ever, with ages 2 to 5 watching over 32 hours a week. While television time for children aged 6 to 11 drops slightly, due to school hours, it's still more than 28 hours a week. That is, on the average, greater than 4 hours a day. These numbers include VCR and game console usage but not time on the computer or playing hand-held video games.

Are you concerned about these staggering numbers? Child healthcare advocates certainly are. They warn that this increased television watching may be linked to two significant childhood issues: obesity and delayed language development. For the past decade, parents thought that educational baby videos would help their infants develop language skills but, instead, studies found that infants who watch these kinds of videos actually learn fewer vocabulary words than those who don't.

The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends only an hour or two of quality TV and videos for children older than 2 years and none for those below that age. What can you do, as a parent, to wean your children from excess hours of television and video games? Here are 7 tips to get you started as you craft a plan that works for your family.

1. It's not a simple process, but you can start by talking about why it's important to reduce your kids' electronic screen time. Help them see that watching less TV is not a punishment, but rather an important part of their growth. Convince them to buy into the value of unplugging, and you can all brainstorm together about other stimulating activities.

2. If you are a Sandwiched Boomer, single parent or working mother, you're likely already stressed by all the responsibility and may be tempted to use television as a baby sitter. Instead, encourage your children to help you while you are doing chores around the house - bring them into the kitchen to make dinner, let them fold their own laundry, create a game to see who can straighten up faster. Talk with your kids while you're doing your tasks and make them a part of the process.

3. Set aside time for them to play outside with their friends. Learn more about after school activities in which your kids can participate - at school, in your local community center, at the park. Check into summer reading competitions at your local library. Even with cutbacks due to the poor economic climate, you can find available creative and physical outlets.

4. Encourage your children to read instead of watching television or playing video games. With young children, read to them at night before bedtime. Think about how you can make reading more interactive and interesting for your older kids. Set an example - have a good book of your own handy so that you can sit down with them and read together. Help set up a children's book club for them and their friends.

5. Be a positive role model. Try not to leave the TV on as a background noise or a distraction. And don't watch TV yourself just to fill the time. When you watch only a few particular and favorite shows, your kids will better understand the restrictions you set for them.

6. Include your children in planning which shows they will watch and when. Remind them to limit their screen time to only the specific ones they have chosen. Set the amount of time they can play video games, hand-held or on the TV - perhaps specify days or times for this activity. Make up a chart so they can plan for the week. And have them be accountable by filling in the times they have watched.

7. Set family rules about what is and is not acceptable in terms of TV and video game usage. Let your kids know that you plan to be consistent in enforcing them. You can even buy a TV/video game time management tool that allows you to implement the time limits you have set with your children.

You may find that, as in any dramatic change, it takes many baby steps to change your kids' television viewing habits and video game-playing. When you feel overwhelmed by the thought of unplugging them and limiting their screen time, remind yourself that it is a process. Celebrate the progress that you're making to create a richer and more interactive environment for your children.

(c) 2010, Her Mentor Center

What's the Best Stomach Diet to Lose Those Extra Pounds?

Fad diets are rife in the media world today. This celebrity is doing this diet and another is doing that diet. But what is a good diet plan that will help you lose weight, keep it off, be healthy and won't leave you feeling like your staving for the rest of your life? This article will give a quick run down on the basic foods for health and weight loss and then give a few tips on how to avoid over eating, which is the principal cause of being overweight. So the best stomach diet is not only the kind of food you eat but also the quantity.

The basic foods that should make up the majority of your stomach diet are fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and lean protein. These foods are packed with nutrients to keep your body healthy. They are also fibre rich which will satisfy your hunger and keep you feeling fuller for longer and that will in turn keep you from eating too much and tempting you to pick at junk food. Make sure you eat lean protein, as this is also a hunger fighting food. What's more is that protein helps you to build and maintain the lean muscle on your body, and the more lean muscle you have, the faster your metabolism will be and the more fat you will burn. If your stomach diet consists almost entirely of these types of foods then there is no way you will gain weight, on the contrary you will begin to shed pounds and enjoy better health.

Now, for our stomach diet we should be eating these foods as our 3 square meals a day and we should be enjoying our food, but what we don't want to do is over eat, so here are some tips to avoid that.

1. Always have a hearty breakfast. Studies have shown that when people have protein at breakfast (such as eggs) they actually consumed fewer calories throughout the day then when they didn't eat protein at breakfast. It is thought that this is because good protein sources are especially satisfying and therefore keep hunger pangs at bay.
2. Do not skip meals otherwise you will be tempted to gorge when you do eat.
3. Eat fruit 20 to 30 minutes before meals, as the fibre it contains will fill you up and help you to eat less when dining.
4. Drink water regularly. It is good for you and will allow you to always have something in your stomach.

As a final note I would say that if you were not eating these foods regularly than you should start to implement them gradually into your stomach diet. Start slowly to substitute these fat-fighting foods for the foods you now eat until they constitute the greater part of your diet.

Designer Dog Dresses - Are They Ever Worth the Money?

Well, they say that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. And perhaps value-for-money is too. But I have to say, I find it a wrench on the old pocket book to fork out $200 or $300 for a single designer dog dress, when there's so much choice around in terms of style and cost.

But temptation is always there and the question persists, "Are designer dog dresses really worth all that money?"

The key phrase is, of course, value-for-money. That's something we all like very much, even those celebrities, sports personalities and bankers with money to burn. No-one likes to buy cheap. And no-one likes to have their fingers burned. So how does a simple country girl make a sensible judgment in the cold light of day that a designer dog dress really is a work of art and worth every penny of the offered price?

Well, the truth is, she doesn't. Her heart does all that heavy lifting for her.

Just to consider buying a designer dog dress, or coat or collar, which is not strictly speaking an essential necessity in any dog's life, but which can turn it into the cutest thing you've ever seen, is certain testament to a girl's love for her little daughter and the sheer joy of sharing their lives together.

But there's yet another reason why pampering our pets is such bliss.

It allows pets' mums to indulge in one of their all-time, favorite pastimes; going shopping! Or what cynical husbands and boyfriends call, "going for a little retail therapy."

Whatever! Browsing the online dog boutiques in search of a unique pet fashion garment can be nearly as exciting as personal shopping. Certainly, trying to visualize the garment on the little dog can be just as difficult as looking at ourselves in the mirror with a dress held close. Also, measuring a dog can be tricky and many people get this wrong. So a word of warning.

Try and find an online retailer confident enough in his products to offer a generous Returns Policy that gives you plenty of time to make up your mind that you don't want the goods after all. So you can return them for at least a credit.

Some retailers accept no returns at all, except where they're forced to by law. Some offer 7 days. Some even offer 14 days. And a few offer 30 days. So search out that Returns Policy. It could make all the difference between risk-free buying today and being landed later with unwanted goods.

Having sorted that lot out, you can now get on with all that wonderful browsing.

If you're lucky enough to capture a high-end designer dog dress that's a vision of style and sophistication, by one of the country's leading fashion designers, on offer at $30 or even $300 and you decide you must have it, you'll have answered your own question.

Yes! It was worth every penny! And I'm sure you're going to be doing it all again next week.

How to Succeed in Hollywood - Getting Past the Cut

One of the great places to learn lessons about Hollywood is the commentary section of DVDs. It's amazing the insights you can gain from filmmakers talking quite innocently about the process of getting the movie made. Sometimes the things they think they're teaching you about the movie business aren't what you walk away having learned. In fact, sometimes you can learn things they don't really want you to know.

Just recently I watched 8 Mile-the Eminem bio film. The film is about rapper Eminem struggling to become a successful recording artist in Detroit by winning rap battles. It follows the exact same format that most "outsider young person struggles to find himself in a strange world" films (Step Up, Stomp the Yard, Drumline, Bring It) follow.

In the DVD extras, there is a section about filming the rap battles themselves. Particularly, there is a story about how the film's director and producers decided they wanted to have local rappers actually battle Eminem in order to get a more gritty realism.

The call goes out among the hundred or so extras who made up the crowd during the club and rap battle scenes. Three rappers, the ones who possessed the skills to top a real rap battle in the room, would then be put in the film as star actors featured battling Eminem. This was a chance of a lifetime for these actors who'd only been booked in very low paying extra jobs where their faces would likely never even be seen (see article: "How to Earn Extra Money"). Here was a chance to be credited in a major motion picture, to have the camera right in your face and to be able to launch a career in acting.

Dozens of the extras tried out for the roles. Most were rejected out of hand, but quite a few showed promise. Eventually the contestants were whittled down and three lucky and talented ones were chosen. They were very talented too.

One by one, the rapper/actors/contest winners took their positions before Eminem to battle him. Although initially told to save his voice for the dialogue scenes and only to lip sync his comebacks against these rappers, Eminem couldn't let the taunts in front of the packed room go unanswered. Impressively, true to his character in the film, he improvised clever responses to each rapper-clearly putting them in their place.

So what did we learn from this DVD extra? That Eminem is actually a very good rap battler? Yes. That's what the film director wanted us to learn. But here's what we learned that he didn't want us to learn: After all of the contest-all of the hopes and dreams of each rapper in that room being placed before them-the promise of a starring role in a major motion picture. After winning the contest and being chosen as one of the three actors to battle the star; after filming the battle against Eminem and rejoicing, celebrating and telling all their friends and family about it; after the movie comes out six to nine months later, after all of the anticipation, after buying the popcorn and taking your seat in the theater....

Not a single one of those actors' battles appeared in the film. Every single one was cut. Every one. Those actors are not featured anywhere except in the DVD rap battle extras section. But at least they were featured there. Many actors find their roles, in fact, whole characters cut from movies. Where they expected a reel to show agents, managers, casting directors, or at least a credit for their resume, they may get nothing.

Some executive didn't think the scene was necessary-one battle too many. Or it didn't work-the lighting was bad, etc. For whatever reason, the film you starred in you no longer star in. The film goes on to be number one at the box-office-oh well, t least it got released. Hundreds of movies get filmed that never even get released.

Welcome to Hollywood. Such things happen here. They don't always happen, but they do happen. The point is not to discourage you. The point is to make you aware so that, if it does happen, you don't give up.

Good luck.

Tea Party Movement

There are tea parties that little girls have with their imaginary friends then there is the Tea Party Movement. This Tea Party is not about imaginary anything but it is about the reality of where this country is headed and what Americans think about it. Some say the party started on February 19, 2009 when Rick Santelli anchor man for CNBC went on a tirade about the Obama government's plan to bail out the "losers mortgages". This event unfolded at the Chicago Mercantile Exchange. A poor choice of words perhaps but a good indication about the frustrations many Americans are feeling towards our government today.

What is the Tea Party? What are they for or against? I know they are for the Constitution of the United States, the very basis our country was founded on. I know they are against expanded government and its intrusion into our lives. Less government, fewer taxes, a return to what our forefathers, who founded this nation, intended for our country and countrymen; freedom. These men and women are numbered in the thousands and are growing daily.

These people aren't rabble rousers as they have been portrayed. These people aren't violent and they have been accused of being violent. These people are you and me, our next door neighbors, our brothers, our grandparents; these are concerned citizens who are concerned about the path our country is going in. They have a right to meet, too congregate and protest in a lawful mannerly way. This is a right afforded to them by our laws of the land.

Whether you agree with this movement or disagree it doesn't matter. What does matter is that it is our rights as American citizens to have the freedom to express ourselves and we should all be concerned about those rights being taken away from us.

Memorial day will soon be upon us, a day to reflect on those who valiantly gave their lives to preserve our way of life. Celebrate this holiday and honor the fallen heroes of those wars past and present. If you know anyone that served their country in the military show your appreciation for their devotion, their steadfast to stand with their country and defend its freedom. Visit and check out their military clocks, military watches and military rings they offer at reasonable prices. They also have a Gifts4Her department for that special lady in your life.

The PS - Almost As Important to Your Marketing Message As the Headline

The P.S. to a letter used to be an afterthought - something you should have said in your letter but forgot. That, of course, was before we had word processing programs that let us go back and change things instead of having to re-write the entire letter.

But somewhere along the way, that changed. Now the P.S. is one of the most important components of a sales letter. As such, it deserves as much thought and planning as does the headline.

It's true that without a good headline your message probably won't be read. But without a good P.S. much of your message is apt to be forgotten.

There are two reasons for this, and two ways to look at the P.S.

First, eye studies reveal that people first read the headline, then they check their own name, and then the P.S. They expect to find a clue there that will tell them if reading the rest of the letter is worth their time.

So when you reinforce the message in the body of the letter or when you add urgency to your message, your P.S. acts much like the headline. It entices people to back up and read the whole thing - or at least to skim through to see if something else catches their eyes.

The second reason why the P.S. is so important is the memory factor. Whether your reader skims the letter or reads the entire message, the P.S. is likely to be the last thing he or she reads. That makes it just as memorable as the headline or a compelling story in the body of the letter.

So when you sit down to construct your letter and the P.S., think about what you can say that will draw your readers back up to read the whole message, and what you most want your readers to remember about your message.

  • Is it the way your product or service will solve or prevent a problem?
  • Is it the special price you're offering for a limited time?
  • Is it a celebrity endorsement?
  • Is it the fact that you have only 67 widgets left and when they're gone, they're gone?
While most writers use the P.S. to re-emphasize some point in their letter, you can also use it to add an extra benefit or a bonus. As in: "P.S. When you order by midnight tomorrow, we'll also include..."

Don't treat your P.S. as an afterthought. Plan it and write it well, knowing that most of the people who read your message will read it even if they don't read the whole letter, and that if they remember anything about what you've said, the P.S. will be one of those things.

Top Brands to Sell on eBay

One of the challenges of selling on eBay is knowing what to sell. You can wander around thrift stores, garage sales, clearance sales, and flea markets and the array of offerings can be absolutely overwhelming. How do you figure out what to sell on eBay?

First, focus on anything that was expensive when it was brand new. Visit high-end department stores either online or in person. Take note of the prices of the items. For example, Ferragamo shoes are around $300 brand new. These shoes hold their value on eBay. Many eBay sellers find these shoes for $5-$10 at thrift stores and resell them in gently used condition for $50-$90 on eBay.

Second, pay attention to vintage items. Baby Boomers love their vintage collectibles. Lunchboxes, rotary telephones, typewriters, belt buckles, ashtrays, and vintage lingerie are great sellers on eBay. You might be thinking, "Why would someone want an old ashtray?" Vintage items remind people of their youth and times gone by. Something as simple as an ashtray or a mug can bring back a flood of emotional memories. Cash in on vintage items!

Third, pay attention to current trends. Think about the hot movie in the theatres, the current fashion trends, or the celebrity that teenagers are going crazy over. For example, last year the Twilight movies were a major attraction. Items such as the Twilight books, t-shirts, specialty cosmetics, and posters were hot sellers on eBay. Teenagers have more discretionary income than other demographic groups, so pay attention to what teenagers are spending their money on.

Selling on eBay involves more common sense than you might think. Pay attention to what is going on around you and keep an open mind when choosing products to sell. Click here to download a free list of over 200 items and brand names to look for when selling on eBay.

Finding New York Jets Jerseys

The current New York Jets which were originally named the New York Titans began in 1960 and played their games in New York. There were several changes in ownership and, at the present time they are owned by Robert Wood Johnson IV. They are members of the AFC in the NFC and their regular training facility is located in New Jersey. Their fans, both in both areas enjoy wearing New York Jets jerseys.

From 1960 to 1962 their uniforms were black and gold. In 1963 the colors were changed to silver and black. They have retained these basic colors ever since. Their uniform has silver pants and either black or white jerseys. These jerseys are especially enjoyed by their fans as they are easily adapted to any outfit they want to wear.

In games against opposing teams they wear the black jerseys at home. However in 2008 they wore the white ones when they played against the San Diego Chargers because they expected the day to be very hot. It turned out to be a very cool day.

They are well known for being the first AFL team to win over an NFL club in a World Championship Game. As the team's reputation has grown their fan base has also grown. As a result it is not unusual to see their popular jersey being worn by a number of people one passes on the street or sees on other occasions. Since it is available in a number of different fabrics it can be worn in any kind of weather.

Raider's games are broadcast by radio, through stations throughout the nation, as well as being shown on television during the football season. These games are very popular with the fans as they are broadcast both in English and Spanish which allows all to follow the game play by play. A former Raider coach and quarterback give the play by play happenings.

The fans of this very popular team have formed clubs called the 'Raider Nation' and are found all over the world. The fans who are able, arrive early at the stadium proudly wearing copies of the team's jerseys. They also wear other apparel that reflects the teams colors, and often celebrate by tailgating in the parking area. They even have a song named after them called the 'Raider Nation'.

The team's fans are so devoted that they have a special place at the stadium known as the 'black hole'. The fans who occupy this section are known for their wild enthusiasm and devotion. They can be viewed as a solid color of black and silver, all proudly wearing their team's jerseys.

Throughout New York and New Jersey one can find posters and banners advertising this team. Fans often gather in bars to watch the games and have friendly bets regarding certain plays. The majority of these fans are proudly wearing the New York jets jerseys to show their one hundred per cent loyalty to the team. Their enthusiasm is clearly heard throughout the stadium whenever a goal is scored.

The Rhinestone Hair Pins

One of the most raging hair accessories is the rhinestone hair pins. This is considered as the winning accessory for special occasions - may it be a wedding celebration or a prom night. This is also worn in casual occasions. It is easy to steal the limelight if you are able to choose the right hair accessory for a specific gathering. Most of the rhinestone clips are intricately designed to make it more attractive.

The encrusted ones of rhinestone crystal are the most flexible hair accessories. This is widely used in pageants and prom nights. They serve the most important function of adding a simple dazzle and shimmer to different hair lengths and hairstyles. This is also a perfect gift for bridesmaids or a wedding flavor.

The rhinestone ones have two types - the modern and classical. The modern hair pins are filled with colorful rhinestone beads. They also have sophisticated shapes and designs. The classical hair pins have simple design but they are really elegant. They can be exquisite just like the single ivory pearl. No matter what occasion to attend these types of hairpins will never fail to boost your hairstyles.

Wearing of these has no rules. Every girl can wear them in different styles they want. They can pick their unique looks and walk with confidence in the crowd. This is the perfect time for you to ditch your elastic hair bands. Your ponytails and bun covers can now have glamour by wearing the hair pins with them.

The rhinestone hair pins are either iridescent gold or silver plating. They are usually matched with colored or plain crystal beads. They keep the hair out of sight and they are just really cute and very precious to look at. They are very fabulous accessory that ranges from materials, colors, and sizes. The designs vary from simple to complex rhinestone headband. Wearing this hair accessory, you will get positive compliments.

What are you waiting for? Buy your own rhinestone hairpins. You will not have to worry how to style your hair if you have this elegant and beautiful hair pins.

Sorority Bedding - Great Gifts For Sorority Sisters

For many girls in college, becoming a member of the sorority of her choice is the most exciting time of her life. Proud parents, relatives, and friends can give the new sister a gift to celebrate and honor the accomplishment. There are so many gifts that could be appropriate for the occasion, but one stands out from the rest, especially if the new member will be moving into the sorority house. Sorority bedding, customized with her new sorority's Greek letters, is a way to show sorority pride. Because it is a great honor to be able to use the letters, your new sorority sister will want to have it everywhere, including her pillow.

Online, you can purchase custom pillowcases with the Greek letters of her sorority and pretty ribbons to finish the look. This is designer sorority bedding at its best. You can purchase packages that including everything from the comforter and sheets to pillowcases and throw pillows using the sorority colors and Greek letters. You can also give your special sister custom sorority note cards or sorority photo pillows. There are other options for the Greek letters, including waster paper baskets. With these accessories, she will be able to show her sorority pride throughout the room.

Other ideas for her sorority bedding include customized sorority lumbar pillows and pillowcases that can be bought individually. These pillows and cases use the sorority colors and Greek letters in a trendy fashion with matching ribbons that is sure to wow the other members of her sorority. Pillows like these are a must to add to the perfect sorority girl's room. Coupled with a sorority photo pillow or two, your favorite sorority member will be in style while showing her pride for her sisterhood.

The online design teams offer the opportunity for you to purchase, not only great sorority bedding, but also other customizable pieces. If you want to design your own duvet cover and sheets, you can choose from several layouts, styles, and hundreds of colors. You could purchase a sorority pillow with the Greek letters and then customize the rest of the bedding to match the new members style and personality, making her room extra special as well as unique to her. You can also purchase storage containers, window treatments, and other specialty items that coordinate perfectly.

5 Tips on How to Stay Together

Today is the day that your relationship starts to get better. You will begin to communicate more effectively, openly and honestly. You will no longer fight or get upset over little things that in the scheme of things are unimportant. You will begin to show more affection and support for each other and treat each other better than you treat yourself. Your relationship with your spouse or partner will be the most important one you have. This is my prayer for you and I happen to believe that it's possible to improve any relationship and figure out how to stay together.

How do some couples seem to stay together forever and others go through breakup after breakup? If at first you don't succeed try try again right? Only in Hollywood does this motto work. I have nothing against celebrity relationships but that's not the example we should strive to follow.

Here are the tips on how to stay together you should follow:

  1. Begin to communicate more openly and honestly. It is very easy to have communication breakdowns or problems in any relationship. The more you let the problems persist the deeper the problem will become and the harder it will be to recover. Avoid telling the innocent "white lies" that make you walk around feeling guilty and defensive.
  2. Stop making a big deal out of little things. Learn how to refrain from criticizing every thing your partner or spouse does or says. It's not just that you shouldn't put him or her under a microscope but you also shouldn't act annoyed or displeased all the time. If looks could kill your partner or spouse would probably be dead by now. Learn how to zip and skip. Zip your lips and skip over the little things that normally make your blood boil.
  3. Make your partner or spouse feel more loved and appreciated. It's so easy to take him or her for granted. You no longer feel the need to put forth and effort to display love and affection right? Perhaps you are too tired or think he or she knows how much you love and appreciate them. Well if you want to stay together you will need to figure out how to show how much you love and appreciate him or her. If you don't make them feel loved perhaps someone else will and then you know what can happen right? Let your spouse know and feel that you are there for them.
  4. Try to give rather than receive from your partner or spouse. Your goal should be to make him or her feel like you value them more than yourself. It doesn't mean that you let them have their way all the time. It just means that most of the time you should be considering the needs, desires and wishes ahead of your own. Your spouse or partner will not be able to resist your unselfishness and want to do the same.
  5. Make sure your relationship with your spouse or partner is second to none (excluding a relationship with God). It's very easy to let relationships with children, family, friends or co-workers get in the way of a relationship with a spouse or partner. If you are spending too much time with others then you are investing in the wrong relationship. Your spouse or partner should feel like there is a reason for staying together and not have to figure out how to compete for your time, love or affection.
I believe without a doubt that this day or this very hour you can begin strengthening your relationship. Starting with the next thought or next conversation or the next eye contact you make with your partner or spouse is when you can make it happen.

I've listed a few tips here to get you started on the road to a better relationship. There are many other strategies you can try to make for a blissful relationship.

7 Goals to Achieve a Career Change

Thinking of a Career Change? What's the fastest way to achieve a successful career change? Easy, have specific, manageable and attainable goals clearly defined. If you want to make a career change easier on yourself, begin by setting some goals. Writing your ideas down and crafting a strategy for achieving them is the first step. The specific goals depend on your unique needs. However, creating structure will help you to keep focused and motivated. Goals are definable, measurable steps with time sensitive parameters. So if you've been thinking about making a career change here are 7 goals to get you started on your journey.

  1. Make time to facilitate the career change. Carve out sacred time to do the research involved in determining your correct path. Self evaluation, informational interviews and decision making takes time.
  2. Identify your values. What are your priorities? What is the most important thing for you to do or have in this new career? Is it important for you to be creative? to be part of a team? to help people? Your decision has to satisfy your values if you're going to be successful.
  3. What aspect of your current job do you enjoy? Which skills or tasks do you enjoy the most? Note, it's not what you're good at, it's what you enjoy doing. I'm good at typing but it doesn't mean I want to do it all day. What's your "thing"? What do you consistently enjoy doing now that you'll like to use in your future career?
  4. What would you like to be doing? You know what you like to do, but what other things would you like to do. Do you need new training and skills? Some career changes require a return to formal education. Is your career change requiring a return to the class room? Do the research to determine cost, class times and length of study.
  5. Describe your ideal life. Write a vivid detailed description of your future life. When you're doing this job, what does your life look like? To have a career change that satisfies and fulfills think about what you want to do for work in the future. This new career has to fit with your picture of your ideal life. If you would like to enjoy job satisfaction, make sure this career idea fits into the life you would like to have.
  6. Assemble your dream team. John Maxwell states, " a dream without a good team is a nightmare." Include people who believe in your ability to make your career change a reality. These are people whose hindsight become your foresight. Whoever you decide should belong to this team, contact them today and share your dream with them.
  7. Maintain your Commitment. Commit to spending at least one hour per day reading on your new field of interest. This helps you maintain a competitive edge by increasing your knowledge. Eliminate activities that distract you from achieving your goals. The more exposure you have to your new interest, the less afraid you become of the change. Fear is eliminated when you have structure and information.
For each of these major goals, reduce them into smaller steps and celebrate each success. Before you know it, you'll have the career you're currently dreaming of.

Florence Nightingale Deserved a Personalized Baby Gift

May 12, 1820 is the birthday of Florence Nightingale and the National Nurses Day has since taken this day to end the week long celebration to recognize the contributions that nurses and nursing makes to the community.

Born in Florence, Italy to the wealthy landowner William Nightingale and his wife Fanny, Florence was treated as her father's friend and companion. She was taught Greek, Latin, French, German, Italian, history, philosophy and mathematics.

At the age of twenty five after refusing to marry several suitors, Florence told her parents she wanted to become a nurse. As nursing was associated with the working class women her parents were totally opposed to the idea.

Finally, in 1851 at the age of thirty one Florence's father gave her permission to train as a nurse. She studied to become a nurse at the Institute of Protestant Deaconesses in Kaiserwerth, Germany and in two years was appointed resident lady superintendent of a hospital for invalid women in London.

The Crimean War (Russia invasion of Turkey, 1853) brought Britain and France to the aid of Turkey. Within a few weeks an estimated 8,000 men were suffering from cholera and malaria.

At that time there was considerable prejudice against women's involvement in medicine. However, when The Times publicized the fact that a large number of British soldiers were dying of cholera there was a public outcry, and the government was forced to change its mind. Nightingale volunteered her services and was eventually given permission to take a group of thirty-eight nurses to Turkey.

Nightingale's views on reforming military hospitals were interpreted as an attack by the Military officers and doctors and she was made to feel unwelcome. Until she used her contacts at The Times to report details of the way that the British Army treated its wounded soldiers, Nightingale received very little help from the military. After a great deal of publicity, thanks to John Delane, the editor of the newspaper, Nightingale was given the task of organizing the barracks hospital after the battle of Inkerman and by improving the quality of the sanitation she was able to dramatically reduce the death-rate of her patients.

When Florence returned to England in 1856 she was considered a national heroine. Due to the shocking lack of hygiene and elementary care that the British Army men received, she decided to begin a campaign to improve the quality of nursing in military hospitals. As a result of her evidence provided to the 1857 sanitary Commission the formation of the Army Medical College took place.

In 1859 she published two books and with the support of wealthy friends and again John Delane, she was able to raise enough funds to found the Nightingale School and Home for Nurses at St. Thomas's Hospital and improve the quality of nursing.

In later life Florence Nightingale suffered from poor health and in 1895 went blind. Soon afterwards, the loss of other faculties meant she had to receive full-time nursing. Although a complete invalid she lived another fifteen years before her death in London on 13th August, 1910.

If personalized baby gifts were in vogue in 1820 what an awesome heirloom find that world be!

Romantic Honeymoon Destinations - Experience the Fun and Adventure on a Honeymoon Safari

Are you looking for more thrills, fun and adventure than what a typical romantic honeymoon destination has to offer? Going on an African will give you all that, plus you will get the chance to avoid the hustle and bustle of tourist-filled locations. A place that offers more privacy would mean more bonding time and quiet moments with the one you love. So on your upcoming honeymoon, why not choose to go out of the ordinary and savor the interesting fusion of luxury and adventure for a honeymoon that you will never forget.

Africa is becoming more and more popular as a romantic honeymoon destination and offers a lot of gorgeous locations to choose from, you're certain to find a spot that will suit your tastes as a couple. Here are the reasons as to why honeymooners can now be found treading the African safari:

1. Going on a safari gives you the perfect opportunity to experience an interesting fusion of gorgeous accommodations with exciting encounters with the African wildlife in a pure, undiluted environment. Not only will you get to have ample time to bond with your partner in an exquisitely beautiful location, you will certainly receive lots of special treatment. The majority of safari locations offer special honeymoon packages that will save you money and let you enjoy special complimentary extras at the same time. Expect to be treated like royalty - from a chilled bottle of bubbly champagne waiting for your arrival to a private butler assigned to your suite!

2. You can choose to have your wedding and honeymoon at the same location. Nothing beats the elegance and warmth a safari-style wedding can give. It's bound to be a once in a lifetime celebration you'll never forget. You can choose to leave the worries and the frantic pace of wedding preparations to your hosts, while you and your partner enjoy an afternoon indulging in rejuvenating massages or a special private dinner while sipping your favorite cocktail. There are lots of venues available for a safari wedding - you can have your ceremony on a wooden deck overlooking a waterhole, a nice clearing on the wild, or on a nearby romantic lodge. The great thing about enjoying your wedding in your honeymoon destination is that you get to save on airfare and other expenses. Without a doubt, the safari is one romantic honeymoon destination that can add to the magic and romance in your honeymoon.

How to Spend a Romantic Holiday in Mauritius

You can spend romantic holiday in Mauritius by doing all the water sports together such as the doing scuba diving together or by having a cruise around Mauritius. Grand Baie is one of the hotels that has perfect honeymoon hangout for the couples because of its striking beauty and exciting water sports.

Lovers can also try their renowned worldwide exotic cuisine and plethora of aromas and flavors. Exploring the Mauritian cuisine is like an adventure, you go through a myriad of cultures, the perfect blend of different ethnicity, so rightly demonstrated in the Mauritian dishes. You can also watch their festivals celebrating every year in the island.

Mauritius Hotels has a Romantic candle-lit dinner specialty for two. The La Ravanne Restaurant located between Paradise and Dinarobin hotels in the south west of the island a real Mauritian treat, with your arrival from Paradise by boat, the hotels are beautifully illuminated by candlelight and on arrival you are greeted by a saga band dancing around a beach side fire. They also have a feet in the sand' dining experience

Spend the afternoon in one of the wonderful spas to help you relax and forget your life at home. Then, enjoy the evening stroll along the white sandy beach while enjoying the views of the beautiful paradise around Mauritius Hotels.

Finally sit quietly on your terrace or balcony enjoying a sun downer drinks as the sun sets in the evening. Every Mauritius hotels have their different package deal that you will surely enjoy for your romantic holidays.

GHD Red Lust IV Styler Limited Edition - New For Summer 2010 - GHD Red Lust Stylers

Once again GHD have outdone themselves with a new range of luscious limited edition stylers - which if I may say so is there best yet. New from the Choose Your Destiny range which has 4 colours available (including blue serenity, green envy and purple indulgence) is the Red Lust IV Styler/straightener. GHD have been a well known company now for around about 10 years where they helped change they way we style our hair for good. In their words always have a Good Hair Day.

The new GHD Red lust IV Styler is an electric red colour and is probably the most vibrant and noticeable out of the other 3 colours so if you want to feel and look like a celebrity then i suggest you choose the red lust styler. The other GHD's are called Green Envy, Blue serenity and Purple Indulgence and the red is called Red Lust - and for a reason!

Each set of these delicious straighteners comes with their very own heat resistant quilted pouch which matches the colour of the GHD's you wish to have plus a black case so you can take them everywhere you go. Well known GHD fans such as Alexandra Burke and Pixie Lott will likely already have there set or in most cases will have more than 1 set to suit the mood their in for that day.

Your new GHD Red Lust IV Stylers have:

  • Revolutionary technology so you can curl, flick, straighten plus much more - so you don't have to buy separate stylers as the red lust GHDs do it all.
  • Rounder Barrels - curling you hair has never been easier with rounder barrels so no more hair getting caught or tugging whilst trying to style.
  • Ultimate Surface - Meaning no more static hair Thank You GHD!
  • Heat Resistant Pouch - Carry your red lust GHD's in style
  • Shiver Function - Prevents damaging your red lust GHDs on cold mornings unlike other hair styling products
  • International Voltage - You can take the Red GHD's everywhere you go and know they go to FULL heat.
  • Sleep Mode - They will turn off automatically in 30mins if they are not being used, so you can be reassured if your running late on a night out they will turn off after 30mins of no use.

These GHD's can be used in any style and thickness of hair, so whether you have long, short, curly, thick hair you can use these red GHD straighteners. As we all know GHD is a respectable company which offers the highest customer support so you can always contact them. Red Lust GHD will revolutionize your hair regime. Most UK companies offering free delivery plus a 2 year warranty in case anything should go wrong but like all GHDs we doubt anything will ever go wrong.

The new Red GHD are limited edition which simply means like the other range of limited edition GHD straighteners once there gone... there gone and they wont be back!

Choosing Your Destiny has never been easier.

Innovation and Business - 7 Common Mistakes When Implementing a Business Innovation Strategy

Many entrepreneurs and business leaders do not understand how to fully leverage innovations in their business. Here's a list of common mistakes when developing an innovation strategy.

  1. Only for Technology Companies - Many people believe that innovations are only for technology-based companies. Although technology businesses develop plenty of innovations, any business - regardless of size, location or industry - can develop innovations. These innovations may relate to the company's products and services as well as internal business procedures.
  2. Just for Scientists and R&D Department - Business leaders often leave the company's innovation activities to the Engineering or Research and Development departments. However, this approach can cause a company to miss out on many valuable innovations. I have seen numerous examples of innovations developed by individuals without any formal science or engineering training. These individuals often come up with great ideas because they are not "burdened" by the scientific training of others. They approach problems from a different angle and do not limit their thinking based on existing company products or systems.
  3. Thinking Innovation is Expensive - Teaching people how to identify innovative ideas takes some time, but the returns produced by new products and new product features can far outweigh the investment of time. Educating all personnel about innovation builds a culture of innovation that produces a steady flow of innovative ideas throughout the business.
  4. Failing to Identify All Innovative Ideas - Innovations can be found throughout most companies, but there must be a system for identifying and recording those innovative ideas. A good identification system provides a quick and easy method for all personnel to submit innovations for evaluation.
  5. Making Innovation Boring - People who have not been involved with an innovative company often do not understand that innovation can be fun. Celebrate creative thinking and reward great ideas that help the business grow. Offer innovation contests, brainstorming sessions and other activities that encourage innovation throughout the company. Show examples of innovations that are strengthening the company's position in its market.
  6. Delaying the Innovation Process - Don't wait until your business grows to a particular size to begin developing an innovation strategy. Many small businesses can bring creative ideas to market faster than large corporations because of their small size. Take advantage of the flexibility available to small companies and start building your innovation culture today.
  7. Not Letting Customers Support the Innovation Process - Many valuable innovations have been developed based on customer suggestions and problems identified by customers. Treat every problem or suggestion from a customer as a "seed" for developing your company's next innovation.

If you are making any of these mistakes in your own business, consider a change today to accelerate the growth of your company.

Earn Extra Income - Use SaleHoo to Find Wholesale Clothing to Sell Online

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Seven Best Crossover Players in the NBA

A crossover is a move you can do in a basketball game where you dribble the ball so it can bounce and let you change momentum. This move lets you outsmart your opponent by letting you drive the ball towards the goal. Some of the NBA players with the famous crossovers are Iverson and Davis.

1. Allen Iverson is the top player for this list of NBA best crossovers. Allen Iverson was famous for turning Michael Jordan for two times in just one game. He is a little less than six feet tall and he had a hard time going through most of the players in NBA. He nevertheless figured out some tricks how to outmaneuver them. He usually did not just with sheer speed but with several fakes and crossovers that people would watch out for his moves in every game he is in.

2. Baron Davis is the second player for this list of NBA best crossovers. He was famous as the "Too Easy". He was a famous guard known for defending the ball in a creative way. He was also popular for his fast spinning moves while doing a crossover. His most celebrated crossover was the one he did on the basketball player named Manu.

3. Steve Francis is the third player for this list of NBA best crossovers. He was popular called as the little guy with many aerial moves. He was famous for several kinds of crossover movements. His personal favorite was the dependable move of leaning on his right and crossing on his left. This way he gets to open up the way to make for him in a fascinating way. One of his memorable moves was when he did a crossover on the player named Peja. It was a quick move that he looked on the incorrect way after Steve did it. He was caught unaware by the move.

4. Dwayne Wade is the fourth player for this list of NBA best crossovers. His famous crossover move happened during a game between the Cleveland Cavaliers and the Miami Heat. He did a crossover on Eric Snow that he was not aware of it at all.

5. Stephon Marbury is the fifth player for this list of NBA best crossovers. The Marbury and Yao was a funny mismatch in NBA history. Yao a very tall basketball player was a difficult player to guard but Stephon Marbury still managed to do a crossover move on him many times in their games. He was able to do it that Yao Ming even fell several times on the floor.

6. Jason Williams is the sixth player for this list of NBA best crossovers. He is known to be the player with the most effective hesitant crossover move. He can also shift on both left and right directions in a fast way that would confuse his opponent.

7. Kobe Bryant is already considered one of the famous players in the history of NBA. His crossover move is famous for wrapping up his opponents on themselves. One of his popular crossovers happened on the Wizards' player, Ben Wallace.

International Nurses Week - Florence Nightingale Costumes

Nurses care for patients and provide support for families; now it's time to turn the tables and show nurses just how appreciated they are during International Nurses Week beginning on or around May 12th of each year. Nurses make significant contributions to the quality and delivery of healthcare for all types of people, all over the world. From newborn babies to the elderly in their last breaths of life, nurses provide comfort, care and enhance well-being in hospitals, doctor's offices, schools and even making house calls to the patient's home.

International Nursing Week is celebrated each year around the week of Florence Nightingales' birth, May 12th, 1820.Florence Nightingale's experiences providing care to casualties the mid-19th century Crimean War helped to more formally define the profession of nursing and her concepts were implemented in nursing schools in the following decades. Also known as "Lady with the Lamp" for her practice of making rounds to check on the wounded solders at night, the inspiring and compassionate spirit of Florence Nightingale lives on as role model for today's nurses.

Dressing up in a women's costume of this famous historical figure is a great way to pay tribute to her legacy during International Nurses Week. There are other days on the calendar when you can wear a Florence Nightingale nurse costume such as when speaking at educational events, in acting in school theater productions, role-playing at historical reenactments and even as a do-good choice in Halloween costumes.

Because the role of a nurse was not clearly defined during Nightingale's early days of nursing, basic m id-1800s women's clothing would be appropriate attire. While Nightingale objected to photographs and portraits of herself; however there are a few rare images of this nurse wearing a long, full black skirt and fitted, long sleeved bodice that buttoned up the front. A crochet lace color and coordinating hair accessory adorned her simple look and a white apron and simple medical tools were probably carried about.

Later in the Victorian era, female nurses were shown wearing more defined nurse costumes that were styled in fashions of the turn-off-the-century. Now, white was the standard color for nursing costumes and ladies donned long white skirts and with leg-of-mutton sleeves and either a pinafore or apron worn over the ensemble. On the arm, apron or pinafore a red cross was often appliquéd to signify the wearer's role as a medical care provider. Atop pulled back hair a little white hat or sometimes even a mob cap was secured into place.

4 Most Exhilarating World Car Rallies

With a wealth of international rallies running throughout the annual calendar, the chance to immerse yourself in petrol head culture is pretty immense. The heat, the smell and the sounds render the experience quite unique from any coverage you'll ever witness on television and if you're really game, and have the cash to compete, there are also a number of races which are open to all - just make sure you've got an excellent navigator and/or comprehensive GPS, all the appropriate visas, and travel insurance that covers the extremes you'll be going to.

First run in 1978, the Paris-Dakar Rally has undergone a number of modifications over the years, including a change of route that now sees the race take place in South America - so if you want to be in on the action a flight to Buenos Aires is required. This off-road adventure, incorporating three classes - bikes, cars and trucks, has not passed without incident; the very nature of its course has led to numerous accidents, deaths and (temporary) disappearances.

Mongol Rally
The Mongol Rally started life as a charity event in 2004, with just six teams competing - only four completed. Kicking off in the UK, the course takes in a 10,000 mile journey with the only stipulation being that competing cars cannot exceed 1200cc - think 2CV and Fiat 126. Contestants can take any route they like and the cars are auctioned off at the finish line, with proceeds being donated to a local cause.

Gumball 3000
Although an open rally, contestants generally need a lot of cash - the entrance fee in 2010 was a startling £30,000, some kind of celebrity status - David Hasselhoff is a previous contender, and a car - of course. The race kicks off in London before taking in Amsterdam, Copenhagen, Stockholm, Boston, Quebec City and Toronto, rounding off in New York seven long days and nights later. Whilst the rally has become known for exotic and powerful sports cars, all manner of vehicles get involved and the 'Spirit of the Gumball' award has in previous years been awarded to a Citroën 2CV and VW campervan.

Monte Carlo
A right royal rally this one, having been launched in 1911 by Prince Albert I no less. Throughout its history the event has become an important opportunity to test new auto mechanics and technology and in 1973 it became the first event on the new FIA World Rally Championship. Traversing 400km, it's also a great spectator event, with the course ploughing right the way through the fashionable refines of the French Riviera.