Dress Like a Burger in May

The entire month of May is devoted to one of America's favorite foods, the hamburger. National Hamburger Month is truly a celebration that will get you salivating just thinking about all the possibilities of burger sampling for the next 31 days. Hit the ground running and order them anyway you like, with cheese, mustard, ketchup, pickles, tomatoes, lettuce, onion or what ever else you please.

The Mongols of the 12th century would never have dreamed their little trick of taking meat patties on-the-go to eat for dinner later would become a billion-dollar industry. And, according to the beef industry, ground beef is the number one type of beef sold to consumers at grocery stores making up 60% of beef purchases. Having cook-outs where the grill is heated up and burgers sizzle like a gastronomic symphony is a summer-time right of passage. Think of how much more fun a backyard barbecue could be when you're dressed up as the main course -- a hamburger.

You'll be a walking billboard for burgers dressed in a hamburger costume. It's hard to imagine that you could even purchase a hamburger Halloween costume, but they are actually quite popular in carnivorous crowds. One popular and easy to wear hamburger costume is designed as a foam sheath that you simply pull on over your everyday clothes. Of course, the front and back are cleverly designed to look just like a beef patty sandwiched between two sesame seed buns and loaded with all the toppings.

If you aren't willing to commit to the full-order hamburger costume, there are other costume ideas that will give just a small taste of America's favorite food. A hamburger hat is a fun costume accessory that serves up a side of silly humor. Made from felt and foam to resemble the real deal, this too-funny topper is a real treat. For the corporate carnivores, a hamburger tie makes a tasteful addition to any business outfit and will conveniently sop up the burger grease dripping off your chin. The perfect complement to your National Hamburger Day attire, for both burger fans and burger joint managers alike.


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