Take Your Hobby to a New Level With Action Figurines

Many people enjoy the hobby of building up collections of various things. There are a number of common themes that people base their collections around but there are also some extremely strange and unusual ones as well. Some of the more familiar collections that people acquire include stamps, coins, spoons, t-shirt and post cards and quite often these are started as mementos of people's travels or important life events. For many other people, however, the satisfaction they gain from collecting things is what drives them to continue to build up their collections. One theme that has become increasingly popular for collectors is action figurines. These figures are not only very cool and allow people to express their love for particular movies but the right collection can become very valuable.

If you want to take your hobby to a whole new level then you may want to consider becoming a collector of action figurines. In order to begin building a quality collection there are several things you will need to think about. Why you want to start a collection based on this theme, where you will acquire your figurines from and how you are going to store, keep or display them are the basic things you will need to contemplate before you begin to obtain your objects.

There could be several reasons why you may want to start collecting these figurines. There are many products based on the theme of popular movies and if you are a huge fan of one of these then you might want to celebrate this by collecting objects based around this theme. Perhaps you want to start a collection because of the money it may be worth someday and so will want to do your research on what movie empires will be the big money spinners in the future. Whatever your reason, limiting your collection to a particular theme will help you build a quality collection and assist you in avoiding wasting your money on any and every figure available resulting in a collection that has no substance.

Once you have decided on the types of action figurines you want to collect you will need to start looking into where you will be able to obtain some quality pieces from. You can check out your local toy stores or view their catalogues online to see what products are available that match your particular collection. You may also come across some absolute gems on sight such as e-bay or other auction sites. There are also many websites that specialise in these particular collectables and are a good place to find some more unusual ones that may not be found in the shops.

Another important thing you will need to consider is how you are going to store or display your collection. This is not only essential for keeping your objects in great condition but it can give you great satisfaction if you are able to beautifully showcase your hard work. The other thing to keep in mind is that these particular collectables are more valuable if they are kept in their packaging and if you want to build a valuable collection it is certainly something you will need to keep in mind.

So now you some idea of what's involved in collecting these figurines. But the most important thing to remember is that your collection should be rewarding and satisfying so above all else remember to have fun in the process.

Music - Moneymaker Or Liberator?

Music surrounds us everywhere we go, from the meticulously created "soundscapes" in big-city malls to the rhythms we choose to relax us when we're alone. We're all fans of some musical artists, and the artists we choose say a lot about who we are and what styles and ideas we choose to identify with, but for most of us music goes far beyond that.

The Power and Limitations of Music

For years, some psychologists have been using music as a way to help the ill, the disabled, and the emotionally damaged to find illumination and expression, and to help make their life challenges more bearable -- but music holds power even for those of us who already feel healthy and emotionally free. Music can transport us out of a state of worry or stress and take us into a completely different space where we feel joy, peace, hope, and excitement.

Music has obvious power, and plenty of people around the world are quick to capitalize on that impact; for better or worse, the motivation for capital drives and supports many of the artists we know and love. For many hundreds of years in human history, certain people have made their living from their musical talents, but as music's place in culture has evolved away from religious and ceremonial roles, beyond just storytelling, it has become a central feature of pop culture and an economic force to be reckoned with.

At the same time, although the desire to feel and hear music may not change, the range of instruments and new sounds continues to change. Even a hundred years ago, many of the songs performed in the United States had backup consisting of little else than a piano, a guitar, or a violin, but with the rise of synthesizers, recorded beats, and computer-assisted sound refinements, a single artist now has at her disposal hundreds or even thousands of tracks and combinations to help develop her sound.

At the same time as many new artists are limited by the economic forces that control so much of celebrity pop, independent artists now have incredible control over their style, and a range of opportunities to develop their sound even on a tight budget. The result: despite the new constraints on music today, artists can still carve out for themselves unrestrained new sounds that subvert the typical thrust of pop music and create something that feels fresh and different, or even plays off of the top tracks to elaborate on what makes them so catchy.

Where Music is Headed - Online Radio and Beyond

The same technological and economic forces that have created new constraints on musicians' careers are also helping to liberate many musicians, and they are opening up a world of possibilities for listeners to share in the new musical landscapes that these artists are creating. File sharing sites, online music stores that offer samples of the artists' music, and even social networking sites like MySpace and Facebook -- all of these are helping new, overlooked artists get exposure all over the world.

Today more than ever, the music industry is dominated by money and controlled by cultural imperatives, but the same forces that make the music world so challenging today also help us enjoy some of the widest variations and options in music we have ever experienced. Whether we are looking up online radio stations or downloading new songs from our favorite stores, the options are limitless -- and for a moment, moneymaking and art once again go hand in hand.

When Growing Hanging Tomato Plants, What Varieties of Tomatoes Are Best Suited?

Planting and growing hanging tomato plants has been a pleasurable hobby to many and has proven time and again for producing fresh and juicy fruit crops by hanging tomato planters. Growing upside down tomatoes is usually preferred and appreciated by most planters who are unfortunate to own a spacious backyard garden. The growth of tomato plants in this manner is basically the same however upside down plants are more convenient and easier because it can be moved around freely anywhere within the premise of your house.

You may use a 5 gallon container with a fix and strong handle to be able to hold your fruit bearing upside down tomato garden. Just like any other tomato plant, growing tomatoes in hanging baskets requires sunlight thus it is absolutely an advantage growing them in hanging pots since they can readily gain access to sunlight.

It is also advisable to hang the plants inches apart from each other. Furthermore, upside down tomato growing allows free flow of air circulation in your plant. Plus it is very advantageous to working and busy moms because it eliminates the time to weed when growing tomatoes in hanging baskets. Upside down hanging plants do not need staking since the growth of your tomato plant is directed towards the ground. So much more it inhibits pests and other bacteria to reach your hanging plant thus impedes them from affecting the plant. Indeed, growing tomatoes in hanging pots is relaxing yet rewarding.

Take note that there are two types of tomatoes and that is determinate and indeterminate. Determinate types grow and bear fruit at the same time then stops producing new sets of fruits. Then the determinate tomato plant slowly loses its vigor and eventually collapses.

Indeterminate types tend to grow and produce tomatoes more and more throughout the season and stop only when frost comes along which causes the plant to naturally run dry. Therefore, determinate tomatoes are more appropriate for a hanging tomato garden. The size is also an important factor to consider since growing tomatoes in hanging pots refrain tomato plants from growing to its optimum maturity because of space constraint. Henceforth, cherry, grape and other dwarf tomatoes work flawlessly with an upside down tomato garden.

What you need to consider now is to know the appropriate variety that you should choose to plant in your hanging baskets. There are several varieties that are well suited to this type of gardening like the Celebrity and Roma tomatoes. Other varieties include the tumbler, yellow pigmy and garden pearl. These types are well suited for upside down tomato growing because they bear more fruit and lesser root expansion.

These varieties are smaller in size but have a great sweet flavor. The skins are hard which apt to grow on confined spaces like the hanging tomato plant in containers. Most individuals who have tried growing tomatoes in hanging baskets say this type of planting produces better yield and bears more sweet delicious tomato fruit crops than those planted in the ground.

One of the main reasons is because of the free flow of air circulation and sufficient supply of sunlight to the fruits and to the whole plant as well. Growing hanging tomato plants in baskets provide stress-free growth for its branches which results in an utterly luscious tomato flavor produce.

Spend a Fabulous Vacation in Costa Rica

A vacation in Central America specifically in Costa Rica and finding out the best vacation deals may be one of the foremost things you need to do when you're finally stressed out with the fast-paced lifestyle of the city.

Costa Rica is definitely one of the best destinations to spend the perfect family vacation. Its rich biodiversity lures over 70,000 thousands of visitors yearly. This country is greatly admired by many despite its tiny size, more than a quarter of its total land area constitutes rainforests, national parks and biological reserves. Its vast diversity of flora and fauna is certainly a site to behold especially for nature lovers.

There are several Costa Rica tour companies that can take you to any of its most popular tourist destinations. There are said to be about 200 known and trusted tour operators recommended by the Tourist Board. While most of these tour companies are situated in San Jose, the country's largest and capital city, these companies are considered experts in showing just about anyone the famous tourist spots. Some of these companies even put forward a Costa Rica singles tours mainly for tourists who prefer to travel alone to meet new friends or even love interests.

The best Costa Rica tours involve visiting famous national parks and other wilderness locations depending on your interests. The tour comes with planned itineraries, private transportation as well as guides who are bilingual. Some companies even offer nature tours in which you can experience different water adventures including white water rafting, scuba diving, kayaking, fishing and even canopy tours. So it's best if one can come to a decision on what are the best travel package deals they'd like to take advantage.

Costa Rica Coffee tours or Plantation tours can be included in your list of places to visit since the country is also celebrated for its coffee. Coffee tours may be distinguished from one tour to another, namely the Cafe Monteverde Coffee Tour or the the Classic Britt Coffee Tour, tourist are still guaranteed to enjoy a cup of the country's delicious coffee. During these tours, you will gain knowledge on how the coffee production is done. The climate near the upland areas adjoining San Jose and the Tilaran Mountain range is ideal for coffee plantations.

A great tour to Costa Rica and of course a vacation on the beach is perhaps the answer to your hearts desire. You can relax in any of the country's magnificent beaches and resorts which vary from white, gray and black sands. The beaches located in the Pacific and Caribbean coasts are incomparable and you can decide which of these beaches would suit your wishes. A number of beaches in this country such as the Playa Tamarindo provide easy access to luxurious hotels, restaurants and even all star vacation homes.

You can also spend day trips from San Jose, which is Costa Rica's capital city and known to be really populated during peak seasons. It was mentioned previously that most tour companies are located in San Jose. Day trips will certainly keep you busy when you can go on a butterfly and orchid tour or visit the Poas Volcano National Park.

Gold Dog Tag Jewelry

Gold Dog Tags are military chic style accessories that have become popular fashion accessories. It was also introduced and popularized by khaki clothing which offers its customers a variety of camouflage prints and cargo pants. The gold dog tags were often worn and popularized by teens who want to sport a tough image. Soon after the image was sponsored and worn by most celebrities from movies, sports, politics and other popular forms of entertainment. The tags can be engraved with an individual's personal data, quotes, sayings, motto, name of a love and so much more to create a more personalized look.

Dog tags are usually associated to military personnel it serves as an identification or ID for the soldiers. They bear the wearers first and last names and his or hers SSS and other basic details. These details are stamped or engraved on oval metal pieces and held by metal chain and can worn as necklace. The shape and design of dog tags are standardized for the US Army, its air force and it's Navy. They were mandated to be worn by soldiers on Dec 20, 1906 with an order no. 204.

The term gold dog tags was monikered from tags that were used for dogs and other pets which was usually worn around pets necks as to identify who their owners are in case they get lost. These tags were stamped in either on silver or gold metals that are either oval or oval in shape. The characters that were stamped in had fixed and limited size because of the machine being used making some of the letters boxy and uneven.

Unlike the official ones that were used by the army or navy the dog tags that were used by citizens and pets are provided in a variety of styles and designs so it can fit the personality of the users. Some materials commonly used these items are plastic and colored metal alloys. Instead of stamping new technologies are used to engrave designs in the dog tags which you can also colour from a variety of selection such as red, orange, pink, violet and many more to holographic silver. To add more style you can engrave it with a frosty white to serve as eye an catch.

The dog tags shapes are no longer limited to ovals it can be formed to a myriad of shapes. For example your dogs gold tags can look like their paws or dog biscuits which can contain certain details about the dog. Teens can customize it to a variety of shapes that can reflect their interest and moods and take the shapes of a skull or anything that comes to mind.

Common Teeth Whitening Treatments

As everybody wants to be a celebrity these days and looking good has become influential in obtaining a good job, teeth whitening has become a popular fad. In order to obtain whiter teeth, some people have turned to using whitening products.

Bleaching is far cheaper than other methods of whitening and can be carried out at home with cheap over-the-counter products or even home-made treatments. Without bleaching of some kind everyone's teeth would discolour over time.

The worst items in common use that are responsible for teeth discolouration are cigarettes, coffee, tea and red wine. Brushing will get rid of some staining, but is not really completely effectual unless the tooth paste is especially abrasive, which is not a good idea because that will ultimately strip off the enamel which does such a good job of defending our teeth from infection and cavities.

There are lots of different teeth whitening systems on the market and some have advantages over others. Some are very powerful and should only be used under supervision. In other cases the dentist will have to apply some sort of protective coating to your gums so that they are not damaged by the chemicals in the gel.

The bleaching agent is then applied to the teeth by means of a tray. You are basically dipping your teeth into a bath of bleach which you carry about in your mouth. Therefore the tray has to fit your mouth, if it is going to be comfortable. There are two types of trays: the standard, one size fits all and the custom-made, which is contoured to fit your mouth by a dentist.

At times these trays are used solely in the dental surgery and others are meant to be taken home for use there. The active component in the whitening gels is usually either carbamide peroxide or hydrogen peroxide. This sort of course of treatment typically takes three to four weeks.

There is also a whitening gel that you spread over your teeth before you go to bed and leave on all night while you sleep. This gel should not be used more than once a week, but the results are pretty good.

Another option is so-called laser whitening. It is actually a misnomer because the strong light used to 'activate' the whitening gel is not a laser at all. It is only called that because it sounds more hi-tech than 'strong light'. Hi-tech can be sold for more money than low-tech. In fact, many people are turning away from laser whitening, because it is actually unnecessary to have to 'activate' the product with light. It is only meant to prevent people from using the gel at home.

This kind of treatment is the fastest because the products used are more highly concentrated than those sold for home use. This is sensible, because people could injure themselves at home with powerful products if they have not been trained to use them.

The results of a good professional teeth bleaching procedure should last for about three years, whereas home treatments are on-going - you have to whiten every week in order to maintain the whiteness. However, all teeth whitening systems must ultimately fail, unless you stop smoking or and drinking red wine, coffee and strong black tea.

Welsh Gold in All Its Splendour

When we invest in something we always look to find the best that life has to offer us. There is no point in putting money towards something that is mediocre and ordinary. When it comes to jewellery, most people are interested in gold. Since ancient civilizations, gold has been a precious commodity that people have wanted to possess. But it's important to buy quality gold that is of high standard in order for it to be worth your investment. The secret lies in the small country of Wales. Wales mines the most precious and sought after gold in the world. It is most commonly referred to as Welsh gold. Wales possesses the only 3 mines in the world that extract this gold.

Clogau gold mine is one of the 3 mines in Wales that produces Welsh gold jewellery. Clogau mine is nestled high up in the Snowdonia mountain ranges. The unfortunate reality is that the supply of gold is running out. All 3 of the mines are almost completely cleaned out and there is no other source left to mine more. Welsh gold is known for its unique colouring. It has a pinkish hue due to the traces of copper in it. The citizens of Wales have a deep attachment to this gold and buy it so they can own a piece of their heritage. Members of the royal family first began investing in Welsh gold. In fact they even started the royal tradition of using pure Welsh gold for their wedding rings. This tradition continues even today. Royalty and celebrities all over the world are dazzled by the splendour of Welsh gold.

Though the general public cannot afford pure gold they have a chance of investing in jewellery that contains a touch of it. By investing in this type of jewellery they own an important piece of their heritage and culture. By wearing this jewellery, they carry a piece of Wales wherever they go. Clogau gold is one of the prominent companies that produces this gold jewellery. Clogau has been producing this gold for the last couple of decades. Clogau Gold has a reputation for its traditional as well as modern jewellery designs. Their jewellery range includes bracelets, watches, rings, necklaces, pendants, earrings, key chains and more.

Welsh gold companies, usually provide a certificate of authenticity that comes with any jewellery invested. The certificate is proof that the investor owns genuine Welsh gold jewellery. Many invest in this jewellery in order to have it passed down as family heirlooms from generation to generation. Now that you are made aware of the most precious gold in the world, you should take the opportunity to invest before it runs out. Companies such as Clogau Gold give common man the opportunity to be able to afford one of the rarest types of gold on earth. Once the supply of gold runs out, this type of jewellery will be priceless.

Romantic Honeymoon Ideas - Creative Ways to Honeymoon

One of the special things that go with planning your honeymoon is deciding where to go. Some couples would want to stay away from the typical honeymoon activities like going to a hotel in an exotic land and enjoying exotic cocktails. As more and more couples feel the economic crunch, they would want to stretch their dollar as far as it would go and get the most out of their honeymoon budget. To do this, they would need to be extra creative as possible. Here are some creative romantic honeymoon ideas for you to think about.

1. A lighthouse honeymoon - if you consider yourself an adventurous couple, go on a holiday tour! You can check out the Cherry Blossom holiday in Georgia, and you're in for a wonderful treat. Imagine being surrounded by 3 thousand flowering cherry blossom trees - isn't that incredibly romantic? If you and your partner are movie buffs, you can go to The Cannes Film Holiday. This event is celebrated in Cannes, Southern France, one of the world's most romantic cities.

2. Embark on a historic tour - This is another unusual, but romantic honeymoon idea. If you and your partner think that exploring and learning about new cultures is exciting, then by all means, try this one. You can go on a fun journey exploring places depicted in history books. Go to India and explore the locations that influenced Gandhi's life. Or you can visit locations from the American Revolution. If you are up to it, you can even go on a biblical history tour and bring life to remarkable stories in the Bible. You can also journey to the hometowns of popular US presidents like Kennedy, Lincoln and Carter. These activities are a refreshing change from the typical honeymoon getaways. The best part is, you'll be sharing these memories with the person you love.

3. Go on a Literary Greats tour - Do you and your partner enjoy reading? Are you fond of classic literature? You can choose to go back in time and travel to the hometowns of classic poets and authors like Charlotte Bronte or Mark Twain. There are some houses of literary greats that double as museums - you can pore over some of their original manuscripts. Tread on the locations that inspired these people to create some of the greatest poems and stories ever written.

These romantic honeymoon ideas will surely add to the zest in your honeymoon. Don't forget to take lots of pictures, as the places you will go to can serve as amazing backgrounds that will surely bring a smile to your face whenever you want to take them out and reminisce.

Law of Attraction - 4 Hidden Steps to Manifest Like a Pro

Do you ever wonder why some people get everything they want, while others struggle with understanding the Law Of Attraction as a reliable principle, manifesting on a hit-or-miss affair?

Don't you wish you could have the same level of confidence that they do? Well here are 4 qualities of mind that all winners have, and that you could have too.

1. Develop an uncompromising expectation to receive your desire. Never, ever doubt that it will happen for you. Rehearse it in your mind again and again. Daydream about it, plan for it, speak about it with certainty. Organize your life and your home in preparation for its arrival.

2. Have no doubt whatsoever that you deserve to receive your desire. Winners never doubt their deserving-ness of what their asking for. They know they've put in the hard yards to make themselves ready for the challenges that the new request will bring. Its like: okay, I'm ready to step up to the next level.

3. Don't fret about delays. Are you the type of person to give up once your deadline has passed? Don't be so uncompromising! Relax a little bit and continue with step one. The truth is that this step is the one that throws most people off course with shaping their life the way they want, because they get discouraged and start sending out anti-attraction vibes that dissolves the alchemical process that's still transforming and drawing the desired manifestation into reality.

4. Celebrate your desire's arrival and express your deepest gratitude. If you're dismissive of the result when it finally arrives, or falsely modest about your deserving-ness, you make it needlessly difficult for future manifestations to arrive successfully in your life. Each denial or minimization of your success creates a subconscious road block that future desires need to maneuver around. Appreciate what you have learned about yourself in this process, where you have overcome challenges and the fears that you have conquered, and the new horizons this manifestation has opened up for you. Never, ever be dismissive of what you have.

Truly successful people are easy with their success, and not drama or stress driven. They go in with eyes wide open about the new responsibilities their desired manifestation will bring, and are fully prepared to fulfill them.

Men's Watches - The History of Tag Heuer

When shopping for high end Men's Watches Tag Heuer is at the top of the list, right beside Invicta, Automatic Watches and that very popular Swiss Watch Maker, Rol... well you know who I mean. Here is the history of the famous Swiss Watch Maker and their beautiful collection of Men's Watches.

TAG Heuer all started in the small Swiss village of St-Imier. In 1860, a man named Edouard Heuer set up his first shop. His goal was to create a very unique timepiece that strived for innovation, precision and excellence. The company's selection, collection and reputation grew. Heuer applied for its first patent for a chronograph mechanism in 1882 and was followed by many great achievements. They produced the first stopwatch accurate to 1/100 of a second, followed by the first dashboard stopwatch for racing vehicles. Then there was the first electronic timekeeping device that was accurate to 1/1000th of a second, and then there was the conception of a microrotor. This desire for excellence built the company into what it is today.

As the years went by, Heuer's reputation for accurate precision earned the company the right to provide official timing services for many of the world-class competitive sporting events, even the Olympic Games and FIA Formula 1 World Championships. Even today, TAG Heuer has a close association with the world of competitive sports and has a devoted loyalty among sports celebrities and fans. In 1985, Heuer joined the TAG (Techniques D'Avant-Garde) group, and the TAG Heuer name and logo were created. Today they are one of the most recognized and sought-after watches on the planet. This Swiss company continues its desire for innovative design and technological superiority, creating prestigious timepieces that are always on the leading edge of precision, reliability and class.

If it is a Tag Heuer that you desire, you will find exactly what you want and have it delivered right to your front step. Visit the link below to choose from the best selection of Men's Watches in the world.

Are You Knitting?

Most of us have had the experience of praying for something that just didn't happen, despite grazed knees from all the grovelling, or visualising something that just didn't materialise, despite a whole armory of affirmations. Does this mean we just weren't positive enough, faithful enough, aligned enough or could there be other reasons why (to put it bluntly) we don't always get what we want?

Contrary to what some popular spiritual teachings are proposing, our divinity is not a personal online shopper who receives an order from us, fills it out to our demand and delivers it a couple of days later. I agree that that's kind of fun, but that's why Woolworths exists, not God. What exactly, do you think, is the grand meaning of human existence if all we are doing here is, well, shopping? I'm all for making dreams come true and embodying our desires, but that is the vehicle of human existence, not the purpose. Let me expand on that subtle, but significant distinction.

That car / wellness centre / full body massage / new Alanis Morissette CD (I hope my husband is reading this) that you want is part (and hopefully only part) of your desire. Our desires are encoded in our DNA (the readings call them 'the voice of your divinity') and are very worthy of our attention. Our desires, or visions, drive us forward, give us focus, they essentially carve out what would otherwise be an undefined life. But actually getting them, or achieving them, is not really the point. Ask any world-weary celebrity or billionaire (even Mother Theresa if you read her personal letters) if getting and doing everything that you want makes you happy for ever after.

It is who we become in the process of making our dreams come true that is important, not so much the dreams themselves. The masterpiece we are creating is ourselves, not our lives, despite so much current focus on having it all, reaching goals, making dreams come true. A spectacular life, even one focused on service or spiritual upliftment, does not mean much to someone who cannot love the self they have become in the process. And that self is of course the only thing that travels beyond this temporary world we live in, the rest is illusion.

That is why our divinity is far more focused on the process of reaching our dreams than the dreams themselves. The universe, or God, or your higher self (I promise it doesn't mind what you call it) is interested in how you develop and expand as you go about creating what you want. As such, it's far more likely that your visualisations of your dream job will be answered by providing you with tools, insights and growth opportunities rather than the job itself just landing at your feet.

This has been sweetly explained in the readings using two different analogies. One was the image of a magic carpet. There are always magic carpets around for us (i.e. vehicles for making dreams coming true) but if you can remember seeing a magic carpet arrive next to someone, it never lands completely flat on the ground next to their feet. Instead it hovers just above the ground, requiring them to step up if they wish to use it. The solutions to our problems or the next steps to our dreams are always available but they will require us to step up in some way (to our fears, our truth, our talent, new levels of commitment etc) because that's the point! The aim of this game of life is our stepping up, not really what we get as a result.

I'll conclude with the second, symbolic, illustration of this understanding from someone's reading, which puts it beautifully:

"You keep on asking for a jersey [substitute lover / published book / full bank account]. We've given you 50 balls of wool already.............................why aren't you knitting?"

Longines Watches - The Insignia of Timeless Elegance

Elegance. The one word that sums up the essence of Longines watches. Every watch from this brand is a piece of art that reflects tradition, precision and class. Across the world people of 130 countries cherish this luxury watch brand whose emblem is the winged hourglass.

You'll be spoilt with choices while shopping for Longines watches. It has a mesmerizing collection both in the designer men's watch category as well as women's watches. Here's a little advice if you want to buy one. Start with the Heritage collection which the brand has created due to its rich watchmaking heritage. The Elégantes de Longines line is inspired by the Art Deco movement of the 1920s and 1930s; the Présence Heritage series has the classic pocket watch designs adapted into wristwatches. The Conquest Heritage, Silver Arrow and Flagship Heritage lines celebrate the golden age of traditional mechanical wristwatches. Each heritage watch is designed aesthetically with round metal dials mounted on leather or synthetic straps. Timeless in appeal, these luxury watches are true reflection of royalty and class.

Next we move on to the newly introduced Longines Prima Luna collection. Designed using delicate lines, a soft-looking dial studded with diamonds, this watch collection is inspired by the brilliance and purity of the moon. These watches are sure to seduce the modern age women who look for sophisticated style.

For your sporting spirit there is the Conquest collection. This designer watch collection is the finest example of bold styling meeting daring technology. Flaunting a futuristic design, this series of Longines designer watches blends steel with ceramic so that you get a graceful and long-lasting timepiece. The Conquest collection has high technical precision to serve the needs of demanding sportsmen and women. A preferred luxury watch, it goes well with your party wear as well as sportswear.

If you believe in tradition try the La Grande Classique de series. Though with changing times Longines watches have evolved in aspects of design but the slim, sleek La Grande Classique de case profile remains unchanged. These designer watches still carry the old classic charm and elegance, which perfectly blend with modern trends of fashion.

Creating memorable timepieces since 1832 Longines is a Swiss brand based at St Imier, Switzerland. It is committed to making elegant designer watches both for the fashion as well as the sporting world. So go ahead gift yourself a Longines watch. It is the best way you can pamper yourself!

Abandon 'Impossible' and Embrace 'Possible'

How often do you find yourself saying 'impossible'? It's impossible to ace the exam. It's impossible to get promoted. It's impossible to lose weight. It's impossible to make more money. It's impossible to enjoy radiant health. It's impossible to achieve balance in your life. It's impossible to do what you love. When in reality, it's possible.

If you always think that certain things are not possible or not within your reach, you will attract the very thing you always think of. If you program your mind to expect dismal outcome, then dismal result you will receive. Whatever you want, it must first appear in your thoughts, be held in your mind and most important of all, you must believe with your heart and soul and feel in your bones that you can attain. Your external reality is a reflection of your internal reality. If inwardly you do not believe you can, then 'what you do not believe' will be manifested outwardly. Likewise, 'what you believe' will also be manifested in your life.

Say if you have wanted to lose weight and have not been successful in your previous attempts. You gave up hope. You believe that it is not possible to lose weight. That you need to live with your weight problem forever. Now, what you can do is to abandon 'impossible' and embrace 'possible'. Find a quiet place free of distractions. Be comfortable. Tell yourself that it is possible to lose weight. That you will achieve your desired weight in its best possible time.

Visualize yourself in the desired outcome. Picture yourself in your favorite jeans and smiling radiantly in the company of your family and friends. Engage the power of affirmation. You may wish to use this affirmation or suitable ones like ' I am fitting easily, beautifully and happily into my favorite jeans in its perfect time'. Affirm at least twice a day, once in the morning and once before you go to bed. Surround yourself with favorite pictures of yourself or your idol in nice fitting jeans. Display them as screen saver and on your desk. Stick them on your mirror and fridge.

Now that you have reprogrammed your mind to transmit the correct signal into the Universe, the latter will pick up from there, perform divine work to re-orchestrate events and re-shuffle people to help bring about your desired goal. Your job is to take the next small step towards your goal.

There are many ways to lose weight. The easiest way is to reduce consumption and increase metabolism. Before you begin, make your plan fun and interesting. Give your plan a name. You may adopt 'My little exciting ride from XL to M' or any name you have in mind. Write the name in a notebook. Monitor your progress. Date and record your current weight. You are now ready for your little adventure.

Reduce consumption. Change your serving size. Start with 20% less against your usual serving. Be persistent. If you have a habit of taking excessive junk food, make an effort to reduce consumption by at least 50%. Instead of a large pack of fries, ask for a small pack. Instead of having a big tub of ice cream at one go, be contented with two scoops at one seating. Alternatively, substitute your craving with healthy food or snacks. Meanwhile, drink lots of water, at least eight 8-ounce glasses of water a day.

Get active. Get moving. Burn more calories. Clean the house, do gardening, take the stairs instead of the elevator and create opportunity to walk some distance instead of having the vehicle sending you right to the doorstep. Take morning or evening walks, go hiking, join aerobic, learn dancing, play a game or two or do any thing that you enjoy that requires movements.

Monitor your progress every 3 to 4 weeks. Follow up diligently. Be inspired by your progress even if it is showing small result. Every bit adds. It only takes time. Be patient. Reward yourself for every pound lost. Once it reaches 20% of your desired target, celebrate and have some fun. Keep your focus on your goal and eat and live in alignment to your goal. Do research and find out other ways to manage your weight. In no time, you would have completed your little adventurous ride and emerge from the train smiling radiantly in your favorite pair of blue jeans.

Positive Self Image - 4 Powerful Ways to Improve Your Self Image

It's a well known principle that you can't outperform your self image, which is why a lot of people fail at their goals. They just don't see themselves as deserving or capable, because they are handicapped by their past experiences and opinions about themselves and their abilities.

1. Imaginary rehearsal of your new self. This is what underlines the power of visualization, and sayings such as "if you can dream it, you can be it." Scientists have proven again and again that the brain processes cannot distinguish events that happen in the real world or in your imagination and dreams. Start saying "I AM an author", instead of "one day I want to be an author" (or whatever it is that you want to be).

2. Celebrate victories - past and present. You don't have to wait until you have the prize in hand before you start being the leader of your own cheer squad. Remember to give yourself credit where credit is due. Say to yourself; I am a person who has demonstrated many times that I can do what I set my mind to do, and I continue to succeed in progressing towards my goal.

3. Self discipline. This is where the dreamer transitions into the doer. When you commit to action, and follow it through on a consistent basis, you keep proving to yourself again and again that you are moving towards your goal.

4. Get a second opinion. I always had an idea that I was lazy, because I always tried to rush through my chores at home so I could spend time doing what I really wanted to be doing - usually reading. It wasn't until one of my early mentors mentioned that I was one of the most driven and motivated people he had ever come across, that I even considered that I mightn't be as lazy as I had always assumed. I may not share the same values as the people who influence your self-opinion, and nor may you. Consider getting someone you trust and whose opinions you value to give you some feedback on some of your harshest self-criticisms.

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Oaxaca Culinary Tour Success Suggests More Gastronomic Opportunities For Visitors to Southern Mexico

The accolades tell it all: "I had a terrific and very inspiring time in Oaxaca. Your knowledge of the culture and region introduced us to so many interesting people, all willing to share their passion, whether it was for pottery, wood carving, frothy chocolate, the best moles or natural dyes" [Elizabeth Baird].

Elizabeth Baird, one of the foremost Canadian culinary icons of our time, was a participant in the May, 2010, Oaxaca Culinary Tour. So was prolific cookbook author and columnist Rose Murray, who endorsed a copy of her seminal work, A Taste of Canada, A Culinary Journey, with similar praise: "Thank you for sharing your vast knowledge of Oaxaca with us. We know it through your eyes."

If the foregoing is any indication of the success of this most recent tour, then the thought of what's in store for participants in future, similarly organized Oaxaca culinary events, should titillate anyone interested in Mexican gastronomy - chefs and foodies alike.

While numbers were small (May is when most Americans and Canadians are content to stay close to home, stow their winter attire, and begin gardening), organizers provided the 8 - 10 participants in each of the week's daily activities with all that the tour promised, and more: cooking classes with Pilar Cabrera and Susana Trilling, dining at renowned Oaxacan restaurants Casa Oaxaca, Los Danzantes, La Olla and La Catrina de Alcalá, and what impressed the most, getting out into the villages and learning the secrets of local recipes through hands-on instruction from indigenous natives - in their kitchens and over their open hearths and comals.

Background to the Oaxaca Culinary Tour

Internationally acclaimed native Oaxacan chef Pilar Cabrera Arroyo spent the month of September, 2009, working her magic in Toronto, both as guest chef at several restaurants and invited instructor at a prominent cooking school. It had been arranged through the efforts of Toronto food writer and researcher Mary Luz Mejia of Sizzling Communications, and several others willing to dedicate their time and effort to ensure a successful month-long event.

Once the framework of the tour had been decided, Chef Pilar was invited by the Government of Mexico to represent Oaxacan cuisine at the Toronto Harbourfront Centre Hot & Spicy Food Festival's Iron Chef competition (as it turned out, she also agreed to judge the festival's Emerging Chef event) which took place around the same time as the tour.

In Toronto Chef Pilar met the likes of Elizabeth Baird (who judged the iron chef event and adjudicated alongside Pilar at the emerging chef competition), Chef Vanessa Yeung (who cooked with Pilar at the cooking school and dined with her at one of the private dinner parties), and a host of prominent food writers and critics, as well as chefs (including Chef de Cuisine Jason Bangerter of Auberge du Pommier) - most of whom had no previous exposure to Oaxacan cuisine.

In true Oaxacan fashion Pilar warmly and sincerely invited virtually everyone she met to come visit Oaxaca. But who would have ever thought that tour organizers would immediately begin receiving inquiries from diners at the various venues, chefs, and media personnel, about traveling to Oaxaca to gain more in-depth knowledge about Oaxaca's longstanding reputation for culinary greatness. After all, the tour was intended to merely provide an introduction to Oaxacan cuisine. It succeeded in whetting the appetites of Canadians, for much more.

Those who ultimately participated in the Oaxaca tour included aficionados of Mexican cuisine, food writers, chefs and restauranteurs. Some booked the entire tour well in advance, while others only caught wind of the week's events after they had planned their Oaxacan vacation, and accordingly were permitted to take part in cooking lessons, day tours and evening dining.

Oaxaca Culinary Tour Showcased a Variety of Food Venues and Other Dimensions of Culture

While a theme tour has its raison d'etre, it should not be overly restrictive in its events so as to blind participants to what else a region has to offer - and in this case the impact of other dimensions of culture upon a people's cuisine. In Oaxaca there is certainly a broad enough diversity of restaurants, food markets, cooking styles and levels of sophistication, to keep foodies thoroughly enthralled for weeks. But it's the unique and varied cultures, and the melding of New World and Old World ingredients and cooking methods, to which these tour operators also sought to expose their clients.

For this culinary tour, participants learned as much about availability of and regional variation in meats, cheeses and produce (and their cultural significance), as they did about staples such as moles, tlayudas, chocolate, tamales and mezcal. It was all achieved through imparting an in-depth understanding of traditions, through chatting and learning from people at all stations of life. At one end of the continuum were the most humble of villagers who welcomed the group into their homes, to make chocolate by pureeing roasted cacao beans, cinnamon and almonds using a primitive grinding stone (metate), and to make tamales by folding corn leaves over masa, mole amarillo and chicken. And at the other end were the European-trained chefs who explained each dish upon its arrival table from their modernly equipped kitchens.

Oaxaca Culinary Tour Daily Events

One chef arrived in Oaxaca a day early, enabling her to meet with organizers in an informal setting, learning about and indulging at a Oaxaca culinary institution, Tlayudas on Libres, where locals gather between 9 p.m. and 5 a.m. for their favorite snacks grilled directly on and over charcoal: a folded, oversized tortilla stuffed with melted Oaxacan string cheese (quesillo), bean purée, lettuce, tomato, depending on one's sensibilities a thin layer of asiento (pork fat); and choice of chorizo (sausage), tasajo (beef) or cecina (pork). For ardent foodies, a tiny sample of marinated pig's feet is required. And for the rest, a hot, corn-based drink of atole or champurrado is non-negotiable, especially during the wee hours of the morning.

An American doing his Masters in Nutrition arrived two days earlier, using the time to explore Oaxaca's centro histórico (downtown historic center) including its quaint colonial buildings and food and craft markets.

Another participant stayed on a day later, after the rest has departed. A local organizer graciously offered to chauffer her to one of Oaxaca's richest sights known as the San Agustín Center for The Arts, to see a modern ceramics exhibit housed in a spectacular lush mountain setting. And then for last minute gift purchases he drove her to Atzompa, a village specializing in traditional Oaxacan green glazed pottery.


Most participants had arrived by Wednesday, late afternoon, in time for Pilar Cabrera's walking tour of downtown sights. This enabled group members to gain some perspective on the magic of Oaxaca and to begin planning to how they might want to spend the leisure hours built into the tour.

Dinner was at Oaxacan institution La Olla, Pilar's own restaurant. The large candlelit table on the roof of the restaurant provided a special view of Oaxaca at night.

[For analysis and critique of the food served at these more upscale establishments, I'll leave it to the food writers and critics on the tour who are better note-takers and possess greater objectivity and a much more refined palate than this writer.]


The morning began with a visit to Tlapanochestli, the research station, museum and teaching facility devoted to understanding cochineal (cochinilla), the tiny insect which has played an integral part in the history of Oaxaca because of its unique quality; when dried and crushed it yields a strong red dye, which with the addition of lime juice and or baking soda changes to tones of orange, pink and purple. Of particular interest for tour participants was its application as a natural colorant for restaurant foods. While sampling a refreshing gelatin / water / sugar based dessert colored with cochineal, our foodies had an opportunity to see familiar grocery store products dyed with the insect (Campari, Danone Yoghurt, Campbell and Knorr soups, make-up and lipstick) and briefly discussed the sensitive issue of adequacy of ingredient labeling.

Then off to San Bartolo Coyotepec in the comfy 18-seater van equipped with bucket seats and A/C. Don Valente Nieto, son of the famed ceramicist Doña Rosa, provided an upbeat, informative and entertaining demonstration of the methods used by his parents and his family members today, in fashioning the well-known folk art form known as barro negro (black pottery). Tour members can now rightly claim that they saw the same demo that Don Valente provided to Jimmy Carter and Nelson Rockefeller, who's photos alongside Doña Rosa and Don Valente grace the showroom walls.

The humble abode and workshop of Armando Lozano, sculptor and master jeweler of hand-made bronze necklaces, earrings and bracelets, provided the first opportunity for the group to see how most Oaxacans live, and eke out a modest existence. The contrast between the quality workmanship of the family, and its lifestyle, was remarkable, overshadowed only by the welcoming nature of the Maestro's daughter-in-law who offered the jewelry for sale.

The final two touring stops of the day were directly devoted to food and drink. Lunch was at the unique roadside eatery, Caldo de Piedra, where chef César prepared a tomato and herb based broth which he then poured into a large half gourd for each diner. To each he then added one's choice of either fresh red snapper, a healthy compliment of jumbo shrimp, or a combination of the two. Red hot rocks from an open flame were then placed in each gourd, and individual meals were thusly cooked, the rocks causing the broth to boil and fish to poach. Only large, hand-made tortillas from the comal and quesadillas amply filled with mushrooms and squash blossoms were needed to compliment the meal, of course along with large pitchers of freshly squeezed orange juice spiked with soda water (naranjadas).

Oaxaca is known for its mezcal (mescal), so what better way to have an introduction to the spirit than to head to Matatlán, World Capital of Mezcal, and learn from a producer with from a five generation pedigree of palenqueros (mezcal producers). Enrique Jiménez welcomed the tour into his parents' traditional family compound where all witnessed the quaint and primitive production methods, and then imbibed several varieties of mezcal with chasers of lime and orange wedges, and sal de gusano (the salt, chile and ground up gusano worm mixture), together with quesillo and ricotta-like queso. Then to the family's brand new state-of-the-art facility where Enrique explained his new method of mezcal production. The process dramatically improves quality control while retaining the richest qualities of mezcal produced the traditional way - only smoother.

Dinner at La Catrina de Alcalá provided a nice contrast to earlier events and tastings in the day, with classy Chef Juan Carlos on hand to introduce each dish. Tour participants were so taken with the selection that towards the end of the evening when asked if they wanted to move on to dessert, or perhaps try a venison dish, almost in unison each opted for the latter.


Cooking classes by Pilar Cabrera are always highly enjoyable and educational, beginning with a visit to Mercado de La Merced for buying fresh produce, through the cooking phase, and finally indulging in the fruits of one's labor. The entirely of the class has been described elsewhere by me, so no more will be noted.

Each tour participant thereafter had a free afternoon to explore more of downtown, rest, and then dine at a recommended restaurant.


After a relatively relaxing Friday it was back on the road for another day of touring. At the handmade knife and cutlery workshop of Apolinar Aguilar, the group watched the master work his wonders, heating recycled metals with the aid of a primitive yet effective stone and clay oven, then forging with only a mallet striking the red-hot metal over an anvil, and finally the all-so-critical tempering stage.

Knife blades are polished to a brilliant shine without lacquer or nickel. Purchasers on this day had an opportunity to have inscriptions engraved on the blades of knives they purchased. In anticipation of the culinary tour, Apolinar had prepared a selection of paring knives, a turkey carving set, a cake cutting ensemble, and bread knives. In addition to the more traditional Bowie hunting knives, swords and machetes, he also had on hand more unusual collector pieces such as knives with deer antler handles and letter openers with blade undulations of the Indonesian genre.

In the tiny village of San Antonino participants were provided with an opportunity to select from the finest imaginable hand-embroidered blouses and dresses - cotton, silk, and blends.

Lunch was in the rustic homestead of the Navarro family, the sisters and mother known for their fine work on the back strap loom, and brother Gerardo for his watercolors. But the main reason for stopping in Santo Tomás Jalieza was to dine with the family in their Eden-like surroundings, and witness their preparation of tasajo on a small hibachi-style grill, and all the steps required to make sopa de guias, a broth made of all the parts of the zucchini plant, and a small piece of corn for added starch. The welcoming nature and all-round hospitality of the family was as impressive as their simple yet immaculately kept rural home and grounds.

The tour day concluded with a visit to the workshop of Jacobo Angeles, master carver and painter of alebrijes, for a demonstration (the particulars and details of which are once again available online as part of a lengthy dissertation about woodcarving in Oaxaca). However what tourists to the region never get to experience, and what Jacobo had arranged for the group, was a lesson in making aguas frescas of limón and jamaica (hibiscus flower), and the pre-Hispanic drink tejate, known as the "drink-of-the-gods."

After a late afternoon rest back at Las Bugambilias Bed & Breakfast, the group welcomed the leisurely evening walk to Casa Oaxaca, purportedly the best high end restaurant in Oaxaca. Unfortunately on this night chef / owner Alejandro Ruíz was somewhat preoccupied entertaining a group of visiting chefs from diverse Latin American cities, so in this writer's opinion the experience was somewhat disappointing. Word has it that for the next culinary tour the organizers might pass on Casa Oaxaca unless an acknowledgement of the shortcomings and an assurance of better next time are both forthcoming. Each and every participant in a culinary tour of Oaxaca should expect and receive nothing but the best, of course subject to unforeseen circumstances.


The penultimate day of the Oaxaca Culinary Tour provided the broadest diversity of experiences imaginable. The group began at the rug making village of Teotitlán del Valle, but not merely for a weaving and dying demonstration. Rocio Mendoza, one of the daughters-in-law of Casa Santiago owners Don Porfirio and Doña Gloria, with her unwavering warmth and comforting smile welcomed the tour group into the extended family household for a lesson in the traditional methods of making both hot chocolate and tamales de amarillo, the ritual dish served at certain town fiestas.

Both the women and men of the household were present to answer questions and help out. Tour group members to a number were made to feel more welcomed than one could think possible. Each had a chance to take over the task of grinding toasted cacao beans into a hot velvety paste. Matriarch Gloria gave a hands-on lesson on all the steps required to prepare her special tamales, assisting each participant in learning how to place and fold ingredients into a corn leaf, and then ever so carefully stack the batch of tamales into a steaming hot clay container (tamalero) heated over firewood. Once all was cooked, and after a traditional "salud" over small glasses of mezcal, each indulged in the fruits of his or her labor with members of the Santiago family: hot chocolate with sweet rolls on the side for dipping, and a plateful of piping hot tangy tamales de amarillo. Goodbyes were particularly difficult after the establishment of relationships based upon a commonality of purpose - the mentoring and learning about culinary traditions in Teotitlán del Valle.

Two hours in the Sunday Tlacolula market is pretty well required when a group of food enthusiasts is involved; especially when organizers have special relationships with vendors so as to enable tourists to ask questions and take photographs at will. What Pilar did not cover in her Oaxaca market tour leading up to her class, the organizers ensured was explained in detail in the course of the visit to Tlacolula. Traditional market drinks of chilacayota and pulque were sampled. Members purchased decorative gourds, wooden spoons, embroidered aprons and colorful table coverings, and of course chiles to take back home. The aroma of chicken grilling on open flames and steaming caldrons of barbequed mutton and goat filled the air. The pageantry of Zapotec women in their native village dress going about their business buying, selling and trading, impressed all. And the ability of group members to have all their questions answered, sample foodstuffs and drinks without trepidation, take their fill of photos, and wander freely while soaking it all up, provided one of many trip highlights.

The quaint open-air eatery known as El Tigre was a stark contrast to the earlier market scene, but just as welcome, in the nature of a well deserved respite. Each member of the group was able to question comedor owner Sara about salsa preparation, the disinfecting of fresh produce, and cooking techniques and challenges where every menu item is prepared fresh, over a flame on the grill or comal. Once again, a review of El Tigre is available online. The eatery was selected so as to advance one of the organizers' goals of ensuring as diverse a culinary experience as possible.

The tour day concluded with a visit to the picturesque mountain setting known as Hierve el Agua. The site consists of mineral deposit "water falls," and bubbling calcium and magnesium-rich springs feeding two pools of water suitable for a safe, refreshing swim. Most took the opportunity to cool off - and perhaps reap the benefit of the legendary curative properties of the water - while others were content to sit in the shade, chat about the day's events, and of course take photos.

After the filling breakfast at Las Bugambilias, then hot chocolate with sweet rolls and tamales at Casa Santiago, followed by drink samplings in Tlacolula, and lunch at El Tigre, botanas (appetizer plates) and drinks were the order of the evening, at Los Danzantes, without any doubt the Oaxaca restaurant with the best ambiance by a long shot.


No visit to Oaxaca, be it for a culinary tour or otherwise, would be complete without a guided tour of the most important and magestic pre-Hispanic ruin in all of the State of Oaxaca, the 2,000-year-old Zapotec site known as Monte Albán. After a brief sit-down and opportunity to quench the thirst, tour participants were shuttled to Susana Trilling's cooking school to make mole chichilo. Once again, Ms. Trilling's class has been noted elsewhere by the writer.

Group members were welcomed to conclude their visit to Oaxaca by gathering at an event hall that evening to view a folkloric celebration of Oaxaca's diversity of dance and music traditions known as the Guelaguetza. But to a number each decided to pass on the idea after such a full itinerary. Instead, they welcomed the chance to finish the tour in a much more casual and relaxed setting, over drinks and conversation at the hillside home of one of the tour organizers, sitting on the open terrace and reliving the week's events with the fond memories.

Future Culinary Tours in Oaxaca

Culinary vacations in Oaxaca have been done before, and will no doubt continue into the distant future. This tour format, however, was unique for its diversity of experiences and the care taken by organizers to ensure that the expectations of all participants - seasoned chefs, media personnel specializing in the culinary arts and gastronomy, and aficionados of Mexican cuisine - were met, or better yet exceeded.

If the current spate of commentaries regarding the success of the tour and level of participant satisfaction is an accurate gauge, then no doubt there will be future tours, perhaps on a bi-annual basis, with each succeeding Oaxaca Culinary Tour improving on the performance of the previous.

Information on future culinary tours in Oaxaca can be obtained by contacting Mary Luz Mejia of Sizzling Communications, or this writer.

How to Keep Your Boyfriend Attached to You & Make Sure He Never Leaves You! Follow This Now

Relationships can get a little too difficult to deal with once the initial newness wears off. After you see each other in your worst possible avatars and let complacence take over keeping your boyfriend interested in you can become a tad bit difficult but it can be done with a bit of work. Here are a few things that you need to do to keep your boyfriend interested.

Get a new look
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Understand how his mind works
Read the silent messages of protest that he sends out to you every time you blackmail him emotionally and make him do something he really doesn't want to do. Forcing him to go to your mother's house or dragging him for shopping when all he wants to do is grab a few beers and relax at home is not what you should be doing.

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Get a little raunchy
Sex is another way of keeping your boyfriend interested in you. Keep the action spicy and raunchy and he will be hooked to you.

Be there for him
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The Visible Benefits of the Invisible Ghostwriter

Ghostwriting is a peculiar thing, and one that most small businesses don't realize the importance of. But if you look towards the multi-million dollar mega-corporations, you'll realize that they've not only recognized the power of a potent content cocktail, but have embraced it with open arms and pay heavy salaries for the ghostwriters that produce their money-making website and marketing copy.

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Even as I took a break from writing to catch up on my latest issue of Inc. Magazine, I flipped it open to a story about - you guessed it - how companies are increasingly losing their voice because of banal and generic content. Or in laymen's terms, bad writing.

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I'm not trying to publish my memoirs or write a strongly persuasive speech. How would a ghostwriter help out my business?

Oh ye of little faith. Ghostwriters can provide a much needed service in almost every area of your business. A few key roles that can be performed by an experienced ghostwriter are:

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Spot Reduction is a Lie!

It's nice to think about. I'm sure even you've thought about it before. Being able to simply exercise a certain body part a lot, and lose fat in that area. How many pieces of late-night T.V. infomercial junk have we been exposed to over the years that have promised us this. From those stupid machines that focus on just one muscle to creams that'll melt the fat off wherever you rub it in, we've all been lied to. I know, I know. How could they have lied to me...I thought we were friends?!

Whether it's your love handles, or flabby arms, or your inner thighs, we've had an endless list of D-list celebrities/pseudo-act-like-they-know-what-they're-talking-about-want to-be-fitness-experts hock us the cheesiest gadgets. And who could blame 'em? The scam works every time and they end up making 6 or 7 figures in the process. When will we ever learn?

Someday, you're gonna have to face the facts - you can't spot reduce.

So the logical question is, "Why can't I spot reduce?"

The answer is pretty simple really. Your body loses weight proportionally. When you lose 2% body fat from your arms, you'll lose 2% body fat around your waist.

Think of a bath tub. Now take a cup and scoop out some water. Is there a "hole" where you scooped the water from? Of course not. The level of the water drops as a whole, not just from one spot. And so it is with the body. When we lose a pound of fat, that pound came from everywhere in your body, not just from one spot.

While this may not be what you want to hear, this is actually a good thing! Now you don't have to waste your time doing 500 crunches in hopes of losing fat in just your abs. Instead, you can focus your time on exercises that actually build muscle and burn more calories.

But the reality of fat loss is much more than just the exercises you do. In fact, about 80% of your fat loss success has nothing to do with exercise at all, and has absolutely nothing to do with the gym. Your success will be determined in the...kitchen!

That's right. Your diet is what will either make or break your fat loss success. Simply put, you can't out-train a crappy diet! Damn those laws of thermodynamics!

If you exercise 5 days a week, and burn 3500 calories in that time, while still going out to eat or drink 3-5 times a week, you're not gonna lose any weight. And if you do, it's gonna take forever!

Until you've got your diet under control, don't expect to reach your goals any time soon.

By now you're probably saying to yourself, "so what do I eat then?"

The diet I recommend for fat loss is so simple, a caveman could do it.

In fact, that's exactly the type of diet I recommend. The caveman diet. Best part is, you don't need a huge forehead to do it!

For me, the caveman diet is pretty easy. You only eat what a caveman would be exposed to. Meats of all kinds, veggies, fruits, nuts, seeds and water. The closer to Mother Nature, the better. If it comes in a box, has ingredients you can't pronounce, or is processed in any way, it's a no-no.

Now, I know what your thinking. "I don't see dairy/chocolate/favorite dessert on this menu!"

Well, first off, cavemen didn't have access to that kind of food. And second, we're talkin' about fat loss! If that's what you want, do it. No excuses. No shortcuts. Simply set your mind on your goal and follow through.

Besides, it's not for the rest of your life. Just until you've reached your goals. Then you can have a little more room to add in those "cheat" foods. But until then, no cheat meals. They just serve to detract you from what's important - reaching your goals.

DR Fitness - "Get Your Fitness On!"

Three Ways to Jump-Start Your Business's "History Audit," and Why You Should Do it Today

Who is this article is for?

It's for businesses located in historical communities that want to try a new approach to impressing and attracting customers - and no, you don't need to be involved in cultural tourism.

Certainly, restaurants, attractions, and hotels are good candidates for a history audit, but so are retail stores, banks, law firms, insurance agencies, and other kinds of service providers. "History" includes your own as well as your community's, so many kinds of businesses can play.

What are the benefits?

Loyal and new customers! People who live in historical communities tend to be well educated and well off, and they do pay attention to which businesses support local history. They are emotionally connected to it.

People who visit historical communities appreciate an authentic, local experience. Many of them/us have had enough of the increasing homogenization of America. By embracing these facts, and embracing your local history, you can take full advantage of current trends.

Frankly, history will add class and stature to your image and that's not a bad reputation to have.

What is a history audit?

In a nutshell, it's similar to a "customer touch point audit," but with a special focus on identifying the opportunities for incorporating history into your branding and marketing -- what you are already doing with history, and what you could be doing.

This is a new approach. You do not often find "history" and "marketing" walking together hand-in-hand to benefit the business sector, but times have changed. Businesses located in historical communities can benefit financially AND as good corporate citizens by reaching "across the aisle" to the historical community and taking advantage of their information and expertise.

What are three things you can do right now?

1: Investigate your own business's history.

Chances are, you are not a historian and neither are your marketing and PR people. Even if you are a new company, there are still historical questions to ask - including about your business's context - and it's ideal if you can work with a credible local historian or reference librarian at your public library. You want to know the answers to such questions as:

• Who founded your company?

• When?

• Why?

• What need was the company fulfilling in your community?

• Who else was involved?

• If you are an older company, how has your business changed over time and why?

• Are you located in a historic building?

• Are you about to celebrate a key anniversary?

• Are there human interest stories you could tease out?

• And be sure to ask for images (old photographs, old company materials).

2: Learn about your community's history.

If your business is located in a historical community, a published history should be readily available. You could also ask for a crash course from your local historian - perhaps for you and your marketing team. You could visit nearby historic sites, and soak in the flavor and the information.

• What are the historical themes in your community?

• Where does your business connect?

• Are there national themes that connect your business, your community, and the bigger picture?

• Are there historical community events you could support? These attract attention from residents and visitors alike.

3: Incorporate your findings.

Armed with the information you have accumulated, you, the consulting historian, and marketing team can now review every customer touch point in your business for ways to incorporate history - everything from your logo, website, and brochure to your physical plant. What you do could be simple and subtle, or complex depending on your budget and the opportunities you have identified.

• Co-host an event with your historical society or museum to show off what you did, and your business's historical connection to the community.

• Host an anniversary event for your business.

• Publicize what you did and why - this is a new approach! Be proud!

I think you will find that by thinking differently about history - as part of your business, and not some musty, dusty "thing" that's "over there" - you will reap many rewards.

Stop Taking Poisonous Doses of GCBN!

"Visit any bar and what will you hear? Gossip. Complaining. Bitterness. Negativity. Visit any lunchroom in any big company and what will you hear? Gossip. Complaining. Bitterness. Negativity. Eavesdrop on any family gathering around dinner time and what will you hear? Gossip. Complaining. Bitterness. Negativity." ~ Joe Vitale, The Attractor Factor

The average person feeds on GCBN. They thrive on it. Being focused on other people's lives, complaining about their own, being bitter over a past incident and general negativity are national past-times. Since life mirrors mind you create a miserable experience by taking steady doses of this mental poison.

I was reminded of GCBN this morning. NBA superstar Lebron James had an off game against the Celtics in the play-offs, putting his Cleveland Cavaliers on the brink of elimination. After wrapping up a phenomenal MVP season you would have thought the man was an arch-villain. He's the greatest thing since sliced bread and the best player on earth one minute, the next he's a bum. Of course Lebron doesn't share the same view of himself and he doesn't get caught up in the negativity. That's why he's at where he's at and the angry, negative masses are living unfulfilled lives. He doesn't thrive on GCBN and they do.


The gossip rags and shows sell. Hours are spent chatting about celebrities' lives because our lives are so empty. We need a filler. Find a definite major purpose. God didn't give you the gift of life so that you might waste it wishing that you were someone else.


Person 1 - "It's just not fair!"

Person 2 - "What's not fair?"

Person 1 - "I don't know, but I'm programmed to say that it's just not fair."

If it happened you caused it on some level, or you consciously chose it. Maybe it was your programming. Doesn't matter. The moment you take ownership of an situation you cease to become a Loser and begin to become a winner.


Stop moaning. The pill ain't too tough to swallow when taken with a dose of humility. It's not about you. Tell your ego to shut up. Whatever situation or person you're bitter at didn't direct itself at you. Don't take it personally, you're not that important in the other person's life. The alleged affront was all about them. It's their karma and it's up to you whether you decide to drink their poison with them or let them do it by themselves.


The average person has a negative mindset. They know what could or will go wrong. When Dr. Vitale mentioned those gatherings we knew what he was talking about. Unless you are spending time with an exceptional person the topic of conversation is not going to be visualization or removing energy blockages.

The remedy? Begin to spend time with exceptional people. Lose or limit the time spent with those who aren't. It's not your responsibility to ruin your life in the name of "duty."

When's the last time you mistakenly took a dose of GCBN? Have you recovered?

How to Have Sexy Legs Without Killing Yourself in the Gym in the Process?

A good variety of individuals are under the impression that the only way to get slender is to spend a lot of time in the health club. Although any great fitness center has a wealth of devices, from nautilus gear to cardio equipment and all in between, these models are certainly not required for somebody who merely wishes to slim down. Presently there are very few ladies out there of which don't wish to have skinny alluring arms and legs- and the very good factor to realize is that individuals questioning how to get thin hip and legs need not proceed to the fitness center.

For people that take pleasure in going to a health club, whether this be due to the fact these people have a exercise buddy that keeps them motivated or they have a personal coach whom they workout with, there's absolutely nothing wrong with this. Those that don't mind spending a lot of funds in order to get a body that they pretty much may have gotten on their own at home are more than allowed to do so. Of course, this doesn't keep true for the people who desire to be body builders or the individuals who genuinely have to have somebody to hold them in check (although one may make use of a personal trainer virtually online, and this is typically more affordable).

Anybody who wants to understand just how to get skinny thighs needs to realize that weights and significant scale gear isn't necessary. These things are necessary for individuals who need carved, extremely toned legs and calves. After all, one cannot develop significant muscle tissues without having the weight added into the mix. Straightforward weight workouts will not create cut hip and legs. The individuals who simply need to know how to get slim legs need to stay to aerobic actions.

Think about that. Whenever an individual takes a look at just about all of the runners and speed walkers and bicyclists out there, these kinds of individuals have lengthy, slim and toned hip and legs. These people didn't just set out to find out exactly how to get thin legs, it just arrived together with the training that these people did in order to turn out to be excellent at their sports activity. But individuals who want to know how to get slim hip and legs need to follow in the footsteps of these kinds of sports athletes and follow some of their training in order to accomplish this objective.

Normally a person doesn't require to be a celebrity sportsperson in order to have thin thighs, but adhering to a program of a very good volume of cardiovascular exercising on a regular basis will put these people on the avenue of how to get thin legs. This will not occur overnight, but one may speed up the method when they include in a fat burner or other fat reduction health supplement into the mix. Combining these things with a reasonably wholesome diet (not strict, but a diet program which is nutritionally well balanced) may make individuals who have wondered how to get thin hip and legs have the attractive stems that they have always desired.

Mickey Mantle - A Sports Hero

Mickey Mantle was born in October 20th 1931 in Spavinaw, Oklahoma. His father Mutt Mantle was a semi-pro baseball player. His father loved baseball and named his son Mickey after the Detroit Tigers catcher Mickey Cochran. From a very early age Mickey played baseball with his father and was taught to be a switch hitter. His childhood was typical of most young boys playing all types of sports. During his high school years in Commerce, Okla. he was an all around athlete and was injured playing baseball. This injury would later develop into osteomelitis that eventually affected his career in major league baseball.

Mantle starting playing for the New York Yankees minor league in 1949 at 18 years old. It was 2 years later in 1951 that he was called up to the majors. Mickey's contract was for $145.00 per week with a $1500.00 sign on bonus. His first year he played right field but eventually replaced the legendary Joe DiMaggio's center field position, who retired after the 1951 season. Mickey's career had a slow start but it was soon apparent that this young ballplayer had a special talent to bring to the game.

Mantle excelled in his career in baseball. He was a member of the New York Yankees from 1949 till his retirement in March 1969 at the age of 38. His 18 years as a major league player was successful with a number of awards and accolades. He led the American league 4 times in home runs, 6 times in runs and once in RBIs. When "The Mick" as he was affectionately known retired he had accumulated a lifetime total of 536 home runs.

Sadly Mickey Mantle was diagnosed with liver cancer, cirrhosis and hepatitis due to his life time of heavy drinking. He received a liver transplant in June 1995 but the cancer had spread. He died on August 13 1995. A career that expanded almost 20 years with so many achievements "The Mick" old # 7 will live on in our memories for years to come.

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How to Organise the Perfect World Cup Party

If you've decided to host a World Cup party, whether for one of the group games, the next round, semi finals or the final itself, then maybe you've got everything planned and organised in advance. Alternatively you might have said that you'll host a party, but not sure where to start.

Here's what you'll need

1. You'll need to make your home a party venue, by rearranging your furniture, moving your TV, and making sure that there's nothing that could get damaged in the room. You'll also want to make sure that your guests are their best behaviour and don't use inappropriate language in front of your children.

2. Having a large TV will make your World Cup party more successful as your guests will be able to see the screen. Even if you don't have a huge TV, you'll want to make sure that everyone in the room can watch in comfort.

3. If you've not got enough space on your sofa, then you'll need to bring your dining chairs into your front room, or ask your guests to bring cushions, so that everyone's got somewhere to sit.

4. It's essential that you have plenty of food, as watching football is hungry work. Whether you have a formal meal, lots of snacks, or ask your guests to contribute food for a buffet, you'll still need to make sure that you don't miss a minute of the action.

5. By having a wide selection of drinks, you might be encouraging your guests to drink too much. Why not ask your guests to bring their own, so that there is no chance of you running out, and that each guest has their favourite drink during the match. You might want to move the fridge into the front room, so that you can have cold drinks without having to go into the kitchen to get them.

6. If you're lucky, then you'll have someone to bring food and drinks so you don't miss any of the action. More likely, you'll have to do it. As well as bringing food, and taking empty plates into the kitchen, you'll have to attend to everyone's needs, making drinks, and ensuring that everyone's got enough food.

7. You'll want to have plenty of friends at your World Cup party, so that you can share the highs and lows of the match with those closest to you.

8. Perhaps you'll have something extra special planned if your team win. Maybe you'll get a special celebration cake, or bottle of champagne.

9. If your friends really are your friends, then they'll be willing to help you clean up afterwards. You'll really appreciate the extra pairs of hands as you move furniture around, sort out the recycling and the rubbish and do the washing up.

10. Whilst you'll want to make sure that everyone enjoys themselves, you'll need to bear in mind that your World Cup party could be very costly indeed. You might want to buy a new TV, as well as make sure that you've got enough food and drink. You might need to organise childcare, or change your shifts around at work. You might need to take a couple of days off to prepare it, and to clean up afterwards.

Now you know what to do and what you need, you'll be able to organise the perfect World Cup party.

Cricket is a Sports Religion in India

Cricket in India comes very naturally to everyone as if it is ingrained in our DNA. The evolution of Cricket in India dates back to the times of English Rule when Britishers ruled the country for over two centuries. Indian learned the game from its rulers and later when India got independent, Cricket lured the Indians and gradually generated a massive fan following.

Today, no other Sports command such an extreme level of attention, commerce and passion as Cricket. It has become a way of people to vent out their feelings and show their emotions unabashedly. Truly, it is remarkable to see how one game can bind the entire nation and evokes the feeling of nationalism.

Winning the World Cup in 1983 was the momentous event in the Indian history and Cricket was firmly rooted in the minds of Indian and its popularity sky rocketed among the Indian audience. Kapil Dev, Gavaskar and Amarnath were become living legends by making the entire nation proud. It had been long that Indians were suppressed and dominated by the powers of the world and this win gave them the rare moment of glory and achievement.

The spark ignited by the Kapil Dev's team spread like a wild fire and soon there was a plethora of cricketing talent all over the country. Indian were blessed that the Cricketing God of this country Master Blaster Sachin Tendulkar has made the phenomenal contribution to the game and made the entire world to respect and admire the Indian talent and calibre for the game.

Tendulkar has been creating milestones since past 19 glorious and shining years of playing Cricket. Today, he is a proud owner of most of the batting records including highest number of centuries and runs in both the Test and One day version of the game.

With the time, Indian Cricket has become associated with the commerce and got completely commercialized. The Cricket has become the highly paid Sports in the country where a Cricket player earns on par with a Bollywood celebrity.

Not only the money, this game generates immense popularity and names like Sachin, Ganguly, Dhoni etc are very common in each house. Discussion about Cricket is a favourite pastime for people in India and every other person seems to have an expert advice of its own.

Overall, this game captivates the Indian psyche and evokes extreme level of fervour among the audience. It is in true sense, a Sports religion of India.

One Year Anniversary Gifts That Break Tradition

While your grandmother may say that one year anniversary gifts must always be paper, this is no longer true for the modern couple. While there are many beautiful paper gifts available for that special couple, it is certainly acceptable to think outside of the box. Finding the ideal gift for a newlywed couple may mean finding something other than the traditional.

Modernists are moving towards clocks as the suitable first anniversary gift for a recently married couple. Many newlyweds are still decorating their new home and would love to have one of the various styles of clocks available. One thing to try to avoid is purchasing a typical alarm clock. If you're being honest, you will realize that an alarm clock does not display a great deal of thought.

Instead, give the newlyweds in your life a glass or silver framed clock for a look that will fit a modern home. Any room could be enhanced by a wall clock, while a clock that rests on a table could be perfect for a bedroom or living room. Not only will this gift help beautify the home, but it will be a constant reminder of your thoughtfulness.

For the couple that loves sports, why not try a clock that displays the logo of their favorite team to make a fun addition to their game room? This is a gift they can definitely use, and they are sure to be impressed with your thoughtfulness. You also get the peace of mind that comes with knowing you are giving a gift that they will love.

If you have trouble getting excited about the idea of giving a clock as a gift, give something that they will actually use. A newlywed couple may appreciate a gift card to pick up those few extra items that they did not receive from their registry. Most couples have to pinch pennies when they are starting out, and they will surely appreciate a little extra funding for their next shopping trip.

A quick Internet search is a great way to find gift ideas for the couple who seems to already have it all. Some people do not need much after receiving wedding gifts, so it can be challenging to find something they would want and use. This is especially true when shopping for a couple who was living together before they got married and already has most of what they need.

Just because a couple is celebrating their first anniversary, you are not required to give them traditional one year anniversary gifts. It is easy to find a great gift for any couple. As long as neither the giver nor recipient is set on following tradition, the only important thing is giving a thoughtful gift that comes from the heart.