10 Must-See Attractions While Traveling to London

London, the largest metropolitan area and the largest urban zone in the whole European Union, is the capital of England. So in London there are several attractions. Don't miss these 10 places while traveling to London.

The Tower of London is the most attraction for an important reason. Historically it was constructed by William I (William the Conqueror) in 1066 for controlling both new subjects in London and depriving access to England from the Thames by his enemies.

Buckingham Palace, mainly a townhouse owned by the Dukes of Buckingham, is the principal home of the British Monarchy. This palace is likely wrapped by black, ornate, wrought iron fences and gates designed with gilded, royal medallions. Especially tourists are excited to see the changing of the Guard ceremonies that happened in the forecourt of Buckingham Palace.

Cabinet War Rooms is important for the World War II. These rooms were the rooms for making many crucial decisions regarding the war strategies for campaigns in Europe and Northern Africa. The Map room and the Cabinet Room were the main point in these rooms. And typically these rooms were very preserved in that time.

Houses of Parliament and Big Ben is the most striking sights at Westminster in London. It is the Houses of Lords and Commons, Parliament where national laws made in the United Kingdom. The most famous symbols of the London and the United Kingdom i.e. the famous clock is at the end of Parliament houses. You need to take some time enjoying such delightful architecture.

Tate Britain is, situated Follow Millbank south from Parliament, an art museum of collection of British art from the sixteenth century to now a days. Many famous works like the works by Bacon, Blake, Constable, Gainsborough, Hockney and Turner are presented here.

Covent Garden is situated in Leicester Square, is well known for its shops and restaurants etc. To the tourist it is the most fun, and a nice place. There are some treasures that you won't find elsewhere in London for buying purpose. For being the name of Covent Garden there is a good story known as "My Fair Lady".

The Temple is an area of London's "Inns of Court" architect by walk featuring historic architecture. To many the Temple Church is known as a round church built in 1185. It is most famous from its crucial role in the recent novel "The Da Vinci Code".

The London Eye was made as part of the UK's Millennium Celebration. And now it is one of the most popular attractions in London. It is largest observation wheel in the world as well as with maximum visibility. The ride in it takes a slow, elegant thirty-minute rise, approximately 450 feet into the air, providing fantastic views of London by day and spectacular views by night.

The Imperial War Museum gave the United Kingdom's history in World wars I and II.

Oxford Street is historically London's main shopping street. You can buy many goods as your needs.

Social Bookmarking Tips

Social bookmarking sites are sites that allow users to store their favorite web pages so that they can access them in one place. The aim of the sites is to organize the bookmarks of the users so that they can refer back to them conveniently. In addition, social bookmarking sites allow people to submit news and articles so that they can share with the public.

Social bookmarking sites are commonly used by webmasters to promote their sites. Webmasters should not submit too many articles from the same site per day. In most sites, each new bookmark will rank at the top of the first page in the category. If you submit too many articles, they will fill the result of the first page. Consequently, people will not be able to browse information from other sites conveniently. If you frequently submit a lot of URLs from the same site, people will start to notice it and report you to the moderator. The moderator will delete all the bookmarks and suspend your account. If you open a new account and is persistent of doing it, the moderator will ban your IP address so that you can no longer access the site from the computer anymore. To prevent getting penalized, you should only submit a few pages each day. You can wait for 2 - 3 hours before submitting the next story. In this way, they will appear more natural and not easily noticeable by other users.

What Content to Write to Increase Social Bookmarking Vote

It is hard to predict the type of content that will has the highest performance rate on the social bookmarking sites. The interest of the users is always changing from time to time. Generally, newsworthy articles, podcasts and images will generate a lot of votes from the users. You must also know how to create a catchy title and description that will lure in the interest of users to your bookmark.

The top ten list can generate a lot of interest from the readers. You can write a top ten list of tips, books, movies and etc to get attention.

How to information are also popular on the internet. The how to topic should never have been published before on the internet. The article should be informational and interesting so that people will want to read it.

Offbeat and unusual content always attract attention. You can figure out a unique story to create the curiosity of people. The offbeat news should actually take place in reality and not fake.

Controversy news will create a stir in the public. You can write controversy content about the current trending news such as celebrity, sports and etc. People will want to comment on the controversial news. If it generates a lot of comments, it will also bring a significant amount of traffic to the article page on the site.

Humor news is very popular among users in social bookmarking sites. By using your creativity, you can write funny news. Most funny content are daily subjects that are presented in a ridiculous way. If it is well liked by the public, it will get a high vote and rank on the first page of the social bookmarking site. In this way, you can obtain a free high page rank one way link.

How to Benefit from Social Bookmarking

To enable the visitor to conveniently bookmark the page, you can add a bookmarking gadget to the page. Addthis.com offers free social bookmarking widget which you can add to your blog or site. You simply have to paste the code within the HTML code of the page in order for it to work. Other social bookmarking widgets which you can use include sociallist.org, and widgetbox.com.

You can bookmark your own pages. Before you can bookmark your site, you must have an account with them. If you don't have an account, you can create an account free of charge.

If you want to speed up the bookmarking process, you can use a mass social bookmarking tool such as socialmarker.com. Before using socialmarker.com, you will need to have an account with the social bookmarking sites. Socialmarker.com has already filter out the dofollow and nofollow sites. Dofollow links have higher SEO value than nofollow link. If the site is dofollow, the search engine spider will crawl the link and index the pages on the site. If the is nofollow, the search engine will not bother to visit the link. Hence, nofollow link produce zero benefit. However, if the site is popular, you can submit the URL there to create some referral traffic.

If you don't want to do the social bookmarking work yourself, you can outsource it to a SEO company. Besides, you can also outsource social bookmarking work to freelancers on internet marketing forum such as v7n.com forum, warriorforum.com, and netbuilders.org. Before buying a social bookmarking service, make sure you read the customer feedback reviews. If it has good reviews, you can proceed to place an order with the SEO company.

Yon can participate in the discussion at the social bookmarking sites. Some social bookmarking sites don't have such features. In Digg, users can create a friend list and comment on each other bookmarks. You can create a large friend's list so that you can ask them to vote for your bookmarks. In return, you will vote for their bookmarks. You can build your credibility in the community by being active and commenting on others' bookmarks.

Besides bookmarking your pages, you should also bookmark pages from other websites. The pages which you bookmark must be relevant to the niche of your site.

By providing a good content, people will take the initiative to bookmark your page. The content should be grammatically correct and without spelling error. The first paragraph should be interesting and able to grab the attention of the passerby visitor. If the first paragraph is interesting, they will want to read the rest of the article. Besides the first paragraph, the content must be outstanding too. In this way, you can increase the possibility of people bookmarking your web pages.

When Leverage Becomes a Liability

The title of today's article sounds a bit like an oxymoron -- after all, leverage is that thing we all strive for in business...how can it possibly become a liability?

A few examples...

In coaching

There's been a trend over the past year or so to create high ticket "platinum" programs and hire someone else to run them.

It makes sense from a leverage standpoint -- less of your time (someone else runs the calls, answers the emails), more revenue (it's a high ticket program -- usually over $10,000 -- and is quicker than making/selling products) and you only show up for live retreats (built in celebrity status).

Clients join the program for access to you because of what you've done, your reputation, etc. The leverage you gain comes with the cost of how your clients feel about the arrangement. From a client perspective, why would I pay a "high ticket" price to you to be coached by Coach X when I could hire Coach X on my own for less money and more personal access?

In business overall

Systems are a wonderful way to leverage yourself in business (and in life).

You can take any task and make it simple through systems -- like connecting the dots -- so that anyone (or sometimes technology) can take over for you.

The issue, of course, is that you can lose the human touch. People generally like to connect with people and you want to be sure to include some personal touches throughout your business as you streamline things to make everything as efficient and effective as possible.

Systems are an integral part of your success, not the "be all end all".

With your team

Having a skilled team on your side can make all the difference in the world to your business. A good team both supplements and complements you. When taken too far however, your team becomes the only point of contact for your clients and prospective clients -- creating an "ivory tower" of sorts where you're totally inaccessible and lose touch with what's going on in your own business.

When it comes to creating leverage in your business, you want to strive for balance -- balance so that you're as effective and efficient as possible without losing either your touch or your perspective.

My Request To You

In building, or further optimizing, your business, think of those things which are most important to you and which you don't want to "lose" through over leveraging. Grab a pen and paper and make a list of the values you hold important for your business.

Here are several of my top values:

• integrity
• authenticity
• passion and purpose
• money
• results-oriented
• curiosity

Note that it's not bad to value money -- in fact, it's instrumental to your success. What are some of your top values for your business?

Flavours Inn, Kolkata

Kolkata, previously famous as Calcutta, is the capital city of West Bengal. It is a town dipped in traditions, art and values. The citizens of this town adore academic debates on everything from cricket to movies, plays, art, exhibitions, and film festivals all round the year. It is the trade centre in the eastern part of the country, and a major contributor to the world of art, literature and cinema, both nationally and internationally.

In this challenging city flavours Inn provide you a comfy stylish Inn in the middle of the town. Feel the happiness of staying in luxury by staying in Flavours Inn. It has well appointed rooms, exceptional amenities, modern and lavish interiors and comfort at its finest. Take pleasure in well-appointed stay, centrally positioned all designed to give you a homely stay.

This Ultra modern new hotel is to be found barely 20 meters from the celebrated kalamandir. There are approximately12 rooms with modern interior decoration. Indian, Chinese and continental foods can be fully enjoyed in the centrally air-conditioned café, which also offers the most excellent tandoori food in the city. Guests can also enjoy in the fully equipped bars, providing a wide variety of liquor and draught beer. There is also a big hall which is an idyllic place to host birthday parties, marriage anniversaries, conferences and kitty parties.

Flavours Inn is perhaps one of the most economical budget hotel in Kolkata, India. Positioned in the area of C. Bose Road, Flavours Inn has more o the budget traveler pouring in all the time as the stay is at the lowest possible rate. Flavours Inn is easily accessible and is present in the center of Kolkata, India and is very close to the nearest airport and its most important attractions. The Flavours Inn is famous because of its reasonably priced staying options, well done up rooms and widespread areas, welcoming and pleasant counter staff, close by restaurants and bars, and not to forget the service and staff that makes every possible effort to make your hang about at Flavours Inn meaningful and valuable. This hotel is of a kind that can adjust students, vacationers, hitchhikers, hostel travelers, young travelers and professionals and foreign tourists.

Facilities Offered in this particular hotel are Bar / Lounge, Restaurant, Parking for the residents, Airport transfer, Centrally air conditioned, Huge banquet halls for parties and conferences,internet facilities and a lot more.

How Free Are Free World Cup Bets? - 2010 Investigation

The 2010 football (or soccer for our American friends) World Cup is approaching and there is no better time to join in the party celebrations. This year over 1 billion people will watch the World's biggest sporting event, this year hosted in South Africa.

The World Cup will bring in £billions of revenues for small and big businesses around the world. From the bars we watch the matches in the shops we buy replica kits, all these businesses are hoping the World Cup will bring a much needed boost in hard times.

Online betting is also expected to be boosted from June 1st when the tournament kicks off. It is though that in the United Kingdom alone up to £750 million will be bet on the world cup. Competition between bookmakers is fierce and this is good news for consumers.

Consumers could score with betting offers.

It is no secret that online betting is big business, especially during the biggest sporting events when people are looking for a little wager. However are free bets as good as they sound?

After researching the latest world cup betting offers it is clear to see that there is no such thing as a free lunch. To put it simply you will not get £200 free for doing absolutely nothing. However there are free bets which consumers should take advantage of as long as you are clear about the terms and conditions.

Getting a free world cup bet.

As we have established rarely is anything completely free, however if you fancy a wager and are willing to bet some of your own hard earned money then you will find some really great deals online.

Every free bet offer I looked at required you to deposit a fixed amount before you receive a free bet. This is completely normal and means that you can easily claim your free bet. Some bookmakers also require you to bet £10 before you get your free bet. Most online bookmakers operate a double or match free bet offer where they double the amount you deposited, let's say you deposited £15 then your free bet will = £15.

So while there offers are not completely free, there is no scary catch. I like to think of them as buy one get one free offers.

It's important to take the time and do some research, you may want to compare world cup free bets and see what separates each online bookmaker. I would personally recommend finding a service which allows "in-play betting" this means that you can bet on a football match during the game. Even with 1 minute before the final whistle. Also check that they accept a wide range of payment options.

XEN-TAN - Real Or Fake?

XEN-TAN is originated by ardent self-tanners in the U.S.A who were just depressed by terrible odors, orange skin and far over chaos often correlated with sunless tanning products. The XEN-TAN variety was carried to sunless tan lovers in the Ireland and U.K. by beauty experts Skin Solutions UK Ltd. The smart citizens at Skin Solutions and XEN-TAN realize what sunless tanning fans actually desire, a whole sunless tanning variety especially developed by them in mind. XEN-TAN products are simple to utilize, won't meet at the elbows and ankles or depart those dreadful tell-tale symbols about the wrist, knees or feet. What's further XEN-TAN smells appetizing. XEN-TAN is rapid fetching the beloved brand meant for fake tan lovers and is appreciated by leading beauty experts and from celebrities the world fashion, music, television and film. Intended for stunning olive tones, soft skin, moisturized and not any of the odor it has to exist XEN-TAN.

Why we have a first choice XEN-TAN?
XEN-TAN (mostly pronounced ZEN-TAN) is the radical fresh sunless tanning variety that's captivating the Ireland and UK by tempest. A whole come through in false tanning, Our XEN-TAN specialists have endeavored too tough to offer you by the whole sunless tanning solution. We've conquer all the feared disadvantages so often connected with the majority sunless tanning products on top of the marketplace, primary no orange, next no streaks and last no horrid smell. Rapid fetching the option of sunless tan lovers and professionals, XEN-TAN is intended for the numerous to apply it - the most excellent false Tan on top of the Market now. No matter what your skin nature XEN-TAN brings prominent olive tones and an even smooth end with no terrible element after stench - each time. There are two worldwide troubles through fake tan - the smell and streaks. XEN-TAN has cracked both.

Quality Sunless Tanning
XEN-TAN is finished of Award Winning Formulas. It uses better-quality Moisturizers - lofty Level of (Active Ingredient) DHA. It's specialized Formula through which there are no streaks inside XEN-TAN, similar to a genuine Suntan.

Some Tips
To make longer the living of your tan, a tan extender be supposed to be useful 2-3 days later than the relevance of your shady tanning product. For unbelievable fallout, apply TRANSFORM LUXE and XEN-TAN TRANSFORM.

Since our commence XEN-TAN has happen to solitary of the greatest increasing products in the self tanning marketplace. We've had plenty of astonishing response from you and we're pleased you love XEN-TAN the same as much as we perform.

How to Make S'mores

S'mores is a well known, traditional treat for folks around the campfire. S'mores is believed to be a contraction of "some more" invented by Louis Caron, Sr. It's origins have been traced back to Girl Scout handbooks as early as 1927.

There are differing recipes and ideas for S'mores but the original recipe called for graham crackers, marshmallows and milk chocolate. Traditionally, one would place a marshmallow on the end of a skewer or stick and hold it close to the flame of the campfire. This would warm the marshmallow and when placed inside two graham crackers with chocolate, the marshmallow would soften or melt the chocolate for a yummy treat.

Cookie s'mores are a variation which omits the need for chocolate by using fudge striped cookies. Placing the warm marshmallow between two cookies would form a sweet sandwich without having to add chocolate. Peanut butter s'mores are made with peanut butter cups instead of plain chocolate. The cups would melt with the marshmallow and provide a sweet, nutty taste.

S'mores have become such an American staple that many supermarkets and grocery stores place graham crackers, marshmallows and Hershey's chocolate bars on the same shelf in the summertime. Their hopes are if you weren't planning on having s'mores, you couldn't walk away from the temptation. There are even kits available to make s'mores at home. It contains a heating element to melt the marshmallow, metal skewers to place the marshmallow on and a lazy Susan device to hold all the necessary ingredients. A s'more can be prepared in the microwave and the consumer may watch the marshmallow swell to unbelievable sizes while heating. Many folks shy away from this method as it removes the crunch of the graham cracker and makes it soft.

There have been several foods created based on s'mores. Pop-Tarts features a S'mores treat that has a graham cracker crust, chocolate and marshmallow icing with chocolate icing on top. Ideally the treats would be placed in a toaster to warm them through and get the full effect. Many people using chocolate icing or peanut butter for flavor preferences but also the frosting and peanut butter can act as a glue to hold the sandwich together.

For those who aren't outdoorsy or fans of campfires, s'mores can be made using an indoor fireplace. You can enjoy the sweet treat from inside the home and won't be bothered by mosquitoes that are after your food. A gas burner stove can also be used on cold days or on holidays.

Reportedly, August 10th is National S'more Day but congress has not made it official so it is celebrated by those who know the date. Certainly don't limit your s'mores to one day of the year. They're the perfect ending to a long workday or day spent working outside. You certainly won't need to force your kids to spend time with you around the campfire if you've got chocolate and marshmallows.

For those who want a larger treat, s'mores can be stacked as large as the mouth can open. Layer the melted marshmallows and chocolate in between 4 or 6 graham crackers for a larger reward.

Read more about how to make s'mores here.

Custom Wood Shadowboxes and Display Cases

You take pride in your accomplishments. Whether in sports, academics, or career advancement in the military, or public service, the awards you have received represent extraordinary effort on your part. If you or a family member has had the drive to succeed through effort, celebrate it! Very often awards are given to people who strive to be the best. The award can be in the form of a Certificate, medal, ribbon, or pin. These awards are frequently left in a drawer to be forgotten.

Custom wood shadow boxes are a terrific way to display sports awards and medals, photos and other memorabilia. They also make a wonderful gift for retiring service personnel from the military, police and fire departments. Show off your varsity letter or medals in an affordable, high quality display case available in a variety of sizes and species to suit your needs. Display your memorial American Flag along with coins, or badges. Perfect for Eagle Scout Awards! Custom engraved wood mat inserts can also highlight medals, and photographs that made your career memorable. School or military logos, and year of graduation, can also be engraved onto an all wood placard to further personalize your display.

Shadow boxes represent an excellent value. Boxes that display an American Flag should be American made, Quality hardware should include brass hinges, and clasp and real glass windows. Many display cases come ready to hang on the wall, or purchase a table top stand. When purchasing a shadow box display stand, you should have the option to choose a fabric color for the back ground. Look for companies offering custom sizes, short lead times with 100 percent satisfaction guaranteed!

How to Tell Which Eye Creams For Wrinkles Are Worth Using to Remove and Prevent Wrinkles

When armed with the right knowledge before you even start looking for the best eye creams for wrinkles, you can dramatically increase your chances of finding a quality skin care solution. Most people go into searching for a product blindly, which in most cases results in a poor purchase decision. This article will explain what to look for in the best eye creams for wrinkles so you do not have to rely on trial and error to find them.

When you really think about it, an anti aging cream or lotion can only be as good as the ingredients it contains, right? Forget about what brand sells the product, the price, the packaging, or even which supermodels or celebrities endorse it. When evaluating eye creams for wrinkles, it all boils down to the ingredients it contain.

I strongly recommend doing a little bit of research before starting your search. This article is a great start because I'll share with you much of what I learned through my own search.

Let's thing of this in the most logical way possible. So the whole point of you wanting to get an eye product is to get rid of or prevent wrinkles, right? So in order to do this, you need to make sure the products you use contain ingredients that address the major causes of skin wrinkles, right? Without addressing the problem at it's source, you'll never get the results you want.

So what major causes of wrinkles should eye creams for wrinkles address?

*Loss of firmness and elasticity in the skin thanks to lower production of collagen and elastin protein within the skin.

*Lack of moisture retention within skin cells mostly due to diminishing levels of hyaluronic acid, which can hold up to 1,000 times it's weight in water.

*Free radical damage and oxidative stress prevents many skin cells from performing their normal functions and even makes the skin thinner.

Make no mistake about it, all quality eye creams for wrinkles will contain ingredients that address these problems. If they do not, then there are much better choices available.

I actually had great success during my search by figuring out which specific ingredients work best at targeting these issues BEFORE I even started my search. Instead of browsing through products and relying on the information given to me by the companies who make them, I went into my search already knowing what worked. All I really had to do was do a search for a product that contained the ingredients I already knew worked.

Creating Success From a Disadvantaged Past - Wealth Builders

"I believe the greater the handicap, the greater the triumph."
- John H. Johnson

So often, success is spoken of as some definite set of achievements or place to arrive at. Success if actually quite relative. Before you are so quick to judge where you are right now in relation to where you would like to be, first take into consideration all that you have had to overcome just to make it to this point.

A better measure of success is not just the bottom line picture of where you are or even what you have, but how far you have come and how much you have developed relative to where you started.

Life isn't fair, and some people are just given more to work with than others based on what family they are born into, what opportunities have been afforded to them, or even what they look like.

One of the keys to your success will be to not allow yourself to be focused on what others have or how you may feel disadvantaged in one way or another. Instead, be laser-focused on using what you DO have to advance you closer to your goals.

Bigger and better success will come soon enough with continued personal development, hard work, and rock-solid commitment to the dream that you are creating as a reality in your life. If you will continue to do that, you will eventually make up for any disadvantage you started out with and level the playing field for success vs. anybody out there.

In the meantime, celebrate yourself for those obstacles and set backs that you have already had to triumph over just to BE here in this game at this point in time.

Going Away to College? Make Sure You Have Everything You Need to Make a Smooth Transition!

You've taken your senior pictures, tried on your cap and gown, and taken your final exams. You're nearly ready to celebrate one of life's major milestones. High school graduation is the culmination of 12 years of hard work. In a few weeks, you'll be embarking on a new adventure - college!

Many of you will soon be trading in the comforts of home for a cramped dorm room. You're probably excited and eager to take this next step in life. But Mom and Dad won't be around anymore to take care of the boring essentials. It will all be up to you. Whether you're packing everything into the car or going on a shopping trip once you get to school, it's smart to plan ahead and make a list of everything you'll need to make your dorm room your new home.

Dorm Life Checklist:

School Supplies

You can buy them at the college bookstore, but they may be a little pricier than what you can get at big box retailers like Kmart, Target, and Walmart. If you can, stock up on notebooks, binders, organizational tools and other supplies before you get to college.


Don't forget the lamp and alarm clock. You need to study and get to class on time! A good lamp and clock are musts.


Between class, studying, and hanging out with friends, you'll need to get a good night's sleep. Stay cozy and bring along sheets, blankets, and pillows.


Avoid the dreaded freshman 15 and skip the delivery pizza every night! Bring along a small microwave and refrigerator. Plan on bringing cookware, dishes, and eating utensils. Zap quick meals in the microwave and forgo the costs and calories of fast food.

There's nothing like a freshly brewed cup of java to get you going in the morning after a late-night study session! A coffeemaker will reduce the number of trips to expensive coffee shops and save money.


Stay clean and healthy. Pick up the bathroom essentials: towels, bandages, antiseptic, cotton balls, pain reliever, antiperspirant, shampoo, lotion, soap, and shaving supplies. Bypass shower germs and invest in a pair of shower shoes for communal bathrooms.

Cleaning Supplies

Mom won't be around to clean your room. Make sure you have an all-purpose cleaner on hand for life's little messes. And don't forget the laundry detergent!

Laundry Bag

Part of being a grownup is doing your own laundry. Mom wants to see you when you come home from college, not your dirty laundry! Do your roommate a favor and keep dirty clothes out of sight in a laundry bag or basket.


Unless you are a total geek, you probably won't be spending your entire time at college studying. A TV might help you decompress after a stressful day.


Your dorm room will be a reflection of you. Accessorize your room with decorations and items from home that reflect your personal style. You may want to leave quick notes to your roommate or reminders to yourself. A decorative dry-erase board is the perfect solution for keeping each other in the loop.

The Positive Aspects of No

It can be very frustrating, depressing and discouraging when we're selling a product and we get one no after another. But it doesn't have to be that way. The reason why we feel bad when we get a no is because we either take it personally as a rejection of who we are or we turn the no into a catastrophic thought that we'll never get where we want to go.

Both of these thoughts are choices we make in our minds that influence our actions and behaviors. A better choice is to decide that there is another way to look at it, a way which empowers us rather than deflates and defeats us. This other way to look at it is to appreciate that every no we get brings us closer to a yes. If we remind ourselves of this when we get a rejection, we need not send ourselves into emotional turbulence.

Consider this example: Using a hypothetical number, since I am not aware of the statistics involved in car sales, let's assume that for every ten prospective customers that walk through the showroom door, one will be converted into a sale.

That being the case, a car salesman can expect to get a no from nine people before he closes a deal. Consequently, when he gets one no after another, there is no need for him to get depressed, anxious, or angry. He doesn't need to take it personally by interpreting it as a failure on his part. He doesn't need to get discouraged or demoralized. He doesn't need to perceive it as a setback or an obstacle. He doesn't need to look at it as the universe giving him a hard time.

He simply needs to remind himself that it's all part of the plan, that it's all part of the law of averages, and that every time he gets a no, he should actually be celebrating, because it brings him closer to the statistical number that equates to a yes.

Oftentimes, we get frustrated by things not happening on our timetable. Rather than seeing each no as one step closer to our goal, we interpret the no as a delay holding back our success. This speaks to our desire to control the universe so that it will do our bidding as we think it should and when we think it should.

The problem with this is that we can't control the universe. People and circumstances that will eventually cooperate with us have their own timetable that we need to accept. Any attempt to manipulate and accelerate the process is oftentimes a mistake in the sense that it can lead us to either burning a bridge that could have been an appropriate path or finding ourselves heading down a path that, in the long run, will prove to be a road to nowhere.

It is better to accept that it takes time for people and circumstances to come together in a beneficial way for all concerned and to not try to force outcomes. Sometimes it's best to accept the ebb and flow of things. Sometimes it's best to not paddle furiously but rather to row our boat gently down the stream. Sometimes it's best to let things happen at their own pace and have faith that when things don't happen the way we think they should, it doesn't mean that they never will.

Bottom line: We needn't be afraid of rejection and failed efforts. Take Thomas Edison, for example. Every time the universe said no to one of his attempts to invent the electric light bulb, he saw it as a help rather than a hindrance. He saw it as an opportunity to put aside an ineffectual approach he was taking so that he could redirect his attention to an alternative approach that might yield the success he was looking for. Every failed attempt brought him closer to success by enabling him to eliminate a wrong way so that he could eventually find the right way.

There is a right way for all of us, regardless of what goals we have set for ourselves. But we will not find it if we get derailed by perceived setbacks, obstacles, rejections, delays, and outright failed attempts. Best that we be okay with every no we get and every failed attempt, seeing each as a positive steppingstone to our ultimate success.

Best we stay true to our vision. Best we stay confident and positive. Best we be flexible and stay open to alternative paths so as to modify and adapt our plan when necessary.

Above all else, we don't give up. We keep on trucking. We remind ourselves that it's never over till it's over.

Contemporary Dining Tables - Sleek and Cool

Are you one of those people who can't help but invite everyone in your home to celebrate just about anything? A gathering needn't involve a crowd, perhaps a quiet place where good friends might talk and enjoy dinner at the same time. If you are one of those people, a contemporary dining table will let help you "be in the now" in every party you throw.

A wide variety of social events often involves eating and the place for gathering would be usually in the dining room. Having the right dining room table can set the atmosphere for every mealtime with family or with friends. Dinners are best prepared in style.

A contemporary dining table emits the style of a certain time which up until now is still in trend. It also exudes comfort. Eating with friends and family has never been this relaxed. Most contemporary dining tables look like an artwork, having different themes, shapes and sizes. You will find a table that will fit your room no matter what your need may be.

You can get one in round, which is best suited for restricted space, or a long rectangular shape, for seating more that ten people if the space in the room is not a problem and then there are also those square contemporary dining tables that add warmth in your home. Whatever shape or size you choose, you could never go wrong on a contemporary dining table.

Try to consider the contemporary dining tables when buying furniture's for the kitchen. It not only adds life to your dining room, but also warmth and vibrancy in every dinner party you host.

So next time you go shopping for a new table don't forget to take a look at a more contemporary or modern option for your home.

How to Get Any Girl to Want You

There is a lot of drama amongst men, yes you read that correctly. Not just women have their lives filled with drama, but men as well. The one thing that men have trouble with is wanting to know how to get any girl to want you, and thinking they cannot do it. Any man can have any woman he wants and it starts with your way of thinking.

You may think that you are not good looking enough, or rich enough, or interesting enough. This is just the sort of thing that will not get you ahead and find yourself a nice girl. I don't care if you are looking for a cheap thrill, a serious relationship, or a marriage you won't get anywhere if you are always thinking negative. I have seen it many times, not to mention I was there as well.

If you are looking to get any girl you want then you have to stop telling yourself that you can't. I don't care what your excuse it, it's just an excuse. You have to stay more positive because one thing that women find very unattractive is low self-esteem. You have to be positive and remember that it's not impossible to get any girl you want.

Have you looked at couples in bars and shopping malls? Sure you have, that's when you ask yourself, "How did that ugly, fat guy get that hot chick"? In fact how did he get her? Because he knows how to do it and one step is his confidence. I promise once you get over yourself and the idea that you can't attract a woman is because you are not good enough. Who's to say your to good for her? I promise a lot of times she isn't.

I don't want to sound like your mother by saying beauty is skin deep, but it's true. There are many good looking women that are really horrible. Other than finding confidence you could try aiming your targets on a woman that isn't a so-called ten. That's just Hollywood celebrity talk, and unless you are a rich rock star you aren't going home with a ten. You need a bit of practice be for that.

Is it possible to get a hot ten? Sure it is, but like I said it could take some time learning new skills. The idea of attraction is different for women. They look deep inside the personality of a man, while men are visual and look at the outside. This of course is related to sexual desires. Women are sexually attracted to a man they feel is confident, well rounded, and stable. While men just like large breasts and long legs.

It is possible for you to learn how to get any girl you want. You just have to start with your self confidence. This alone will help you so much, and once you have that mastered you are already right where you want to be psychologically, and you will get response. One way to get any girl you want by being more confident is acting like you just aren't interested in her. That has a way of upsetting them because they are use to a guy falling and drooling all over them.

Before you are out scouting for a woman wondering how to get any girl you want you need to be prepared for it. Start with your new found self-esteem and just see how they react to you. The one thing that men find out is that the nice guy act is a total dud. Women do not react to this at all and if you watch people in public, and listen to women, it seems they like that bad boy thing better. You don't really have to do that, attraction is a science, by saying and doing certain things women will be attracted to you. Just start with your confidence level.

How to Market Yourself As a Ghostwriter

Simply put, a ghostwriter is one who gets paid to write on behalf of someone and does not get the credit. Ghostwriters are used by celebrities, sports personalities and politicians to write their autobiographies as it is time-consuming. Also, they lack the skills necessary to write their stories in a captivating manner. Performers such as Britney Spears and Bon Jovi did not write most of the songs on their catalogues, ghostwriters do. In this case, acknowledgment is often given.

Selling yourself as a ghostwriter is by no means an easy task if you don't know someone who knows someone who knows someone. Using word-of-mouth is a lovely tool as this way you could reach out to your friends, people they know, and in turn people they know. The internet is the best cost-effective marketing tools. Start your own website or blog and other which include an introduction about yourself, samples of work and recommendations from clients. Using a social networking site like Facebook or joining an online group can help get your name out there. Running an ad in a suitable magazine may be a good idea depending on how much you are willing to spend. Business cards are a good marketing strategy and may come in handy; after all you never know who you might run into.

These are just some of the many ways you can market yourself as a best Ghostwriter. In the end, it all comes down to experience so you should build up your resume and make you as Ghostwriter.

Your MLM Success Starts With Goal Setting

What is the best MLM success secret? The top money earners have discovered setting goals in their home business is a key success secret. Don't skip this most important steps to getting started right. So get started today!

Building your business will take some time and dedication but when you set your goals, you will have a blueprint to work off. This is a fun and easy process that will help you focus. They will drive you to build your business, even though you don't always feel like working.

Keep in mind these three simple rules:

  • Goals need to be written out.
  • You need to set both short-term and long-term goals.
  • Goals should be "SMART"

Written Goals

Goals are easier to manage when they are written. You lose track of them when they are just floating around your head. This will allow you to quickly review your goals and evaluate your progress.

Circle the date you want to complete your goals and look at it every day. As you get closer to your completion date, you will be motivated to work that much harder. You will be amazed at the growth in your home based business because of this!

Short-Term and Long-Term Goals

Your goals will fall into two different categories: short-term and long-term.

Short-term goals are those that in the next 6-12 months you intend to accomplish. You want to set business goals that are both monetary and personal. For example, bring your wife home from her job in the next 6 months or take a trip to the Bahamas or pay off your credit card bills.

Long-term goals are those that will take more than 12 months to accomplish. When determining your long-term goals, you want to make them BIG, something you have to strive for. When your goals make you strive to achieve them, your success is so much sweeter!


Be specific as possible in describing your goals. Where do you want to live? What color is the car you are driving? Being specific about your goals makes it easy to end up where you want.

Make your goals measurable. Set amounts, either a percentage or dollar amount, for them. When you can measure your success, you will know when you have accomplished your goal.

Make sure that your goals are attainable. If you set unrealistic goals that can never be accomplished, you are only setting yourself up for failure. You also want to make sure they aren't too easy. If they are, you will lack a sense of achievement.

Make they relevant. Your goals should line up with what you want in your life and in your MLM business. This will keep you focused on where you want to go.

Set time-bound goals. Give your goals a deadline. That way you know when to celebrate your success!

Keep these MLM goal setting strategies in mind and you will soon have the foundation of your success strategy in place. In fact, goal setting is one of the most important success secrets that you can implement in your home based business. So get started on your goals today!

How to Get a Man Interested & Make Sure He Always Remains Attracted to You - Here is How It's Done

Hot women are always ahead of the competition when it comes to attracting guys. But even if you are not a celebrity material, you should not lose hope in getting a man interested. When you are attracted to a guy, and you show him how you feel and he doesn't reciprocate, it can be very depressing and can decrease your self-esteem. Read below and learn the ways of getting the confidence back in you and eventually getting a man interested.

First impressions last Make sure that you are always well dressed and you carry yourself well because you wouldn't know when you will come across the man you want. Men are very particular with first impressions, especially regarding a woman's personality and appearance.

Beat the competition Be on top of your game by being one step ahead of other women. Think out of the box and look better than your competitors. Remember that getting the attention of the man you want is the first and most important step in getting him interested in you.

Do not look too desperate Even if your ultimate goal is to win the man of your dreams; it is not good to give him too much attention for he might just take you for granted. Treat other men like how you treat your man to keep the mystery. Remember moderation in everything is a good thing.

Don't be too loud with your emotions Being too vocal about how you feel is a total turnoff for men. This is because most men do not like to be in the spotlight especially if they are not the one who is pursuing. Being too loud makes a man feel that you are a bimbo, and you definitely don't want that kind of impression.

Be independent Men love women of power. They associate power to hotness, and for them everything else is sexy. Letting the man you want feel that you can fend for yourself and you don't need that much help to make it through the day is a very big factor in getting him more interested in you.

Do not be demanding Men want some private time for themselves. You should give them that to make them feel that they are not the only one that makes up your world. This will make them feel that you have other options to be happy and will make them more interested in you.

Know him better Getting to know the man you want makes him more interested in you. This is because he feels that you are willing to listen to him all the way, and a man wants someone to listen to him every time he needs to share his triumphs and problems.

The Perfect Outdoor Kitchen

We all have are personal favorite food, it may be barbecue or pizza, so to have your own personal ideal outdoor kitchen comes in one of the following forms.


Here there are two kinds of cooking, standard open barbecuing (also called grilling) over hot coals and smoking using hardwoods such as Hickory in a seal able unit. With a smoker you burn the wood and the smoker holds the hot smoke in the unit and basically anything can be used for a smoker from a hole in the ground to a gas canister with the top third cut off and then hinges to the main part. Smoking has been associated with the cheaper cuts of meat that don't actually BBQ well.

Pizza oven.

Then there is the outdoor pizza oven, these are being used in gardens for celebrities such as Jamie Oliver (TV chef), Madonna (pop queen) and Gwyneth Paltrow, but don't let the though that a pizza oven is out of your price range, there are ones on the market that can take up to eight 12" pizzas at once, but to be honest, I would personally now want to try and juggle 8 peoples dinner, knowing me I would burn them all!

So no matter if you prefer the barbecue or the pizza oven, your friends and family can gather and select their favorite food and cook it then eat it together. But what is missing? A television would just make the outdoor living space complete, the easiest and most cost effective option is to put a standard TV screen outside but you have to remember to bring it in every evening, or you can put the TV into a dedicated protective TV case, this would protect it from showers of rain and accidental contact when ball games are played in the backyard.

"The Meek Shall Inherit the Earth," But Can They Worship God in a Christian Church?

In the Sermon on the Mount, Jesus says in The Gospel of Luke in the 14th chapter, that the 'the meek shall inherit the earth.' And, he said, "whoever exalts himself will be humbled and whoever humbles himself shall be exalted." That doesn't mean that Casper Milk Toast will be running the world, and it doesn't mean that people who look down on themselves or have inferiority complexes will win the prize.

What is intended is that the person who doesn't think about himself or herself too often will in turn succeed. People whose egos allow them to put themselves first in front of everyone else will in the long run be worse off than the person who humbles themselves before God and other people. God wants us to be servants of Him and each other.

"Barbarians at the Gate" was a book and a movie about the tobacco business and it was a very selfish and self serving story about people in the higher echelon of that industry. They were 'elitists' who were stepping on whoever got in their way. "whoever exalts himself will be humbled and whoever humbles himself shall be exalted."

My family, three generations of them, attend a Baptist Church in Atlanta, GA. In the past 25 years, four pastors have been forced to leave their positions in the church. There is an elitist group who band together and decide that they "don't like" the pastor for one reason or another. The fourth pastor submitted his resignation today. He has been under much pressure and controversy for the entire five years he has been on campus. He came from a church that loved him and he was very happy as was his family.

He was cajoled and sought after by the Search committee as a replacement for the pastor who was previously asked to leave. On the third approach by a member of the committee, he felt that was what God was calling him to do. He was aware of the previous problems and the sorry track record of the church, but he felt maybe God was calling him to come to this church and to put it back on a course of Christian worship of God and not members of the staff. He left his happy growing church and came into a church full of problems. Some of the problems were staff related and some were member related.

The previous pastor had been offered a severance package to leave the church as he put it, 'like firing the wait staff of the country club.' Over 800 members had left that church and gone somewhere else because of things they felt were not to their liking. For example, the pastor and a group of postmodern young people had started a contemporary service led by guitars and drums and the traditional members did not like that at all. The contemporary service was gaining some ground and picking up some new members who for one reason or another did not like to be "churched" and wanted the newer version which was being introduced into the United States by way of the U.K. and Spain.

When that pastor was presented his "either or" package and a rail, he left and so did the contemporary worship service. We were back to 1984 'the way we had always done things.'

The argument between the traditional and the contemporary, "us and them," caused a great schism in the church, but not a 'split' so that we went separate ways. We tried to work it out and many meetings were held in advance of a new pastor being issued an invitation to lead the flock of this befuddled and cantankerous group of Christians. Some of the attendees thought that we should wait until the next pastor was in place to settle the eruptions caused by the "contemptible" service as it came to be known. Others thought we should wait and let the new pastor deal with the problem. Bad decision! We couldn't even clean up our own mess. We shoved it off on someone else to do.

We also today received word that another associate pastor is resigning because of the fear the same group may turn against him and chase him away when he is too old to have many choices. Over the past five months, we have lost an organist of 30 years, a very much loved minister of seniors, an associate pastor who was actively bringing the 'emergent' church into the mix and now two more ministers. The only one remaining at this time is the youth minister who has accomplished much and has managed to stay below the radar. In my opinion, the youth minister has stayed below the radar because he works with small children of younger members and the older traditionalists are not even aware of the church having any children.

Many things have led to the drastic changing of a once vibrant church with about 2,000 active members. The current withered economy kept us from being able to offer raises to the church staff; that led to the resignation of the organist and the senior minister. The changing culture of the younger generations has had a great deal to do with all churches diminishing in size and impact on the community. Churches may be becoming too dogmatic by forcing people, both members and clergy, to sign documents that did not fit their beliefs.

Too many of the 'old guard' is set against 'change' and yet we have a President who was elected by people wanting 'change' and 'hope.' Go figure! Christians are being set aside in favor of Islam. The President wouldn't honor the day of prayer, but allowed thousands of Muslims to gather on the Plaza lawn outside the Capital building and celebrate their Islam religion. Churches are being threatened by secular competition. Too many other things to do on a Sunday morning than to sit and listen to some boring preacher tell us how bad we are.

The meek may inherit the earth, but it is going to be a vastly different place than it is now. They may demand a recount.

Cause Joy!

Why Cafe Roma Coffee Machine is a Favorite Among Connoisseurs

The idea of creating your own coffee-shop quality cappuccino and coffee beverages right at the comforts of one's house is the dream of millions of coffee lovers. A lot of people find it expensive and complicated to use an espresso machine which is why this dream has not yet become a reality to them. While there are some people who are hesitant to invest in an espresso maker, the coffee industry has been celebrating the arrival recently of a new product - the Cafe Roma Coffee Machine by Breville.

With just under the price of a traditional vacuum cleaner, you can already own an espresso machine that helps you create amazing lattes and cappuccino shots just like a barista. This new Breville instant coffee and cappuccino machine has received four out of five stars when it comes to taste, user-friendliness, and product features.

The Cafe Roma has a compact size. But just because it is small, it does mean the flavor of the shots and the functionality are compromised. You will find every part of this machine useful. From the top tray, which can be used as a warming pan for your shots, the water tank, which holds just enough water for a single batch of extractions, to the shiny dripping tray, that slides off easily for easy cleaning, the Cafe Roma is so cost effective.

How does it guarantee a great tasting espresso? The secret is the fifteen bar pump with helps you get a perfect texture for your espresso creme. Plus, do not forget the three different filters that come with it. There is the pod filter; the double shot filter, and the main filter that holds just the right amount of ground espresso. So your espresso shots taste perfectly.

Where can you find a coffee machine that does the job right, guarantees perfection, hosts a lot of features, and comes with an affordable price? Nothing comes close to the Cafe Roma Coffee machine.

Using the Law of Attraction to Create a Million-Dollar Business

Are you a budding entrepreneur or serial small business owner who badly wants to turn your small business into a million-dollar business? If so, one of the things that can drive you absolutely nuts is trying to figure out how to achieve that goal while you're already putting all your time and energy into keeping your current business running!

Well, get ready to celebrate! I'm about to show you how to use the powerful Law of Attraction to transform your current business from a "small business endeavor" to "a million-dollar enterprise."

Relax. Believe it or not, it doesn't require working any harder than you already are. Instead, I'm going to show you how to work smarter by focusing on what you need to do energetically and practically to create a million-dollar business.

Begin by living a millionaire lifestyle.

Living the Millionaire Lifestyle

One of the best books I've read on the millionaire lifestyle is, "The Millionaire Next Door," by Drs. Thomas Stanley and William Danko. In 1998, when this book first came out, the world was shocked to read that, contrary to popular belief, many millionaires do not live in mansions, drive fancy cars, or vacation in exotic places. That book revealed that, if you want to create a million-dollar business, the first step is to start living the millionaire lifestyle by:

· Living below your means. Half of the millionaires interviewed did not live in high-status neighborhoods. Instead, they lived in average neighborhoods in average-sized houses. The other half only moved to more affluent areas after they had become wealthy.

· Being frugal. Most millionaires do not buy expensive suits, pricey boats or brand new cars. Instead, they like to shop around for a good bargain and always haggle for a better deal.

· Loving your work. Millionaires are either self-employed or own their own businesses, and they feel very passionate about what they do. They are self-made and like to succeed by their own ways and means.

The Millionaire Mindset

Already living the millionaire lifestyle? Then use the Law of Attraction to create a millionaire mindset. Here's how:

1. Cultivate an extraordinary mindset.

If you want to create a million-dollar business, you must first cultivate a millionaire mindset. What that means is that you must already be, in your thinking, a million-dollar business owner where a million-dollar cash flow is normal for you.

2. Create causes, not businesses.

Millionaire business owners focus on doing great things, not creating great businesses. They pour their heart and soul into leaving a legacy of great causes they are passionate about.

To do that, you must have firmly fixed in your mind the core purpose for your business. Make sure it is bigger than your own self. Remember: It's not about making money; it's about making our world a better place for you and others to live in.

3. Look for inspiration, not products.

What inspires you?

Once you know that, the next two steps are simple: Look for the opportunities arising from that inspiration and take action on them. By first turning inward to tap into your inspiration-rather than looking outward for products or services you think will line your pockets-million-dollar returns will flow to you.

4. Know that thoughts become things.

The Law of Attraction states that what you think about comes about. That's because your thoughts attract and magnetize other thoughts like them. Therefore, whatever you think about, that is what you will multiply in your business.

Your business is a mirror of your own inner thinking. Where is your attention right now in your business?

5. Be 100% committed.

Are you willing to do whatever it takes to have a million-dollar business?

Some people aren't, you know. You can easily recognize them by how they allow setbacks to get them down and by how quickly they give up whenever the going gets tough.

Having hopes, dreams, and aspirations of becoming a million-dollar enterprise is not enough to create it. Instead, you must be 100% committed that, no matter what, you will do what it takes to have a million-dollar business. Only then will all the synchronicity and magic of the Universe align to make that happen.

6. Think two million.

If you want a one-million-dollar business, begin with a two-million-dollar business mindset. Since all riches begin in the mind first, there's no better way to build a million-dollar business than by starting off with an idea that has twice that amount of energetic backing.

7. Have a plan, and then work the plan.

I cannot stress enough the importance of having a business plan in place for your two-million-dollar business. Just the process of putting together a two-million-dollar business plan will energetically stretch you in ways that will open you to becoming more of a match for the one-million-dollar business you want.

Once you have that two-million-dollar business plan in place, then work it!

If you are a budding entrepreneur or serial small business owner, I really want you to understand one thing: Working harder is not the solution to creating a million-dollar business. Instead, adopt the millionaire lifestyle above while using the Law of Attraction to create a millionaire mindset. If you do, you'll be well on your way to creating that million-dollar business you've long been dreaming of. Remember, the creation of a two-million-dollar small business enterprise is only a mindset away.

Fast Weight Loss After Pregnancy - 3 Tips to Jump Start Your Program

Are you looking for instant solutions for a fast weight loss after pregnancy? The important thing to remember is that there are no quick fixes for any weight loss. Your body has gained its weight over a period of time and it needs time to lose weight. Fad diets or fasting can lead to disastrous complications. Your body needs nutrition to cope with the childbirth and its aftereffects. Additionally, if you breastfeed your baby, your body needs good quantities of nutrients to produce breast milk. Fancy diet programs for fast weight loss touted by celebrities and stars are not for us ordinary folks. The expense involved is not the only issue here, but maintaining those fad diet routines is not going to be easy.

Time needed for fast weight loss after pregnancy

- The average weight gain during pregnancy is about 30 to 35 pounds. You lose some of that weight at childbirth. Even so, a woman needs about 3 months to recover from pregnancy and childbirth.

- Ensure that you eat nutritious food during the first three months without thinking too much about losing weight. In normal course of life, you need six to eight months to return to your weight and shape you had before pregnancy. Of course, it all depends on how much weight you gained during your pregnancy. - Trying to achieve fast weight loss too soon after pregnancy could lead to serious trouble.

- If for any reason it is important that you lose weight fast, consult your health care provider to formulate a safe diet and exercise regimen for fast weight loss.

Exercises for fast weight loss

- Before you start on any exercise regimen for weight loss after pregnancy, consult with your family doctor or gynecologist.

- Do routines designed for fast weight loss only with their permission, advice and guidance. Too much exercise too soon after childbirth may result in undesirable and unnecessary issues.

- Working out at home with a few light exercises during the day is an effective way to burn more calories.

- Do physical work at home as much as possible. Do not sit idle for any length of time. Rest only when your body demands rest.

- Go for long walks carrying your baby. The act of carrying the baby will help in close bonding and the effort of carrying the baby for long distances will help you burn a lot of calories. You gain in many ways.

Diets for fast weight loss after pregnancy

- Do not start out on diets by simply limiting specific food groups or items. Your body needs nutrition to recover from childbirth. If you breast feed your baby, proteins, vitamins and minerals are essential for the body to produce breast milk.

- Breast milk is vital to your baby's growth and development. It contains antibodies and anti-infective agents to strengthen your baby's immune system. Select nutritious fare with low saturated fats.

- Eat a lot of vegetable and fruits during meal times.

- Have your meals at regular intervals.

- Do not indulge in untimely snacking or knickknacks.

- Restrict your intake of processed and ready to eat food items like canned fish or meat.

- Try to stay away from energy dense drinks and fried foods like dough nuts or chips.

Performance Anxiety Into Speaking Ease - Be the Lucid Observer

Thich Nhat Hanh wrote: "The Vietnamese boat people said that every time their small boats were caught in storms, they knew their lives were in danger. But if one person on the boat could keep calm and not panic, that was a great help for everyone. People would listen to him or her and keep serene, and there was a chance for the boat to survive the danger. Our Earth is like a small boat and is in danger of sinking. We need such a person to inspire us with calm confidence. Only with such a person -- calm, lucid, aware -- will our situation improve."

The calm center of the storm is where I reside more and more in my life. The space I hold 10-15 hours a week facilitating the transformation of performance anxiety into ease for one person at a time is the perfect training regimen to get me there.

The "storm" sometimes shows up in the swirl of contradictory voices within, as the winds of change in family or at work, as the lightning flashes of unease in the world around us.

It is a given that until I can stand in the calm center of my internal stormy weather, I cannot be the lucid person at the center of the disturbance "out there."

I am not the hurricane; I am the eye of the hurricane. You are not your self-consciousness; you are the powerful being noticing, with compassionate curiosity, ways you make yourself small in front of a group. Such transparent noticing in a supportive listening environment allows those contractions to release.

We do not "conquer" performance anxiety; rather, it dissolves when we identify more with our lucid observer and less with that which we are not: our situations and our problems.

In the serene absence of self-judgment and mind chatter, authentic power naturally emerges in one's unique style and pace.

You see, by plugging into the essential listening field of humanity, we discover how to "expand the moment" and take up residence in the Now while in the company of others. Do your typical days allow for this?

When we step into that lush listening field, the Now becomes a lot more interesting than the past and future, which are the breeding grounds for anxiety and "monkey mind." We find we are no longer identifying with our stories, so we can tell them from an observational distance. From here, they are often amusing, and instructive. (Brilliant humor comes from exactly that distance.)

From here, the lucid mind effortlessly spins out wisdom, clarity, boldness, leadership, insight, grief, celebration, stillness... whatever wants to come through. We learn to trust ourselves to be easygoing in the not-knowing, where life's greatest adventures arise.

Join me now in the expansive stillness. The luxurious Oneness of humanity is never more than a full breath away. Here it comes.

Your Wedding and Photos

Wedding is probably the most significant occasions celebrated in one's existence. It is essentially the most wonderful time of a bridegroom. It may come as another fantastic chapter of life, not as a single individual but two people sharing a life in matrimony and love. A wedding is not complete without having friends, flowers, music, gowns, wedding reception, and best of all pictures. This event only happens once in a lifetime, but the memories can certainly last forever through pictures. If you are wondering where you could get the best wedding photographs, you surely can have it with New Orleans wedding picture.

New Orleans is famous for their delectable food and drink, and delightful music and views. It is also best known for extensive and best quality photography. It is where award-winning and excellent photographers practice their superb skills in their profession. In New Orleans, people take pride of the beautiful works of art in their photography. Photographers give you their best in taking pictures of different occasions and events, even weddings. The results of their hard work and exceptional skills are the seamless photographs that can truly lasts for a lifetime. The one that you cherish forever.

Together with New Orleans wedding photo, your photos will be extraordinary. Wherever the marriage ceremony and wedding reception are whether or not at chapel, by the pool, backyard, or anywhere else; photographers will truly seize the most stunning photos of the special day. The wedding photos will spark with top quality and emotional effect from the moments captured. Though time may pass by and you will get older, the pictures will remain with beautiful emotions and highlights captured through photography. You will be proud to display them along your walls and the family room. The wedding is going to be certainly one of best-captured events in your life with the New Orleans wedding picture.

Short Haircuts For Women - Some Ideas to Re-Invent Your Hair

One of the major benefits to having a short hair cut is how easy it can be to maintain and take care of. Your chances of keeping the hair in better condition are far greater as shorter hairs are also younger and more vibrant than when you leave it to grow out. However, it is not only about an easier life - short hair cuts are always at the front of fashion and beauty trends and that can be seen in the many celebrities who are shedding longer locks for a more confident and voguish look.

Just this year alone we have witnessed stars such as Rihanna, Nicole Richie, Sienna Miller and Jessica Alba hitting the red carpet with glorious short hair styles. If you want to make the transition from long to short or if you just want some fresh ideas for making your short hair turn heads - this article is going to introduce you to the current styles that are taking over the world! Read on.

The Shag Haircut.

Think Brittany Murphy - this style is especially popular with younger women. The look is fresh, modern and funky and fits well to confident women - that would be all of you then! I imagine that such a cool look would give you confidence if you are otherwise lacking. What makes a shag a shag is the many different layers that are cut into the hair. You can accentuate these layers and add texture by using a little pomade or wax and teasing the hair with the fingers.

The Crop Haircut.

Victoria Beckham shocked plenty when she went for the crop. It is a big step to cut hair so short and not everyone can pull this one off. Mrs Beckham managed it though - and so can you, especially if you have thick, straight hair or Afro hair. This cut also looks better when you have prominent cheekbones and an oval face shape. The crop is at it's best when textured and messy as opposed to slick and smooth.

The Pixie Haircut.

Who other than Halle Berry would be the best example of a gorgeous pixie cut. The pixie cut is in fact a classic and even the glamorous Audrey Hepburn favored this style. Again, like the crop - it is a huge transformation if you are going from long hair to the pixie. If you are proud of your facial features - a pixie cut will bring those features forward. Slightly wavy hair, an oval, heart-shaped or square face are the best matches for this short do.

The Sedu Haircut.

Sedu hair basically means straightened hair that is sleek and soft in appearance. Katie Holmes probably uses straightening irons to make her short cut so silky. I for one envy the style of Katie Holmes which is classic, yet modern enough for the younger women. Her hair just makes me want to reach out and touch it - only I often found the computer screen got in the way. The Sedu can be flexible in that it suits most hair types. All you need is a good set of straightening irons and a little more patience if you hair is naturally curly.

That was my pick of some of the best cuts going for short hair. Don't forget that you can add bangs to most of the above styles for an even more unique look. Bangs can be short, swept to the side, wispy, choppy or even asymmetrical. Don't be afraid to try something new.

The Place Smelled So Good, I Walked Right on In

Scent marketing? What is it? Well, have you ever walked into a shopping mall, and smelled cookies, cinnamon, or, fresh baked goods, and felt your mouth water? You just had to go and find out where it was located. And whilst wandering happily through the shopping center, in search of a cookie, (even though, it may mean breaking your diet); you encounter all kinds of merchandise, and feel such an emotional feeling of wellbeing, you may just purchase a little something.

Scent machines, what are those? Okay, when you walk past a store, and smell a beautiful fragrance, that is so inviting, you find yourself walking in; just to take in more of the aroma; you may have just encountered scent marketing. Yes, scent systems can make you hungry, feel right at home or just be reminded of a pleasant day out in the country. It's called scent marketing, and it's one of the most powerful marketing strategies, sweeping businesses today.

Scent systems, and scent machines send out aromas, and fragrances, that trigger our emotions, and remind us of the good things in life. After all, perfumes are beautiful reminders, of our best emotions. Scent systems send out aromas that remind us of romance, home, food, love, and welcoming celebrations.

Whatever the business, scent machines can perform wonders. Hotels, retail stores, and restaurants, can't go wrong, with a scent system that sends out an aroma that, keeps consumers coming back for more. There is no business that cannot be helped, by having scent machines strategically placed; even a car lot can benefit from a scent system!

Steps to Take So Your Husband Will Fall in Love All Over Again With You

Are there steps to take so your husband will fall in love all over again? You hate to be asking this, but for some women it's the point that they've reached in their marriage. They realize, sense and feel that the man they married is no longer as emotionally invested in the relationship as he once was. Visions of a future filled with divorce proceedings and lonely nights set in. That doesn't have to be the way it is. You can take control of your relationship and take steps to get your husband to want you as much as he did on the day you two married. If your marriage is worth it to you, the effort you put in will more than pay off.

One of the very first things you need to do to ensure your husband will fall in love all over again is to look at your own behavior in the relationship. It's natural and common for a woman to want to change her husband into the man she believes he has the potential to be. Unfortunately, that often comes through in the form of nagging or pestering. Any negative emotion that you're sending your husband's direction is going to come back to you just as negatively. For instance, if you nag him repeatedly about doing household chores or if you show resentment towards him because he doesn't help as much with the kids as you'd like, he'll take offense to that. He'll start to treat you differently and over time that will manifest itself into his feelings changing. Start treating your husband in the exact manner you want him to treat you. It will make a major difference in how you interact with each other.

If you want to get your husband to love you as deeply as he once did, celebrate the man he is. We often get to a point in our relationship where we begin to take our partner for granted. We forget to thank them for the things they do for us and we neglect the compliments that help them feel better about who they are. Make an effort to let your husband know how much you appreciate and value him for the man he is. He'll love the feeling of knowing that you are grateful and happy to be married to him.

Allow him to share what he's feeling without fear of being verbally attacked by you. As women we get very emotional very quickly if we feel that our husband is unsure about his love for us. If he's critical about anything it's easy to lash out, but try to refrain from doing that. If you want to get closer to him, you need to allow him the opportunity to be honest and open with his feelings. Learn from what he tells you and then work together to rebuild the love.