The Delwood Neighborhood in Austin, Texas

The Delwood neighborhood in Austin, Texas, was built in the 10 years following World War II and offers a quaint, residential feel. It's one of the older neighborhoods in East Austin, and is made up of three distinct neighborhoods: Delwood I, II, and III. The Wilshire Wood neighborhood is often grouped with them as well. The subdivision is north of Cherrywood near the Mueller Airport. A stroll through the neighborhood will reveal many tall trees and bungalow-style homes, many of which were built in the 1950s and 60s.

It's typical to find smaller homes with two to three bedrooms that range from 1,000 to 1,800 square feet; however, there are larger homes as well. Most boast a large lot and are set back from the street to offer residents a sense of safety and a peaceful atmosphere. Several of the Delwood neighborhood's homes have been renovated or upgraded in the last years. Prices range from $150,000 to more than $350,000 for some of the renovated homes. The affordable housing paired with its proximity to downtown Austin - just 4 miles - makes it ideal for a variety of residents, from young professionals to those who have lived in the city for years.

The Delwood neighborhood is known for its sense of community. Residents will enjoy several activities and events hosted throughout the year, including things like picnics and barbeques. And, the neighborhood hosts the city's oldest Fourth of July parade and celebration.

For recreation, there are plenty of opportunities nearby. Patterson Park is a popular spot for families, as it's home to barbeque pits and picnic shelters, a playground, swimming pool, tennis court, volleyball court, and more. Mueller Lake Park is also in Delwood and offers an open-air amphitheater and stage, an interactive playscape, picnic area, and a trail that's great for walkers and joggers.

The area is also home to the impressive Pharr Tennis Center, which has eight lighted hard tennis courts, a concrete practice board, and a covered sitting area for spectators. For golfers, the 18-hole Morris Williams Golf Course is just two miles away. It was designed by Leon Howard in 1964 and features more than 6,000 yards of playing area.

The Hancock Plaza Shopping Center is just to the west of I-35 and features several retail locations for residents to enjoy. It has an H.E.B. grocery store, fitness center, coffeehouse, and several fast food dining options. The Highland Mall is just over two miles away and is an ideal spot for shopping. It's anchored by Macy's and Dillard's, and also features several smaller retail locations.

Children in the neighborhood will attend schools in the Austin Independent School District, which includes Maplewood & Blanton Elementary, Kealing & Pearce Middle School, McCallum & Reagan High School. Younger children can attend one of many nearby pre-schools such as the Stepping Stone School, Open Door Preschool East, and The Montessori Center.

How to Handle Mobile Phones During Presentations

For anyone who has run a meeting or given a presentation to a group, the sound of a mobile phone going off is one of those annoying but common interruptions. What can business presenters do to minimize these distractions?

Ground Rules

Although you may never completely stop the use of mobile phones in larger meetings, you can let the audience know what the meeting's expectations are. This can be done by the host or MC of the meeting, written on a flipchart or computer slide. A simple ground rule can reduce the number of distractions.

At the beginning of the presentation, take out your mobile phone, show it to the audience and ask them to switch it to vibrate or silent mode. Explain that when an important call is received, they should step outside the room to take the call.

Good presenters also take this opportunity to explain that the purpose of this ground rule is not to stop the audience conducting their important business but to show respect and politeness for the other audience members. This not only reduces resistance to your ground rule but also elevates the audience to a higher place where they show respect and courtesy for other participants.

Explain to the audience that there will be a ten minute break every hour, and so they can take calls and call back then. This will also reduce the need for immediate calls.

"Incentives" to stop mobile phones ringing

A ground rule is only as good as the audience's willingness to follow it. Mobile phones are such a personal device that many people will not cooperate or simply will forget to switch it to silent. What can a business presenter do when a mobile phone goes off in a meeting - and still keep rapport with the audience?

In some Western cultures, presenters have tried this incentive:

"Anyone whose phone rings during a meeting buys a round of beers that night for everyone in the meeting".

In a meeting with many participants that is large motivator. The only opt out clause is if the person takes a call to close a big deal, in which case they would be expected to to celebrate the deal.

In certain cultures, the disapproval of the presenter or trainer can be a motivator. The caveat here is that you have to know the line that you can't cross with your audience. If you insult them or look down on them or become a dictator then you're going to find it difficult to get things done with them.

One method is to stop speaking when the phone rings. This signals to the participants that you have been interrupted and can't continue until the distraction is eliminated. Don't call out the person's name or even look in their direction. Keep calm and smile. When the phone is switched off, simply say "Thank you" and move on.

Extreme Examples to Stop Mobile Phone use

While these suggestions will help most business settings, sometimes a presenter will adopt an extreme position to make their point. These high risk approaches can really make an impact but when done well add to the overall impact of your presentation.

For example, one presenter started a presentation by pulling out a mobile phone, placed the phone into a padded envelope, dropped the envelope to the floor, stomped on it repeatedly, picked the envelope back up, and then threw it to the back of the hall. He smiled politely and asked if anyone in the room had another device he could practice on. If so, all they had to do was let it make any noise during his presentation.

The outcome was that with over 200 people in the room for a two-hour presentation, there was not a single instance of a phone ringing, beeping, or even buzzing. The key to these extreme approaches is a certain sense of humour so choose them with care.

Remember as a presenter you need to keep the audience on your side, so while mobile phones ringing in meetings are an irritation, they are a fact of life. Set ground rules, keep a sense of humour and don't react to a phone ringing in an angry way.

Wine Baskets - A Perfect Gift For A Wedding

It is your friend wedding and you want to give him the best and exclusive gift. You must be thinking of the couple and the occasion and could not probably decide what to buy that will be equally exciting for both of them. It is a difficult task and you need to pay attention to many aspects. What about wine gift basket? Have you thought of that? Just imagine, it is an occasion that has to be enjoyed and celebrated with all vigor and enthusiasm and a wine gift basket will just enhance everything.

Wine baskets do not just comprise of wine bottles they can be accompanied with other accessories and supporting gift items also. Wine is considered spiritual also and you can help your friend enjoy the occasion to its fullest. Wine is very popular and there are plenty of shops that would help you get a good quality wine or you can choose one of the wine baskets from any renowned online gift basket shop. Remember, everyone has his or her own taste and this has to be considered while purchasing wine for that person. If you are not very sure about this, you can ask someone who is near to the recipient.

Wine baskets are, in fact, one of the gifts that are accepted with open arms and bring an expression of joy and satisfaction on the recipient face as well. If you want to put some personal reflection in the gift, you can decorate and put together a wine gift basket on your own. This will certainly make your friend overwhelmed because anybody would feel special if you take the time and effort to decorate the gift with your own imagination and hands.

Buy a good and stylish gift basket and a good quality wine first. You will have to put some crumpled tissue paper or cellophane in the bottom so that it provides cushioning to the wine bottle. Now put your chosen wine bottle along with chocolates or other treats that compliment with wine as a gift. You can add or hide a message in such a way that it excites your fiends and makes him feel extremely special in your life.

How to Become a Brilliant Waiter or Waitress

Firstly you must arrive early and give yourself enough time to be ready to face customers. They will not be impressed if you turn up tot heir table stressed and rushed. Customers go to restaurants to relax and enjoy themselves and they will get irritated if they are kept waiting.

It is vital to make a good first impression, convey your personality and come across as and friendly and charming. You can achieve this by looking smart and professional and greeting customers with a smile. Make sure all tables are cleaned properly, are presentable and visually pleasing. Customer satisfaction is top priority for restaurants and first impressions directly contribute to a customers overall experience.

Try to interact with customers on a personal level and engage in polite conversation where appropriate. If there is a family then interact with the children and try to put a smile on their face. Parents will love you for it and will be glad to see their children enjoying themselves. Try to establish whether your clients are celebrating a special occasion so that you can enhance their experience and make it feel unique.

However, it is also important not to be too invasive and to give customers their privacy. Be efficient and stick to the structure that you are given for food delivery to prevent any mistakes or late meals.

Don't fuss too much when taking orders, but provide all the required information. It can be very useful to memorise the menu so that you can provide the best service to customers and get their orders right every time. You must aim to deliver food on time and all together. When you have done this make sure that after the customer has had time to try their meal, then ask them if everything is OK and deal with any requests graciously. Sometimes customers can become irritated or upset and it is important that you can cope under pressure. Stay calm and under control when customers get angry and rude and try to resolve the situation as soon as possible.

Experienced and intelligent waiters will be aware of potential opportunities to up sell. For example suggesting different food options, making customers aware of special offers and tempting them into ordering a pudding are good ways of attempting to increase revenue.

All About Turkey Farming and History

Turkey occupies an important position next to chicken, duck. Guinea fowl and quail in contributing the most evolving sector, which is playing a significant role in augmenting the economic and nutritional status of varied population. They form almost two percent of the total poultry population. They are reared for meat only and its meat is the leanest among other domestic avian species.

Turkey farming is very popular in western countries and the major turkey producing countries are United States of America, Canada, Germany, France, Italy, Netherlands and the United Kingdom. The Annual per capita consumption of turkey meat in the above said countries ranges from 4-8 kg per year. Turkey population touched 259 millions in 1992. The estimated world turkey meat production in 2004 is 4.94 million tones.

Turkey is a large gallinaceous bird of the family Meleagridae that is native of North America, domesticated in Europe and are now important source of food in many parts of the world. Columbus took specimens to Spain in 1948. Reports on turkey were there in Germany in 1530 and in England by 1541.

The first president of the United States of America, George Washington, issued a general proclamation in1789 to celebrate "thanksgiving" on November 26. In 1893 President Lincoln proclaimed the last Thursday of November a national thanksgiving holiday. Later it was changed to the fourth Thursday of November. However, turkey is synonymous with Christmas.

Turkeys are not classified into breeds, however seven standard varieties are available, Bronze, White Holland, Bourbon red, Narragansett, Black, Slate, Beltsville small white.

Baking Cake in the Oven

Everyone loves cake and it's one of those foods that manage to lighten up a person's mood. Cakes are normally present during occasions to mark celebrations and to offer people the various tastes in which cakes come. Many would love to know how to bake a cake and the excellent news is that it is very easy. Once the components are prepared, the straightforward procedures can assist people obtain wonderful results that can surprise them. There are all types of cake and how they are mixed may differ. The method of baking many cakes is the same though. With this in mind, people can discover their abilities and get to it.

There may be plenty of info on how to bake a cake everywhere on the internet. Studying the ingredients is crucial step. Eggs, water, cake mix, oil, baking pan, bowl for mixing, cake toppings, mixing spoons and cups are the necessary requirements. In fact, there are many other things that may be used regarding equipment but these are the fundamentals into achieving a simple cake particularly for people who are simply learning. The first thing is to put the cake mix into a mixing bowl and get ready to start preparing the mixture.

The other factor provided next by procedures to bake a cake is adding eggs. The quantity will rely on the dimensions of cake that's being baked. Crack the desired number of eggs into the blending bowl where the cake mix is. Then, adding water into the blending bowl is the next thing. Again, the quantity can be determined by the dimensions of the cake you want to make. Three eggs for an average cake and 4 glasses of water to the blending bowl will do the trick. It is now time to add oil into the bowl after which mix some more. Some individuals will use a mixer while others will do it by hand. No matter what is employed, ensure to make the mixture as fine as can be.

Grease a pan then pour the mixture into it. This must be done with an appropriate pan that can fit the mixture properly. Again, the dimensions of cake desired will dictate this. For 25 to 30 minutes, leave the pan with the mixture in the oven that's heated to 350 degrees. This temperature will work properly for an average cake. Therefore, getting the recipe with the precise guideline to bake a cake is important. It will ensure that you already know precisely how the measurements ought to be like for a given number of people. When this is executed, be sure to time the baking to get the right result. Many are tempted to keep opening the oven door to examine and this is discouraged, as heat is lost in the process.

This is detrimental while learning the art of baking a cake. After the time has elapsed, take away the cake from the oven and leave it to cool for some time. 10 minutes will likely be enough for a cake to cool accordingly. After cooling, decorations can come in. This can be performed bearing in mind the occasion for the cake. If there is no occasion, decorate it anyway so as to add the colour and buzz to the cake.

A Treat to Your Hair - Ceramic Ionic Flat Iron

Ceramic ionic flat iron was able to gain recognition by various hairstyling experts especially those who are known to cater service to celebrities. These are lightweight hair tools, cost effective and excellent in performance. It works in all hair types, another reason why it has been renowned not only in the whole country, but in neighboring countries as well. This device aims to produce a superior condition on your crowning glory and the hairstyles to be done is limitless.

The wide variety of this hair product makes it work for everyone who wants to achieve their desired hairstyle. Most of these products come in high quality and advanced technology. This tool as the first ever hairstyling tool used by many professional hair stylists and was able to give impressive performance and results as they are used. There are some of these device which protects the condition and the color of the hair through its ceramic coated paddles.

Ceramic ionic flat iron comes in different sizes such as mini flat to regular and then large ones. The curling irons also vary in size and the innovation of Ultralight Dryer. They are designed to be slim, and having ergonomic design which makes it the lightest and the most quiet hair styling tool found in the market. This technology uses negative ion that is why it can add shine and moisture in your hair to make it look lively and bouncing. Using this hairstyling tool will save you time and money without the amazing effect compromised.

If you want your hair to look and feel healthy, then let Ceramic ionic flat iron to do the job. While you are sitting in the folding rocking chair, you can feel the smoothness in your hair. Make yourself stunning and stand out of the crowd by using this latest and most effective innovation in hairstyling. It really feels like you went to the salon and get your hair styled by experts. There is no need to regularly go to salon and get the hairstyles you desire. You can do the styling all by yourself while you are at home. Get yourself ready into number of styles you can do to your hair.

The Demise of the Old Fashioned Newspaper

Remember when getting the newspaper use to be one of the perks of being the man or woman of the house. That fresh pot of coffee brewing, that usually just serenades the whole house as the family is waking up. The feeling of serenity as one slowly walked down the driveway and smelled the morning dew. This entire scene sounds like it was based on a Norman Rockwell picture but to a lot of Americans this was a reality. Now with the explosion of the web, all of this has changed.

At this stage of the game, most Americans are using the web for everything. Shopping, reading the newspaper, and even dating! Who would've pictured this 15 years ago? And even though it has made everyday living a heck of a lot easier, we are still on the verge of losing one of our most important forms of communication: The newspaper.

The convenience of the web makes it a lot easier to read yesterday's news today. If you missed what happened the day before, you can easily Google it and catch up. Now when you hear of an interesting story, that happened yesterday, you don't have to scramble to find a vendor with that particular newspaper. The web also allows us (faithful readers, that is) to break the chains of being forced to carry around that newspaper all day. In the office, it's in danger of being a victim of the sports and entertainment people. You know the people who take even the front page, just to read celebrities birthday or find out the weather. At home, if you have kids, the newspaper can fall victim to the comic section game which is twice as deadly as the office game. Adults may have coffee, but kids have crayon. This makes a heck of a difference. The death of the newspaper may not be such a bad thing, but it will take some time to get used to. And for all of the participants of the office game and home game, I have one word for you that will force you to get your own Laptops: Password.

Real Estate Giant Successful in Pakistan

Undoubtedly a wonderful community being developed by one of the world's most renowned developers Emaar Properties. The crafters of the most beautiful master piece created and the symbol of the UAE, Burj Dubai is the tallest building ever made in the history of mankind. Following its quality path Emaar has now entered the Pakistani market with a passion to provide the worthies of Pakistan with another master piece in shape of Crescent Bay, Karachi. 108 Acres of reclaimed land in the sea is a great architectural intervention done by Emaar Giga Karachi Ltd. Simultaneously Islamabad is being gifted by another master piece of Emaar DHA Islamabad Ltd. The Alma Townhomes and Mirador Villas at Canyon views are setting the benchmark for other developers to bring the standards up to the mark of international level. Emaar is involved in its untiring efforts to create a community having all in it, whatever a Pakistani demands for. Townhomes in shape of duplex, fourplex and sixplex and Mirador villas in one kanal and two kanal options are ideal for Pakistani style of living. Emaar having its reputation of developing a community rather than developing a piece of land is launching one of the most waited large Mix Use commercial complex, Size of which can guessed by calculating the space occupied by four (4) cinema screens included in that Mega project.

Another great success story is the residential, commercial and corporate mix use commercial being developed in the heart of Islamabad, Pakistan called The Centaurus. The project is mainly sponsored by GCC's one of the biggest investors The TAMIMI Group and being managed by a local developer with a venture named as Pak-Gulf Construction company. The construction being done by the largest Chinese Construction company and designed by the company having some exclusive master pieces to its credit such as Burj Ul Arab(Symbol of Arab) The Atkins. Project is located in the centre of Islamabad where this is the only allotment of plot been done by Capital Development Authority (CDA), Islamabad. Project's worth is approximately 60 Billion Rupees out of which the cost of land is around 6 Billion Rupees. The project has been completed at a structure level with 27 storeys of two residential buildings and one corporate tower. The five start hotel in contract with The Hilton is yet to be started after the piling work.

Project is certainly the main attraction for elite of Pakistan living at home or overseas. The clientele comprises of celebrity stars, business community and well known personalities of Pakistan. Project seems to be a great success as most of the residential parts have already been booked and sold out. The method adapted for booking the properties is very much familiar to the method adapted by Emaar Properties in Pakistan, which is to appoint some exclusive agents as the authorized real estate sales consultants for selling the properties.

These projects have become the identity of Pakistan and are bringing the foreign direct investment in Pakistan. These success stories are the benchmark for other real estate developers who are considering to start their operations in Pakistan but are having the reservations regarding the security situation. I would say that when we talk about business, debt-crisis is even worse than terrorism. So in terms of investing in real estate, Pakistan seems to be more lucrative than US, Europe and GCC, who are currently facing worse situation in shape of their financial crisis, which has not affected Pakistan a bit.

Internet Marketing and Rules of Making Money

Many 'say' that they desire the finer things in life, however there are only a few who are going to 'do' what it takes. It takes more than just words to excel in business. I have never met anyone who has obtained wealth who did virtually nothing. The first step is in obtaining accurate information the next step is taking action. Not making excuses, not looking for the quick fix. The formula is easy, if you are willing to do the work.|Success is more about taking action than making excuses. The secret formula to success is that massive action equals massive results, and it really is that simple.

Building wealth is not as complicated as people think. The more challenging part is finding individuals who believe enough in themselves to go through the trials and the challenges it takes to accomplish all that you desire. If it were easy more than 5% of the world would control the wealth in the world. However it's more about the knowing and the doing, and everyone loves a winner, however winners are not born, they are made. Most winners are self made. Most winners were willing to do what the rest are not. Find a winner and ask them about their day, then compare it to those around them.

Most will tell you that they all share a few things in common. They have a burning desire.
They are not willing to take no for an answer.
When they run into challenges, they don't give up.
They barely ever whine.
They don't get stuck on what didn't happen.
They have a bold and progressive I can do attitude.
They put systems in place.
They never make excuses They learn to optimize what they have and not dwell on what they don't have.
They surround themselves with other like minds Personal development is non negotiable.
And they are always, always trying out different strategies.

Think and Grow Rich by Napolean Hill and Think and Grow Rich - a black man's choice co-authored by Dennis Kimbro are both extreme examples of many successful people who refused to give up. There are stories of those who had the courage to find their dream and then through all odds, go after it. No one in that book is any different than any of us. The only difference is in the doing. No one wakes up one day a millionaire, without doing anything. Even people who inherit money inherently did something. However that is a different deal altogether, because receiving money is one thing however, keeping it is another.

Read the book, "You Were Born Rich, and get a glimpse into men lives who had more money than the law should allow, and how they all died, homeless, derelicts, secluded, mental illness or mental anguish, etc., The point is it didn't end good, and I say that to say this... It's not all about the money, but more about the mindset that you have about money. Give to receive to have a better life for you and for everyone that you can touch. Money should be used as a tool to help never to hurt or to hoard. If you have money enjoy it and never let it become you god. Use it to help others and to make the world a better place because you had the good fortune of having it. Many people talk about doing great things, however the great, don't talk as much as they do. Leave a legacy of wealth, a story to be shared and celebrated. Be remembered for your greatness... not the stories of what you were going to do.

Dancing Ballerina Music Boxes

The music box, or otherwise known as a musical box, makes one feel that it has been around since history began. This unique item certainly has the history that can be the stuff of myth. Before the radio and before television came to be, they gave the young as well as the old sheer entertainment.

The history of the music box started during the beginning of the 19th century. However, as far as that time was, the item has changed very little. It still contains pins that are set on a revolving disc or cylinder. The cylinder has teeth on it that hit this comb made of metal inside the novelty item. When this comb brushes along the cylinder and hits the teeth, this is where the music is heard.

There are types of this item that have some "decorations" about them, kind of like the dancing ballerina music boxes that can be seen in some advertisements.

These novelty items originated from the snuffbox, an item that men stored inside their pockets. Eventually, the fancied music item came in various sizes, some as small as a snuffbox while others were the size of a chair.
As time passed on, the common music box became something that could be easily put on top of tables, small and conveniently sized. Upon the exit of the 19th century, those who made this novelty item also came to populate American city streets.

After that, many of these have been made to celebrate occasions such as graduations and birthdays. The music that they play could be classical music pieces composed by some like Beethoven or they could play famous tunes from a movie of known renown. Such novelty item could also be intricately designed according to individual tastes, such as dancing ballerina music boxes. A sculpted of carved ballerina can be put on top of the music box and when played, the ballerina spins around on top of the music box.

You can look for an item like this at your nearest specialty shop, but you ought to save some money as these might cost you. A music box could be a very detailed piece of work and are more often handmade.

Having this fancied novel item or giving it as a gift can come as a little bit extraordinary, yet pleasantly surprising as these aren't expected to be given as gifts. Having one can make one proud as a dancing ballerina music box is a unique and rare item. It can be the repository of a lot of memories of friends, family as well as your special someone. It is easy to enjoy one. All you have to do is to wind it up, close it, and listen as the music soothes your senses.

Beating the Odds - Autism Child With Normal Developing Peers

Yes, it is official. My son William is going to graduate from Pre-K into Kindergarten. It has been a tremendous mountain to climb, but in the end, it has paid off in spades. He will be 5 in September and he will be graduating in a class of his peers. He is very verbal, smart, still a bit light in the social department but he is getting better. His biggest improvement is the fact that he is starting to notice when others are hurt or are in pain. He is compelled to ask if you are allright and wants to rub your back or your face to make sure you are not hurt. SO WONDERFUL! This from a child who 2 years ago, could care less what your facial expressions meant even when you were describing your mood. Now he feels pain, love, sadness, joy and expresses it every moment his he has. He has manners, always asks politely, the occasional tantrum here and there, but nothing like before (where he was kicking and screaming and flopping himself on the floor). He used to bite teachers and other kids, he used to push you around to get what he wanted. Now he asks you politely and with manners to get what he wants. He would kick his shoes off every chance he got. Now he could care less about that and concentrate on his math and trying to write his ABC's.

The other day, when I was picking him up from school, he was sitting at a computer and said "look mommy, i wrote my name!". He typed WILLIAM on the screen in all caps and I almost fainted in the classroom. When his teacher told me he was ready to graduate, my heart stopped. It has taken us so long to find a proper placement for him that I was afraid to embark on a new chapter of his life (finding another typical structured placement for him). But, his teacher insisted that he is smart and a quick learner and his behavior is much improved. I had to give in and say that I would be glad that he graduates to the next level and I never thought I would see the day. The day that my Autistic child would graduate in a class of his peers and be ready for the next level. Throughout all the struggle and heartache came this wonderful story of triumph and tribulation that I can measure and see from 18 months old until now. It is an amazing feeling to step back and not have to over analyze the behaviors and learning difficulties that have challenged him since he was barely 2. I can just sit back and bask in the glow of this moment and hope that there are more good moments like this than the bad moments we've had in the past. I am so proud of him. He brings me joy every day of my life and my life wouldn't be the same without him.

As a parent and his advocate, I have written countless letters, have had at least 5 mediation hearings over IEP disputes, kicked out of over 6 daycare/pre-school facilities for his behavior and suffered a massive loss with the separation of his parents. But alas, he has still triumphed and will be able to start Kindergarten in a regular class environment with TSS support for half the day. We mainly work on his focus on the task now a days, but in the beginning it was everything.

Speech was severely delayed, he did not grasped social concepts like feelings, he would push us around the room in order to request items, he would constantly run and run when bored, he couldn't sit still for a minute to do anything, not even things he liked to do.

Patience, perseverance and understanding has guided me throughout this experience. Through every round of testing, through every report that read that he was at least one and a half years behind typical children, through every doctor that looked at me with a sad expression on their face, we still persevered. If you or any one in your circle lets you start to feel sad about your situation, you need to drop them and fast. This too shall pass and you will join me in the celebration that will give you much fulfillment in the future for you and your child.

Military Costumes For Armed Forces Day

Armed Forces Day occurs each and every year on the third Saturday of May (Tomorrow, May 15th this year). This national day of honor was created to salute the loyalty and hard work of American troops in every branch of the military - Army, Navy, Marine Corps, Air Force and Coast Guard. Up until 1949, each branch of the armed forces had their own day of celebration. Unifying these days of tribute into one event, Armed Forces Day was proclaimed to be a national day by President Harry Truman on February 20, 1950.

Fighting for our personal freedoms, members of the United States Armed Forces train hard, work hard and often place themselves in grave danger for the benefit of the greater good. America's military is one of the largest around in terms of manpower, second only to China, with nearly 1, 473,900 active personnel and 1,458,500 reserve personnel. For most of the history of the armed forces, employment has been voluntary although "drafts" have been implemented in various times of war and peace. The US military is a leading force of might and strength around the world with large amounts of high-tech, powerful equipment to provide marked capabilities in defense and creating an image of power.

Wearing military uniforms is a mandatory requirement to being part of the proverbial team; the styles of uniforms vary from branch to branch and have evolved markedly over time. While official rank and number are required to wear a real military uniform, there are many options in navy, marine, air force and army costumes for even the most ardent of military fans. Wearers of military costumes will command lots of attention dressed up in the replica gear and garments of their idolized men and women in uniform. Some military costumes look realistic down to the last brass button while others are strictly for fun, like the super sexy women's costumes from the various armed force branches.

Rightfully portrayed as heroes, it's no wonder that fictional military characters abound in popular culture. From the blazing guns and muscles of big screen, little screen and comic book GI Joe to the Air Force Academy "Top Gun" played by actor Tom Cruise, there are many popular pretend armed forces costumes and costume ideas to choose from. Of course, every army costume, navy costume, marine costume, and air force costume needs costume accessories such as pretend grenades, aviator glasses, army boots, toy machine guns and more!

Least Painful Option to Begin to Quit Smoking Cigarettes For Good

It is critical to say good-bye to your smoking behavior if you wish to live an extended life. You understand the well being dangers already, and I'm sure you may have observed all the advertisements. Smoking results in diseases within the heart, lungs, throat and more; you already know it's deadly. You can select small simple changes, one step at a time. You can find energy by making small modifications at first, giving your body the possibility to heal. One thing you must be keen to do and that is ask for aid from others. Reading this bit of knowledge can also be a very good step, however it is just a step. I have introduced loads of ideas for improved well being and psychological power to begin this means of cleaning of your body and spirit. The energy to quit smoking is basically out of your mind and emotions, do you think that's humorous? You can stop smoking in the event you can control your physique and its desires.

1. Substitutes for your smoking addiction do not work.

If you accept as true the commercials they tell you to trade your smoking for gums, patch's, and different costly tricks. If you consider them you'll by no means find out how to manage your body on your own. You won't ever gain the power to cease altogether. No one could be smoking suggested it was as simple as the commercials promise. Great earnings is what these gimmicks are actually all about; for the big businesses. Really do you assume that exchanging one habit for another one is a good method to get management of your physique and mind? Using assistance from a product or service could help you control your cravings for a while; however only for a brief time. This power or control is a fake sense of success which is dangerous. You may have wasted all of your time, energy and money the first time there's a real stressful event.

2. Working out repeatedly will aid to stop smoking.

Regular training is an effective way to alleviate tension and offer you time to think. Exercising will allow time for your physique to recover by itself. Remember your physique has been contaminated for a very long time, so it is going to take long regular exercise to drive out the toxins. Go very gradual, you must even consult a physician first. If you are short of breath or have chest discomfort stop, start again the following day.

3. What you eat could make it easier to help end smoking.

By smoking you could have been starving you system of the needed nutritional vitamins and raw materials it needs to be healthy. Begin with a balanced food plan, good uncooked fruits and vegetables. It is healthier to eat several small meals, than a couple giant meals. Fast meals are simple however comprise tons of fat and little or no value, cut back eating them quickly. Eat more whole wheat, natural non-processed meals, reduce the majority option to not all coffee, pop, cookies, alcohol, candies etc. Remember whenever you stop smoking it will be very easy to start increasing weight. Craving anything you may put in your mouth is standard, so be careful.

4. To cease smoking it is simpler when you stay hydrated, read why.

It is important to stay hydrated, by ingesting enough liquid, particularly water daily. You remove the unhealthy chemical compounds you have been putting in your system together with nicotine, by drinking liquids. The faster you can cleanse the nicotine from your system the faster the cravings will ease. So the bottom line is your bodies desire for smoking could be decreased by increasing liquids; 8 to 10 oz. a day can be a great place to start. Start with a glass when you get up in the morning, and a glass twenty minutes ahead of each meal and a glass before you retire at night.

5. Decide now if you wish to quit all at one time or slowly.

You ought to know that folks which have effectively stopped will inform you that to taper off, smoking just doesn't work. However lots of people will keep making an attempt it this manner believing they're stronger, so for them it's urgent to mark on your calendar the exact date you'll stop and stick with it.

6. Design your own limitation program.. Make a honest list of what provides you the urge to smoke.

Destroy all lighters, ash trays, and everything else that might be connected along with your craving to smoke. No matter how tiny, if it triggers a smoking memory or desire do away with it. Really make a trustworthy cleaning.

7. It takes twice the energy to do it by yourself, so ensure and build a support group around you.

Find a group of people that can assist you. They must be compelling people that won't let you slip. If your chummy acquaintances at work are smokers it's best to make a change and find individuals who do not. If you're employed round people who smoke you'll need twice as much energy to cease smoking. Remember why you're doing this and why it's important. Make a listing of why you are doing this. In you listing you must include how smoking hurts your family, your well being, your economic status and more. The next step to verify to your mind you are serious is to discuss this list with your assist team so they can assist you to meet your goals. You want help at home and at work. If your loved ones is not going to support you, find some friends that may make an effort to communicate and possibly visit with you daily.

8. Understand the cycles that you are going to go through.

Understand that you may not cease the emotional cycles, you may only be ready for them. Be sure and educate your assistance team before the cycles begin. Depression, disappointment and a sense of loss will overwhelm you. This is normal since you have got had an attachment to the habit for years or decades. So the feeling could possibly be as genuine as losing a loved one. When your body feels the first steps didn't work it will deepen the depression and add rage, denial and additional emotion. When that begins to work the thoughts will use negotiation and acceptance to win. Negotiation is a strong emotion. Your mind will negotiate with your body and with persons in your support staff, you will not be yourself. Make positive those supporting you are ready for it. If you let your thoughts listen to the negotiation you will lose and give in. Every time you defeat these desires you will feel assured for a while and might let down your guard, never get over confident; thinking you may have win. You mind will start the cycle over and each time attempt something new.

9. Personal Rewards, Celebrations!

Keep a list of every step you wish to accomplish, and whenever you succeed give your self a reward. Do something that makes you feel good. Oh, yet another thing, get a hobby, find something to occupy your mind and hands.

Do all these items and for those who fail once, twice or fifty instances, study further and keep trying. Make certain you observe each step and you can find the power to stop. Be a stronger person every day.

Help Beat Cancer With Cancer Wristbands

Of the many diseases that you will find in the world cancer is one which garners a lot of attention. You will find there are many ways that you can help the ongoing process to research cancer. One method which is gathering notice is the various cancer wristbands that you will be able to find. These wristbands are ones which have been made from various types of materials like acrylic, can be found in shops which sell or promote these causes. Besides looking at these shops you have the choice of looking through the internet to find online shops which can provide you with these products.

Here you will find numerous types of these wristbands which help to raise the awareness of the people who are wearing these wristbands and the many others who see these bands. As each type of cancer is different with differing effects on the sufferer the need to research and understand the cancer as well as find a cure makes raising an awareness about this disease a vital necessity. As part of this awareness each of these wristbands will not only come in a specific colour which helps to identify that particular cancer but also with an inspiring message embossed or printed on the band's surface.

One example that you will recognise is that of the cancer wristbands for breast cancer. The colour which you will see on these wristbands is that of pink. The other colours that you will see are ones like teal and white which denote support for cervical cancer, grey has been chosen to represent brain cancer, for head and neck cancer you will find the wristbands come in the colour combination of burgundy and ivory. Melanoma cancer bands are a stark black colour while Uterine cancer has a peach coloured band.

You will find that purple is the colour which has been chosen to represent the cancer known as Leiomyosarcoma. In addition to these colours you can see how the messages which can be found on these cancer wristbands help to show your care as well as inspire others to show their support for that cause and the various victims of cancer. For instance you may see the message "Cancer Sucks" written on the Multiple Myeloma band. On the cervical cancer band you will be able to see the writing "I survived". While these messages are specific to the type of cancer associated with that colour there are other messages that you will be able to find on these various wristbands.

These will often range from "courage", "celebrate hope", "feel the power" and many such others. With these various cancer wristbands you can show your awareness of the problems that can be found in researching these cancers and just how much pain a family can go through when someone they love has cancer. The money these charities can receive from the sale of these wristbands and other such products helps to increase the funds needed and provide any equipment which can be of great help.

Understanding how these wristbands can help in the fight against cancer may provide you with the impetus to see about buying some of these wristbands so that you too can show your determination to help put an end to the suffering that is caused by cancer no matter what type.

Innovative Ways to Work in the Entertainment Industry

People work so hard and undergo a lot of stress. We all look forward to the weekend or our day off to get some rest and relaxation. Sometimes staying at home is not enough to de-stress ourselves. We do need to go out and get some form of entertainment.

People who work in the entertainment business know the value of their profession. They not only provide momentarily happiness but contribute a lot to restoring some sanity in our stressed out lives. This industry also provides a lot of job opportunities for the very talented and physically blessed people. The more attractive you look gets you the job faster. The more talented you are helps in keeping your job longer.

In our world today there are many forms of entertainment. We had TV, radio, theater stages, clubs and now we have the internet as well. Entertainment is not limited to song and dance numbers. It used to be that if you can sing and dance, you can work with a band, a vocal group, be an actor or actress. If you have these talents and more you can also do hosting jobs, do stand-up comedy acts, or do solo acts in singing and dancing by joining the multitude of talent shows that mushroomed over the years. (By the way, it is through these talent shows wherein future celebrities are discovered.)

Gambling has become one of the more popular pastimes in these past years. People have learned to gamble from the comforts of home. You no longer have to trek to the casino just to play your poker. You can view it from your monitor at home with the aid of an internet. There are on stream games wherein you can play live with other players from different parts of the world. Entertainment workers like card dealers have this opportunity to service people who prefer their poker games via the internet.

Honeymoon in Puerto Rico - 7 Reasons Why You Should

The islands of Puerto Rico are a wonderful place to host a destination wedding or share an unforgettable honeymoon. Let romance bloom as you stroll through the art galleries in picturesque Old San Juan, explore the El Yunque rain forest, dine on superb cuisine, take a moonlight walk along the beach or dance to the rhythm of live music until the wee hours of the morning.

Many of the larger resorts have an on site wedding coordinator, but a smaller hotel or country inn can also help you create a beautiful, Caribbean celebration. Here are seven reasons why a honeymoon in Puerto Rico could be a perfect match for your romantic getaway.

1. No passport required for U.S. Citizens and no standing in long lines for a custom check.

2. A wide-range of accommodations including charming inns, small hotels, eco lodges, guests houses (which offer bed & breakfast), world class hotels, and exciting resorts that offer almost every amenity you could think of including action-packed casinos.

3. Almost every sports activity is available to make for a fun and adventurous holiday. If surfing the waves, snorkeling in pristine reefs, teeing off on world class golf courses, sailing or kayaking, casting your reel for deep sea fishing, sounds like a good time-honeymoon in Puerto Rico.

4. Relax and be pampered in one of the indulgent spas. One of the largest and grandest spas in Puerto Rico is at the Ritz-Carlton San Juan which opens panoramic views of the ocean. There is also the prestigious Golden Door Spa at the El Conquistador Resort.

5. Shop till you drop at the largest shopping center in the Caribbean, Plaza las Americas, in Hato Rey. It has over 300 stores where you will find everything imaginable from local artist pottery to fashions.

6. Spectacular beaches like the Seven Seas at Las Cabezas Nature Reserve or Carolina Isla Verde in the resort zone of San Juan-Carolina. Cordoba Beach is also popular with honeymooners.

7. Getaway to Puerto Rico's small islands of Vieques or Culebra for the utmost in privacy and tranquility. Vieques has secluded beaches, and econ-adventures like bicycling the backroads through the National Wildlife Refuge. On Culebra you can sun, swim and snorkel on spectacular beachfront devoid of traffic and high-rise hotels. Both islands are no more than a 30-minute flight from San Juan.

Puerto Rico's is a perfect mecca for honeymooners with a variety of romance options to fit every need and budget. It's perfect weather, golden sand, lush rain forests, secluded beaches and private islands are sure to inspire romance and intensify your love as you launch your new life together.

Bamboo Jewelry - A Unique Blend of Nature & Art

Asia is blessed with deft artistry; Bamboo jewelry in this continent has developed its designs and aptly blended tradition with fashion. Earlier they were used as good luck charms and were believed to protect the wearer from evil spirits.

Bamboo - A self growing grass

Bamboo is basically an evergreen plant which grows on its own in varying climatic conditions from dense jungles to high on mountainsides. These are the fastest growing plants of the grass family on the earth as they may grow upto 60 centimeters (24 inches or two feet) or more per day depending on the local soil and climatic conditions. Each and every bamboo has its own subtle characteristics such as color, shape, ring structure, and texture. Though harder than oak or maple, bamboo being a lightweight and naturally hollow grass which can be harvested every three to five years. More than 70 genuses of bamboos are divided into about 1,000 species of which several hundred are available in the United States itself. Some of them blossom in hot, humid rainforests and some in cold, resilient surviving in temperatures as low as -20 degrees.

Due to its notable economic and cultural significance in East Asia and South East Asia, it is widely used in everyday life as a construction material, as a culinary, in medicines, as a musical instrument, in water desalination and/ or as a versatile raw product for jewelries, furniture, textiles etc. The cylindrical shape or the round ring of bamboo represents the continuation of the life cycle that is why in China it is said to be a symbol of longevity whereas in India it is a sign of friendship.

Why Bamboo Jewelry?

As per ancient beliefs of various Asian cultures, humanity emerged from a bamboo stem which makes bamboo auspicious enough to put in use in various spheres of life. That is how and why since the very beginning Asian cultural art started utilizing bamboo in jewelry making. Such believes has put to carve figure of Asian deities and icons on most of the bamboo jewelries.

Bamboo jewelries are hand-crafted by highly skilled artisans using sterling silver, fine braided wire, and kiln-fired cloisonné enamel as a small celebration of nature, art, and science. They have multi-color blending to give a picture of three dimensional contours to take various attractive forms and realistic shading. These are specially enameled at backside with Counter Enameling which minimizes tarnishing, strengthens pieces, and enhances appearance; this practice is uncommon in bamboo's price range. That is why bamboo jewelries need to be handled with care, as they cannot adhere to usual wear and tear that metal jewelry can cope with.

With its stunning look, sophisticated style and attractive designs it creates that effect for those who like to be different by standing out in a crowd.

Moreover, bamboo jewelry is a unique creation which is go-getting to set new standards of excellence for chunky jewelry and is handmade by rural craftsman. Buying any of the bamboo products allows you to do your share towards society by helping provide livelihood to the poor. While you also do help Preserve The Environment

Types of bamboo

Depending on the growth pattern of a bamboo, they are categorized as:

  • Clumping Bamboo (Sympodial): Clumping bamboo species always remains in a tight bunch of culms which tend to spread slowly at a rate of a few inches per year. The growth pattern of their roots (rhizomes) is similar to that of ornamental grasses as its root mass gradually expands with the addition of new culms each year.
  • Running Bamboo (Monopodial): Running bamboo species are an excellent screening plant for they quickly attain a substantial height and a few feet in width. As it maintains a narrow profile unlike pine, spruce hence is ideal for dense screening for smaller yards. Due to its aggressive behavior, they spread speedily underground through their roots to develop new culms through the surface to densely fill an area.

Young Women Overtake Men in Bankruptcy Figures

Analysis of figures from the Insolvency Service by accountancy firm Wilkins Kennedy has revealed some interesting insights with a notable being that celebrity culture and easy credit are proving irresistible to many young women and they make up the majority of young people falling into bankruptcy.

The report blamed irresponsible spending for the jump in insolvencies. The analysis of figures shows that 1,560 women under the age of 24 declared bankruptcy last year as compared to 1,250 men. Accordingly, women made up 55% of all young bankrupts, which is a rise from 43.8% five years ago. Bankruptcies among the under-24 age group have risen 10% overall in the past five years.

The report states that the increase in the number of women declaring themselves bankrupt can largely be attributed to credit card debt and mounting mortgage or rent payments, which their typically low monthly salaries are unable to sustain.

Bankruptcy is on the rise for all age groups. Last year there were approximately 67,500 personal bankruptcies across all age groups in England and Wales. This year the total number of bankruptcies in the first quarter has hit a new record high with 35,600 people declaring insolvency, which is equivalent to 566 people a day. The figure is predicted to go up during the coming months.

The figures clearly indicate that immediate measures need to be taken to maintain control over personal finances. You may be facing a bad debt situation because you are unable to pay off your mortgage or your credit card debts have spiralled beyond control. Whatever the reason, it is important that you take stock of the situation before it becomes too late. Remember a bad debt situation is not the end of the world and with careful planning, you can, in all probability regain control over your financial situation.

You can seek debt advice from experts to understand the different debt solutions that are available. Approach some reputed debt management companies and their experts will study your financial situation and accordingly offer you free debt advice on various solutions such as IVA (Individual Voluntary Agreement), debt management plans, or debt consolidation loans. If nothing else works, you can always declare bankruptcy. However, bankruptcy has long term consequences and so you must explore all other possible options before taking the plunge. Again, seek free debt advice to know which debt solution works best for you.

Experience the World Class Rome Hotels

The journey of the city of Rome started during 10th century BC as a small agricultural community. It was founded on the Italian peninsula located on the bank of Mediterranean Sea. It became one of largest empires of the ancient world. The roman civilization dominated it through many conquests. Its development in the ancient times still influences today. The city was great center for law, art, war, architecture, technology, festival, religion, language, culture, paintings and sculptures. It has contributed a lot to the development of other part of world. The history of Rome is still known and influencing to the rest of the world. People across the world like to visit this highly developed metro of ancient times. The city has still all its ancient monument, art and civilization in the museums. You can view everything in the museums that represents ancient Rome. Rome has many other unique arts which are existence of skilled artisan of Rome. The Roman civilization has brought major development to the city. Rome is also known to have world's biggest open air museum. It is most photogenic city in the world.

If you are here in a tourist plan you must explore all the most famous destinations that are truly worth to visit. Such destinations which are top in the list of the tourist are Trevi fountain, Colosseum, The Vatican, St, Peter's square, Spanish steps. The city is also a romantic place for newly wed couples. This is a favorite holiday destination to millions of people and a fashionable city for fashionable people. A lot of sight seeing and tourist attraction places are found in plenty. For a tourist you have restaurants, world class hotels, pubs, entertainment, park, coffee house and beaches to fulfill every need. Every individual has his own preference and for everybody, Rome has something to offer. You will like to stay here more when your vacation will come to end. You will think to reschedule your travel plan. May be you can plan to come here again for a much leisure time. From the tourist sight, the city is ancient and modern. It is visitor's observation for which purpose they have come here. For those who want to see ancient Rome, there is much to see and for modern viewers the city is available to celebrate in modern style.

Just as Rome is world famous destination so are the hotels of Rome. The hotels are easily available during off season. During peak season you may find difficulty in finding a hotel room. Due to increasing number of visitors every year, the tourist graph is rising and the demand for hotel keeps increasing every year. If you have planned your travel to Rome in advance, never forget to book your hotels first especially if you travelling during peak season. Also book your travel to avoid last minute problems. All hotel information is provided on web and you can choose your preferred hotel to book. Rome hotels are reasonable priced and lavished with all facilities for their customers.

Coffee Shop Marketing and Lead Generation

What is Lead Generation?

  • Lead generation is creating a consistent flow of business and income for your coffee shop with minimum effort and costs.
  • Lead generation is knowing that your coffee shop is fully booked everyday of the week for the next year. Rather than unlocking the doors every morning hoping and praying that someone will pop in for a meal or a cup of coffee.
  • Lead generation helps you to plan your future and takes the uncertainty out of running your coffee shop.
  • Lead generation helps you to build a product worth selling, namely your coffee shop, because you can rest assured that the new owner will make money since it is fully booked for the next twelve months and you can sell your coffee shop for a far higher price than you would have been able to without the reservations.

Coffee shop advertising works well but the magic happens when you make your advertising efforts pay off in as many ways as possible by using every opportunity in your coffee shop to turn your client or clients into reserved return visitors.

Step one: When customers make a reservation at your coffee shop for a special occasion such as a birthday, anniversary, product launch or any other occasion make sure that you get the following from each member at the table in a way that is fun.

  • Full Name
  • Postal Address
  • E-Mail address
  • Telephone Number
  • Date of Birth

As an example, have a lucky draw for a meal at your coffee shop at a suitable time during the event in return for their personal information. When you hand over the prize to the winner ask everyone at the table if any of them have special events coming up soon that they would like to reserve right now, be quick and efficient so that you do not disturb the ambiance.

Step two: Take some pictures of everyone at the table, if you cannot do it yourself make sure that you have a staff member or friend that can assist you with the task.

Most people are very thrilled when they are the centre of attention but do ask your patron if you may place these pictures on your Facebook or other social sites that you belong to.

Step Three: Confirm with your patron if he/she would enjoy publicity in your local newspaper for the event that is celebrated at your coffee shop, instead of just placing your ad as usual in the paper call your newspaper agent with this story, he/she will be eager to give you bigger space at the normal price. Your clients will love you for it since you are over delivering on value for money.

Step four: Print pictures of the event and post it to each attendees postal box, inviting them once again to book their next event big or small at your coffee shop.

Step five: Make a follow up phone call asking the client if they have received your note with their picture in the post and if he/she have enjoyed the article about them in your local newspaper. This is also the time to ask if you may e-mail them your special offers in the future and once again ask if they have an event big or small that they would like to make a reservation for now.

This method of coffee shop marketing and advertising works magnificently and it has proven itself in various industries such as insurance, real estate and every industry that is commission driven, a coffee shop is exactly the same you have no guarantees that someone will visit your shop amongst the thousands that are available. Create your own security and your own certainty with minimum cost and a little bit of effort.


Within six months of practicing this strategy you could appoint someone to do it for you because it is a full time activity that must be kept in place, you cannot start it and then stop because it has become part of your image of what your coffee shop offer. It is now a part of the menu, taking it of the menu can ruin your reputation and your business.

Brand value is very much like an onion. It has layers and a core. The core is the user who will stick with you until the very end. Edwin Artzt

Cheap Delhi to Goa Flights

Bored of your routine busy schedule and want to take a break? Then plan your next vacation in Goa for a refreshing breeze. Cheap direct flights from Delhi to Goa and return flights from Goa to Delhi make it easy to explore this place at exceptionally low prices.

Famous for its long stretch of sandy and exotic blue beaches, places of worship and world heritage architecture, Goa is one of India's leading leisure destinations and is the most westernized state of India. It is often referred to as the 'Pearl of the Orient' and is a 'Tourist's Paradise'. The moderate temperature of Goa can be enjoyed all year round; however the best time to visit Goa is in summer which is a rainy season in Goa.

The most famous beaches of Goa include Candolim, Calangute, Baga, Anjuna and Vagator in the North and Colva, Benaulim, Majorda and Palolem in the South. Palolem has been listed among the best beaches of the world. The markets of Goa are also fun to visit. Other popular tourist destinations are Bom Jesus Cathedral, Fort Aguada, Goa State Museum, Bondla Wildlife Sanctuary, Cotigoa Wildlife Sanctuary and many other clubs, casinos and art galleries. You will be completely sunken in celebrations, festivals, colors and late night parties.

So if you are planning to visit Goa then book cheap flights to Goa. Online booking of cheap Delhi to Goa flights takes a few minutes time only. In addition, you can also avail attractive discounts on the booking of hotels, car rentals and various vacation packages in Goa.

There are many low-fare flights available for Goa from Delhi. After a little research on the internet, you can easily manage to book the cheapest flight that offers lowest air fares. Even if you have missed the advance bookings, you can get last minute airfare deals.

So what are you waiting for! Plan a great holiday trip in Goa. This break will keep you refreshed for a long time.

Personalised Mousemats Will Give Your Marketing Campaign the IT Factor

Personalised mousemats can add an "it" factor to the concept of gift-giving. They are more special. Of course, any gift given in good faith and genuine generosity is valuable. Let's admit though, that when there is "personalised" tagged with the present, it becomes much more exceptional because your recipients know that it is distinct...unique. You have made it especially for them.

Personalised mousemats given to your employees, colleagues, clients, and friends will leave a lasting impact and a warm, fuzzy feeling in their hearts. Whenever they see and use their mousemat, they will remember you. From a business standpoint, they will remember your brand. Great, isn't it? That is after all, one of the goals in business - strong brand recall.

Giving gifts to customers or clients is an ordinary business practice to express gratitude, appreciation, as well as to celebrate special occasions and important corporate events, primary of which is the company anniversary. What sets apart this practice depending on the business is what they give to their customers or clients. This is how personalised mousemats can lead the way.

Being custom-made can suit your customers' preferences and whatever appeals to the market at a given time. The design can be that of the best-selling product or a soon to be launched product. Alternatively, it can be anything famous at the moment in the fields of sports, fashion or entertainment. The color can reflect the occasion, such as red for Valentine's Day and green for International Earth Day, or your own company trademark color to mark your anniversary. The shape of the mousemat can match the business theme. An electronics business for instance, can have a square mousemat to resemble a television, or rectangular to resemble a stereo. A bag business can personalise mousemats to make them look like purses available in their store, or simply a generic-looking one. These things set apart personalised mousemats because of their distinct quality.

Customers will enjoy items that are hip and trendy. These mousemats that appeal to the public will sell - either as special merchandise or as a freebie.

Same is true for giving personalised mouse pads to employees. They deserve to be rewarded for their hard work and commitment to the company even in little ways. Mousemats are office supplies that they can use and enjoy at the same time. Digital photos can be printed on a mouse pad and they can be anything from people to animals and places. A calendar can even be printed on a mousemat instead of giving the usual table calendars at work, or personalised mousemats can have extra features like a calculator.

Finally, these mousemats are the quickest and easiest way to spice up a workplace. No desk or table will look dull with a personalised mousemat on it. It can be an instant photo frame, poster, calendar, brochure, print ad, and such items minus the expenses and the space-consuming worries most other decorations do to a rather limited worktable.

Learning the 4 Common Mistakes of Moms Who Are Purchasing Hello Kitty Invitations

1. Mistake One: Thinking that Hello Kitty invitations are just plain and ordinary cards.

Some moms would think that these invitations are just good as plain white paper that can be bought anywhere. For everyone's information, Hello Kitty invitations are made of quality paper and are designed uniquely perfect. Each invitation may have one or more of the following colors: white, cream, pink, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, brown and black and are bound to catch the eyes of every kid to receive it. The invitations are carefully styled in different forms to make it more appealing and attractive. You can freely choose from among the folded, flat card, tri-fold and pop-up styles available for sale depending on the size of the paper.

2. Mistake Two: Assuming that the best Hello Kitty party invitations are not available online.

The best Hello Kitty product offers are available online. In fact, thousands of Hello Kitty items are displayed on several websites including Hello Kitty invitations. Purchasing Hello Kitty invitation online gives you the chance to pick out the best invitation out form the hundred styles and forms available in the easiest and fastest time possible. However, you have to consider several important things before going straight to your online purchasing plans. Some Hello Kitty invitations are currently unavailable though they may appear ready for sale. To avoid dealing too much problems such as this, make sure to read the product description most especially the terms and conditions that you have to agree.

3. Mistake Three: Believing that personalizing the invitations is a waste of time.

If you are planning to personalize your invitation, then you are making a wise plan. But consider time and resources as the most important factors you have to consider before moving into action. Though making your child's Hello Kitty party invitation may require you time, it will never be wasted if you know how to do it right. There are several online instructions on how you can make a party invitation just as right and perfect so it will never be a problem on moms like you who is still starting to learn the steps. Aside from having that chance to design and put artworks on the card the way you want, making Hello Kitty invitations is one good way to for you and your children to enjoy time together as they can help you do the color and cut the papers.

4. Mistake Four: Not having enough idea on the different prices of the invitations.

Purchasing or simply making your own personalize Hello Kitty invitations cannot dent your bank account. Each set of invitations may only let you pay $25.00 - $47.00 with 25 colorful and attractive Hello Kitty invitations with envelope inside. Each piece may be sold for $1.00 - $1.90. If you are personalizing your invitation, it would let you spend much more than that of the one sold in packs ready for use but still it is not that much as most moms would expect.
If you want your birthday celebrant to fully enjoy her party, give her the chance to experience the best of what Hello Kitty products can give her. Invite guests to come into her party, and let Hello Kitty invitations do the rest.

Do you want to find out more about Hello Kitty Invitations?

The Next Big Thing - Social Shopping

Social Shopping. It's exploding. And it is evolving quickly.

A year ago if you had asked me about social shopping I would have pointed you to Amazon and told you that the product reviews from actual buyers were examples of social shopping. Six months ago I would have told you about shopping aggregation websites like Kaboodle which allow you to view, comment, and receive deals from multiple retailers. Two weeks ago I would have told you about the new Facebook integration into websites like Levi's "Friend Store" and how you can see what your friends like. And today. Well today I'd tell you it's all about what I call the Discount Crowdsourced Shopping Experience (DCSE) being powered by Groupon, Living Social, Gilt, Blackboard Eats, Wines Til Sold Out (WTSO) and more.

I'll give you a quick glossary-like description on each referenced DCSE at the end of this post, but first let me explain what this is.

A few months back I wrote a post about a new business ready to take off. What I described there was the advancement of location-based applications like Foursquare, Gowalla, and MyTown combined with recommendation websites like Yelp and Citysearch, and how they were providing huge opportunities for shop owners to drive people into their stores. DCSE's go the next step and offer discounts to drive you into these stores. All of these DCSE's are essentially mailing lists and you get regular (often daily) deals sent to your inbox.

With these DCSE sites like Groupon and LivingSocial, people are flocking to them because the deals are often tremendous, averaging in the neighborhood of 50% off of very desirable products and meals. Groupon is the leader at the moment, but if you know anyone that uses Groupon, odds are they are also using one or more of the others I mentioned. Note: part of this depends where you live. If you are in LA or New York, you can see it in action. If you live in Boise, this hasn't quite gotten to you yet. But the model is working and odds are you will see this soon in your town.

Let me tell you how I know it's working.

Last week Groupon offered a deal to celebrate Mother's Day. A local day spa in Los Angeles, Le Petite Retreat offered two treatments that normally cost $235 for only $79. A 66% discount. Incredible, right? I couldn't resist, so I bought one for my wife.

Guess how many others bought the deal? If you had asked me, I would have said 200. Maybe 300. The answer: 1,332.

Yes! So that is why I can tell you, this is exploding. I don't know the day spa business. But my guess is that this place just booked more business in one day than in the past few months combined. (based on the $79 fee, the small business just grossed over $105,000 in one day.)

Now, this is a good news / bad news situation. Or more like a be careful what you wish for situation. If you are a little shop that gets 20 customers a day. Heck, maybe even 50 on a great day. How do you deal with an influx this big?

Very carefully.

I've heard numerous stories lately where people purchased the Groupon or LivingSocial deal only to find out that the place was so inundated that either they couldn't get a reservation for months or that the service and experience was awful.

If it were me and I was the owner of Le Petite Retreat, I would treat every customer that came in through this promotion like they paid $500. Forget that they only paid $79. Assume they paid more than the average customer. Don't ignore your regular patrons, but they already love you. These new customers are just that, new. And you know the saying, you only get one chance to make a first impression. Those 1,300+ people have the power to change your business. Think long term. This is going to be one of the most expensive advertising campaigns you've ever done, but also the most targeted. A true game changer.

But my guess is that they are not prepared to handle this. How could they be? I wonder what they thought would happen from this Groupon promotion? 500 people maybe? I think I'll ask them. If they respond, I'll let you know.

Getting back to the central point of this post. Social shopping is exploding. This is the next big thing. It's not one piece of technology. It's a quick progression in social media merging with eCommerce. And it is very exciting.

As I mentioned in that other post, if you are a shop owner and your product is good, the opportunity is amazing. The best in history. It's targeted, it's relatively easy, and the cost is probably the best investment you can ever make (some of these things are free). Get your head around it. If you can't, hire someone to do this for you. If you can't find anyone, tell your niece or nephew to study this stuff and start trying things. Shoot, tell them to email me, I'll point them in the right direction.


As promised, here's a pseudo glossary to give you some quick explanations of some of these sites.

Groupon and LivingSocial are essentially email lists. Go to their websites, sign up and each day you'll get an email sent to you with a deal. You have one day to buy the deal. You pay in advance and then get an email confirmation that you print out and take with you. A common deal is 50% off. Thus, you might get an offer for $50 in food from a restaurant for $25. You pay in advance and you have a few weeks or sometimes months to actually use the deal. Think of it like buying a gift card. You paid $25 but now you have a voucher for $50.

Blackboard Eats is a similar concept, however, you don't have to buy in advance. You just get an email telling you about a great discount at trendy and often upscale restaurants. If you like the offer, they'll send you a text message or you can print the deal out and take it to the restaurant for your discount. It's a great way to try a restaurant that you've been thinking about but weren't sure about making the investment.

Gilt, also known as Gilt Groupe, is a site that discounts high priced fashion. You have to be invited and once you get the invite, you get daily emails offering you tremendous deals on jewelry, clothing, and other luxury items.

Wines Til Sold Out (WTSO) offers amazing discounts on wine in small quantities. You get an email telling you what the deal is right now. As soon as the wine is gone, a new email comes and they are on to the next one. You'll sometimes get 10 or more emails a day but if you are a wine lover, it's a great place to get a deal. Patience is key because you'll often go days or weeks without seeing anything appealing, but you'll look at those emails because missing that one deal will frustrate the heck out of you. Also check out CinderellaWine for a similar offering.

Ways on How to Rebuild Collagen in Skin Underneath Eyes

They have said it a million times before: your eyes are the windows of your soul. Bags and wrinkles under the eyes can drastically affect how you look. The skin around the eyes is the thinnest and thereby one of the most sensitive part of the face. It will also be one of the first areas that will show aging. But as we have lost the years and wrinkles have started to set in, is it still possible to rebuild collagen in the skin underneath the eyes?

As we age, our skin cells stop producing the much needed collagen and elastin, and this is when sagging, wrinkles and unwanted lines begin to set in. The rate of decline of collagen production even increases with unhealthy eating, exposure to pollution and stress. Fortunately, yes, rebuilding collagen underneath the eyes is very much possible, thanks to modern science.

Why You Need a Special Eye Product

Do I need a special eye product? Before we proceed, there is one very important thing you need to realize. There are many anti-aging products in the market today meant for the face or the neck, or the skin around the body. They have been formulated to penetrate deeply into the skin to produce results. Although they may work in reducing wrinkles, this effect is not desirable for the skin the eyes as they might become irritated. As mentioned earlier, the skin underneath the eyes is thinner than the other areas in the face and body. Thus, it is best to use an eye gel or cream that especially targets the special needs of the skin around your eyes.

What you need is the best eye product in the market that contains the right ingredients to rebuild the collagen and elastin production underneath the eyes. What special ingredients should you look for?

Three Ingredients to Look For

Here are three of the best, clinically-proven ingredients that can rebuild collagen in skin underneath the eyes:

CynergyTK. CynergyTK is a proprietary ingredient that is proven to effectively stimulate the production and regrowth of collagen and elastin in the skin. There are not a lot of eye gels or skin products containing this ingredient but you will find a skin care company or two selling skin care products that have these.

Eyeliss. This particular natural peptide is proven to work in reducing lines, smoothing wrinkles and reducing bags around the eyes. Eyeliss is the secret of Hollywood stars and celebrities. Clinical research has found that this ingredient works amazingly fast - in as short as 28 days there is a 62% significant reduction in dark under-eye circles.

Haloxyl. This third ingredient is also proven in clinical trials to effectively reduce dark circles and bags under the eyes. It helps by thickening the thin skin under the eyes to boost circulation and rid of dark circles.

A synergistic effect of these three proven effective ingredients will make an even more potent formulation for the skin around the eyes. Although products containing these special ingredients are more expensive than most other eye care products today, the fact that they are clinically proven to work makes all the difference. So why waste on other products that do not work anyway?

Dressing Up For Bay to Breakers Run

The Bay to Breakers 12K race is billed as a celebration of San Francisco's spirit. While Boston is revered for its famed marathon, New Orleans is always party ready with Mardi Gras and Pamplona is known for the running of the bulls, San Francisco has its own unique event that is known around the world. This 99 year-old road race was named after the original 7.2 mile course that takes runners from the northeast "bay" area of downtown to the "breakers" of ocean beach.

Each year, this running event draws more than 65,000 participants from the area and all over the country, plus another 100,000 spectators. From elite runners to joggers and walkers to those who consider the event a good excuse to dress up costume, this is one very memorable event. In fact a good deal of the masses show up wearing all types of crazy outfits that would put most folks best Halloween costumes to shame.

The event draws some of the biggest running names to race the challenging and beautiful course to world-class finish times. But more spectacular than the competition is seeing the costumes and "lack of" costumes run by. Yes, not only do runners don all sorts of unusual costume ideas for the run, but some also run in the nude! Yes, this is one of the only major road races that turns the proverbial cheek to jogging along naked.

From body painted runners to those literally only wearing running shoes, there is plenty of skin on display at this race. For runners that like to cover up a bit more, there are plenty of guys wearing tutus or superhero capes and women dressed up in all types of silly or sexy costumes. Teams of friends and family often show up in coordinating costumes such as the cast of characters from a popular movie or television show. Really anything goes for costume ideas!