60th Anniversary Gifts

Whether it's the wedding anniversary gift for a couple very close to you or it's for your adorable life partner, 60th anniversary gifts have to be unique and stunning, since these gifts commemorate a long and successful journey.

It is also known as the diamond jubilee year; therefore an appropriate gift for your wife can be a genuine and real diamond which will add a sparkle to your celebrations. She can use it as a pendant accompanied with a beautiful gold chain, or on a bracelet to add charm to her wrist. And if it's your loving husband of 60 years, whom you want to thank from the bottom of your heart; gifting his favourite personalised bottle of wine or champagne can be really touching. You can personalise the gift with your spouse's name and a short and loving message to accompany it. The Chablis and smoked salmon is a great choice which will include a Scottish Oak smoked salmon, not to mention a fine bottle of wine with excellent fruit and acidic flavour.

A relationship can still be romantic even at this age. And what better way to show your love for your life partner, but to write a lovely romantic poem or a touching message full of gratitude and love for your adorable better half. And this can be presented by way of 'message in a bottle', a unique and emotive 60th anniversary gift. At this age you have ample of time to sit back and think about your environment and about animals that are not so privileged to lead a smooth and carefree life. You can therefore gift your life partner a wonderful gift box which can give him/ her unique chance of saving the lives of helpless animals. There are various options such as adopt a monkey gift box, adopt a donkey, adopt a big cat gift box etc, where the recipient will save the life of an endangered species and gift the animal a better surrounding to live in. 60th anniversary gift such as these are really remarkable and will let both you and your partner be associated with a noble cause.


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