Beaver Creek Luxury Hotels

Throughout the year, Beaver Creek, Colorado beckons with the allure of an alpine paradise. During the winter months, snow-capped mountains of the White River National Forest make this a true winter playground. Skiers enjoy challenging ski trails, such as the numerous black diamond runs off of the Grouse Mountain Lift, along with a plethora of wintertime activities. When the snow melts, the lush mountain landscape offers scenic chairlift rides, hiking, biking, horseback riding, and two golf courses- The Red Sky Ranch Club and the Beaver Creek Golf Course. Whatever season or activity Beaver Creek luxury hotels, many located within walking distance of the Centennial Express lift or the horse stables, offer all the comforting amenities to assure that your next vacation is a memorable one.

Beaver Creek's latest catch phrase is: "Beaver Creek- Not Exactly Roughing It". The catch phrase is a good one because Beaver Creek is anything but "rough" and the large selection of luxury hotels reflects that fact.

At the pinnacle of the luxurious pile is the Ritz-Carlton Bachelor Gulch. The Ritz is listed as "#1 Colorado Resort" on Travel + Leisure's "World Best 500 Hotels" for 2010 and Condé Nast Traveler's 2010 Gold List of "World's Best Places to Stay". Upon arrival you will receive at least "5 Good Afternoon Sir/Madams. Welcome to the Ritz-Carlton Bachelor Gulch" before you reach the front desk. Thereafter, all the Staff will know your name for the duration of your stay at the magnificent Ritz. Most people are a little leery of hotel restaurants. Maybe it is because most of them are uninspired, over-bearing, more formal than necessary, expensive for the product, and usually a couple of years behind current food trends. But this seems to be changing probably because Americans just don't go out to dine as much these days. One thing to look for in a quality hotel restaurant is regionally inspired daily specials. This will assure you that there is actually a creative kitchen staff and not just a bunch of cooking monkeys back there. You don't have to worry about the restaurant at the Ritz Carlton Bachelor Gulch because the iconic chef Wolfgang Puck opened a Spago in the Ritz. Spagos features "seasonal American cuisine with Asian influences and Rock Mountain sensibilities." There are no cooking monkeys allowed in this kitchen!

Not to be upstaged, The Osprey is Beaver Creek's newest luxury boutique hotel. The Osprey is noted as "the closest hotel to a chairlift in North America", literally a few steps away from the lap of luxury to the excitement of skiing. The hotel theme is: "where contemporary charm meets luxurious authenticity". The Osprey features amenities such as an outdoor pool and bar, tapas bar and personal concierge. This hotel is a jewel in the RockResorts chain. Founded by Laurence Rockefeller in 1956 and acquired by Vail Resorts in 2001, RockResorts has a history of managing outstanding hotels that respect and enhance the natural beauty of their settings. Their daily practices promote this original vision by celebrating the natural beauty of place and recognizing that the surrounding environment must be protected and preserved for the future enjoyment of potential guests.

So if you are looking to "rough it", Beaver Creek may not be your cup of tea. But if you are looking for luxury, tea is served every afternoon in a number of Beaver Creek luxury hotel lobbies!

Honeymoon - Mauritius

Isolated on a vivacious and exciting tropical atoll in the Indian Ocean with never-ending white sandy beaches and approximately 100 shades of blue in the seas Honeymoon in Mauritius is a pulsating experience. Surrounded with the most magnificent picturesque views - endless of flourishing sugarcane plantations, magical mountains, flowing waterfalls and rainforests edged by coniferous trees, Mauritius is an ideal destination for the romantic couple starting a new life. Mauritius, once the dwelling of the now destroyed dodo is otherwise full of the most astonishing wildlife, together with some brightly hued birds that you can enjoy at the game parks.

Port Louis, the lively and bustling capital with its classy waterfront, and the Mahebourg,the town in vicinity are few of the great places to unwind and get the feel of this enthralling land, a hodgepodge of cultures, rich traditions and celebrations.

If you are fond of adventure, move to Tamarin for surfing; Rodriguez for the most excellent somersaulting activities; Mt Limon and Mt Malartic for mountaineering, the region Port Mathurin for coastal mountain climbing and Caverne Patate for caving. You can also just chill out, relax on the beaches, and get into merrymaking into the teeny weeny hours of the morning on stylish and cool beach resorts like Grand Baie, Mon Choisy, St Francois, Trou aux Biches, Trou d'Argent and Petit Gravier or the less popular region of Pereyebere. With all these attractions Mauritius is sure to attract everyone once again.

Reaching Mauritius
Mauritius is well linked by international air carriers and various shipping corporations. There are numerous shipping companies commuting between Mauritius and Reunion

Best season
Mauritius has usual coastal type of climate and the temperature is moderate. Neither too hot nor too cold. Winter season is from July to September, when comparatively clamminess and warmth are lower and is perhaps the finest time to visit Mauritius.

Monsoon is generally from January to April, when you can stay inside and take pleasure of your honeymoon. For adventure lovers and when the tide is low are between December and March. People who love surfing are suggested to go between June and August while anglers will have more fun at the big game fishing that is on hand from October to April.

There is a very wide range of lodging in Mauritius, and you can make a choice from elite-class lavish hotels to lower priced hotels and boarding houses. It really depends how much you are keen to spend.

4 Top Restaurants in the UK and the Exciting Job Roles That They Can Provide

The Ivy is a hot spot for a number of celebrities who often go there to get spotted by photographers. If you are hoping to become a Chef to the stars then working in a famous restaurant like The Ivy is a great place to start.

This restaurant has been developed from a brilliant concept that allows young people to get some work experience in the Catering industry. It gives young people between the ages of 18 and 24 the chance to prove themselves and develop some of the best skills in the industry.

Fifteen has 4 restaurants in total located in London, Melbourne, Cornwall and Amsterdam. The restaurant is named after the first fifteen inspiring young individuals who were involved with the first project. The Fifteen programme specifically focuses on people who have had a tough start to life and are struggling through various problems. For example the project has helped unemployed, homeless, and drug addicted young people to overcome their fears and build a positive and successful career in food based roles.

The Fifteen restaurant in London is located on Westland place not far from Old Street Station. This particular restaurant offers opportunities to complete a Chef apprenticeship.

Restaurant Nathan Outlaw
This restaurant prides itself on the fact that it sources locally caught seafood. It also looks for high quality produce in the local towns and utilises the special flavours of Cornish food.

This restaurant is quite simply fine dining and encompasses a warm and friendly experience. Nathan Outlaw is on his way to becoming a well known Chef in the media and has made several television appearances showcasing his talent.

The Nathan Outlaw restaurant was ranked at number ten in The Good Food Guide 2010.

The Vineyard
The Vineyard is set in the countryside of Newbury, Berkshire. It has a flawless reputation of delivering stunning food. The current Chef there is Daniel Galmiche who brings the taste of French cooking to the traditional menu.
The Vineyard has one of the best wine selections in the UK. The wine is from Northern California and is sourced from the Vineyards own winery.

People who work in the catering industry, especially in restaurants and bars often have an extensive knowledge of fine wine. Waiters in high quality restaurants must know the wine lists and even which wines go best with which dishes.

Surviving the Winter Holidays, Your Family & Those Darn Fruitcakes

Okay, so be honest with me.

Do you look forward to the winter holidays?

Let's see, there is shopping, eating, decorating, eating, holiday get-togethers, eating, crowded streets and malls, eating, end of year projects, eating, bills, eating, family and EATING!

Let's face it, the winter holidays can be brutal if you don't know how to approach them in a way that keeps you both healthy and sane!

You need a plan.

You can't run away or pretend the holidays don't exist. I've seen holiday decorations up since before Halloween.

So what do you do?

Here are my Top Tips for Making it Through the Holiday Season while Staying Healthy, Happy and Sane!

  1. Create a plan of attack. This goes for gift-giving and holiday entertaining as well as your own personal needs, like fresh air and exercise.
  2. Continue with your normal routines as much as possible. If you can get to bed around the same time, perfect!
  3. Don't neglect yourself! Self-care must be a priority. Showers, adequate sleep and quiet time just for you is not you being selfish.
  4. Exercise! Take a walk if you can't make it to the gym. But if you can escape your house, then the time at the gym will be a better way to relax and rejuvenate yourself.
  5. Don't eat anything and everything that comes in your path. Don't be afraid to say NO!
  6. Holiday cocktails can be enticing and also loaded with calories. If you choose to indulge, plan to drink more water before, during and afterward.
  7. If you know you're heading into a stressful situation, bring a friend. Give yourself a way out if you need it but still find a way to be polite before you make your escape.
  8. Eat before you get to a party if you're concerned that you might overeat. Choose what you really want and then walk away.
  9. Put limits on gifts if you or your budget decide that it's necessary. Don't feel bad, there is life after the holidays.
  10. If you need quiet time to yourself, take it. You don't always have to be a social butterfly.
  11. If you don't want to be the butt of jokes or have unsavory pictures floating around the web, don't put yourself in that position. If you're not proud of it, don't do it.
  12. Have fun above everything else! The holidays come just once a year, so celebrate.
  13. Spend time with your family as long as you can tolerate. Appreciate the time you have with them but graciously excuse yourself if you no longer feel comfortable.
  14. Use the golden rule. Do onto others as you would have them do onto you. This applies to anything, everything and everywhere.
  15. Approach every situation, every person from a viewpoint of gratitude. You are living, breathing and coming into a magical time of year. Holidays or not, there is really a lot to be grateful for.

Presentation Secret - Tell a Story

Tell me a story. Do you remember saying that to your parents when you were a child? Perhaps children have pleaded with you to tell them a story. It's not just children who want to hear stories.

The entertainment industry thrives on telling stories. TV, movies and even sports are about telling stories. Notice the big dollars that the celebrities and stars make. Why? Because we crave stories and we reward our story tellers handsomely. Note the success of Oprah, Steven King and James Cameron.

Story telling has been with us since cave men huddled around a flickering campfire. Imagine the challenge of presenting to a group of hungry, frightened and shivering cave dwellers. Story telling entertained, educated and excited people eons ago and it still enthralls us today.

What does that tell you?

When you tell stories in your presentations you will sell more, persuade more effectively and enjoy greater results from your presentations. You'll also feel better about speaking because story telling is more comforting than giving a speech.

Most of us would rather tell stories than give a speech. Ask someone to choose between telling a story or giving a speech guess what they will pick. While public speaking gets high rating as a fear, story telling does not. If you are nervous about giving a speech work a few stories into your presentation.

Stories in a presentation help you get your message across better Yes, you can and should tell stories in business and sales presentations. One of my clients included stories in his presentation to close a $10 million deal.

I suggest that you follow this simple formula to make stories work for you.

Three elements to an effective story:
1. Conflict - The conflict grabs our attention. Create the setting. Make it vivid.
2. Resolution - We need closure even if the closure is based on hope.
3. Point - Only tell a story to help clarify a point.

It's best to tell a personal story because:
1. You lived it so you don't need to memorize it.
2. It's your story so no one else is likely to tell it.
3. The audience feels privileged when you share a personal experience.

Rehearse and edit the words in your story to include only the details necessary to make your point. Your most difficult task is leaving out some of the details. Your audience doesn't need all the details to get the point. The story is for the audience not for you.

The story doesn't need to be funny. If it is that's a nice bonus.

Like every story teller you are allowed some creative license. It's best if the story is 100% true. But it is more important that the story be believable. Some true stories are not believable. Don't waste your time with those unbelievable tales. Sometimes you might alter some small detail to make the story easier to tell or better illustrate your point.

If the story is so painful that you can't tell it without crying - don't use it - unless you are speaking at a funeral.

Tell stories to better illustrate your point.
Tell stories to be more memorable.
Tell stories to sell more.

The best public speakers are master story tellers. If you want more success when you present - tell stories.

Prep For Success

Success is an expression, not an achievement. It's the end result of a long series of successful events. It comes from having a successful idea to successfully executing step after step. It's called "Preparation" and it's the Doing that gets successful things Done.

Envision Success

Seems almost common sense, doesn't it? But it's amazing how many people actually don't picture what success looks like. If we don't know what it looks like, how will we know when we get there?

The original goal must survive

As we progress forward, typically something else comes along (or someone else throws in their own ideas) and we're no longer on the path we started on. This derailment often ruins everything; and we end blaming everybody or ourselves. The thing is, we didn't stay true to the idea that impassioned us in the first place. That's the main killer of our dreams.

Every little bit helps

The real success is in the details. Every little bit must be a smaller picture of the whole thing. Did you know that if you take a hologram and break it into little pieces, it doesn't show a small piece of the whole picture? It actually shows the whole picture, only smaller (It's neat, check it out sometime). The same must be true of everything we do to support our goal. Each piece must reflect the whole thing; be true to the whole thing.

Plan Z

Things go wrong, because they can. Think through everything that could go wrong and have an idea of what to do if it happens. Don't end with a Plan B either. Plan for Plan B to go wrong, and Plan C... and so on and so on.

Practice, practice, practice

Successful events just don't happen. They arise out of a whole series of events before them. Weddings have rehearsals, presidential candidates go over their speeches; astronauts practice under water. Those are all ways of really preparing for success. They're actually DOING success, but in a smaller way. Rehearsals, don't head towards "Success" without them.

Don't stop

A lot of people actually relax too early, or even stop just before success happens. When you see the finish line, that's the time to "give it all you've got." Winners cross that finish line and celebrate after.

Guru-cise it!


Pick an event that's coming up in the next few days. Keep it simple. Whether its a meeting at the office, or just dinner with friends doesn't matter, just as long as its something you'd like to go well.

Now, visualize it happening in your head... going really really well. Think about how it ends and all the things you accomplished by then. Now OUT LOUD, say some of the things you want to say... ACT OUT some of the things you want to see happen. Then go back and do it again... a couple of times, please. Okay, you rehearsed... now on with the show!

Luxury Hotels on Islands

An island location for luxury hotels always adds an extra special element to a vacation, wherever you are in the world. The Irish, British and Greeks may take island living for granted, but smaller islands, particularly those which can only be accessed by boat, have a sense exclusivity and privacy.

Writers and artists seek out their own inspirational island paradise and millionaires often have their own private island home. The island state of Hawaii, although thousands of miles from anywhere, has turned that inconvenience into an asset and is now a pricey but desirable year-round island destination on everyone's wish list.

Here are a few suggestions for unique hotels which enjoy their own exclusive island location without foregoing any modern day conveniences.

Luxury Hotels in Singapore
The island city-state of Singapore is definitely not a tropical beach island, but rather a high-tech city with a vibrant harbour, known for its shopping, dining, nightlife and five-star hotels. It was claimed by Sir Thomas Stamford Raffles in 1819 as a strategic British trading post and his name lives on in the famous Raffles Hotel, itself a throw-back to the colonial days of the Raj. This luxury hotel in Singapore's City Hall District is home to the Singapore Sling and elegant afternoon tea, which have been enjoyed by royals, celebrities and discerning guests for decades. Luxury hotels on tropical islands don't get much better than this.

Luxury Hotels in Venice
Few people think of luxury hotels in Venice as quiet and restful, but those staying on the island of Giudecca have all the advantages of fabulous views across the bay to St Mark's Basilica from their own peaceful beach chair. After a day of sightseeing in this historic but packed city, the Cipriani is the perfect place to escape to and enjoy the sunset. Once guests step on the luxury hotel's private launch, they are just four minutes away from this island paradise, the perfect way to enjoy Venice from a distance.

Luxury Hotels in the Maldives
For those who want a true Robinson Crusoe island, the white sandy beaches of the Maldives are hard to beat. Although most of the 1199 coral islands are uninhabited, this Indian Ocean destination is popular for relaxing beach and diving holidays. If you want a five star beach hut, there is a choice of luxury hotels in the Maldives, including the Four Seasons at Kuda Huraa on North Male atoll. Thatched beach bungalows and stilted water villas overlook the clear aquamarine waters. Popular with honeymooners and couples, this is a true tropical island experience with a "no shoes, no shirt, no problems" atmosphere.

Bollywood Backs on Badmaash Company

What does Badmaash Company brings to the plate? Does it serve the purpose? What has the name got to do with the movie? Yep! All these arise when you see the trailer of this movie. Badmaash Company is decent in the sense that it connects well to the youth of today as the story talks on the lines which will definitely relate to the adolescents. Shahid Kapoor is zooming ahead and soaring if not with his movies but at least with his performances in the world of Bollywood.

The story focuses on four friends who dream about making it big and earning tons of money. And they all have one thing in common. They all want the good life fast, any which way, and don't mind breaking a few rules here and there. No nine to five stiff-collared jobs for this Badmaash Company who may have been brought up with middle class values, yet they couldn't care less before dumping them in the nearest trash can. They want to gain riches by conning and no hard work, smart work rather working aint the thing for them. Money they want and that too at the easiest way possible. They want to live a lavish life just by conning and using there intellect in front of less intellectual ones. Badmaash Company promises to be different than other Bollywood movies based on conning.

Well, the story looks hunky-dory nothing great about it but what's good and alluring is the camaraderie shared by the actors on screen. Shahid as always gives a good attempt as his co star Anushka Sharma looked fabulous throughout the movie. Her charming look did create some pulsating milieu throughout the movie. Talking about Vir Das, he was exemplary in his role and he really tickles your funny bone throughout the movie. Meiyang Chang! Yes...what started off with crooning soon turned into acting for him. Chang was seen in the Indian Premiere League anchoring with the many celebrated commentators too. He does a commendable act in the movie. It seems Meiyang Chang has made his presence felt in Bollywood for sure.

The sets and location of the movie is typical Yash Raj style ie. Sleek. The panache and élan seen in Badmaash Company is just what the doctor ordered, with locations from Mumbai to Bangkok. Riveting scenes between the lead Shahid and Anushka makes the movie more like it.

The music of Badmaash Company didn't gain so much prominence as it should have, but it has been heard off. Pritam has done a better job than this in his earlier movies so, a bit disappointing. Talking about the cinematography Sanjay Kapoor has done well to capture the middle-class Mumbai with credibility, though goes touristy with Manhattan. Although the story becomes predictable in most of the movie but it has its own share of fun n frolic.

However, the message that debutant director Parmeet Sethi has tried to pass on to the new generation is that, hardwork has no substitute and the road to success is not a shortcut one, but it is always hard work that pays, at the end of the day. Conning wont take you ahead in life but it's by burning the midnight oil one earns a living. Only time will tell does the message really reach out to the youngsters. Shahid Kapoor desperately needs a HIT to stay in the competitive world of Bollywood.

What to Expect at the Eastern States 20 Miler

I ran the Eastern States 20 Miler in 2007. Temperatures were in the low to mid 40s with a slight but negligible headwind. Here are my experiences so that if you are going to run this race, you will know what to expect.

First off, I really enjoyed this race. They do a lot of things right, despite a few difficulties here and there. The course has a few small hills early on and one late in the course, but it is basically flat the entire way. There are a few trestle bridges over the first few miles that are difficult to run across, and late in the race traffic is very close when crossing another bridge. Quite a bit of the course has a steep camber, but a few places have a bit of a shoulder that you can run on instead of the road.

The race has some amazing views along the way. A lot of the race goes through some neighborhoods, but there are plenty of ocean views as you get along. The entire race is along the coastline, the closer to Massachusetts that you get, the more ocean that you can see as you are running.

There is a lot of police support at intersections, and a good amount of volunteer support. There are a half dozen water stops or so. Everybody that I met was exceedingly nice, from the race directors to the volunteers to the other runners. Even the traffic (which is at your back for the vast majority of the race) seemed courteous.

Unfortunately, the mile splits were difficult to find and easy to miss. In many cases, they were very obviously inaccurate, which leads me to believe that they were off in quite a few places. I think that they really need to make an effort in the future to make them more prominent and better measured.

The addition of the half-marathon worked out really well, because there was always somebody to chase. There was 5 minutes between myself and the guy in front of me, but I had plenty of people to chase down once I caught up to the tail-end of the half marathon. In fact, for whatever reason, it took me about 20 minutes to remember that there was a half-marathon; I had been marvelling at the large number of recreational runners.

The race does make for a very long day. The shuttles and the baggage buses are very well run and efficient, but the shuttles stop running to the start line at 9:00 (supposedly). This means that you need to wait around for a few hours until the start of the race. The race started a few minutes late, and not surprisingly the awards were a few minutes late as well. Not as late as some races that I have been to, however. The spread on the finish line was excellent. The post race celebration was at the Ashworth Hotel, and there was plenty of soup, bananas, pizza and rolls to munch on.

I am glad that I made the time to run this year, as it has not fit into my training schedule for the last few years. Hopefully at some point in the next few years I will find a late Spring or early Summer marathon to run, so that I can try to concentrate on this race and go for a win. I had a lot of fun, which is one of the more important aspects of racing.

The 5 Biggest Business English Mistakes

"I am going in the nature!" said the rather large Czech business man sat in front of me. He must have noticed my face drop as I tried to push images of this man naked quickly from my mind. However, it just went to show how the simplest of directly translated phrases can cause panic, misunderstanding and even offence. All that this Friday afternoon 1:1 student was trying to tell me was that he would be spending the weekend at his country cottage in the countryside. Innocent enough, but as his teacher I had a duty to correct him. His face went red a little later when I explained...

To try and save you from similar embarrassment when using English for business, we have put together our top 5 possible gaffs to spare you executive blushing. The spirit of this is to prevent you from making the same mistakes, but also to celebrate just how damn funny it can be teaching English as a foreign language. Whilst we always employ the utmost professional respect for our clients and never want them to feel offended or humiliated, we feel it is a healthy and positive approach to their learning to laugh sometimes, as long as we take care to share the joke with them! We must also retain humility that they are so capable of speaking our own quirky language whilst we would struggle to start to learn theirs.

1 It's the same!

Well, no. Actually, it's not the same. THAT's the problem. Spanish and Italian speakers have an expression that means: "I don't mind" but translates directly as "for me, it is the same". Whilst this causes more confusion rather than shame, to a native English speaker it means "it is identical".it's an easy one to remember but a hard one to stop using once you start!

2 The English kitchen

I wish I had a pound (or even a Euro) for every time a German client has asked: "So Peter, how is your kitchen?" At first I was rather flattered, but then perplexed as I asked myself how they knew that I had recently spent a whole week re-fitting my kitchen units, cooker and sink. Did I still have tile grout or paint in my hair? But,no. Again we were victims of a direct translation with the Germans having the same word for cooking or cuisine and the very room they do this in; kitchen.

3 Enjoy your meal!

British cooking has improved so much over the last 15 years. However, I don't think there is any foreigner who travels to the UK with the sole objective of sampling the food! Unsurprising then that we don't have an English equivalent to "Bon appétit", in fact, for all our national pride, we would naturally use this French expression when wishing our fellow diners well before eating. "Enjoy your meal" is usually only used by the waiter or waitress...

4 Are all Germans rude?

Well, of course they are not, except when they are recapping recent Anglo-German international football history. However, one important thing must be noted here. The German language does not trouble itself with all the complicated structures that the English use to try and be 100% "polite" 24 / 7. So whilst an English person may be thinking: "How long is this big idiot going to be standing blocking the door? For God's sake!" he is more likely to carefully say:

"I'm terribly sorry, but would you possibly mind moving aside for a moment? I'm afraid that I need to come through".

As a consequence, especially with a lower level learner, this might come out simply as: "Move please." When each word is said with falling intonation, the native speaking listener will react at a gut or emotional level. So Germans! Just do some work on appropriate sentence stress and intonation patterns and you will able to avoid upsetting the over sensitive English.

5 Avoid swear words

You might have heard native speaking colleagues using some interesting sounding words or expressions in anger or frustration in similar social or professional situations, but experience tells me that you should never be tempted to adopt these in to your active repertoire. It is very difficult to judge, even in your own native language, how far you can go when using taboo or strong language with colleagues, business acquaintances, clients or guests. I have seen previously popular and well respected business people, immediately lose credibility and even offend when experimenting with authentically colorful "real" English. If it's appropriate, let the other guy kick it off, and even then I would proceed with extreme caution.

It's hard to monitor exactly the impression that you are making when speaking a foreign language. If in doubt, ask yourself: "How would my mother react if I said this out loud at a family function". I find it focuses the mind! If this doesn't get you thinking, spare a thought for the visiting Japanese executive who greeted the UK CEO of his key corporate customer with a confidently delivered:

"Your wife. She bloody lovely"...

So the message is clear, just knowing about these classic mistakes can help you to avoid making such errors. However, by committing such blunders you will almost certainly harm your credibility in front of those you are really trying to impress.

Using Public Records For Genealogy

A recent trend that many people are not only finding a passionate hobby but also a rewarding family experience is Genealogy. Genealogy is the act of tracing your family line back generations to find out about where one came from. One of the most critical tools in helping is public records. Many states have access to public records including marriage licenses, birth certificates, death certificates, land deeds, census records and even divorce certificates!

These records prove extremely important when tracing back ones family history, without them there would be no way to know how many children there were, where they lived etc. Public records are easily accessible and can be the difference of searching for a needle in a haystack and finding the perfect path of your ancestry. Many people wonder what the importance of genealogy is, but it is like the old adage says, you really don't know who you are till you know where you came from.

The sudden surge in popularity of genealogy is apparent with the hit new TV show that follows celebrities who are tracing back their family history. Finding out exciting things such as your great grandfather was a famous horse thief, or a civil war hero can be a rewarding and family building experience. You may be wondering where to get public records? While there are many options, because of the technology today there is no need to scour a libraries microfilm, just fire up your computer and hop online! Usually a quick search can provide the public records you need to begin your family search. So find out your heritage today, and find out why genealogy is the latest craze!

Gift Baskets Are For Everyone! Send and Enjoy

Gift Baskets

I have received gift baskets a few times over my life. My daughter is so good about sending flowers on mothers day and often at Christmas. There are so many occasions that gift baskets are appreciated by those you send them to. Did you know that Mothers day isn't the only time you can send a basket?Fathers appreciate baskets too!

Baskets can include cookies, candies, flowers, cups and more. They are made to suit the occasion. Why choose a basket over another type of gift? One of the main reasons is that you can order it, online, and have it delivered.

Convenient for you and fun for the recipient to open the door and have a beautiful gift handed to them. Another reason is that they are specially made. Baskets are themed for women, men, children or babies. Showing the bright reds and greens for Christmas, or a mug with a fish on it for the man who loves to fish. Gift baskets are designed by artists, who carefully choose the items that are included in each basket. Baskets come in a variety of sizes and prices. They can be delivered all over North America. Save your feet and fuel and have someone else do the work for you. Enjoy the time saving convenience of ordering a basket and having it delivered.

For the shut in, for everyone who celebrates a birthday, for that special person who is in hospital or just to express your love to sending an "thank you" to your employees, there is a gift basket for everyone.

Increase ROI With Promotional Koozies

Promotional koozies are the perfect, low cost promotional merchandise to increase your company's ROI during any economic climate.

What is Promotional Merchandise?

Promotional merchandise refers to products that are branded with a logo and used in marketing and communication programs. This branded merchandise is given away to promote a company, corporate image, brand, or event. These items are usually imprinted with a company's name, logo or slogan, and given away at trade shows, conferences, and as part of guerrilla marketing campaigns.

Exchanging Gifts in the Corporate World

Throughout the history of man, the exchanging of gifts has been a common practice, from showing one's appreciation to celebrating a special event.
By the late 20th century, the corporate world discovered the benefits to be had by giving gifts to potential and existing customers.

Benefits of Promotional Merchandise

There are numerous benefits to integrating the use of promotional merchandise into your company's marketing and/or communications strategy.

1. Keep your business in the forefront of people's minds - During a company event, distribute branded koozies to those in attendance. Not only does this reinforce your brand while they're enjoying their beverages, but once they leave, they can utilize this functional promotional item to keep their drinks cold at home. Every time a potential or existing customer uses a koozie to keep their beverage cool, they'll be starting your logo in the face.

2. Bigger reach for less investment - By distributing hundreds or thousands of koozies to potential and existing customers, you're getting much more bang for your buck since the effects are lasting. If you purchase a one-time radio advertisement, once it's played it's over. However, if you distribute koozies, not only is your company's logo and slogan in front of numerous eyes, but this effect snowballs as the koozies are used more and more. It's no doubt that your Return on Investment is maximized when using koozies as a promotional item.

3. Improve your business image - It's no secret that people enjoy being given gifts and feel thankful upon receipt. By giving away branded koozies, you have spent little cash but are perceived as generous, along with other positive feelings that the receiver will associate with your company. Also, people are more likely to buy from and return to a company who has given them something for free... If it's a tossup between you and your competitor, you can rest assured that you'll be chosen.

In light of the low cost and substantial benefits that promotional koozies can bring to your company, utilizing these can coolers as part of your marketing and communications strategies is sure to have a positive effect on your company's ROI.

Credit Card Debt - Some Walk Away From Card Debt When Congress Fails to Change 40 Year Old Law

A few people with massive credit card debt are celebrating congressional inaction on a 40 year old law which allows consumers to walk away from card debt after sending appropriate letters to card companies or debt collection firms. This nearly secret federal law has come into very limited limelight again after the Federal Trade Commission used cartoonists to illustrate how this system works.

You would think millions of people would be using this nearly antique law to end their card debt problems especially during this depression but it appears that only a hand full of people are even aware of its existence and even fewer realize the power they can exert over card companies and debt collectors.

With card interest rates at a criminal 30% and one in six people delinquent on their accounts why aren't the servers smoking at the FTC website with people downloading the cure for their debt problems? The answer is there is no commercial gain for the dissemination of this information. It just exists and sits there waiting for someone to find it accidentally.

The only person that stands to make any money by using the information is the poor cardholder who has become the property of a card company or a collection agency if they are unable to pay the credit card account and you can bet the farm that neither is going to give the keys to their money machine to the poor guy that's playing their bills.

Can you imagine the uproar a headline on the Wall Street Journal or New York Times that said "new information company reveals secret to beating credit card debt for free" would create? You'll not see it happen because you can't make any money giving away something that's already free.

Card companies and collection agencies are in no danger whatsoever from this knowledge becoming public so no lobbyist will be paid any money to get Congress to repeal the 40 year old law that sits there gathering dust.

There is one small ray of hope for delinquent cardholders that might help them stumble upon the extremely valuable information. The website was just recently upgraded to include cartoons explaining the rights people have when claims are made that money is owed.

Only some highlights are covered with little detail on how to defeat a collector at his own game are given leaving the individual to dig deeper for answers on walking away from credit card debt legally morally and ethically. Perhaps a kid will understand the cartoons and make a fortune explaining it to those with big debt problems. Stranger things have happened.

Using Event Insurance Services Will Save You Time Finding the Right Policy

Event insurance services are usually provided by insurance companies. They can have a wide specialization that includes all sorts of insurances, or their services can be limited to the variations of even public liability insurance. In any case, it is highly recommended to contact at least a few companies in order to have an idea abut the general terms, conditions and prices on the market.

Event insurance is needed in case you are going to arrange a special event in order to advertise your company or celebrate its jubilee. Special events include shows, fairs, concerts, dances, parties, picnics, festivals, sporting events, meetings, exhibitions, presentations and so on.

Event insurance services are needed for protection against a possible lawsuit in case a person gets injured due to an accident in your place of business. A lawsuit is the last thing a business owner wants for his or her company, and if you cannot prevent an accident, it is possible to prevent the consequences of it. In most cases the reaction of an injured person would be to call their lawyer: this is a reality of the contemporary world of business. You are legally liable for all sorts of damages that take place in your place of business during the event, and it means that you will have to pay medical expenses of the third party.

Using the event insurance services, you will have coverage not only for these medical bills, but also for the legal fees if you are obliged to visit a court.

It is important to keep on mind that different insurance companies offer different insurance services. For example, you can be offered the help of a specialist in going through a list of questions in order to determine the minimal and maximal amount you will need. These questions include the information about the type of business you are running, the sort of event yo are going to throw, the number of invited guests, approximate number of all the attendees, your staff members' working experience and so on.

Some event insurance services are offered online, so you have an opportunity to calculate the approximate amount yourself. Also, it is recommended to explore the opportunity of the insurance companies online: most of them have websites where you can find out about their terms, prices, range of services and experience in this particular field.

Insurance services of this sort usually include providing coverage for the exhibitors, exhibited goods, all the attendees, employees, hired personnel, a building where the event takes place and so on. If it is a trade show, the cost of the insurance might depend on the nature of the exhibited products. Of course, if you display books, or carpets, or soft toys, the probability of an accident is lower, that is why the premium cost will be lower as well.

Event insurance services will cost more in case your exhibited goods might be potentially dangerous (knives, guns, explosives, saws, hammers and even something as innocent as scented candles). That is why consider all the probabilities and get exactly what you count on.

Tips on Taking Good Care of a Leather Hat

Perhaps nothing beats the timeless elegance of a black leather hat when it comes to the perfect fashion accessory. It can pair up with various types of wardrobe and it always stay in vogue. As a matter of fact, leather hat can be used for several functions apart acting only as a fashion accessory to complete your look. On the one hand, it can be used to protect your face and head from strong heat of the sun. On the other hand, it is a useful tool to cover your hair if you have a bad hair cut.

Among the various types of leather hats, the black leather one is perhaps the most prevalent. With a prominent and distinguished charm, you can find sport it wearing either by famous celebrities walking with proudness on the red carpet event or by cowboy working hard. It truly makes an exceptional fashion statement, as a result, it is suggested that you go and pick a suitable one to complete your look. Before purchasing, it is suggested enough care should be employed in the purchasing process. With a classic leather hat on your head, you would definitely be the focus of attention.

The first and foremost thing to bear in mind while taking care of leather hat is to clean it using proper measures. Do not use heat to dry your hat once it gets wet. The best way is to let it dry naturally. These hats are available in various types, including suede leather, nubuck leather, smooth leather, etc. Suede and nubuck leather should be brushed with soft brushes, while smooth leather can be wiped with a damp cloth.

Importance of Having Dedication When it Comes to Your Fitness Training Program

Champion body builders are those few muscled physique fanatics who endeavor to push their training to the outer limits and who accept nothing and nothing but the very best from themselves. Yet over and again these select individuals have consistently proved that all it takes to get to the champions platform is not just luck, genetics or spontaneous outbursts. Rather body building success only attaches itself to one isolated point of training, and that is discipline.

An absolute and unwavering dedication to a training program that is not only consistent but also persistent in moving from one level to another, is what we call discipline. Discipline is the utmost prominence of the implementation of a resolution and or conviction irrespective of circumstantial factors.

Truth be told, inconsistent body building workouts with an indifferent attitude can only produce marginal and unpredictable muscle gains. Shuffling aimlessly from one exercise equipment to the other, while glancing at the watch after very lazily rep, is more of a hypocritical engagement than it is a body building session. If a body building session comes up the daily schedule and the individual rushes to get it over with so that he or she can go watch TV, then this can only be called a waste of time and effort. Half-hearted training sessions that abscond from intensity not only deliver minimal results but also make it possible for a body builder to miss out on training frequently without remorse.

Champions move very quickly and purposefully on the gym floor like dynamos bearing expressions that welcome intensity and challenges. Their giant physiques therefore only reflect this intensity and commitment. Simply put, discipline is demonstrated as the essential and even mandatory component of a body building program that separates the awesome physiques from the mediocre sissies. When discipline is taken forgranted, diet regimes are frequently broken, training sessions are missed and exercises are routinely done without a care to effectiveness.

The absolute cannon of discipline is not sacrificial efforts, self denial and forceful obedience to punishing routines. Discipline doesn't deserve these negative connotations ascribed to it by most people. Rather it is the pleasurable rigidity of pursuing a cherished goal. In body building, it reigns as an immensely cardinal variable to success of building phenomenal physiques. It starts with a positive mentality based on a firm resolve and realization that a particular course must be taken despite the prevailing feelings and influences.

Instead of making body building a pain to be borne, discipline makes body building a moment of jubilation, celebrating what the body can be stimulated to do. Exercising discipline means controlling the mindset and prompting the positive inner voice to pursue a predetermined goal. With sufficient motivation and disciplined consistency, half the amount of effort used by complacent body builders yields five times the effect. This explains why some people literary lives in the gym and remains static while others gain star qualities months after discovering the fun of bodybuilding. The cannon of discipline is therefore in the mind not the physique.

Easter Preschool Activities

Easter is a joyous time of year, no matter what your religious persuasion may be. Christians celebrate the Resurrection; Judaism has Passover and the non-religious just really love the Spring! Fantastic! The kids? Heck - they love the little bunnies and chickies and Easter eggs and peeps! Here are a few great little ideas for Easter preschool activities.

Fingerprinted Easter Eggs is such a fun twist on the old stand-by! Hard boil some eggs and dye them with a very light base color to have ready for the kids. Using tempura paints, have the kids dip their fingers into the different colors to form different designs on the eggs with their finger-painting skills.

Bunny Rabbit Ears are always a winner. Cut strips of construction paper long enough to wrap around the preschooler's heads. Print out bunny ears and let the kids color them. Tape the ears on the headbands, tape the headbands closed around the kids' heads.

Paper Bag Bunnies can be made by printing out ears and various shapes for arms, eyes, nose and mouth - cheeks, too, if you want. Glue everything to the paper bags to create bunnies as the kids imagine them to be.

Easter Hands Wreaths are so very fun! Use regular printer paper or butcher paper cut into squares. Trace handprints of the kids or use finger-paint to paint the handprints. Form a circle with the handprints on the piece of paper to make a wreath.

Easter Crosses are created by cutting different colored tissue paper or construction paper into different shapes and sizes and gluing them onto a cross template. The more variety, the more fun they can be!

Jelly Bean Color Match - Take an empty egg carton and color the bottom of the holes in different colors. Have the kids grab a bunch of colored jellybeans and drop them into the appropriate holes.

Coloring Pages - Have the kids color bunnies, chickies, crosses, etc.

Plants and Animals - Plant some Easter Lilies; help caterpillars become butterflies; grow some baby chicks or take care of some live bunnies.

Songs - Songs like "Here Comes Peter Cottontail", "Easter Bonnet", or some religious based songs for the season can be taught to the children.

Mystery Egg - Send a letter and a large plastic egg home with the children. In the letter explain to the parents that you will be playing a game with the children and the eggs. Have the family put something small into the eggs, write down some clues on what is inside, and the kids guess what's inside each other's eggs the next day in school.

Whatever your reason for enjoying the Easter season, you will be able to create something fun to do as an activity with your preschoolers!

2009 Was a Tough Year For Mazda

Since 2000, Mazda has become synonymous with the phrase Zoom-Zoom to describe what it calls the emotion of motion. After its initial use in a North American marketing campaign, the catchy phase has become a long lasting success around the globe. Zoom-Zoom reflects the automaker's goal to deliver an invigorating spirit, quality craftsmanship, and fun-to-drive experience to its valued customers.

Mazda Performance in 2009

1) Revenue

Globally, the auto industry struggled during 2009. It was a tough year for Mazda. Sales revenue and profit levels suffered. Even though December 2009 indicated signs of recovery for the Japanese automaker, the annual figures showed losses from the prior year of 2008. Stock prices also fell as a result of revenue losses. Another contributing factor was the disintegration of a 30-year Ford-Mazda partnership, with fewer joint projects for product development.

2) Most Popular Model

Celebrating 20 years of success, the MX-5 (also known as Miata or Roadster), is the best selling sports car in the world. The two-seater boosts precise steering and handling, low base price, economical operation, and choice of a soft or hard top. New features include the power retractable hard top and heated seats with 5-temperature settings. Collision safety was also improved with an advanced impact system specifically designed for convertibles.

3) New Launch

A 5-door hatchback, a newer version of Mazda-3, was launched. The hatchback has similar characteristics to the 4-door sedan which include a dynamic design, with optimum environmental and safety performance.

4) Electric Vehicle Development

Mazda has postponed electric vehicle development until battery technology improves. The high cost of the project is a deterrent. In the meantime, the Japanese automaker will focus instead on other fuel saving methods.

5) Worst Selling Model

The RX-8, powered by a rotary engine, was the most expensive and slowest selling model.

Goa - A Perfect Holiday Destination

Goa is one of the most ideal holiday destinations in India. Well-known for its sandy and exotic blue beaches, places of worship and world heritage architecture, it allures a large number of international and domestic tourists each year. Whether you plan an adventure holiday, a nature sight-seeing, a honeymoon trip or a routine vacation, Goa is the perfect place for all.

Goa is a tiny state on the western seaboard of India and can be visited all through the year. In the winter time, foreign tourists come to Goa to enjoy the splendid climate while in the summer time which is a rainy season in Goa; tourists from across India come to enjoy the summer break.

The picturesque beaches are the most favored destinations for the tourists and newlywed couples where the sun, sand and sea blend into crystal turquoise waters. Some of the famous beaches in Goa are Calangute, Baga, Anjuna, Candolim, Benaulim, Palolem, Agonda, Colva, Vagator and Verca. You can enjoy a variety of water sports such as wind surfing, water skiing, sailing, water scooters, and dolphin spotting cruises at the various beach side destinations of Goa.

Next to beaches, the most visited tourist attractions in Goa are the churches which are famous for their exceptional and exemplary Christian architecture. Some of the popular churches are Basilica of Bom Jesus, Se Cathedral, Convent & Church of St. Francis of Assisi, Mary Immaculate Conception, The Church of St. Alex-Curtorim, Church of St. Augustine and St. Paul Church.

A visit to ancient Hindu temples in Goa fills you with the feelings of spirituality, purity and holiness. People from all over the world visit Goa to see these majestic temples. A few major temples are Shri Bhagwati Temple, Rudreshwar Temple, Shri Mahadeo Bhumika, Brahma Temple, Shri Chandranath Temple, Shri Damodar Temple, Shri Devaki Krishna Ravalnath Temple, Shri Vitthal Mandir, Shri Mahalaxmi Temple and Tapobhoomi.

The museums in Goa well preserve the heritage and culture of the state and serve as treasure houses for both traditional as well as modern arts and crafts. Some of the important museums of Goa are Archaeological Museum, Museum of Goa, Daman & Diu and Institute Menezes Braganza.

There are plenty of places to shop in Goa and the markets are fun to visit. Lots of Flea-Street Markets are located by the side of the beaches, all across Goa where you can shop for a variety of things. Anjuna Market, Mapusa Market, Tibetan Markets, Ponda Market and Ingo's Saturday Night Market are some of the famous Flea-Street Markets.

A major attraction for the tourists is the spice plantation of Goa. Here you can explore the fields and the farms. Fantastic aromatic species are produced by using organic methods of cultivation and farming.
Some other popular tourist destinations in Goa are Alorna Fort, Arvalam waterfalls, Boca De Vaca Spring, Carambolim Lake, Dudhsagar Waterfall, Fort Aguada, Goa State Museum, Madei Wildlife Sanctuary, Bondla Wildlife Sanctuary, Naval Aviation Museum, Patto Bridge, the Zuari Bridge, Vintage Car Museum, Wax World Museum and many other clubs, casinos, and art galleries.

Goa is truly a land of fun and frolic. Celebrations, festivals, colors and late night parties will keep you sunken.

So, next time when you plan a holiday in Goa and would like to opt for a cheap holiday package in Goa, please get in touch with us. We offer customized holiday packages for Goa at the most cost-effective prices and put in every effort to make your trip a life time experience.

The Queen of Hearts Returns to Berlin

Once upon a time there was a beautiful princess who married her prince charming, became a queen and loved by her people. Although two centuries have passed since Louise Queen of Prussia died, she remains what is called today a superstar. Her glamorous popularity is very similar to that of Princess Diana or the Austrian Empress Sissy. Berlin loved Louisa, as did the entire German-speaking Europe. Exactly, 200 years after her death, Berlin marks the event in exhibitions and festivals.

The non-conformist Princess and the lackeys.

In 1793, she had a pre-arranged date with Prussia's Crown Prince Frederick William (Friedrich Wilhelm). The prince fell in love with her and the two got married that same year. Frederick William's brother, Louis (Ludwig), married Frederike, Louise's sister, and it helped Louise perform a "soft landing" in the Prussian court. The pretty princess quickly gained the admiration of her subjects.

When Louise came to Berlin, so the legend says, she was greeted by a girl dressed in white who gave her a bunch of flowers. It touched the princess' heart, and she lifted the girl and kissed her, in contrast to the strict Prussian rules. The crowds of Berliners loved this loose behavior, but not the "lackeys" who argued that this was not a proper behavior of the future queen. Fuel was added to the fire by a sculpture created by the celebrated sculptor Gottfried Schadow, which depicted Luise and her sister in a way that seemed erotic. The statue terrified even the Crown Prince, who ordered to hide it from the public.

However, Louise continued her nonconformity over the coming years, and gained an immense popularity in the Prussian public, as much as Diana Princess of Wales two centuries later.

Leading the struggle against Napoleon

When Friedrich Wilhelm (Frederick William) came to the throne, he started consulting with his wife about running the kingdom. Louisa was eminent t in foreign policy. Friedrich Wilhelm the 3rd was a pacifist and indecisive ruler, but all his efforts to conduct a policy of neutrality and peace, and maneuver his medium sized country between the major powers Russia, Austria and France, were unsuccessful. The queen played a key role in changing the attitude of the Prussian monarchy into a struggle against Napoleon and his allies.

The Emperor and the Queen

Louise felt a contempt for Napoleon and saw him as just upstart. The french ruler was aware of the influence of Queen Louise on her husband, but mocked her, calling her "an Amazon". After Napoleon defeated Prussia in 1806 in Jena and Auerstadt, the royal family fled to Koenigsberg, on the far eastern part of their kingdom and lived there in harsh and humiliating conditions.

July 1807 Luise tried to convince Napoleon, in a private conversation in Tilsit to moderate his policy toward defeated Prussia. Napoleon rejected it, causing Louisa to radicalize her position. Now, she called her people to take a patriotic stand and challenge Napoleon.

The Amazon's vengeance

At the end of 1809 the royal family could return to Berlin, although Prussia was still under the patronage of France. However, the tense situation weighed greatly on Louisa's health. July 19 1810 the queen died of pneumonia in the arms of her husband. An autopsy revealed a tumor which weighed on her heart. And so came to the world the myth that Louise died of a broken heart. This story also contributed to the nickname that granted to her after her death: the German Queen of Heart. Germany's greatest poets devoted their poems to the "Queen of Hearts."

Louisa was only 34 years old when she died. She did not live to enjoy her husband's victory over Napoleon. However, the old Prussian field marshal Gebhard von Bluecher, said on 30 March 1814, while overlooking defeated Paris from the top of Montmartre: "Louise got her revenge."

And now a few words about the events of Louise's year in Berlin and its vicinity, for those who plan to visit the city..

Nature, water and art

The Havel river's Peacocks Island (Pfaueninsel) on the western edge of Berlin, is the site of a combination of nature, water and art called "the queen's inner world." This event will end on October 31, 2010

A beautiful nature reserve today, the Peacocks' Island was one of my favorite places on the Prussian royal family. Well-known artists from around the world incorporated Louisa's personality with the atmosphere and landscape, and guests may watch the results by walking along a route with 18 stations. For the first time, visitors are permitted to enter parts of the park, which were so far closed to the public.

Louise's many faces

The second event is going to end as early as May 30. That is the exhibition "Louise, life and myth of the Queen" in Charlottenburg Palace. The palace curators put an emphasis on the queen's many faces: beautiful woman, bourgeois wife, political activist, philosopher, tough ruler, martyr, pioneer of German nationalism. Visitors meet the Queen at the palace rooms. At the foyer, the controversial sculpture of Louise and her sister is presented.

More than 350 paintings, sculptures, drawings and documents, including masterpieces by Karl Friedrich Schinkel, Johann Christian Schadow and Gottfried Daniel Rauch, are shown in the "new flank" of the palace. They make it easier to get acquainted with the queen.

The grave

The mausoleum in Charlottenburg Palace park, where Louise is buried, also attracts visitors. Louisa's sarcophagus was cleaned and renovated professionally this year. For the first time since 1814 the mausoleum crypt is open to the public. An impressive marble portrait statue of Luise, created by Christian Daniel Rauch, is also worth seeing there.

Other highlights are a residential apartment of Louise, restored almost authentically, with real belongings of the queen from the years 1800 and 1810. 90 percent of the furniture are original, and there are also hand-painted silk rugs.

These rooms in the southern part of the new wing had been renovated in 1796-1797 to serve as a winter residence of King Friedrich Wilhelm 2, Luise's father in law. The king died before the completion of the renovation work, and Louise took advantage of the place while she was staying in Charlottenburg.

Louisa Queen of Heart

Finally, an exhibition held in Potsdam, near Berlin. The Potsdam Film Museum (Address: Breite Strasse 1A) presents the "Queen of Heart Louise" exhibition until 24 October 2010.

This special exhibition is accompanied by documentaries and fiction movies. In 1913 the first film ever about Luise was released. She is depicted there as a patriotic angel. From then on, the German audience has seen lots of Luise movies. Her image changed according to the political regime that prevailed at the time. During the Weimar Republic, the German movie studios produced six films about the queen - once as a maternal figure, another time as a positive leader who led her people out of their great distress. The first color film about Luise was screened at the end of the Second World War in theaters that survived by bombings. West Germany's young film industry which emerged in the postwar years, presented Louise as a reformer. Communist East German cinema described her, on the other hand, as a feministic character.

Germany's film and television cannot escape Louise even today. At the exhibition, one may see the costumes and requisites of Luise's movies, past and present, including almost all the costumes of the last movie which was called, unsurprisingly, "Louise Queen of Heart." You may find a lot of information about traveling to Berlin in my web site. Click here to visit there.

Planning A Wedding On A Tight Budget

In my consulting experience l have often seen two loving would be couples hold their wedding plan without doing anything about it all because they lack the financial resources to bring about their dream wedding to pass and get life kicking in the right direction, the reason is not far fetched, when there is not enough money, you seem incapacitated, but there is a way out and that way out is what we are looking at in this article, you can actually plan your wedding on a tight budget, it is possible and you can still celebrate your dream wedding on what you already have instead of borrowing to get it done, now, lets get down to business in a new fashion.

Now if you want to get married, and you lack the financial strength to throw a nice and big party, do you really think money is the problem? l don't think so either. Money shouldn't be your set back in planning your wedding. All you need is a little clever approach that is enough to start planning a wedding on a tight budget. The importance of of a wedding event does not lie in how was throw to host the party but what the party symbolize and how you were able to sue the AVAILABLE TO GET THE DESIRABLE, it also depend on the emotional value it has for those involved. Therefore, start looking for solutions and think of planning a wedding on a tight budget. It doesn't take that much time and it can be really fun. What you should know from the beginning is that planning a wedding on a tight budget, requires having some people around you to help put things in place.

To plan your wedding on a tight budget the first things on the list to cut off are the costs of the flowers and transportation, making moves to hiring a luxury limo could be almost unreasonable, wise couples prefer to have it all organized in one venue. Then, planning a wedding on a tight budget should also include the moment you organize it. Not that the fall and winter months are less expensive and the costs also vary on whether you have it in mid-week or at the week-end. There is another solution for planning a wedding on a tight budget that would drastically reduce costs. In this case you have to make do with a joint-wedding program.

The idea of joint-wedding is important especially when planning a wedding on a tight budget. It is usually valid when you have some friends who also want to get married. Though you'll have to make some little compromises, such as a limit to the number of invited people or the, this works great for planning a wedding on a tight budget. After all, you'll only be paying half the price for the site, food,drinks, music, decorations, flowers and photography, which would highly reduce the general costs. Though you may feel like losing something of the intimacy of this special day, think how original and funny planning a wedding on a tight budget could become.

Lastly we have it that statistics show that when planning a wedding on a tight budget, people are very little inclined to reduce the costs of the outfit or the music. These are considered among the most important aspects of the whole event. In the case of planning a wedding on a small budget those who suffer the most are the service suppliers that are cut off the list. Very often they come up with solutions and very valid suggestions that match well with planning

5 Essential Tahitian Honeymoon Tips

Is wedding planning taking a toll on your relationship (and your sanity)? Relax, it's natural to feel stressed out by the whirlwind of activity leading up to one of the most momentous days of your life. But once the cake has been served and your guests have left, you deserve a dream honeymoon to help unwind and celebrate. If your ultimate romantic getaway involves warm tropical breezes, sandy secluded beaches and romantic huts over the water then Tahiti (French Polynesia) is where you want to be. Here are 5 essential tips to help you have the romantic and relaxing Tahitian honeymoon you've always dreamed of:

1. Leave your heavy sweaters and coats at home: Blessed with warm tropical weather year-round, Tahiti makes for an ideal destination any time of the year. The islands generally experience two seasons: from June-October when the climate is cooler and drier with average temperatures in the low 80's and from November-May when the weather is warm and humid with average temperatures in the mid 80's. Pack light and dress comfortably.

2. Get off the main island: The group of South Pacific Polynesian islands often referred to as "Tahiti" (though officially named "French Polynesia") is made up of 121 exotic atolls and islands including such gems as Bora Bora, Moorea, Huahine and Rangiroa. After exploring Tahiti Island and its capital, Papeete, be sure to venture off the beaten track and explore some of the nearby islands for more seclusion and romance. There are seemingly endless pristine white sand beaches, underwater caves, lush waterfalls and coral reefs for you and your partner to discover together.

3. Experience something truly spectacular: What better way to kick off your marriage than by creating memories to last a lifetime? Share a new adventure together by taking advantage of Tahiti's endless activities such as snorkeling, scuba, shark-diving, surfing, mountain trekking or staying in an over water bungalow. You'll return home with not only fond memories to cherish but also great stories to tell.

4. Take time to do nothing at all: Life on the islands moves at a remarkably slow pace. Make sure to chill out, relax, unwind, go with the flow and appreciate life's simple pleasures. Awaken and indulge your senses to the breathtaking bouquet of colors, scents, sounds, textures and flavors that surround you. Lounging lazily and gazing at the sea never felt so sublime.

5. Bring a copy of your marriage certificate: Nearly all of Tahiti's resorts, hotels, restaurants and vendors offer extra perks and discounts for newlyweds. Be sure to bring a copy of your marriage certificate to take advantage of these exclusive discounts and free upgrades.

Do You Hang Out With Radiators Or Drains?

"I just don't hang around anybody that I don't want to be with. Period. For me, that's been a blessing, and I can stay positive. I hang around people who are happy, who are growing, who want to learn, who don't mind saying sorry or thank you...and (are) having a fun time."

John Assaraf, Author.

It's true that we are influenced by the people around us. This is because our energy interacts and influences the energy of everyone and everything that we come into contact with. We become like the people that we hang out with. These people influence how we think, feel and behave.

Do you remember your parents not allowing you to hang out with 'those kids' because they are a bad influence?

Jim Rohn, author and self made millionaire puts it this way:

"You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with."

It's interesting to consider who we spend most of our time with and how they influence our thinking, feeling and behaviour. Your five could be a combination of family, friends and colleagues at work.

Have you ever worked in a job where you were surrounded by negative naysayers who whine and moan about everything? Over time you become infected by this negativity and it reduces your motivation and performance. You may even dread getting up and having to go to work in that environment every day.

Sometimes the negativity of others can hold us back and even sabotage our dreams. Especially if we are around them a lot of the time.

I call these people Drains because they infect you with their negativity and drainyour energy leaving you feeling anxious or deflated. They remind me of a Dementor sucking the Soul out of their victim in the Harry Potter books by J K Rowling!


  • put you down at every opportunity
  • criticize your decisions and actions
  • undermine your self confidence and self belief
  • make you feel unworthy
  • tell you that it will never work
  • try to dissuade you from pursuing your goal
  • always complain or gossip
  • will blame other people for their current circumstances
  • dismiss your ideas as 'just a phase' you're going through
  • try to hook you and pull you back down to their level
In contrast there are people radiate positive energy. I call these Radiators because just hanging out with them makes you feel inspired, happy and motivated. They are fun to be around.
  • believe in you
  • support and encourage you in your goals and dreams
  • celebrate your successes with you
  • are nourishing and uplifting
  • are positive and authentic
  • genuinely wants you to succeed
  • are inspirational
  • listen with an intent to understand
To be successful we all need to be nourished by those we choose to spend our time with. They key word here is choose...Because you always have a choice.

You no longer have to allow toxic people to drain your energy.

Here's how you can start to improve the energy around you.

...And none of these involves you getting a divorce or leaving your job!

  1. Stop colluding - don't get hooked into a Drain's negative conversation. Stop colluding and joining in. Don't get involved. Focus on solutions and not blame or walk away.
  2. Reduce your time with toxic people - if possible, stop spending time with them completely. If you work with these people then decrease your time around them.
  3. Surround yourself with Radiators - consciously look to make friends and build relationships with people who have positive energy and who support you in your growth. Spend more time with these people. Find out where they hang out. They are everywhere!
  4. Surround yourself with success - When I decided that I wanted to be a successful coach, I started to hang out with successful coaches. I joined a Mastermind Group of like-minded people. This really helped because people shared their ideas and success strategies. Join a club or become involved in social activities where these people hang out.
  5. Model the behaviour of successful people - What are they reading? How are they learning? Immerse yourself in the person that you want to be. Look for role models and copy their behaviour. This will help you to build your self confidence and commitment to your goals.
Are you surrounded by energy Radiators or Drains?

Humorous Interpretation - Shock Humor VS Risk Taking

Can I say THAT?!?! Maybe it is less of can but rather should...

Everyone has that moment in daily conversation where they want to say whatever thought has entered their mind but first must ask if it is appropriate. Even free spirits become entangled in these social constraints. Luckily for Forensicators, i.e. Humorous Interpretation performers, these boundaries are somewhat muddied and can be tip-toed, or rushed, across. In the quest for laughs pushing limits is acceptable and encouraged if done smartly. Yet, as with anything, there is a line within Humorous Interpretation. Stray too far and you become a shock performer.

* DO take risks. Having a Humorous Interpretation that plays it safe might be good enough to get you into finals, but you may not have a memorable piece. Why? It's conservative, a piece they have heard before. Sure, your interpretation and delivery may be immaculate, but the piece itself lacks the pizazz to really cause you to out shine other performers. However, using a script with a topic that is rarely handled, or with characters hardly seen, will cause you to be unique. Even if you choose a pretty standard, funny piece you can be risky with your interpretation of characters. Challenge your boundaries with characterization (vocals, physicality, facials, etc.) and see them differently as most. For example, Gene Wilder's Willy Wonka is strikingly opposite from Johnny Depp's risky take, but both are valid interpretations of the material.

* DON'T be vulgar and crude. What turns risk into SHOCK is when a Humorous Interpretation is nothing more than cheap, "OHHHHHH! Did THAT just happen?!?!" humor. A string of flatulence jokes is not funny. Nor is an endless barrage of dead celebrity jokes. And does the audience really need to see you grab yourself, curse uncontrollably, or be a massive stereotype? No. No they do not. CHOSE YOUR MATERIAL AND INTERPRETATIONS CAREFULLY! If actions transpire simply for shock, rather than for some sort of character development, then the piece is trashy.

* Exception to the shock rule... If a Humorous Interpretation possesses one or two absolutely shocking gags, solely done for the sake or causing a gasp and uncomfortable laughter, it can be okay. Judgment is required to ask if the joke is too risque, but if a majority agrees it is comical then keep the line. One or two blindsides to the funny bone is a risk worth taking WHILE sticking to a HI that relies on clean and smart humor.

Comedy and Drama allows for performers to take risks and question what is acceptable and what is not. In the pursuit of laughter and truth, Humorous Interpretation performers often are allowed to utter phrases and mime actions that in regular society would cause them to be ostracized. Audiences allow for some extremes due to the "unreal" context of the piece. However, push to forcefully and audiences quickly regain themselves and are reminded that certain behaviors are unacceptable. There is a line. A line where you can either be a Humorous Interpretation Risk-Taker Extraordinaire or the National Enquirer of HI.

Vera Wang Fragrances - Beyond Couture

Sweet, delicate and intimate - this is how most people will describe the Vera Wang Fragrances. There are different stories to each perfume, exuding its own confidence and character.

Known for her luxurious bridal gowns, Vera Wang has catered to a high profile clientele that is comprised of Hollywood celebrities and New York elites. This impeccable taste for the fresh, hip and young, has been extended to the Vera Wang fragrances. It has then kept up with the demands of the market in the heights of Ghost perfume and others.

With her first perfume released in 2002, her signature scents has epitomized the grace and charm of women in different forms and colors. The original Vera Wang for women contains the seductive and sweet allure of mandarin blossom and cleaver. Bulgarian rose and gardenia are at its heart and finishing off with Stephanotis and pure musk as base. It has won awards; thanks to the creators Harry Fremont and Jean-Claude Delville who have had discriminating tastes and standards.

There have been other perfumes released by Vera Wang fragrances; mostly, catering to the young audience. One of these fragrances is Princess, of oriental and floral notes. With a playful yet magical touch of aquatic notes, water lily, fruity concoction of apple, mandarin and apricot, the opening mist is of a youthful princess. The heart is kept close with fruity guava, tuberose, tiare flower, and dark chocolate for an exotic tinge. It is blanketed with amber, wood and sweet vanilla. The packaging is sweet like of the liquid inside - heart-shaped and elegant bottle.

Flower Princess is also of the same sweetness as the first, but has intricate notes made to honor the Japanese spring season. Containing Ivy notes as the opening, tangerine and lotus is mixed to create a rather warm confidence that has Moroccan rose, Sambac, mimosa and jasmine at the heart. It is then dry down of peach peel notes, precious woods accords, musk and amber to complete the rounds.

In 2009, Vera Wang Fragrances has released another interesting fragrance - the Glam Princess. It evokes of fairy tales with crown notes of red currant, guava and pear. The heart of this heart-shaped bottle has sweet orange blossom and tangy vanilla orchid that would complement the ambretee seed, sugar, marshmallow and cashmere wood. It comes is a glam up princess bottle with pink stars and a royal princess crown that is a sure hit for the younger market. Considered one of the Vera Wang Fragrances collections, it is good to have it for yourself or as a gift.

Custom Music Boxes

Do you want your own music box created exclusively just for you? Then sky's the limit and all fruits would be your brain baby - just ask the customizer for all the specifications: from the base design down to the most intricate details, the customizer will do it all for you! This is what you get with a custom music box.
These boxes are mostly made to fit an occasion's theme. May it be a debut, celebration, ritual, wedding, and so on. That's why they make good gifts and memories as well.

Custom boxes are always personalized. They would not be called customized for nothing. You could have your friend's name face on it, details, quotations, information, a seal, emblem, and whatsoever. You also have control over the tune it plays, so by now, you have a clear imagination on what tune would your friend want.
If you wish to send a music box for your friend's wedding, it should be huge. Huge enough to be noticed and used on the wedding itself or even at the newly wed's home. You could engrave their names on it, the date, and the people involved on it. It will surely become a treasure for them.

What nice gift could you give to commemorate a special event for couples? A music box. You could have the couple's them song played if the box is opened and have the important milestones of their relationship written over it. This gift could then prove to be nostalgic.

Want to give your baby a gift that he or she could treasure for life? A baby music box could suit your needs. This could be helpful especially for mothers that are so busy where they have many things to do like sterilizing, chores, laundry, etc. It can help you entertain or even let the baby sleep! The lullaby it plays amuses your little one along with its beautifully coloured designs.

So, whatever occasion you could think of, have your mind operated and think of a music box that would make a friend happy. BUT, be wary of the price. Custom music boxes could be very expensive. Imagine the effort of the person who made it. However, think of the positive side - a custom music box will be precious thing that you solely own, no other person in the world will have it.

A Pop of Color

As I walk out of my front door each day, I take a moment to scan the neighborhood. For the longest time, I only saw shades of grey and white as we wait for the snow to melt. On this particular day, when I scanned up and down the street, I noticed to see the beginnings of spring: Green grass and blooming trees; blue skies and a bright sun. But to my amazement, my eye was immediately drawn to the splash of color from the flowers and beautiful azalea bushes and magnolia trees.

I no longer noticed the "typical scenery". I noticed this POP of color and instantly felt compelled to take an action... smile.

So my question is "What is your own individual POP of color?" - "How do you or your business stand out from the typical scenery?" What can you do to separate yourself from the ordinary and break away from the status quo?

Each one of us has a POP of color, a special quality or differentiator that makes us unique. What is your POP of color that would compel your customers to take action?

Whether you are in business and looking to set yourself apart from your competition or a professional looking to advance your career, be sure to highlight those qualities that make you special. In the words of Cindy Lauper "Don't be afraid, to let them show, your true colors, true colors are beautiful... like a rainbow"

Customers are instantly attracted to color, so I challenge you to celebrate yours and find what makes you or your business POP! Here are some things to think about:

Do you have a unique methodology, system or process that is unique to you or your business? For example, I am the creator of the BLAST Marketing System. This is a differentiator because I am the only creator of this system that I use in my business and teach my clients to use in their business.

Do you bring additional value to your customers - meaning specific additions that your competition does not include in their offering? Remember value is perceived by the customer so you want to make sure you are throwing in more and more each time. Give your customers the Ritz experience and offer something unique that your competition isn't offering.

Do you have special branding, a mascot, a tagline or a promise that is unmatched in your industry? Remember Dominos... "Delivered in 30 mins or less". They claimed ownership to that promise and delivered on it each time...differentiated themselves from the millions of other pizza shops. They didn't focus on offering the best pizza... they focused on delivery as a key differentiator.

So What Is Your POP of Color?