Must Know Tips For Landing Your Dream Job

We all need to work in order to make a living. Working is part of our daily lives and in which every adult is expected to be doing to show some value to the society we live in. The questions is, are you enjoying what you are working on and is that your dream job?

Confucius said, "Find a job you enjoy, and you will never work a day in your life." If you do not enjoy what you do, it is time to find something else which is.

Defining your dream job is the first thing that you should be doing. A dream job can range from being a famous celebrity, freelance writer, game producer, jockey etc. Every person is different and is passionate about different things in live.

Research career options around your area and read job descriptions posted in jobs websites to understand what is required from you to land your dream job. By understanding the business trends and be aware of the career options revolving around your dream job, you are preparing yourself to be ready and be the best candidate possible when chances arise.

Networking with the right people can also be a good tactic. Possessing good social and people skill can help you go a long way, opening up doors for you when you least expected it.

Another trend recently is to start a blog and write professionally. You should see your blog as a tool to communicate your ideas and passion. Writing a blog is a smart move as you are essentially casting a wider net, exposing yourself and your skills to potential employers or headhunters and thus enhancing your chances of being spotted and getting better offers for your next ideal job when it comes by.

Mother-Morphosis - 'Don't Run With Those Scissors!'

"All women become like their mothers. That is their tragedy. No man does. That's his." Oscar Wilde was onto something when he wrote this in The Importance of Being Earnest. The tragedy strikes when women, after swearing never to, find themselves doing the kooky things they saw their moms do time and again.

Californian therapist and author Sandra Reishus points out that it's not surprising that some daughters come to emulate their mothers even after living in fear of that outcome. In her book, 'Oh No! I've become my mother', she says that it is inevitable, because our brains were forming when we were around her. Our mother was our window into the world.

That explains why a woman's grand ambition of conquering the power of repetition comes crashing when her child asks for an expensive toy and she hears herself saying, "Money doesn't grow on trees, you know." Realizing that the brain has little control over the tongue brings on a wry sense of deja vu. But that's nothing compared to the mortification felt upon hearing your partner say, "Yes mom," after one of these phrases is directed his way.

If you're worried about starting to sound like your mother, try to zip your lips before phrases like these pop out:
• "Don't run with those scissors!"
• "If you don't eat your vegetables, you'll never grow up big and strong."
• "There are millions of children in the world who don't have wonderful parents like you do."

Habits hinting that you may be morphing into your mom include:
• Finding pants with elasticised waists comfortable and wearing them to work.
• Talking to total strangers about anything that comes to mind in public places such as in the queues at shops and on planes.
• Trying on clothes over your own clothes in the aisles at stores with no shame or embarrassment.
• Carrying a portable fan year-round and ignoring your family's pleas not to use it in public.

Sue Morris, a South African mom and businesswoman, is not immune to moments of mother-morphosis herself. "When I hear myself saying 'You know what 'thought' did, he planted a feather and thought a chicken would grow,' to my kids, alarm bells go off in my head! I never understood what it meant as a child, so I have no idea why I use it on my kids. Even though I'm probably fighting against a supposed genetic inevitability, I do try to break out of the 'mother-mould'."

Deborah Kolka, writer for the online publication, Society, has some practical tips on how to avoid becoming your mother, that will either hit the nail on the head, or at least get you thinking about the mom-like habits you want to banish from your life:
• When berating your child, never include gruesome accounts of how painful giving birth to them was.
• Never accept as a gift, or create for yourself, a handmade item that disguises toilet paper.
• If you can no longer tell what color your refrigerator is thanks to all the magnetic clips, notepads and picture frames stuck to it, remove at least half of the clutter.

But just as much as we can blame our moms for passing their craziness on to us, we have to acknowledge the good things they taught us, too. As we become mothers ourselves we may feel more empathy when we come to realize that many of those phrases and quirky habits were an expression of our moms' concern and love for us.

Events like Mother's Day and birthdays provide great opportunities to celebrate your mom, warts and all - especially knowing that you are probably more like her than you realize. For inspiration on picking out a special gift or beautiful flowers for her go here.

Charlemagne - King of the Franks and Holy Roman Emperor

Charlemagne (742-814), also known as Carolus Magnus or Charles the Great, was King of the Franks (771-814) and the Western Emperor (or Emperor of the Holy Roman Empire (800-814). He was also the greatest ruler of the Carolingian Dynasty.

When we say that he ruled the Franks, we mean that he ruled the area that is now France, Belgium, the Netherlands and part of Germany. When we say that he ruled the Holy Roman Empire, we mean that he ruled France, Belgium, the Netherlands, all of Germany, and northern Spain. Thus he ended up ruling most of Christian Western Europe.

During his reigns, Charlemagne was often at war against neighboring Christian kingdoms: he defeated the Saxons (772-804), he subdued and was crowned king of the Lombards of northern Italy (773-774) and he fought against the Moors (Arabs) in Spain (778).

In the battles against the Moors at Roncevalles, Spain, one of Charlemagne's warriors, Roland, was killed heroically in battle. This inspired the great poem, the Chanson de Roland.

Charlemagne spent the remaining years of his reigns consolidating his military gains. He founded a capital and royal court at Aachen (Aix-la-Chapelle) in what is now Germany.

Charlemagne forced the peoples he conquered to become Christians. For example, in 785, he prescribed death for any of the Saxons he conquered who refused to be baptized. For this reason, he gained the support of Pope Leo III, who gave him the imperial title of the Holy Roman Emperor. Charlemagne was crowned as the Holy Roman Emperor on Christmas Day 800.

Interestingly, despite his wars against the Moors in Spain, Charlemagne was to maintain friendly relations with Muslim countries in the East. In 798 the caliph of Baghdad, Harun al-Rashid, sent ambassadors to Charlemagne bearing a celebrated gift of a white elephant.

Charlemagne's method of governing his empire was to divide it among his counts and bishops, who each given both land and the power to control the lives of the people who lived on that land. These counts and bishops in turn had to pledge allegiance to the emperor and fight for him in battle. This system of government, called feudalism, prevailed all over Europe until the time of the French Revolution.

Charlemagne presided over a revival of learning in his realms, that has often been termed the Carolingian Renaissance. He promoted education, architecture, the arts, manufacturing, commerce, better administration and good laws.

Education was promoted via Latin learning taught at cathedral and monastic schools. Notable architectural achievements included beautiful new palaces and churches.

Many of the greatest scholars of the age, such as the Anglo-Saxon, Alcuin of York, were invited to come to Charlemagne's court at Aachen. Liturgical and scriptural texts were purified and appeared in new editions. Charlemagne himself knew Latin and Greek and wrote letters and poems that have survived to this day.

Charlemagne's life and achievements were renowned in his day and became the subject of legends and literary works.

Impact of A-Line Wedding Dresses

As the name suggests, A-line wedding dresses look rather like the uppercase word of A. These styles often create smooth & fluid looks. It' s true they are simple & understated. However nobility oozed from them is really alluring and irresistible for modern girls.

A-line bridal wears from distinguished artists and less famous artists both bring tremendous impact to the fashion industry. Their force also makes some well-known celebrities involved. Then, how can these styles be so hot?

A-line wedding gowns are hot firstly because they make girls' dreams come true. What modern brides hunt for includes luxury, elegance, yet simplicities at the same time. They do thirst for being distinct. However they don' t love to apply heavy accessories or cosmetics. It' s wise to be simply elegant. This is exactly achieved by today' s A-line bridal wears.

Everybody knows tying the knot is a solemn and memorable moment in life. Each bride makes up cannily and dresses beautiful as she wants her Mr Right and guests to see her best. Even though the jewelry on the neck and the ring on her finger are brilliant enough, she affirmatively knows these can not steal the thunder of a pretty bridal wear. A-line wedding dresses are hot because they are really pretty.

New trends are frequently set. However, instead of catching up with the hot tide, some girls seek for classic or retro sensations this summer. Vogue geniuses certainly have recognized this expectation. They seek for styles where modern tastes can be mixed up with retro sense. Then eventually, most of them focus on A-line wedding gowns. On these versions, no heavy embellishments were originally applied. Most looks are draping and princess-like. It' s much easier to update them with additional reminiscent feeling.

Then finally, A-line wedding dresses are popular because they fit most wedding occasions, including formal church nuptial, casual garden wedding, eco-friendly seaside or forest form and also old castle wedding.

Who's Got the Best Pizza in the World?

Sao Paulo was colonized partially by Italians and has a large Italian community. With that came the tradition of making a good pizza. Pizza might be the most popular dish among "paulistanos" and they demand nothing but the best in the art of making it. It's so beloved among them that they even have the "Pizza Day" celebrated on July 10th! Years have passed and today we find all kinds of pizza, from the traditional margherita to gourmet combinations such as truffles and champagne. There are 3 things that I consider most important to make the best pizza:

Antipasti: the dough. To me, it's the most important part of the pizza. The precise combination of high quality ingredients, right temperature, and time in the oven is crucial to make you eat the crust by itself. Golden crisp borders outside and soft airy inside, gradually flattens toward the center. I know a lot of people that don't eat the crust, and that is because they haven't tried a perfect one. I even dip mine in olive oil.

Primi: the high quality and freshness of the ingredients. Pizza is a simple dish but it doesn't mean that whatever goes on top makes a good one. High quality of cheese, for instance, it's essential so you don't have gooey rubber band like effect when you take a bite. Greens on top like the infamous arugula with sundried tomatoes and buffalo mozzarella should look green as if you just took it from the garden. Ah, with or without tomato sauce? It's all a matter of taste, but if that's your choice, it better be light and fresh.

Secondi: the creativity. I'm not a purist so I appreciate creativity when inventing new flavors. Pizza toppings open up a whole lot of possibilities for infinite creations. Nothing against traditional flavors, as a matter of fact, the old school margherita is still one of my favorites. But please just balance the ingredients so one doesn't overpower the other. Seriously, can you taste anything else with a spicy pepperoni sausage?

Finally, I dare to say that you can find all together much more in Sao Paulo than in New York. That raises a lot of eyebrows indeed. I'm not saying they make the best pizza in the world but's pretty close to "whoever" makes the best pizza in the world.

Casino Characteristics - The Two Types of Player

Identification of our playing persona

The two main types of gambling character perform division amongst a wide range of advantages and disadvantages when it comes to online playability and strength within active individuals. The two main types of players are the overts and coverts of the modern and interactive casino age.

Overt players

This selection of humans form the backbone majority of any casino experience found online. They question infrequently and sacrifice thinking for the chance of winning big on that last minute stroke of luck.

They lack in general understanding of a given game and although modest, they hide a weakness beneath the surface and show fronts of unstable confidence to their opponents. They fail to acknowledge the presence of betting differentials by ignoring odds and position. Their true mindset revolves around winning and nothing but winning, this all well leading to the poor decisions that can often crush their bank balance.

The bets made appear to reflect no control over the amount therefore laid down behind that particular bet and their dream chasing blanks the true picture before their eyes. Overts fail to apply strength towards bankroll management and this flaw can deprive sustainable revenue from their failed techniques.

Overts tend to be more lucky than the coverts, they can win big and although these fluke decisions attract often major amounts of prize money, it is on rare occasion that the celebrations truly happen.

Overts are the men and woman of which feed the casino it's business, the punters who go about their daily lives with no particular interest but to enjoy the gambling moment that captivates them as and when they choose it to do so. Overts are free and easy along for the ride, having a good time regardless of what happens to the cash flow because casino is just casino, win or lose regardless.

Covert players

The minority of players can find themselves in this bracket of modest experience. Covert players are the natural gambling conservative few and also those overts who over time have developed a style to their game play and have harnessed skill through demonstration and practice.

Coverts have some idea about the game they involve themselves with and also pay attention to the odds that bound them. They revise pattern like habit and utilise position in order to throw the scales of luck in their favour by just a fraction, of which over time becomes significant. For these people, the betting is as important as the winning because they firmly identify the link between the two and the merits that fine tune possibility.

Bankroll management is routine and calculated as is their ability to involve themselves in betting formations and structure. There is little room for random as each move plays its part, the role of the bet is to assist the outcome in your favour, these people think about this term like there's no tomorrow.

They expect fortune and replace loss for experience, each playing moment is a figure of history in a portfolio of complete profession. Winning and losing scenarios are just bracing points for the strategies of tomorrow because time frame is not important, it's taking one day at a time and walking away with profit that is.

Coverts tend to win smaller amounts of money of which over time gains significance to their game plan, they also experience loss on a level no where near that of the overt players. Their prime objective is not winning for the moment, it's the long term victory over the house. The covert players true mission is build a bankroll that grows with each passing day and that will later fund larger scale betting operations that can yield huge financial returns.

Now then, which type of player do you want to be?

Driving Your Parents Around in a Limousine For a Romantic Getaway They'll Never Forget

A limousine is a luxury vehicle that most people aren't used to riding in. Not many people get to lounge around in their comfortable seats while their own personal chauffeur drives them around to wherever they want to go. Limousines are known to be the cars of actors, actresses, billionaires and public figures, but now, you can allow your parents live their lives even for a day. How? Simple! By getting a limousine to drive them around.

Whatever occasion it may be, whether it is your parents' anniversary, birthday or for no other reason, you can make your parents feel special. Getting a limousine for a night to drive them around, take them to places and even have a great time inside the vehicle drinking champagne is a great way to give back for all the love and care they have shown you all these years. When you hire a limo, you can arrange for it to bring them to special places. You can arrange for the chauffeur to pick them up from their house and bring them to a lovely restaurant or a special place that's significant for both of them. You can even hire the vehicle for the whole day and tell them that they can ask the chauffeur to drive them to wherever they please!

This is a great opportunity for them to bond. Their lives have been so busy and crowded with other things to deal with and maybe this has left them with little alone time. Quality time together is easy to achieve in a limousine and so getting a limousine could be the perfect start of a romantic get-away for them. Their day in the limousine, living the luxurious life is not something that will leave them when the rental time is up. This is a great opportunity for them to create new memories with each other and keep them forever.

There are many options available for limousine rental, and there is absolutely something that will fit your budget and your needs. There are many car rental companies and agencies offer limousine rental services, complete with special amenities and a personal chauffeur. Some services include a special command to the places where you want to go and even a special celebration inside this luxurious vehicle. You need not worry about high costs because most rental services offer a reasonable price and great package deals for you to choose from. Finally, all you've got to do is to leave the rest to the vehicle and its driver and sit back and relax while your parents bond and create new memories of each other.

How One Entrepreneur Looked For Balance Until Brains and Brokeness Won Out

I'll never forget it. When I closed my eyes I connected to everything...e-books, audios, speaking engagements, interviews and talking to certain people. Before I jump ahead of myself, let me start with a question a client once asked.

She asked: "As you grew in your career how did you maintain a balance between family and business life without driving yourself mad?"

There will always be a brilliant professor or an Aunt Betty who will remind us to make sure we keep a good balance between work and family. Most of us have grown up hearing how important it is to find the "right balance" so we can spend a proper amount of 'quality time' with our family and friends; and if we have our 'priorities straight' then happiness 'should' follow.

So here is how I responded to my client's question: "I use to drive myself crazy looking for balance every day of my life until the year of 2007."

"First," I said, "Lets clarify that whenever we use the word 'should' it is like pouring a glob of shame all over your plate. Second, what I might connect to as a priority may not look the same for my spouse or children. Third, I needed to learn to be grateful, to be present no matter who I am with and to find peace in those choices. If I can bring increase to another life by doing those things then I have achieved balance."

I could see her eyes glaze over and yours might be doing the same thing. Allow me to share a personal story with you.

In 2007 my 18-yr-old nephew was killed in a drowning accident at his college in NY. His mother, my little sister, had been planning to marry in just a few weeks before this happened, and although no one felt like celebrating a wedding right after his death, we all knew Lee would have wanted it that way.

No human perspective of balance, just the feeling of joy once again after a tragic death.

When the day of her wedding arrived my little sister had her hair and make up done and she looked beautiful, more radiant than we had seen her in years really. The only problem was that when she went to get into her wedding gown it was much too small for her - as if it were two sizes too small! I remember looking up at her eyes in the mirror of the changing room. I'll never forget the look of sheer terror. My heart went out to her as she searched my face for an explanation.

"What happened?" She asked. "How could I have gained so much weight when I haven't even been eating?! This makes no sense!"

It was true, she had barely eaten during those awful weeks of grief, but in less than 20 minutes she'll be walking down the isle to marry and we can't even zip up the gown! My mind raced with wild thoughts like...."Do we go now to get a dress from the Walmart down the street? Do we find pins and a shawl of some kind to cover her back?"

I forced optimism in to my tone and declared, "Don't worry, we'll get you into it and although you may have to walk like a penguin... you'll look absolutely stunning."

Where is balance when you barely eat and still gain weight?

What she discovered a few weeks later was that there were several large tumors growing in her abdomen, which is why her dress didn't fit. It wasn't long before Cancer took over her body and she too died a few months later.

Caring for her in the hospital day and night, sleeping a few hours at a time in a little wooden chair, I was not concerned about balance, only in staying present with her and showing her my deepest appreciation for what she was going through and how much I loved her.

Between the consistent travel to and from VT there was no balance in my relationship with my husband or teenage daughter. No, there was only distance between us and they did their best to understand, but it wasn't easy.

A few months later I closed the doors to our successful investing business, which as I see it now was a good thing, but there was no balance, just exhaustion and questions in my mind about what I was to do now?

Just when things began looking up I fell on black ice and injured my brain. I lay in bed, in a chair or on the floor for the next several months having brain seizures and blackouts and no one could figure out why.

Where is balance in a world that seems upside down sometimes?

Six months after that fall something amazing happened. As weird as it sounds I awoke to a bedroom filled with unexplained light. I sat up in bed and there was no pain. I closed my eyes and began to praise God for all that I had. In my mind I saw books, and speaking engagements and all kinds of people that I would talk to.

Was I concerned about balance in that moment? Not at all... only in being present and grateful, not guilty or shaming myself for not having life under control.

I understood that balance can only be achieved from a spiritual perspective, living within and accepting the perfect order of God. You don't have to do anything to achieve it, because it already exists right there in front of you.

There are many experts who have built their empire on the idea of how to accomplish a life of balance by working toward doing the 'right things', but you're not going to hear me condone their teachings of acquiring it.

If balance, like happiness, were a destination someone would have bottled it up and sold it on the black market by now.

God set the world in motion in perfect order....with laws that are unshakable. Humans get to live within that universal order and create a life of abundance, or a life of never enough, through cause and effect. When we realize that balance comes through opportunities of being grateful, trusting fully what you hear on the inside, and learn to be fully present, the search is over.

Rich, poor, young or old, we each have the opportunity to walk in perfect balance - it's just a matter of seeing it already exists.

Balance is in the journey all along your path, just like happiness, and it's there in an orderly world.

When you release the desire to control balance, and stay focused where you are at the time, really listening and taking part actively in life, you will find renewed relationships for both your personal life and in your business life. No guilt, no shame, no expectation or disappointment.

Staying 'present' and in the moment with others will leave much more of an impact.

You don't have to believe a word I say, but I can tell you there is a list of people who are achieving it every day. So the next time you are with someone... try to leave them with a sense of increase.

I am here to serve anyone who wants to take that journey with gusto. As always, if you find this of any value please re-tweet, comment and share.

Vegetable Garden Planning - Tomato Gardening

As you begin your vegetable garden planning, there are several elements that are important to the success of your tomato gardening. Some of the things to consider are plant variety, soil composition, spacing, fertilization, and plant support.


There are so many varieties of tomatoes to choose from that sometimes it can be hard to know which ones are best for your area. You also have a decision to make between indeterminate and determinate varieties. Determinate varieties are limited in their height (good for containers or hanging plants), while indeterminate varieties grow to greater heights or act as vines. Whatever your choices, select a variety or varieties that have been proven to do well in your area. Big Boy, Better Boy, Celebrity, are all just some of the varieties that have been proven to do well year after year. Also look for the VFN notation, which means they carry resistance to verticillium wilt, fusarium wilt, and root-knot nematodes.

Soil Composition

Tomatoes need the best soil you can give them in order to produce well. Use compost or some other form of organic material worked into the dirt to improve the top 6 to 9 inches of soil. Apply 1/2 cup of balanced fertilizer for each plant. You may also want to apply 3/4 cup of lime for each plant. Lime helps balance calcium and will help control blossom rot.


If you plant your tomatoes in rows, leave 3 to 4 feet between the rows. Space your tomato plants 18 to 24 inches apart within the row. If your seedlings are in peat pots, make sure that hole is deep enough to cover the pot with 1 inch of soil. If your plants are taller when you plant them, you should use trench planting. Just dig a long trench for the plants instead of individual holes. Remove all of the leaves from each plant up to the top cluster, leaving just 4 to 5 leaves. Put the plants on their sides in the trench and cover the stem with soil, being careful not to cover the top leaf cluster. Press the soil around the stem, being careful to support it without breaking it.


Fertilizing for young plants should be approached with more care than you might give to mature plants. A starter solution of 1 pound of balanced fertilizer mixed in 10 gallons of water may be used to ensure proper fertilization for young plants. You may want to use a commercial starter solution instead. Use 1 cup of fertilizer solution or less per plant so that you don't run the risk of burning the root system.

Plant Support

No, we are not talking about a group of tomatoes that meets once a week to discuss the problems of cutworms and societal expectations. It is time for you to decide whether to stake the plants or cage them. If you want fewer tomatoes that are bigger than you should use staking. Caging will give you more tomatoes, but they won't be quite as big.

If you decide to stake, use a 6 foot tomato stake for each plant. Drive a stake into the soil about a foot deep and 5 inches away from your plant. Use a soft cloth or nylons to tie the plants to the stake.
Pasture wire and chicken wire are both good choices for tomato cages. Cut a length of 5 1/2 feet, cut off the bottom edge of the wire, form a circle and push the ends into the ground. Drive a few short pieces of wood into the ground around the cage to give it extra support.

When the fruit starts to appear on the vines, fertilize each plant with 2 or 3 tablespoons of a balanced fertilizer. Repeat this every 4 to 6 weeks. Make sure to fertilize the soil and not the stem of the plant. You don't want to burn the plant.

Keep the tomatoes well watered by soaking the soil at least 6 inches down once a week. Composting or mulching also a good idea, especially during the hottest part of the summer.

With just a bit of good vegetable garden planning, your tomato gardening will provide a bountiful harvest that will allow you to eat all you like and still put plenty of way for winter.

Gaining a Sense of Self Worth

Having a sense of self worth is the feeling that you deserve what you desire. It resembles self efficacy, the capacity to produce an effect, and self confidence. Having self worth enables one to feel good about self and be successful. A lack of such a feeling hinders reaching any goal one might have. You are unique. There is no one exactly like you. Act like you believe that you are a valuable person.

Those who do not have as many talents as others often lack a feeling of self worth. They feel like second class citizens. The worth of a person should not be based on performance however. Everyone was made in the image of God and is precious in his eyes. Everyone has some ability. It is your job to discover and develop your strong points. You have to start believing in yourself.

The first step in gaining a self worth feeling is to discover who you are. You have to get in touch with your feelings. What do you enjoy doing? What would you like to accomplish in life?

You have abilities you may not even know about. There is something you have a passion for. Many simply get a job and continue in it without getting in touch with their feelings. More than 90 per cent of the population never find their niche.

You have to discover what you are good at. Examine the desires you have suppressed because of your lack of self worth. What would you like to do more than anything else? Make it your purpose in life.

Get the education you need to do it, and talk to people in that field. Make your passion your career. Specialize in it. Medical and other specialists are highly respected. When you become proficient in your passion, you will be respected too.

Without a goal you will drift through life without a purpose. Set a goal that you can reach. Then set a bigger goal. Celebrate when you reach each goal. You will feel better about yourself with every goal reached.

As you begin to become successful, you will gain confidence and a feeling of self worth. Learn to think positively. Your momentum will propel you over obstacles in the way.

Some people believe in themselves before they accomplish anything. Others have to achieve something before they have confidence in themselves. Everyone gains self confidence as they accomplish things. This builds self efficacy and gives a feeling of self worth. Success builds the confidence to have more success, and unfortunately failure breeds more failure. You have to break the cycle of failure with success..

You should have a sense of self worth without accomplishing anything because everyone is created equally. A study of great people will reveal that most of them had to overcome tremendous odds just to survive. When they finally reached success, the great effort they had to put forth propelled them far above the average person. If you have had to struggle, you may be destined to become great.

Gambling Addiction - How it Can Ruin Your Family and Business

It is hard to witness the destruction of a friend and his family as a result of an addiction. It is a helpless feeling. Hopefully, by sharing this story with you, you will be able to help a friend or loved one avoid this road to self destruction.

This friend, let's call him Gary, enjoyed getting together with his friends on a Saturday night for an evening of playing pool. It seems innocent enough when he decided that we should all play for quarters. We all thought that this would make the game more fun and competitive, which it did.

Gary loved to win. The bigger the pot the bigger the celebration. Little did I know that this was the beginning of his gambling addiction.

You see, gambling addicts experience the same rush as a crack addict. That rush is created when they win. They begin to crave that feeling to the point where it dominates every waking moment.

Next we learned that Gary was skipping the pool games so that he could go to the local Indian casino where he enjoyed playing poker. We stopped getting together on the weekends. I saw Gary less and less. I later learned that Gary had taken to playing poker online every evening in front of his computer drinking and placing online bets.

Is it no surprise that soon Gary's business was in trouble. He was neglecting his customers and his revenue was dropping. His creditors were calling. His wife couldn't stand the stress. She left him.

These are the classic signs of a gambling addict. The gambling becomes a compulsion that defies logic and rational thought. The gambler seeks the gambling high at any cost. His or her life is ruined through the destruction of personal relationships and the burden of increasing debt.

I hope that you share this article with any person you think may be suffering from a gambling addiction. It may help them avoid the road to self-destruction. There are many self-help groups available and qualified counselors are willing to help. In fact, many casinos will have a 24 hour gambling addiction hotline available if you ask.

San Jose Costa Rica Travel and Highlights

San Jose, capital and largest city, has the best Costa Rica tours for most travelers and tourists. This city offers numerous spectacular museums, first class restaurants, and amazing night life venues. Some may think less of this city because of its urban sprawl but nevertheless, they soon found out how this city can be very entertaining especially once you've visited Plaza dela Cultura and Paseo Colon.

Some of the fun things to do in Costa Rica can be done at the Plaza de la Cultura. It is also known as the Culture Square, is usually the place to go to shop for souvenirs, sun bathe or enjoy a night out while watching marimba bands and other entertainers including comedians or clowns, jugglers and colorfully dressed artists playing Andean music. The Paseo Colon; however, is one of the best hotels in San Jose with really accommodating and helpful staff as well as luxurious and comfortable rooms.

The Jade Museum is one the most visited attractions according to Costa Rica vacation reviews, highlighting the country's century-old artifacts and the world's largest and renowned collection of Pre-Columbian Jade. The Costa Rican Art Museum also known as Museo de Arte Costarricense by the locals, showcases a collection of works by the country's most celebrated artists back in the 19th and 20th centuries. Its presentation is highly impressive because of its rotating shows and sculpture collection. Most of the works are exhibited in all forms of media. The National Museum, also called the Museo Nacional, was founded in 1887 and is situated in the old fort used by the military during the civil war back in 1948. This museum displays the natural history, Pre-Columbian culture as well as history of Costa Rica.

Other exciting Costa Rica tours involve the Pre-Columbian Gold Museum near downtown San Jose. The Pre-Columbian Gold Museum which is part of the Central Bank Museums is an underground cultural center that exhibits the marvelous collection of gold objects that reflect the techniques of the Pre-Columbian people in Costa Rica. The exhibition is divided into two levels: an introductory and area for orientation at the 2nd level of the structure that interprets the evolution of Pre-Columbian cultures. The metallurgy development in Costa Rica, the styles and stages are also featured in this level. The second level which is located at the 3rd level of the structure showcases the diverse uses and meanings of the gold objects. An introductory video is presented in this level before people can view the collection.

The Mercado Central also the Central Market in Costa Rica is another destination where tourists go strolling about to purchase the exotic spices, fruits, vegetables and even t-shirts. There's also a bakery and even wood and leather handicraft sold in stalls. This market consists of three blocks and is located near a train station.

Most tourists check out travel agencies in Costa Rica to get the best travel packages only to visit San Jose. The best thing about this city is that most of the tourist destinations are really accessible. Many realized it's best to explore the city on foot. But if travelers decide to travel around outside the city they can opt to go visit the Monterverde National Park considered the most visited national park in the country.

An overseas travel adventure to the Monteverde National Park is only 3 to 4 hours from the capital by car; however, air travel is offered through Sansa Airlines which only takes 20 minutes. It contains the most beautiful beaches and coral reefs coupled with a superb combination of lush rain forests. The rain forest houses a diverse collection of species including monkeys, iguanas, sloths, squirrels and crabs.

Swiss Music Boxes

Swiss boxes are what antique music boxes are usually called. They are like common music boxes that create a sound when operated, but what makes them valuable is their age. Involving yourself in collecting these highly valuable item require knowledge and some effort as well. Collectors find some of these as coveted but it looks like an old music box for a commoner's eye.

An issue for some is the Swiss music box's working condition. There are complaints that out of old age, some may have malfunctions or may be completely destroyed. So a careful appraisal is done to assess the music box's condition because prices of these items are not a joke. Some boxes that are not fixed gets depreciated and sold on auctions for a lower price where some collectors get it as well, solely for display purposes.

In addition, they can be the repositories of your memories as a couple, as a family, as friends and the like. They are the silent witnesses to various special occasions such as birthday celebrations, anniversaries, Halloween, Christmas and many more.

Types of Swiss music boxes include a smaller-disc shaped, and a cylinder one. Most were originally made in Switzerland, thus spawned the name. Nowadays, these items are very rare and most collectors seldom let them go. There are even pocket-sized Swiss music boxes that old men form the 19th century use. Yes, they were once a fashion statement as well.

Among the types of music boxes, disc boxes' manufacturing is cheaper. Because of its cheap manufacturing, more of these were sold by a lower price thus making them more appealing to buyers. This somewhat lowered the Swiss music boxes' popularity among the rich people and made them popular to the commoners instead. Then the Swiss music/jewellery box came, which appealed to some people because of its elegance. They were attracted to the fact that opening their glistening jewelleries is accompanied by a very beautiful music.

Now, with the slowly emerging trend of Swiss music box collecting, an issue arises - how do I repair my own box? This is one issue that troubles many collectors because professional hands or specially trained individuals are needed to repair these very delicate boxes. The parts are commonly fragile because of aging, rare parts, and some mechanisms are derived from old methods. And do you know what this means? You have to shell out a large sum of money for repairs alone.

Dress Like a Burger in May

The entire month of May is devoted to one of America's favorite foods, the hamburger. National Hamburger Month is truly a celebration that will get you salivating just thinking about all the possibilities of burger sampling for the next 31 days. Hit the ground running and order them anyway you like, with cheese, mustard, ketchup, pickles, tomatoes, lettuce, onion or what ever else you please.

The Mongols of the 12th century would never have dreamed their little trick of taking meat patties on-the-go to eat for dinner later would become a billion-dollar industry. And, according to the beef industry, ground beef is the number one type of beef sold to consumers at grocery stores making up 60% of beef purchases. Having cook-outs where the grill is heated up and burgers sizzle like a gastronomic symphony is a summer-time right of passage. Think of how much more fun a backyard barbecue could be when you're dressed up as the main course -- a hamburger.

You'll be a walking billboard for burgers dressed in a hamburger costume. It's hard to imagine that you could even purchase a hamburger Halloween costume, but they are actually quite popular in carnivorous crowds. One popular and easy to wear hamburger costume is designed as a foam sheath that you simply pull on over your everyday clothes. Of course, the front and back are cleverly designed to look just like a beef patty sandwiched between two sesame seed buns and loaded with all the toppings.

If you aren't willing to commit to the full-order hamburger costume, there are other costume ideas that will give just a small taste of America's favorite food. A hamburger hat is a fun costume accessory that serves up a side of silly humor. Made from felt and foam to resemble the real deal, this too-funny topper is a real treat. For the corporate carnivores, a hamburger tie makes a tasteful addition to any business outfit and will conveniently sop up the burger grease dripping off your chin. The perfect complement to your National Hamburger Day attire, for both burger fans and burger joint managers alike.

How to Earn Money With Social Networking

Addicted to Facebook? Can't help but Tweet? Waiting for Mariah Carey's update on MySpace? You are one of the billion people who come online and post a comment to their favorite social networking site.

Empowered by people and maximized by technology, ours is the time of astounding development in social communication. This is known as social networking on the internet.

Were you aware you could earn money with social networking? Let's consider the following:

1. A social network is basically an association of people in all walks of life coming together by relationships in family, friends and work or hobby. Professor J. A. Barnes in the 1950s coined the term "social networking" and defined that the size of a simple social network group is about 100 to 150 people.

Today, having 150 people or friends in Facebook would be common. With the large capability of internet to literally connect people all around the globe today one person can have more than 5,000 friends.

2. Social Networks can operate in the course of at least five primary pathways: (1) prerequisite of social sustainability, (2) social manipulation, (3) social commitment, (4) person-to-person getting in touch, and (5) contact to resources of material goods.

The social sustainability includes the companies and organizations which are capable of sustaining the media by which people connect. Social manipulation defines the ways in which people influence each other.

Social commitment is the attitude people develop when they find their niche in a social circle. Person-to-person getting in touch is the relationship between people. Contact to resources of material goods defines the physical and virtual products that salespersons or businessmen bring to their consumers.

3. The last, (5) access to resources and material goods, is where making money by social networking sips in. Having unlimited online prospects, everyone is entitled to expanded and limitless concepts for the development of companies' relationship to customers, celebrities to their avid fans and politicians program for constituents.

The relationship between these groups of people demands a supply of products, services and possibly improvement in all aspects of information networking. Hence, there are people, who are real wise to take advantage of the emergence of such power of communication.

4. Traffic. Earning money with social networking comes down to one thing. Traffic. Whenever someone clicks or purchases a product. The more visitors, the more purchases, the more income. No traffic? No way. What will you do to a website which has only one click per week?

This is not an easy thing to do. You will have to build your network for over some period of time. Getting traffic is hard work. However, once you learn how you you can make money by social networking.

The Transformational Power of Sexual Energy in Sky Dancing Tantra

"Through learning how to expand sexual pleasure you are reclaiming your orgasmic nature, not just in the sexual context but in all aspects of your life." Margot Anand

Sky Dancing Tantra teaches you how to free and expand your sexual energy so you can awaken your consciousness and deepen your capacity for intimacy. Sexual energy is the creative life force energy of the universe and is responsible for bringing beings into form. It is one of the most powerful forces on the planet.

In my classes, coaching sessions and couples retreats I find people begin to transform very quickly as they practice using their sexual energy with more awareness and love. I recently had a couple say, "We received more tools to deepen our intimacy in our first 3 hour coaching session with you than in 5 sessions with the marriage counselor we saw a few years ago."

By using the 3 Keys of Sky Dancing Tantra- breath, sound, and movement along with present moment awareness you can begin to enhance your sexual energy. In order to fully access your sexual energy it is important to release blocked energy held in the body. This is done through receiving regular pelvic healing sessions. In these sessions you work with a partner and explore the external and internal pelvic anatomy. Using conscious touch, communication, and the 3 keys you release armoring in the body. This opens you up to new levels of awareness and sensitivity and greatly enhances your sexual energy and ability to connect and be more ecstatic in every moment.

Sky Dancing Tantra also focuses on expanding your sexual energy through practicing the Multi-Orgasmic Response. There are 3 steps that support the MOR they are: the Streaming Reflex which accesses sexual energy and can be done independent of the sex act, the Ecstatic Response which is learning to stay relaxed in high states of arousal and Riding the Wave of Bliss which involves circulating energy, expanding consciousness and merging with the Divine. This can be done through self-pleasuring and/or as a ritual with a partner. More information can be found in The Art of Sexual Ecstasy.

"On the path of sexual magic, each step can be a joy, each exercise can be an adventure in ecstasy," says Margot Anand in her book The Art of Sexual Magic. In it she covers more specific information on how to support your partner in being multi-orgasmic with specific hands on techniques. She also describes how you can to learn Sexual Magic. You can discover how to connect to your inner magician and create a powerful ritual that allows you to use your sexual energy for healing and manifestation for you and your beloved. It is always powerful to dedicate your practice to healing the planet as a whole as well.

Sky Dancing Tantra celebrates the beauty and power of our sexual energy to bring us pleasure, connection and to awaken our Divinity. How often are you using these practices in your life? It is one thing to attend a workshop and another to live Tantra every day. I invite you to find ways to weave at least a few of these practices into your daily life.

As I Enter

Las Vegas Nevada Property

Las Vegas, Nevada is an exotic and charming place to own a house in. The place is extremely beautiful and famous for its scenic beauty and night life. A number of celebrities are regular visitors or even own houses in the city of Las Vegas this increasing its attractive charm. You can buy properties in Las Vegas, Nevada not just for residential purpose but also for restaurants, garages, hotels, parking lots, etc. no matter what you decide to make of that place, you will get good results as Las Vegas, Nevada is a tourist destination and extremely famous for its nature which is a treat to the eyes. Due to its heritage rich buildings, the real estate and other costs are very much high, but the place Las Vegas Nevada is extremely good for investing in a property.

Las Vegas, Nevada is a beautiful place. The place is not just famous for its natural beauty but also its hip night life. Las Vegas is a city named by Spaniards and thus has a taste of huge cultural variety. The climate of the place is pleasant. Las Vegas being situated on an arid dessert but surrounded by wildlife and forests, offers an optimum climate with pleasant and moderate temperatures. The major tourist attractions in the city are the casinos and hotels built on huge campuses and open for al to enjoy through the night. Thus, the night life is more active.

The population of the city is less as compared to the number of tourists that visit the place, but if you wish to buy a place for starting a hotel or a garage or something like that, you are left assured that the number of customers can never decrease. Tourists and people from all around the world are attracted to this city due to the hotels that offer casinos, excellent cozy rooms, swimming pools and other such amenities. A few days in Vegas with some time to spend for recreation can be a lot of fun and really brighten up your mood to get back to your daily routines.

The problem in owning a property is that the prices are too high but, this problem can be overlooked if you imagine the amount of business that you can possibly do in the long run. The only problem left in front of you now is looking at the right place for buying properties. There are a number of websites which you can refer to on the web which provide you with information regarding properties in Las Vegas, but you should be vigilant and choose the right ones out of these because, some might turn out to be bogus and a total waste of time in your search.

The Cost of a Boob Job and How to Save Money

If you have ever wondered at the cost of a boob job then you may be pleasantly surprised. Popularity has grown hugely over the years and many women are popping into their local clinics to improve their confidence and body image. For those on a budget, cost of boob jobs will depend largely on what you can afford and where you have your surgery carried out. If money is no object then you can choose any procedure you like and expect the very best care and five star accommodation and service.

A trip abroad for breast augmentation is very popular, with countries such as China, India, Brazil and Thailand offering the lowest prices. Costs of boob jobs here are a lot lower than prices in Western Europe and the US, but risk factors may be higher so be careful when selecting your clinic. Your health insurance may not cover you if things go wrong in another country to consider the implications and check out your insurance thoroughly.

Finding information on the price of breast enhancement is very easy with many clinics offering price lists online. Most boob jobs are offered at a fixed rate allowing you to budget easily and avoid any hidden costs. The best way of ascertaining the true cost is by visiting your chosen clinic and discussing the procedure you would like with a qualified surgeon. Of course, you can not always do this if you are thinking of travelling abroad, but a chat over the phone can help your surgeon to ascertain your exact requirements and give you a good idea on price.

Think about what you would like from breast augmentation before asking for the cost of breast augmentation. Look at photos online or photos of your favourite celebrities. Breast augmentation has changed over the years and it is hard to tell who has had surgery and who has not these days. However, it is worth taking along a few photos to your first consultation so your surgeon can get a good idea of your expectations. The cost of the surgery will vary greatly depending on the effects you are after.

Breast Augmentation can give you confidence in your appearance and make you feel great about yourself. There is no longer any stigma attached to having breast augmentation and when you see how little this procedure can cost you will seriously consider having the procedure tomorrow! The true cost of breast Augmentation is insignificant when you bear in mind the happiness this surgery can give. If you have put up with small breasts all your lift, why not give yourself a boost with the figure you have always wanted and that you deserve.

Umbra Photo Frames Are a Great Find For Home Decoration and Gifting

To say, a picture is a composition of thousands words is no wrong. Photographs are a portrait of the past that never comes back but remains alive in the form of memory. Sometimes, pictures do what our words cannot do. Therefore, the photos that are a marvelous manifestation of our memories deserve to be treated with good care. Nothing can be more protective a care other than photo frames. If you seek luxury in picture frames for your luxurious home decor, let umbra photo frames be your choice. These frames add style to wherever they are kept. These are multi-picture frames.

A room without any picture or painting on the walls looks dull and drab. A room is comfy when it is refurbished with quality fabric upholstery. But, it appears lively when decorated with colorful pictures and frames.

Make sure to incorporate umbra photo frames into your list of interior decor items. The frames are strong and sturdy to hang on the walls. The walls come alive with vibrancy and vivacity while sheltering these collages of frames of different sizes and shapes. These photo frames give a lease of life to the lifeless walls of the room.

Umbra picture frames are not only to be hanging on the walls but also to be displayed on the desk. Fitted with solid and rigid stand at the back, they make a good display of your photos on desks. Choose photo frames of the same texture as that of the desk where you have decided to keep them. If the desk is wooden, select wooden frames with matte shine. Make a selection of metallic frames with shining accent if the desk is of metallic sheen. This way, umbra photo frames will harmonize with the place of their keep lending a magic to the ambience of the room.

When it comes to gifting, umbra photo frames are a great find. The recipient will be brimming with joy to receive not one or two picture frames but a set of four or five or six frames. They are fitting for the purpose of any social ceremony or celebration. Particularly on birthdays and anniversaries, they make graceful gifts. If it is the birthday of your college friend, gift him or her special photo frames setting the pictures of some moments with him or her. You will surely be welcomed by the recipient not with thanks but with thankfulness.

Can't Manage Your Life? - The iPhone Will Do it For You

Have you got preggy brain? Do you suffer from short term memory loss? Do you have to remember school cross country runs, school fairs, dentist and doctor's appointments as well as juggling your own work commitments? Then you need one single place to manage these!

If you are working and you have kids then you know exactly how busy life can get! Not only do you have to remember those important personal dates - birthdays, anniversaries etc, you need to co-ordinate school holidays, teacher only days, sports days not to mention remembering to send library books back with incurring fines!

Having these reminders in a multitude of places such as stuck to the fridge or in newsletters tucked away at the bottom of school bags leaves you in a state of disorganisation and gives you a sense of lack of control.

Storing these appointments in one central place is the only way to manage this busy aspect of your life.

The iPhone provides integration with Microsoft Outlook which enables you to enter your appointments directly into either the iPhone or Microsoft Outlook. It will then synchronise so that each is completely updated.

Tips to manage your time efficiently.

Tip #1 - As soon as you receive an appointment, enter it into the calendar. Make this a habit. Once you have entered the appointment or important date, and then throw away the newsletter or card the reminder came on. This will ensure you don't get overwhelmed with paper clutter.

Tip #2 - Add the phone number and e-mail address details of all your important contacts such as the Doctor, Dentist, and School etc. This way you have full details on hand at all times so if you need to you can ring immediately and change the appointment.

Tip #3 - Once a year, add all the birthdays, celebrations, school term dates into your calendar so that you don't forget any.

Tip #4 - Use the Set Alarm feature in the iPhone to remind yourself of an upcoming appointment. This will ensure you are not late.

Tip #5 - Add travel time into your calendar. If you have an appointment which you need to travel to, estimate the time you need and include that in your calendar as well. This will take the pressure of others booking your time just before you race out the door.

Time these days is so precious and busy, you can easily find yourself losing control if you do not organise your time by taking control yourself. By using some of the inherent features in the iPhone you can optimise your time and ensure that you do spend quality time with your family and friends. To find out more tips on using the iPhone to manage your life style visit iPhoneNewbie

Customised Gifts Will Make Your Promotional Campaign Stand Out

Practicality is quite important when selecting customised gifts. Giving gifts is an art, and it needs a lot of practice. There are no rules or regulations in regards to giving gifts, however; it is essential that you choose gifts that are appropriate for the people and occasion. Always go for the items that everyone can use, no matter what. This would show that you care and are passionate, and takes little effort on your end. Customers often get attracted and motivated by the promotional products since they have feeling that they are getting something for nothing. These products are the form of advertisement that people like instead of getting irritated.

1. Customised gifts are often unique, will last forever, and have increased sentimental value. They show that you care about others, and can be a symbol of your relationship with the recipient. These items may include travel grooming kits, luggage, leather notepads, and many others.

2. There are many companies, which specialise in supplying a wide range of these gifts and promotional items, ranging from promotional mugs to promotional key rings to promotional pens as well as promotional calculators. You can also consider using creative options such as a photo book or a pre-loaded digital photo frame.

3. Whether you are looking to launch a product, sales conference aid, service award or just a plain thank you to existing clients, these customised gifts specialists are always there to help you. They can really help you to celebrate your gratitude and care for your employees and customers.

4. Whatever your requirements and whatever your budget, they will be able to create the perfect gifts for you and your company. They have a wealth of experience in designing quality, and can help you to find the gifts that you have in mind and also provide the perfect solution for all your requirements. You can even render your company or product logos in different colour processing system without involving very high cost.

5. You can also take the advantages of ordering promotional products and wearables from an online store. You can make use of the discounts and accessibility to easily customised products through online deals and also compare quotes and rates of various websites. You can also choose from assortment of customised promotional gifts to suit every company.

Your customised gifts should be tasteful and appropriate and should come from the heart. These items are never discarded like the leaflets, posters and such other items of advertisements. This would allow you to highlight both the person and occasion in a positive manner. They are elegant and impressive way to advertise your products and services and are quite useful in generating repeated impressions without involving any cost thereof. Recipients generally use these items for a long time and the imprinted logo or brand name on these products constantly reminds them of how they got the product in the first place. They are not only a method to represent and promote your business, but also an effective way to increase sales of your company.

Art of the Matter - Saffron Walden - Essex

There are many reasons why you would want to come to Saffron Walden, Essex. To walk in its beauty of the picturesque and quintessential English countryside, to soak in its rich culture and history of British aristocrats and its love for art.

Situated 45 miles north of London, this small town has a population a little over 15,000. After a small spate of redevelopment and modernization, the town took on a new look however, that is almost always in the shadows of the grand ancient architecture of the town.

There are many places of interest to see here, chiefly the monuments and structures built by the Quakers family, whose descendants are very much alive today in this town. It would be wise to get to a local museum and study the rich history of this market town as it is most commonly referred to as.

The best way to appreciate its beauty is by either taking a walk down the rolling hills of the countryside or chartering a helicopter or small aircraft to go about in the air to see the beauty of this countryside town.

Interestingly, this place had been flourishing as an art center from the longest time. Even till a few years ago, this place enjoyed great patronage of locals who appreciated art and it still continues to do so.

Another fact that cannot be missed out is its most prominent residents. The Quaker family had taken it upon themselves to leave behind a legacy and they succeeded that with their Quaker Oats.

Every year they host their own beer festival to celebrate spring somewhere in April. So if you want to go there, plan your travel well in advance. Staying in a B&B will be best.

Other places and monuments to walk around to are the St. Mary Church, the castle atop the hill, the market square and other such places.

Do You Remember?

Important information sometimes just slips our memory at the most inappropriate moment, and unpleasant memories on the contrary do not want to go away into the past... "How could you forget?" - is one of the main female complaints to men. Before you even know what she is talking about and have a chance to open your mouth, as you hear: "You must not love me". Even if a woman is wise enough to not say it out loud, she often thinks that way and asks herself a question: "How can I make sure he remembers important dates?"

The Japanese who are experienced in the communication rituals decided to simplify the task and invented a special device - a ring-alarm. At the date programmed beforehand it will start sparkling and buzzing, reminding the husband about the day when he had the first date or first kiss with his wife. You can manage with a regular organizer or a reminder on your cell phone. But all of these devices due to the same forgetfulness that got you in trouble in the first place can be left at home or in the car and then in the evening a real storm is awaiting.

There are a lot of jokes and proverbs about female memory. We all think that female memory is no good. However, research provides us with not such definite results. As little children, girls actually remember numbers and solve math problems better than boys do, since their hippocampus, the major component of the brain responsible for memory, develops much faster. By 15-17 years of age boys catch up with girls and both genders have their memory functions reach the maximum level of development. After that a gradual decrease takes place, which is the most apparent in women by 25-29 years of age and in men by 30-35 years of age. Therefore the claims about female memory being bad have grounds when it comes to women but not young girls. And even then if we look at different types of memory, it turns out that women remember faces better than men, especially female faces (some psychologists think that this peculiarity has appeared so that women could remember and destroy their rivals), as well as verbal information. And the latest research modestly presumes that male memory overall is actually noticeably worse than female memory.

No scientific data consoles the woman, whose husband forgot to congratulate her on their wedding anniversary. And the problem is not the memory itself, rather it is the spouse's different attitude toward certain events, due to which they remember them differently. It is more important and convenient for a woman to lean on an exact date and constantly go back to it through remembering, making a note of and celebrating it. Such repetition and recurrence of processes is familiar to women since it goes hand in hand with the menstrual cycle, which constitutes the basis of female identity. For a man going in circle like that is not common, he orients himself in a linear way: the past has passed and the future is ahead. It is important for him that the event took place and when exactly is not important.

Besides, for women everything connected to the relationship constitutes the area of personal achievements, it signifies her status as opposed to male nature to pay more attention to career, income, and large purchases. That is why a woman remembers better the day she met him and a man - the model of the car he was driving. This difference creates ground for mutual irritation. When the partner does not remember what's important for the other person, he/she takes it as disrespect to them and lack of their values' understanding. It is doubtful for women that you have genuine feelings if you did not even manage to remember the name of her favorite cat or her birthday over many years of living together. In the majority of cases it is sufficient to take gender differences into consideration in order to solve the problem and not to demand something from your partner that he or she are incapable of doing.

There are certain things about mutual memories that will be kept better in the memory of a man or a woman. For example, men are good at remembering facts and numbers, and they do a good job of orienting in the area: there are a whole two genes that are responsible for that compared to zero in women. Women on the other hand have bigger brain lobes that are responsible for emotions. Therefore, for example, when we remember the road, men and women use different strategies and landmarks: men remember "the second turn right" and women remember "the café on the corner that sells yummy éclairs". Thus a man can not remember what you were wearing at the date, but if you ask him where the date took place and where you went afterwards he will definitely tell you. And remembering the aromas of the flowers that were blooming at the time is a woman's share of responsibilities to maintain the relationship.

Sometimes an unpleasant memory bothers a person, painful pictures literally rise before our eyes, endlessly reminding us about what happened - whether it was a serious loss or a small mistake. This way our memory wants to do us a favor so that if we have to face a similar situation again we could react faster and better. If on a date with a new guy you can not get rid of the memories of your ex-husband, your memory should only be praised: it wants you to be on the alert and not do the same mistake twice. Psychologists recommend "rewriting" the story of your life by purposefully extracting positive memories. For example, if you feel shy about public speaking, try to find as many situations from the past as possible where the speech was going well and you felt relaxed and alert.

Memory serves people as it can, even when it makes us forget something. When the circumstances are too unpleasant or difficult, the defensive mechanism of repression gets activated, which was discovered by Sigmund Freud. In the classic example from his memories he is talking about how after renting a place at the same spot for seven years in a row, Freud only remembered two restaurants nearby and did not notice the third one point blank. It turned out that the name of the third restaurant resembled the last name of his colleague, with whom Freud had tense relationship. Based on the long lasting self-research and work with patients he came to a conclusion that the repression can explain forgetting names, appointments, and promises. And even after 100 years we can confirm the truth of his statement that in all cases the basis for forgetting something lies in the motive of reluctance. It is easier to blame everything on forgetfulness rather than directly sort out the relationship.

However forgetfulness should not be always blamed on dislike. With age human memory gets worse as a rule, and it is related to a variety of reasons - first of all the worsening of the brain function. As a precaution we should lead a healthy lifestyle, be out on the fresh air more often, swim in a pool, try to absorb positive emotions from the surrounding world. We should make sure that we do not undergo constant stress and are not constantly overloaded - since it can lead to emotional burn out, which in turn manifests itself as a worsening of memory, the information we receive slips our memory instantly.

Besides taking care of your health and well-being in general, we should also give ourselves a healthy load. After 30 years of age complaints about forgetfulness are due to the fact that a person stopped training his or her memory and it got "out of shape". In high school and in college boys and girls receive new information and memorize it daily, and therefore the memory is constantly "toned". When work turns into routine and every day resembles the other one, the load on memory gets automatically reduced and therefore it needs to be trained. American scientists have found a pleasant way of improving your memory. It turns out that elderly people who drink three cups of tea or coffee and two glasses of wine every day have better memory than those who refuse themselves that. There are of course more sober ways. Do not rely on the organizer but instead remember phone numbers, foreign words, poems, and most importantly do it on a regular basis.

The Freedom of Your Life is a Four-Dimensional Phenomenon - Spiritual Freedom

Do you realize that freedom is a four-dimensional phenomenon? Physical, intellectual, spiritual and Ultimate freedoms are the interwoven parts of the rainbow of reality. You are here in this world to explore all the colors of the rainbow of reality. Move into a deep in-search of freedom right now. The first freedom is physical freedom. The second dimension is intellectual freedom. Now it is time to discover the third dimension.

Spiritual Freedom to be Yourself

Freedom to be yourself is essential. It is your intrinsic right to explore your own being. You are different, you are unique from anybody else. You are not a carbon copy. While moving from the periphery, from the outside to the inside, to the centre, you move from quantity of objects of your desires, from attachments to quality of inner peace. At this stage you drop your crystallized ego and lose your personality, imposed by society.

This is freedom to find your individuality that you never lost but that was covered by the luggage of artificial barriers and conditionings. For the first time you are not trying to be somebody else that you are not. You become the whole person. You become the harmonized person. It rises from awakening. It rises from consciousness.

You become free from any manipulations that create a split deep down. Freedom to be yourself arises from within you. It arises from your awareness, from witnessing, from observing. Meditation opens the door into your being. You transform your reactions arisen from your past into your fresh and spontaneous response arisen from within, from your nature. In the centre you are free from the duality of any philosophical, theological, theosophical and metaphysical dogmas and doctrines. This is true spiritual freedom to dive into yourself through mindfulness beyond opposites of hopes and hopelessness, desires and desirelessness, success and failure, attaining and not attaining.

The Alchemy of Witnessing

Finding yourself does not require to go anywhere but in... Witnessing all the desires, dreams,goals, projections and illusions of your mind (what is called Maya) brings this freedom. It arises from here and now, when you catch the gap of silence inside, when you dive into between, when you move beyond all neurosis, fears and misery rooted in your mind. You move from the darkness of loneliness to the light of aloneness to obtain truthfulness, love and blissfulness.

It is time to drop all methods and techniques to drink fully the freedom of being yourself. This is like a wave dancing with the wind. It is time to sing and dance. It is time to celebrate your life.

Freedom to be yourself, to know yourself, to explore your own nature gives you so much blissfulness arisen from the eternal well. And finally, just the last step remains. It is not the freedom from something or somebody, but this is liberation for existence, for divineness, for eternity.

Hot Orgasm - How to Experience Blissful Moments in Bed

You can increase your orgasm odds and experience blissful moments in bed if you understand that having a hot orgasm is a learned technique. Research shows that the more you bring yourself to climax by any means, the better you become at it and the more your sex drive intensifies. Regular orgasms help you become aroused more easily, and enhance your sexual self-esteem and satisfaction.

What is an Orgasm?

Call them clitoral, G-spot, blended, sequential, oral, anal, multiple, or whatever else you like, all orgasms come anatomically from the same place. In other words, there is only one physical type of orgasm for both men and women, which is simply our body releasing blood back into the bloodstream after it has been pumped to pressure point to an aroused area. You may get to that point through various means, including manual stimulation, oral sex, using a vibrator, anal play, or even indulging in erotic daydreaming, but the technicalities basically remain the same. That does not mean the feelings registered in the brain are identical. In fact, some orgasms are barely more than a feeble few pulses, while others are forceful enough to leave you weak in the knees.

What makes for explosive orgasms? A powerful cocktail of desire, passion, timing, experience, skill, patience, chemistry - and yes, love. The more of these factors come into play, the better the results.

How to Create a Hot Orgasm

Creating exquisite orgasms is all about hitting the right nerves. There are two genital nerves that enclose the pelvic floor muscles giving two types of erotic feeling. The first is a sharp spasm that happens when the clitoris or base of the penis is erect and stimulated. The second is a warm, melting sensation that occurs when the inside of the vagina or the shaft of the penis is excited to orgasmic peaks. A blended orgasm happens when you experience both types during a single love-making session and it can last a long time - sometimes as long as an hour.

It is unnecessary to put enormous pressure on yourselves as a couple to have simultaneous orgasms. Think of an orgasm as a reflex, just like a sneeze. Trying to have an orgasm at exactly the same time is a bit like trying to sneeze simultaneously. It is not impossible, but your time is better spent celebrating the quality of individual orgasms rather than focus on the timing.

In the end, creating a hot orgasm is like any other exercise. The more you do it, the better you become at it and the more enjoyable it becomes - the chemicals in your brain assure this. The more frequently you have sex, the more the chemical communication between brain cells accelerate and intensify due to the impulses moving on a well-beaten course. The prize is more orgasms with less effort. This is especially important in the case of women, as sexual abstinence causes what is known as 'vaginal atrophy'. This refers to a drying and closing-up of the vagina to the point where penetration becomes close to impossible. Women who continue to be sexually active - either through solo sex or with a partner - clock in more orgasms.

When it comes to having a hot orgasm, practice really does make perfect.

Gift Experiences For Couples - Amazing Presents to Get Hearts Pumping

Searching for a romantic or adrenaline-fueled present for you and your partner or another couple can be a difficult minefield to navigate. With so many hobbies and interests it can be difficult to settle on a gift that will appease everyone.

Nevertheless, unforgettable, once-in-a-lifetime gifts can be purchased with gift experience pioneers Red Letter Days. These amazing presents are guaranteed to get hearts pumping one way or another. With great gift ideas for couples from magnificent sightseeing trips to luxurious gourmet breaks and pampering breaks to spend time together.

Gift experiences for couples can be purchased for a variety of occasions, be it a birthday or anniversary celebration or even a wedding or honeymoon gift. Better still, these amazing presents can work just as effectively as an impromptu romantic gesture guaranteed to win the heart of your partner.

Romantic short breaks are the perfect way to rekindle that romance by whisking your special someone away to a charming, secluded escape for a weekend. These romantic getaways include a selection of spa and pampering gifts, fine dining combining into a superior hotel boutique experience.

Similarly, adventure days for two can have a positive influence on a relationship, giving couples the opportunity to add new excitement in their lives, sharing the thrill of a challenging adventure and having double the fun as a daredevil duo. From bungee jumping to white water rafting you can take a leap of faith together.

The beauty of gift experiences for couples is that there is a flexibility which allows them to choose their own experience for themselves if you so wish. Gift vouchers allow recipients select an experience within budget that will be remembered for years to come.

Paraslim Force Review - Can Paraslim Force Help You Get a Leaner, Muscular Body?

There simply isn't a better alternative to diet and exercise in order to get in shape and get a lean, muscular physique. Having said that, there are thousands of guys for whom diet and exercise alone are not enough to carve the well defined six pack abs that they want and therefore they look for proven diet supplements and fat burning products that will assist them burning that last bit of stubborn belly fat covering their abs.

Paraslim Force has been scientifically tested and it was formulated around the "French Paradox" theory. This supplement is created with all natural ingredients that have been studied and are supported by clinical research studies. This supplement is believed to have cracked the code on metabolic thermogenic boosters and this is probably why many athletes and celebrities have been using it to get lean and ripped.

Primary Ingredients

As it was mentioned before, the ingredients found in this fat burning supplement are all natural and they are:

1. Resveratrol, a study from Harvard University found that this ingredient tricks the body into believing food is scarce and has to use fat to produce energy
2. EGCG 95% from Green Tea
3. Cayenne Fruit Powder to rev up metabolism
4. Apple Cider Vinegar for weight loss
5. Vitamin B6 to improve metabolism of carbs, fats and proteins
6. Ginger Root Powder to help you curb cravings

Rock Hard Abs In 28 Days!

This fat burning supplement will bring many benefits such as boosting your metabolism and increasing your energy levels, it will help you curb food cravings and burn fat more efficiently. Also, it will help you get a defined stomach and lean mid section without nasty love handles.

Other benefits that have been reported and studied are that while exercise burns calories and this will help you with your weight loss efforts, it is also known that exercise will increase hunger levels. This supplement will help you reduce that. Also, a new research out of UCLA suggests that women are attracted to muscular guys. A series of six studies found that muscular men have twice as many partners as average Joes. Paraslim Force can help guys of all ages to get in shape!

Convenient & Healthy Cooking With a Health Grill!

With a health grill you can cook gorgeous food in a fraction of the time of a normal grill. It doesn't matter what you are cooking, anything from vegetables through to steaks, the health grill will become in indispensable part of your kitchen. The most popular health grill is the George Foreman grill range, however there are many other brand grills available including some from celebrity chefs such as Gordon Ramsay and Jamie Oliver.

Health grills are on the whole a pair of grooved heated plates coated in a non stick layer which are both heated. The food is placed sandwiched between the plates and is consequently cooked from the bottom and top at the same time which cooks the food evenly all the way through a lot faster than a standard grill. The bottom plate slopes towards the front of the grill which allows the fat and juices to drain away from the food and into a drip tray making all your food not only healthier, but tastier as well!

There are various different health grills, ranging in size and functionality starting at 2 portion small grills all the way up to large 10 portion grills. Some grills have extra features such as bun warmers, floating hinges, removable plates and even a griddle on certain models.

You can cook pretty much anything on a grill including vegetables and boneless meats including chicken fillets, steak, sausage, burgers and bacon! You really can cook almost anything which you could cook on a standard grill! You should not try and cook any meat which is more than 3cm thick or contains bones.

Selected grills feature a floating hinge which makes it ideal for cooking thicker meat, melting food or creating toasted sandwiches and paninis. The floating hinge also allows you to cook everything from thin sliced bacon through to thicker chops and and large burgers.

Due to how the food is cooked and the way the plates are angled the food you cook is much healthier than if it had been grilled. So the food is healthier, but not only that, it cooks much quicker, looks better and best of all tastes far better than traditional cooking.

Due to the compact nature of even the largest grills, they can be stored away in a cupboard easily making them a must have, even in the smallest of kitchens. The plates can be cleaned quickly and easily and if it has removable plates they can be removed and put in the dishwasher. Even if the grill doesn't have removable plates, you can either use special grill sponges or a tool which comes with the grill for scraping the worst of the food off from the plates. By adding removable plates to the grills some sacrifices have been needed, such as the plates not cooking evenly across the whole plate and cooking times being increased slightly.

Making the decision on which health grill you should be is not easy. The first consideration will always be how much food you need to cook at once. Make sure you buy a grill which can handle more than enough portions. The second most important feature will be if you want removable plates or not. By now you should have a few grills to chose from. You can pick your perfect health grill from these by looking at the extra features, brand name and value for money.

10th Anniversary Gifts

Presenting 10th anniversary gifts is a means of showing your gratitude to the one and only love of your life, who has been with you through thick and thin through ten years. These gifts are the projection of all your love which you may have wanted to say, but could not express in words.

The colour pink is associated with females and most women adore this colour. And if you want to gift something close and personal, you can gift the 'personalised all things pink calendar.' The calendar is themed with images that are a soothing pink colour, and is quite attractive. You can personalise the recipient's name for every month of the year and even get a personal message printed on the front cover of the calendar. The calendar will begin from the month you choose and is cute gift which will remind her of this special day for the whole year.

Wedding anniversary celebrations are not complete without something sweet and delicious. And if it is the anniversary of a couple close to your heart, why not give them a gift hamper of sparkling wine and chocolates? The Katherine Hills is a tasty Australian sparkling wine, perfect for such occasions. And the combination of Hamlet chocolate assortment in an attractive gift box makes the 10th anniversary gifts all the more delicious. Other choices can include the champagne and truffles hamper or the chocolate feast hamper, a feast for the whole family. And if you want to gift something more traditional, then you must try out the Duchy originals hamper, which includes handmade tomato chutney, Duchy originals organic orange biscuits in dark chocolate etc.

Women are not the only ones who need a relaxing spa break. You can gift your husband mens treatment experiences at some of the best spas across UK. This can include spa days at Bannatyne spas, The New Leaf spa, Champneys spa facial for him, Urban Angel relaxing treatment for men etc, which will make your man feel rejuvenated, relaxed and fresh for that special day.

What is Happening to the Michael Jackson Songs?

Although he has gone from this life, the songs of M. Jackson still haunt the public when they are played on the national radio stations. We remember the legend and the genius of the man as well as the immediacy of his music. The Michael Jackson songs are a timeless treasure that will entertain future generations for years to come. They exhibit a musical genius and maturity which will be very hard to replace. One can think of the Michael Jackson songs as a representation of how good things might be and the possibilities that lie in wait for the general public when it comes to the entertainment industry. Nobody could do it as well as the legend and it therefore stands to reason that one would consider the Michael Jackson songs as a fitting tribute to the flawed genius that was on earth for a brief period. There have been some critical voices about the singer's personal life but at the end of the day the songs of Jackson are the redeemer that makes it all alright.

The quality of the Michael Jackson songs cannot be overestimated. One hears the beat and the great feeling that comes with it. They then realize why exactly so many people loved Michael Jackson. The songs of Jackson have a quality that is timeless and peerless in its execution. It is amazing to think that a poor boy from the less affluent echelons of American society would rise up to such heights is almost unbelievable but the truth is that the Michael Jackson songs are the testimony that verifies all. In living and singing, Michael had an air of someone that was not of this world. That is probably why his personal life was in such a mess throughout the time that he was living on the behest of the American public. He was despised by some and yet loved by others. The songs of Jackson are universally acknowledged as iconic and symbolic of the talent that we witnessed during his lifetime. They are also a representation of the great skills that can come from the least likely people and then dominate the world in new ways.

Following his death, there has been a revival of interest in the M. Jackson songs. The fans have been buying them as if they are going out of fashion and there is some belief that the death of the genius increased his profile and sales throughout the world. The people that loved Michael decided to celebrate his troubled life by buying the different merchandise that was put on the market including the Michael Jackson songs. If one does a simple internet search they will land on some of the pages of the music dealers that still have some Michael Jackson songs on their books. These albums are very good value for money and they can even be passed on to the different generations after the person has enjoyed some years with them.

Top 10 Motorcycles Songs

1. Meatloaf - Bat out of Hell

Released in 1979, and again in 1993 it was written by Jim Steinman with lead vocals from Meatloaf. Steinman was insistent that the song should contain the sound of a motorbike engine being revved, and complained to producer Todd Rundgren in the final recording session when it was not added. Rather than use a recording of a real motorcycle, Rundgren himself played the section on guitar, leading straight into the solo without a break.

2. The Doors - Riders on the storm

Taken from their 1971 album, LA woman this song reached number 22 spot on the UK singles chart. The song was inspired by Ghost Riders in the Sky: A Cowboy Legend."

3. The Eagles - Life in the Fast Lane

This is the third single from the Album Hotel California which was written by Joe Walsh, Glenn Frey and Don Henley and reached number 11 in the Billboard Hot 100

4. Steppenwolf - Born to Be Wild

Born to be wild was Initially released in 1968 and was used on the soundtrack for the famous motorcycle movie Easy rider, staring Jack Nicholson and Peter Fonda riding Harley Davidson Hydraglide bikes from 1949, 1950 and 1952

5. Bruce Springsteen - Born to Run

Written in Long Branch, New Jersey in 1974 the song is a love letter to a girl called Wendy. Springsteen himself is a celebrated bike fan. He recently auctioned off his Harley Davidson at the NY Comedy Festival Event 'Stand Up for Heroes: A Benefit for the Bob Woodruff Family Fund' for US$ 85,000.

6. Rush - Ghost Rider

This song is based on the motorcycle story Ghost Rider: Travels on the Healing Road. by Rush's drummer and lyricist Neil Peart. Peart embarked on a 14 month 55,000 mile motorcycle journey across America after losing two of his family members.

7. Manic Street Preachers - Motorcycle Emptiness

This single by Welsh Rock band Manic Street preachers was inspired by a book by SE Hilton called Rumble Fish and is about biker gang culture. The lyrics have been interpreted by some as an attach consumer/capitalist lifestyle and how young people are expected to conform.

8. Shangri-Las - Leader of the Pack

This song became number one on the Billboard Hot 100 in November 1964 and is about a girl called Betty who is seeking her parent's disapproval by dating Jimmy, the leader of a motorcycle gang. Her parents claim he is from the "the wrong side of town" and will be a bad influence on her.

9. Bob Seger - Roll Me Away

Roll Me Away was written in 1982 by Bob Seger on the album The Distance by Bob Seger and the Silver Bullet Band. Tit reached number 27 on the Billboard Hot 100 char

10. Prince- Purple Rain

The song Purple Rain, taken from the album of the same name reached number 2 in the America charts. The album was thought by many as among the best rock albums ever it was ranked by Rolling Stone Magazine as the second best album of the 1980s.