How to Lose Weight Through Meditation

How To Lose Belly Fat

I want to talk to you about how I lost my belly fat! I'd like to show you the steps that I took to accomplish this. I understand that if you are reading this, that you must be frustrated. But I'd like to try and help you achieve this goal that you have for yourself. Cheer up, with a little effort on your part you can lose your belly fat, and have that slimmer summer waist line that you desire.

How I Lost My Belly Fat

When I started my journey towards being thin I was so depressed, I was not happy with my body. I had tried lot's of different diet's, but never saw them through to the end. My belly fat came off through a regimen of meditation in the morning and walking, with aerobics at night. I'll tell you more about my personal plan below.

Feel Good Mentally

It is very important to have a good attitude about working out. Learning to meditate will allow your mind, body, and soul the align, helping you to avoid negative thoughts. Create a chart so you can keep track of your progress, and keep yourself on track to met your goals. Celebrate your successes no matter how small they are, and let them be your inspiration to continue on.

However, if you have no plan, then you plan to fail. My plan consisted of some aerobic exercises and I walked ever day. That's it, it is a simple plan, that got me fast results, and it was easy to do.

My Daily Plan

1. First start walking ever day. Walk as far as you possible can each day, without injuring yourself. However if your confused about how long to walk for, do thirty minutes a day, that is more than enough to burn unwanted calories.

2. Learn to meditate. I could talk a lot about this, but I won't here. I do just want to say, that every morning I did meditate as part of a over all "feel good" regimen. Working out can be stressful. Heck, thinking of working for that matter can be stressful! Meditating centers the mind, body and spirit, and opens up the window in your heart for inspiration. You have to understand that if food is the fuel for the body, then inspiration is fuel for the soul. Inspiration can take you to the very thing your after.

3. Do some form of aerobic exercise. My personal plan was to meditate in the morning, and walk. In the evening I would do Step aerobics. Step aerobics involves using a platform to step one foot up, down and up on the other leg, replicating the action for 2 minutes. I would do four or five sets of these.

Beaded Sandals - How to Wear This Summer's Most Popular Women's Sandals

Are you trying to find for something different in footwear this summer? Bored with plain summer sandals and flip flops? Wish to be on trend and up to the minute? Beaded sandals are this summer's must have, worn by your favourite celebrities. Beaded sandals come in a variety of shapes and designs to go with all your summer clothes. Beaded flip flop sandals are a wonderful substitute for your plain, boring standard flip flops, with attractive pewter or silver beaded straps - perfect for the beach with a matching swimsuit to get you noticed and add some style or with a light skirt for casual elegance.

If you want something a bit more classy, beaded flat sandals are worth a look. The simplest models are like a flip flop as they have toe posts, although they will be beaded, but frequently they have leather uppers and soles which makes these sandals much more hardwearing and stylish. There are countless styles of beading to choose from, you can have small, subtle beads or big, bolder beads in different arrangements, or maybe just one large flamboyant bead.

You may choose from a range of colours for the base sandal and the beading, a popular design of sandal is made from brown leather with silver or pewter beads, this would be wearable with almost anything, or if you're feeling more daring you could choose something much bolder like a bright pink sandal with gold beads. Flat beaded sandals would work well with jeans or light summer trousers, with red polished toenails to set them off, or you might wear them with a long, floaty skirt for a casual summer evening party.

Other designs of flat beaded sandals sometimes have a beaded ankle strap or cuff fixed to the straps, or several thinner straps that do up round the ankle. These 'tribal' styles also have lots more beads in elaborate designs and multi colours, giving you the latest style. These sandals would be more comfortable for longer wear and for walking further, and would look really good with light trousers for seeing the sights on holiday. They would also be suitable when you want a classier look for a more formal party or barbecue.

A different popular design is the gladiator or cage sandal, which has many straps and one or more ankle straps, usually elaborately beaded, sometimes with many coloured beads and studs.

If you're not comfortable in flat sandals and would rather have a more substantial sandal, then beaded wedge sandals should suit you. Often made from leather these sandals can give you height and would look wonderful with trousers and skirts.

Wedding Ideas For Sports Lovers

These days there are almost as many women who are into watching sports as guys. If you and your fiance share a love of sports or first bonded over a favorite team, you might want to incorporate some fun sporty elements into your wedding plans. These are some great wedding ideas for sports lovers.

As with all weddings, the place to begin is with the proposal. Gentlemen, if your girlfriend is a huge baseball fan, do what a friend of mine did and propose to her on the Jumbotron at her favorite stadium. Taking in a game and getting engaged, all in one afternoon? What could be better? Another really cute way to pop the question to a sports fan would be to order a custom jersey for her that says "Mrs. Jones" (insert your last name there) and give it to her as a gift. Watch her face go from surprise to confusion to joy, as it dawns on her that you are asking her to become your wife.

The rehearsal dinner can be another place to celebrate your favorite shared sport. One very unique idea is to host the party in a fancy box at a baseball or football stadium. Treat your guests to traditional stadium fare like hot dogs, nachos, and beer. You can bet that such a fun location for the party will be a great icebreaker. If you can't reserve a room in a stadium for your rehearsal dinner, you can still bring sports into it. If both families are the sort to enjoy athletics, think about planning your party around a softball game in a local park. Alternatively, you could have a pickup football game or plan a family golf tournament.

Sports can definitely play a role in the wedding itself. One idea is to use your favorite team's colors as part of your wedding palette. This works better in some instances than others. If you are a Dallas Cowboy's fan, it would be a snap to get everything from the bridesmaid dresses and jewelry to the table linens in their signature blue and silver colors. Top your cake with a big star, and you will be good to go. On the other hand, if you and your fiance bonded over four years of Tennessee Vols games, you will need to tread a bit more lightly when using the team colors. Bright orange flowers would be pretty for the bouquets (perhaps mixed with fuchsia blossoms), but don't saddle your attendants with head to toe orange dresses, bridesmaid jewelry, and flowers to match!

Depending just how crazy you and your fiance are about sports, there are many more neat ways in which to show your love of the game. You could have custom wedding invitations created to resemble tickets. Wedding programs can be modeled after the programs at sporting events. On a smaller scale, unique boutonierres would be a fun way for the groom to show his team spirit. And don't forget the cake toppers, whether you have bobbleheads of your favorite players, a team logo, or a crystal football on the top tier.

How to Choose a Wedding Planner For Your Unique Wedding

Why Hire a Planner?

Choosing to have a professional on-hand is a key way to ensure that on your wedding day, you're basking in newlywed bliss - not looking for an extension cord to help an ill-prepared DJ! A planner can give your event a professional edge, ensuring a seamless sense of continuity between all the aspects of your wedding. A great planner will work with you to develop a timeline, a budget, and all the other details. He or she will also be able to give you etiquette advice, style suggestions, and great resources. Being in the wedding industry means developing relationships with cake designers, venues, bands, and shops - so your wedding planner will become a great resource for you!

Finding the Perfect Planner

The best way to find a wedding planner is by word of mouth - either through friends, colleagues or family, or by reading reviews from other brides. These days, many wedding planners showcase their work in local magazines, websites, and blogs. This can give you a great feel for a planner's style and ability. Choose two or three wedding planners to meet with or talk with on the phone.

Meet the Planner

It's important to meet with the wedding planner to establish a relationship and ensure that you will be able to share a vision for your big day. Ask to see a portfolio, and talk about what you are planning for your wedding. A good wedding planner will work with your vision to help turn it into a reality! It's also important to discuss budget and expectations during your preliminary meeting.

Choose a Package

Most wedding planners offer three packages: full planning, partial planning, and day-of coordination. Depending on budget and need, you'll need to select the package that's right for you. You'll need to think about how much time you have to invest in the wedding. If you are looking forward to all the details, there's no reason to book a full planning package. If you just want a professional to be onsite during the celebrations, then day of coordination is right for you. Finding yourself somewhere in the middle? Partial planning might be the way to go! Most wedding coordinators would also be happy to make a special package just for you, so don't be afraid to ask for "a la carte" services.

A Wedding Planner

On a Budget If you'd love to have a planner hep you with your wedding but aren't sure it's in the cards, don't worry. Many up-and-coming wedding planners would be happy to help with your wedding for free or at a discounted price, in order to build their portfolio!

Review the Contract

Just like any relationship, it's important to discuss expectations before you sign on the dotted line. Read the contract carefully, and ensure that you are okay with all the details. Your wedding planner will likely require a deposit to start planning, and the balance will be due just before the wedding.

Once you've selected your wedding planner, it's time to work together to start making arrangements for your wedding. Arrange some meetings and a basic planning timeline - and let the planning begin!

Can You Lead the Future Chaos in Business?

Several times during the last twenty years the rules of leadership in business have changed. They have changed without warning, without celebration and they have changed quietly. The world of leadership is now a different place. There is a strong overtone of unpredictability that makes the world of business more difficult to understand as more information is being added. Stability is not a word that we would use in the same sentence as business. Some of the changes have been initiated by social, economic and political situations in the former USSR, China and India.

Most of the leadership rules of yesteryear no longer apply and no one is in a position to really reliably claim how the present rules work or reliably forecast the future. The only certainty is that business weakness, either perceived or real will be punished. There will be winners and losers and the losers will go out of existence. To a degree many of the losers vanished during the last recession and some of the weaker businesses have been irreparably damaged but are still limping along.

Concepts such as lifetime leadership employment in the same business is now part of history. This means that every single individual, industry, business, and country will have to have a number of options available just to cope with chaotic change. Survival will be the only outcome for those businesses who are working at an optimal level and have the nimbleness to change in react to needs in the market. This survival will be dependent on the quality of leadership in the business.

The successful leader of tomorrow is going to have to recognize that single factors can have a vast and far reaching effect on business outcomes. It is the small things that will be able to make or break businesses. Normally, with traditional business thinking the concept promoted has been that small, sensitive events do not adversely affect the monolithic organization. This no longer holds true.

It requires a considerable shift in thinking. Because of globalization, national boundaries which are so important to governments and of course politicians, are no longer so important during the scramble to secure low-cost labor in developing countries. The successful leader will have to take all these factors into consideration as they look to create environments where staff and systems develop optimal performance. The other area requiring optimal performance is the interface between the business, the product and the customer.

The way ahead is not clear because we will be operating under new rules. The businesses that will thrive and flourish under these new rules will be the ones with their staff produce optimal performance. It is only very good leadership that can create this environment consistently. Unfortunately, at this time, good leaders are few and far between.

Holiday & Travel Guide For Goa, India

Goa is situated on the western coast of India, and framed by the Arabian Sea on its West coast. Formerly a colony of Portugal, the Portuguese lifestyle is somewhat apparent in this part of India and it is popular with European tourists, particularly for Winter sun holidays.

What is Goa like?

With many gorgeous beaches, Goa is a relaxed place which combines Portuguese lifestyle with modern music and cultures. Known as a popular place for the party scene now, as well as a good all round destination, people in Goa often take Siestas in the afternoon, to prepare for the nightlife. A place for a relaxed holiday in the sun, or to indulge in some late season partying, the serene but welcoming region of Goa is a great Indian place to stay.

Things to do

Goa is a fairly relaxed place, but not one that is overly touristy. Relaxing in beach shacks or taking in some of the fine cuisine of the local restaurants is the kind of thing you can expect to be doing a lot of. With white sands and lovely clear waters, swimming and walking along the beach to explore the further off areas are popular activities.

It is not boring however, and there is more that you can do in the daytime in order to get a real taste of India. There are spice plantations around the region in which you can go and wander and sample the real staples of Indian cooking, maybe picking some up to bring home with you if you wish. The landscape is perfect for leisurely strolls, so try an evening or early morning walk up the rivers and streams around Goa, where you will see much local wildlife, such as the birds that inhabit the place.

There are also white water waterfalls if you are prepared to travel a little to see them, either on foot or by local transportation.

In the evenings, if you wish to party then head to the music filled Anjuna or Vagator beaches, which play trance music into the night. There are many local restaurants with authentic Indian dishes, so you can try your curries how they are really meant to be if you prefer to wine and dine rather than go out with the crowds. The locals are very easy going and celebrate life, relaxation, music and their culture.

Religion is important in Goa, and there are many different branches of religion, so if you feel like immersing yourself in the culture then you can enter religious buildings and explore old cathedrals which are around.

Whilst a relaxing place, it is not barren of things to do, so get a local map and take walks out into the more wild parts of Goa, perhaps asking the hotel owner's, or a local's advice on the best beauty spots. Make sure you avoid the early afternoon sun though, until about 4pm, as it can be very harsh, especially if you are not used to the heat.

Happy Holidays

The Truth About Weight Loss After Pregnancy - The Before and After Effect

Weight loss after pregnancy is a challenge for many new moms and, while it may seem a daunting task, it doesn't have to be. We've all seen the headlines: Celebrity gives birth one day and is back on the runway (in a size 6) the next day! How far from the norm is this? This article will explore the myths, as well as the reality behind pregnancy and weight loss.

The biggest factor to successful weight loss after pregnancy is managed weight gain during pregnancy. Watching your weight during pregnancy not only makes it easier to lose the weight after delivery, but it is also healthier for your baby. The expression "you're eating for two" is definitely a myth. After the first trimester, a woman should only increase her calorie intake by about 300 calories/day.

So, how do we gauge what is a healthy weight gain with pregnancy? Speaking from a visual standpoint, the baby and amniotic fluid weigh about 10 pounds. But visuals don't tell the whole story. During pregnancy, a woman's body changes to accommodate additional weight. Specifically, breasts: 1-3 pounds; uterus: 2 pounds; placenta: 1-2 pounds; blood volume: 3-4 pounds; body fluids: 3-4 pounds; fat stores: 6-8 pounds

The standards for pregnancy weight gain are issued by the Institute of Medicine (IOM). The number varies according to a woman's height/weight and is expressed as BMI (Body Mass Index).

Pre-Pregnancy BMI

Recommended Pregnancy Weight Gain

18.5-24.9 (normal)

25-35 pounds

BMI < 18.5 (under weight)

28-40 pounds

BMI > 30 (over weight)

11-20 pounds

(For twins, gains of 37-54, 31-50 and 25-42, respectively, should be your target.)

"Take it easy! You're in a delicate condition!" This is also a myth. Keeping physically active during pregnancy is vital to your health and transition back to a normal weight after pregnancy. Additionally, exercise during pregnancy, especially those that exercise the pelvic floor, can be beneficial during labor and delivery. Of course, you should always consult with your doctor regarding any exercise regime during and after your pregnancy. Be aware that there are also precautions that must be adhered to regarding exercise during pregnancy.

First and foremost, listen to your body. If any exercise feels uncomfortable stop immediately. Be aware that during pregnancy your body produces a hormone called relaxin. It is responsible for keeping your joints loose during delivery. When joints are "lax," injury can occur more readily. So, always be prudent in the type and intensity of exercise.

So, you're done everything you can to manage your weight and remain active during your pregnancy. What can you expect after delivery? Factors that will contribute to a successful weight loss after pregnancy include: adhering to a healthy diet, resuming physical exercise after delivery, and breastfeeding.

Eating right after your baby is born is important for your health, as well as from a weight loss perspective. Here are some tips to maintain a diet that will allow you to shed those pounds:

Focus on Fresh Fruit and Vegetables: These, along with whole grains, are a great source of fiber and will keep you feeling full.

Avoid Temptation: Don't keep fattening foods in the house. Instead, keep low-cal snacks on hand.

Eat Only When Hungry: Avoid eating out of nervousness or boredom. Call a friend, go for a walk or read a book instead.

Drink Plenty of Water: Don't confuse hunger with thirst. Reach for a bottle of water instead of a snack.

Consider breastfeeding. Breastfeeding has been show to burn the fat stores created during pregnancy. Breastfeeding burns as many as 500 calories per day.

Keep your expectations reasonable. Allow your body up to 6 months after delivery to steadily lose the weight. Don't fall into the crash diet trap. Allow your body to make adjustment gradually. Make lasting changes moving toward a healthy lifestyle, one that will continue for the rest of your life.

Blackjack Casino Games on the Wii

The amount of casino games for the Wii gaming station is somewhat limited. There are games available for nearly every type of gambling, but these might fall a little short when compared to the games available on other consoles. There is however a growing community of people who are developing flash games that can be downloaded for free for the Wii console. Many of these are available from online sites  and they always link back to the site and serve as a great marketing tool. Nintendo and third party developers are also continually updating and creating new ones. Getting the most recent games is also wise as they usually add more features and upgrade the graphics.

What Is the Most Popular Poker Game for Wii?

The World Series of Poker: Tournament of Champions game is currently the most popular poker game for the Wii. For the most part, the game is very accurate and detail oriented. You start out by building out a character, including picking clothes to wear and facial looks. From there you begin playing at home in the basement. If you win, the dealer will take you under his wing and introduce you to the idea of career gambling. You will go on to play in other games where you also encounter a number of celebrity players. You will travel all over the place and continue to amass riches from winning. The players that are operated by the game tend to be a little robotic in nature, but even with this flaw, it is pretty solid. It can provide hours of entertainment and is a game worth considering if you own a Wii. One of the other drawbacks is that it does not take advantage of the motion control feature that has made the console so popular. Another drawback is that there is no multiplayer feature; only one person can play at a time. Overall, it is just a slight revision of what was available for the Playstation 2.

Other Popular Blackjack Casino Games for the Wii

There are a number of other casino games made for the Wii. You can play V.I.P. Casino: Blackjack to polish up your blackjack skills. Vegas Stakes is a pretty solid game as well. It's actually a SNES game, but it still provides entertainment after all these years. Although not really a casino game, you can also play American Pool Deluxe, which takes advantage of Wii's unique remotes.

Dealing With Eating Disorders - How to Free Yourself From These Deadly Disorders

Most women especially the teenagers have been wanting to become ramp models and celebrities and most of the time, are influenced on what their favorite stars do on TV. With the standards of beauty veering towards the skinny and super thin supermodels, it has also affected the minds of the people that end up wanting to become thinner and thinner to become beautiful - not knowing that they are actually putting their bodies in danger.

Many people, mostly women, are also looking at themselves with insecurity that all they want is to get thinner and skinny. That is why they binge and purge, the cycle goes on and on without you noticing that it is already killing your body.

If you believe your have anorexia or bulimia and you need help in dealing with eating disorders such as these two, you don't have to wait for it to affect your life. You can actually do something about it. Sometimes it is hard and difficult, as your mind is programmed to think about purging to maintain your weight.

Indeed, eating disorders such as bulimia and anorexia is not just simply about wanting to be skinny and thin. These can be mental illnesses where you need to have professional or experts advice. If however, you think you have anorexia or bulimia or other eating disorders, it would help a lot to go check with your doctor for possible treatments.

Psychotherapy may also help you with this disorder, as this is more than your body and your physical self but your mind as well. Especially if you are the silent type and you refuse to talk this disorder to people around you, you may end up making it worst.

Like phobias and other psychological disorders, you may lose control over your thoughts about being so thin, so unless you have consulted an expert and professional about it, you will find it relatively easy to deal with.

The compulsion to binge and purge is sometimes triggered by some factors, thus it might also help to find a distraction to help you overcome the urge to binge and purge. One of the suggested ways in dealing with eating disorders such as bulimia is to distract yourself with something to do - having a walk, going out with friends, keeping yourself busy with a new interest - indeed, if you switch your mind towards something that you can put your attention to, you may find it easy to overcome these disorders.

It can also be helpful to open up to a close friend or a family member about your condition. Keep in mind that these eating disorders may be difficult to deal with by just yourself. In fact, you may not be successful all the time.

Usually, if you are feeling angry, or alone, or sad, you may think of binge eating and purging, so you may want to start overcoming these disorders by avoiding times that you feel alone or sad. You have to work to be positive in life and you have to work on being happy as well. That way, you will not have time to think about these cruelties you have done to your body, but of course, it is important to always seek help from your doctor or psychologist.

How Do I Convince My Man to Commit to Me & Have a Proper Relationship? Read This Right Now

A man might be in a relation for a long time but is almost unwilling to commit formally. If this is your story and you want to persuade your man to commit to you then you will have to play some mind games. These mind games will make sure that he feels like he is willing to get into a committed relationship. Here is what you need to do.

Don't let him in on your secret
To begin with don't let him know what you have been thinking of. The minute he gets to know of what you are thinking he will begin charging his defense mechanisms and will make it almost impossible for you to reach through to him. So keep your secret to yourself for just a little while.

Be independent
You need to make your boyfriend feel like you are an independent woman and do not intend to become a pile on. So ensure that he has his own life and you have yours. Don't step over each other's toes and make him feel really comfortable having you around.

Plan some nice surprises
Next thing to do is to plan him some nice surprises. The idea is to make him feel really special with you. Don't hesitate to show him that you care. Pamper him, please him and make him feel on top of the world just by being you. Celebrate his joys and successes and don't hesitate to reward him with sexual favors.

Let him in easy
Slowly begin to let him in on what you are thinking. Be very diplomatic about it as you don't want him to think that all the nice things that you have been doing is for a commitment. Start by talking of people committing to each other or getting married.

See where his reservations lie
Gauge what he is thinking by listening to his reactions when you talk about others getting hitched. This will help you understand what you need to do to make him commit.

Address his problems
Slowly begin to address his problems and make him open up to the idea of a commitment. Tell him clearly that though you are not looking for a commitment, a committed relationship does not mean that he will be in a maximum security prison. Show him that commitment doesn't mean control and he will begin to warm up to committing.

Don't get desperate and start nagging
This process is a little long drawn but be patient and don't give up. Don't start nagging because he won't commit and put him off completely. Be patient and you shall be rewarded.

Magic Johnson - A Basketball Great

Earvin Johnson (Magic) was born on August 14th 1959 in Lansing, Michigan. He got the nickname "Magic" at Everett High School where he played on the basketball team, because of the way he handled the ball and passed it. He attended Michigan State University and in his second year his team won the national college championship.

Magic was drafted in 1979 in the NBA as the first pick by the Los Angeles Lakers where he excelled at his craft and became the first rookie to start in a NBA All Star game. The Lakers won the NBA championship and Magic was named the playoff MVP. His career with the Lakers lasted 12 years which during this time they won 5 championships. During these years he was a 12 time All Star player, he played in 874 games and averaged 19.7points per game. Magic Johnson broke several records in his career with the Lakers but this beloved athlete had new challenges ahead.

In November 1991 Johnson was diagnosed as being a carrier of the HIV virus better known as Aids. He was advised by his doctors to retire from basketball to protect his health. he retired but his love for the game brought him back in 1992. Johnson played in the All Star game where he scored 25 points and again was named MVP. Shortly after he joined the United States Olympic basketball team, the "Dream Team" in Barcelona Spain where they easily won the gold metal.

As a player Johnson finally retired before the season started in 1992 but he became a part owner in the Laker's team and eventually became the head coach. In 1996 he again left retirement to play the sport he loved but finally before the season brgan he retired permanently. Magic Johnson excelled on the field and off. He was an astute businessman who invested his money wisely that made him a multi millionaire. He formed a basketball team called the Magic Johnson All Stars who traveled the world playing exhibition games earning huge profits. His shining star though was his appointment to the National Commission on Aids. Today "Magic" lives free of the aids virus that is attributed to his healthy life style of exercise and diet.

Celebrate Magic Johnson and all the great sports personalities of the past and present. Visit Mall4Men and check out their NBA watches. They have all the sports from baseball, football, basketball and more. They even have NASCAR watches featuring your favorite drivers. Whether you are looking for Professional team watches to University and College logo watches, your favorite team is here. Quality products offered at reasonable prices. They also have a Gifts4Her department for that special lady in your life. 81

Challenges of Aging and Discrimination


Time has changed drastically. Today we live in a society where youth and celebrity are worshipped and adored. Being young, thin and good looking is an everyday aspiration. Being old is outdated and seen as an outfit. Like so much garbage to be disposed of, seniors are exiled to the edges of society where they won't be seen, smelled or heard from.

Everyone wants to be young and recognized and people referring to them as "Mama or mom" without asking offend others. One example is going to a restaurant and being offered a senior-citizen discount assuming the age. Recently, I started getting numerous mails from an American Association Retired Persons for membership. It's like suddenly coming across that ages is catching up and probably time to prepare "the will''.

While other cultures treat their elderly as national treasures, many of whom impart wisdom to the younger generations with respect, age is considered a good thing. The television channels and series are geared to attract audience younger than 35. Commercials on those stations perpetuate the myth that, although it may be "great to be silver," chances are that anyone over 50 who can still dress himself without drooling is an admiration to the society.

My grandmother lived to be 103 years old and we all treated her with respect and dignity. The cultural setting was different than most urban centers. My grandmother was not the kindest person, but she had a big heart for everyone. She gave counsel to the younger generation, told stories and taught moral standards according to societal norm. In other cultures, grandparents are not well liked by the rest of society, with the exception of the occasional lovable great granny who bakes and cooks special meals.

In a society that values youth, this presents a distinct challenge for the older person and for those who provide services for them. Loss of independence, loneliness, failing physical health and retirement are all problems exacerbated by cultures that value autonomy, vigor, and productivity. Self esteem and worthlessness becomes evident when a 55 years old professor who cannot find work, or 56 secretary who cannot be employed because she is not charming or attractive enough to attract customers. Age can be a factor, but getting professional help when threatened by above issue is recommended. It is important for aging adults to seek professional help. Getting involved with a social network for moral support is a good start. Have a good mental health as you age gracefully!

Choosing a Color Scheme For Your Business and Your Website

There are about as many ideas as there are people when it comes to choosing a color scheme for your website. But being the logical minded person I am I figure I'll share some of the tips I use when selecting color schemes.

To start, you really should choose a color scheme when you launch your business. Chances are you're going to spend some time and money promoting your business on more than just a website. Things like your color scheme and logo are going to be a foundational part of your marketing. You don't want to waste time and money promoting a color scheme and logo - just to change it later. Your better off to stick to what you have any if you think it's ugly. It's more important people can recognize your business without having to think than having a pretty logo.

So here we go...

Tip #1. Consider The Meaning Of Each Color

Over the course of our life we've been taught to associate colors with specific thoughts and feelings. Here's a quick list of what each color tends to represent in our culture.

Red - Red is used to alert or alarm people. Some common uses of red are on stop signs and warning labels. Red is good for standing out and catching people's attention. Red triggers Red stimulates our minds and arouses our senses. Red is known to enhance or appetite which is probably one of the reasons we see red so frequently used in the fast food industry. Think about these companies and their logos... McDonald's, Burger King, Wendy's, Jack In The Box,... need I go on?

Word to the wise. When it comes to red you don't want to over do it. Large doses of red can trigger make people feel overwhelmed or intimidated.

Blue - Blue is frequently used to convey trust and loyalty. Blue is a safe color. Blue is a cool color and is frequently used to convey lower temperatures. Blue is often a soothing or calming color. Careful though - if you use too much blue your design may appear boring or stale. Studies also show blue is likely to decrease our appetite. Over the history of mankind we've come to find in nature foods which are blue are often times toxic. This is a suspected reason why blue is shown to decrease or appetite.

Green - Green is an earth tone and frequently represents nature. We tend to associate green with products that are good for the environment. One common use of green is to show that a product is healthy. Think fat free, reduced calories, or no trans fats. Studies show the color green has a calming effect. I remember when I was in school all the hallways being painted green. Did you ever wonder why? I'm sure it was to help subdue already excitable children.

Yellow - Yellow is a positive color. It can make people feel cheery or warm. We associate with things which are bright like the sun. Yellow is a good accent color but here's an important warning about yellow... It's not to be used in text. Yellow text on a white background is about the hardest thing to read. So avoid putting yellow text in any scenario.

Black - Black conveys authority. Think of priests, policemen, FBI agents, etc. Black is the best color for text. Nothing is easier to read online or offline than black text on a white background.

Brown - Brown is an earth tone and is good for conveying something is earthy or natural. It's also a warm color so it tends to balance out cool colors like blue.

Pink - Pink is generally associated with femininity. When baby girls are born we buy them pink clothes for example. Pink can also convey love and romance. Think of Valentine's Day for example.

Orange - Is a bright, cheery color which conveys similar feelings as red. In fact, red and orange are often too similar in color for people to notice a difference. Just like red you don't want to over do it with orange. Try to use it sparingly, in order to draw attention to something specifically.

White - White represents purity, cleanliness, innocence, and sterility. For example we're used to seeing doctors in a white coat because we perceive the environment as being clean and sterile. If I was building a website for a doctor or dentist I'd definitely use plenty of white.

Tip #2 Consider Your Target Audience

Now that you know the meaning behind each color you need to be able to choose colors that convey the appropriate message to your target audience. If you were selling cigars you probably wouldn't want to use pink for example unless the cigars were specifically to celebrate the birth of a baby girl. This part can be a little tricky simply because you'll have to know something about who you're trying to reach. Many of the e-commerce sites I've built over the years have a touch of blue to convey trust.

Tip #3 Choose Widely Available Colors

Over the years I've seen people choose some wild colors for their business, and specifically their website. It's natural to have the desire to be unique and creative. But you have to remember you're running a business and unfortunately running a business costs money. When you choose a color that's not widely available each time you go to print a business card, brochure, t-shirt, or whatever you're more likely to pay more for the work - and less likely to be able to match your color. Furthermore when it comes to the web you'll want to try to stay with what are called "web safe" colors. Computers and web browsers are still evolving and cannot accurately depict every color. In fact, there are only 256 colors which are considered "web safe". A safe bet is to pick a shade or two of those colors.

Tip #4 Keep It Simple

Lastly I want to remind you to keep it simple. Choosing too many colors for a web page or logo can be confusing or overwhelming to your customers. These days more than ever people are constantly being bombarded with information and will simply move on if they feel overwhelmed by your color scheme. Just think of all the fortune 500 companies you can and then think of their color schemes. Most of them use one or two colors in their logo. You would be best advised to do the same.

Begone With Body Snarking!

A friend of mine taught me a very interesting word a few months back.

Body Snarking.

I've heard the word "snark" before so that wasn't anything too new, but I didn't realize that the concept of body snarking had become as widespread as it has.

Body snarking is quite simply the negative comments that we say about other people's bodies. The problem is that body snarking has become more and more of a hobby amongst girls and women of all ages. They criticize and demean other women's bodies in order to either get someone to laugh or to make themselves feel better. Worse yet, it's become a whole industry and people are making money off of body snarking.

Any way you look at it, it's a recipe for disaster.

It's pretty messed up if you ask me but then again, I'm not innocent.

I have to admit that I've body snarked before. It wasn't meant to be as cruel as it was, but I've been programmed that its okay. That's the part that's pretty f**ked up.

Why did I think it was okay, accepted and even encouraged to be so nasty to other women?

Because it's everywhere.

We're obsessed with celebrites and when some photographer catches them not looking picture perfect, we all relish it and can't wait to look at the pictures.

Some would argue that it's just because the body snarkers have bad self esteem, but if you ask me it goes way further than that.

It's not as simple as low self esteem.

It goes way deeper than that because the rise of youtube, Facebook and other social media sites gives absolutely zero privacy or protection against a bad hair day.

If you're famous, you can't really dare to leave your home without being ready for someone to catch you on camera- that is, unless you don't really care.

If that's the case, I applaud you. You are a rare person who can do that.

So what's the alternative?

To not criticize other people's bodies?

To be a little nicer all around?

Is that even possible with the spread of instant gratification pictures, videos, and comments?

Nothing is sacred anymore.

While body snarking is a huge issue, the lack of privacy is even bigger.

Celebrities don't dare heading into public even a little undone without expecting negative comments from the media. Now it's gotten to the point where average, everyday people are feeling the same.

Not only is that super scary, but it's doesn't bode well for kids.

As far as we'd have to worry about ourselves when it comes to dealing with negativity, we have so much more to worry about when it comes to teenagers, pre-teens and even younger kids.

You see, adults- most adults anyway- have a higher capacity for criticism. We aren't prone to taking as much crap as kids are. We can use our thicker skin to shake off the comments but kids aren't at that point yet.

So not only is body snarking really awful for adults to deal with, it's just as bad or even worse for kids.

So what do we do about it?

It's not like there's this magic formula to raise self esteem, to quiet our tongues when we want to get all snarky on the chick walking down the street in something you don't think is appropriate. It just doesn't even happen that way.

The only thing that could possibly curb body snarking is for any or all of us to stop putting our body image crap onto other people. The more comfortable we are in our own skin, the less we'll want to tear other people down just to make ourselves feel better.

So much easier said than done!

Raise your hand if you have absolutely no body issues....


Okay, so if we all have some issues- not a bad thing by the way- then we need to address the source of those issues and I have a sneaking suspicion that the chick walking down the street is NOT the source.

She may be annoying the crap out of you when you see her but the real issue is that she's doing something that you either really want to do or really don't want to do.

I've been told by some very wise people that the people who piss you off the most- the ones you have the strongest reaction to- are perfect mirrors of yourself.

Meaning, you object the most strongly to those people who embody something that you are fighting against inside of yourself.

Seriously scary, isn't it?

So how do we fight against that?

Maybe the next time you see her, you think twice about what you say or what you think. She's one person away from you, one person away from your sister, your mother, your daughter, your best friend.

Maybe the next time you start snarking, you'll look at that woman and wonder what it is about her that is getting under your skin. What part of her are you most identifying with?

Maybe, just maybe, you'll be able to turn that mirror of yours back onto it's rightful owner and figure out what the real issue is.


Ways to Earn a Residual Income and Build Financial Security

To be able to earn a residual income from a profitable online business requires hard work and commitment. The Internet now provides the perfect vehicle for literally anybody to succeed if they have the desire. If you are the sort of person who is prepared to invest the time and effort required there is a very good chance that you will achieve financial security for yourself and your family. Here are four great ways to start an online business and earn a residual income.

1. Sell affiliate products that pay you a recurring monthly commission. Not all affiliate programs do this. Some pay you once for a single sale where as others will pay you a monthly commission for as long as the customer continues to use the service or product. A good place to find these types of programs is

It is possible to develop multiple streams of income with affiliate marketing. This allows the potential to earn more money and offers more protection from loss of income because you are earning your income from more than one source. There are some very good programs that allow to you develop multiple income streams and offer great profit potential.

2. Join a network marketing company. Many people consider the network marketing to be the perfect business model because it is possible to create a very large income over time. The most successful network marketers are those who are able to teach the people they sponsor to duplicate what they do.

The secret to success is teaching and showing the people you sponsor how to also become successful. Thanks to the Internet, network marketing has become a truly global business and it is possible to train your downline with webinars and weekly conference calls etc.

3. Start a membership site. This can be a very lucrative way to earn a residual income. As long as members are receiving useful help and information and feel that they are getting value for money they will continue their membership on a monthly, quarterly or even yearly basis.

People have come up with all sorts of different ideas for membership sites. For example, one man started a membership site with information about how to get in contact with celebrities. He now has thousands of members and he earns an unbelievable amount of money.

4. Build multiple websites or blogs. Many Internet marketers have literally hundreds of websites and/or blogs. Once established and generating daily traffic and an income they usually find someone to run and continually market the site for them, leaving them free to move on to building their next money making site.

These are just four great ways to earn a residual income. All you have to do is take action and be prepared to do the work. Thanks to the Internet it is now easier than ever for the average person to build a profitable home business.

Spa-Themed Birthday Parties

How to Host a Spa Party for Your Friend's Birthday...

Treat her to an afternoon or evening of relaxation with friends

One of your friends has a birthday coming up and it has been way too long since you pampered yourself, or spent time with your friends.

That is the perfect combination for a girls' night in or an afternoon of spa retreat!

Plan a couple of hours of renewal for yourself and your friends...

(1) Set the scene with soft music and scented candles.

(2) Whip up a frothy or sparkling drink.

(3) Have them bring their own foot tub and you provide the essential oils to put inside them.

(4) Listen to a relaxing meditation while your feet soak.

(5) Offer time for reflection or sharing.

(6) Serve the cake or whatever you want to add to the general "treat yourself" atmosphere.

(7) Enjoy their company!

Start the party with a fun spa quiz. You can create your own questions to add to the ones I am offering here...

Five Signs You Need this Spa Retreat...

(1) You've been tired more than usual lately, and haven't been sleeping well.

(2) You sometimes catch yourself overreacting to minor upsets or irritations in your day.

(3) You find it difficult to turn off your brain at night.

(4) You would rate your average daily experience of stress at four or higher on a scale of 1-10.

(5) You haven't spent as much time lately doing things that nurture you. Can you remember the last time? How long ago was it?

The Birthday Cake

Before you serve the cake, you might want to take a few minutes to celebrate your friend by sharing how much you value her friendship and if the others are friends of hers, too, you could invite them to do the same.

Then you can all dive into the cake and other refreshments you might have provided.

The Foot Soak

You could have each woman bring her own foot tub and then you could provide the essential oils to go in them.

Here are some essential oils for your foot-soaking experience that will soothe, calm and relax you and your friends as you release the cares of the day and drift into tranquillity...

Lavender: a very peaceful essential oil that eases tension, releases stress and promotes a sense of harmony. It's gentle but powerful, and is good for insomnia.

Chamomile: gently soothing and relaxing, chamomile helps you release the stress of the day.

Vanilla: warm and comforting, an essential oil that grounds and centers you and brings you "mother earth" energy.

The Meditation

Even brief meditation (10-20 minutes) can be powerfully relaxing and healing. Research has found that in some cases, guided imagery heals more powerfully than therapy because it accesses a different part of the brain than you use in therapy or coaching. Meditation actually changes and trains your brain, according to the May 2010 issue of Yoga Journal

So even five minutes of meditation would be a very generous birthday gift for your friend and for everyone else there, as well!

Who's Who of Missing Footballers - South Africa 2010

After a big day of Squad announcements yesterday, fans, commentators, players and spread betters will be waking up today wondering what the hell happened. The fans will be wondering why some of their beloved are not worthy of a place when some lesser mortal has been included.

Commentators will have been proved totally wrong in some of the predictions they threw out with such authority. Some of them seem so informed you would think they where climbing in under the duvet with Fabio Capello (rather you than me Guv) such is their wisdom on who's in and who's out. The players, well what can you say. Ronaldinho, Adriano, Van Nistelroy, Vierra, Totti, Zanetti, Cambiaso, Benzema to name a few will have had their hopes dashed of one final appearance at the greatest show on earth. While some of these are in the twilight of their careers, I'm sure somewhere in there was a flickering hope that when their respective managers named the squads, their name would be on the list.

For the likes of Ronaldinho and Benzema they are in a different place. Ronaldinho seems to have been taken over by the celebrity monster instead of concentrating on what he does best. I'm sure he thought he'd be there just because of what he can do with a dead ball from 30 yards. You don't mess with Mr Dunga to easy, and he might have strengthened his squad because of it. Mr Domenech on the other hand, well I'm sure half of France think he's gone mad and the rest don't care. As for the spread betters well there just trying to make an honest living...

Accurist Watches - The History of One of the Leading Watch Brands

The names originally behind Accurist were Asher and Rebecca Loftus, who originally came up with the intention of creating a brand name of lasting value, using on the best quality materials and time pieces for its watches. The watches were made from Swiss components which of course is a leading sales message, which combined with the low prices and range of models available, meant that this brand of watch was quickly established in the market.

When Richard Loftus left University, the next chapter of the Accurist watch began, as he designed a brand new range of watches that was to revolutionise the watch market all over the world. The "Old England" watches soon became somewhat of a celebrity must have, with the likes of The Beatles, Twiggy and even Princess Anne wearing their Accurist watch with pride, especially on those special occasions.

In the late sixties, Accurist opened its first office in Switzerland, which was set up as Accurist S.A., which due to its location in the heart of the watch making capital, La Chaux de Fonds, sent messages around the world that Accurist were quickly becoming one of the biggest manufacturers of designer watches in the world. The introduction of digital quartz movement and the technology development meant that Accurist were soon designer more modern watches and were the official watch for the pilots of Concorde, which was newly launched at the time.

The 1980's saw the company move its manufacturing to Japan and also become the official sponsor of the Talking Clock, which to this day is still used by millions of people. In late 1987 Accurist were awarded The National Association of Goldsmiths first ever Award of Excellence in recognition of their contribution and influence in the UK watch market.

The 1990's saw Accurist dominate the UK watch market, with record sales and more watches being launched than ever before, winning "Volume watch brand of the year" at The UK Jewellery Awards. Towards the end of this decade Accurist launched the accu.2 range, mainly aimed at the younger market that quickly became one of the most stocked watches in well over 1500 shops and retail outlets across the country.

There is no doubt that the marketing ability and the product development and standards have lead Accurist through the past 60 years, to still be one of the leading watch makers in the world. With increasing sponsorship deals, new products and new technology, Accurist has made massive ground in supplying designer and value for money watches to millions of people worldwide, a trend that is sure to continue, despite the increased competition in the market today.

Dressing For Your Body Type - The Apple Shaped Woman

I love apples, superficially a crunchy Granny Smith! But being shaped like an apple? Let's be honest, that is not hot at all! Apple shaped women have undefined waists, big stomachs and just look very round in the torso area. She may be described as "stocky" or even "big boned".

Dressing the apple shaped woman is a challenge because you really have to find the right combination of colors, cuts and shapes in clothing. But all is not loss - here are a few dressing tips for my apple shaped friends!

1. Colors: It is important that you avoid prints and patterns at all costs! (Unless your goal is for your body to look even wider than it naturally is). Patterns and prints make your body type look 'busy' and draws unnecessary attention to all the wrong places. Monochromatic colors look best on you. Stick to the same color family when wearing tops and bottoms, but avoid too much of a contrast. Shades of black, dark blue and gray are flattering - you can add color via your jewelry, accessories, layered pieces and shoes.

2. Loose fit: As an apple shaped woman, it is important that you avoid wearing tight and clingy materials. Especially cheap, tight and clingy materials. Another no-no for the apple are short tops, as in tops that are no longer than your waist. Your goal is to elongate your torso and short tops will cut your body in half by drawing a clear distinction between your upper and lower body. When you are shopping for business or casual blouses and shirts - choice pieces that are longer - preferably hip length. Layers are also a good idea for you. If you are going to wear a shorter top, couple it with a blazer. Again, this will help to elongate your body.

3. Accessories: you should focus on accessories that draw attention away from your mid-section. This means stay away from belts, including obi wrap belts, stretch belts, and chain belts. Strategic jewelry pieces such as chunky necklaces, bangle bracelets and dangle earrings will do the trick. I believe every woman should own and wear body girdles and shapers on a regular basis. Depending on your comfort level, I'd suggest the Spanx brand.

These are just a few tips that should be used to help spruce up your wardrobe. For visual reference, look at pictures of celebrities like Queen Latifah, Chandra Wilson and Jennifer Hudson and Kelly Osborne before their weight loss.

Quesnel, BC - Stood the Test of Time and is Flourishing

I would have to say the best way to describe Quesnel, BC is like a beautiful wall hanging that has been added to, taken from and changed in different parts. A bit frayed around the edges because of years of handling and yet somehow as you gaze at the workmanship you realize just how much love has gone into it. This town is no different.

The First people in the region came to have a summer camp here in Quesnel. It was a great spot for the various different First Nations people to come and make their trades. It was during the summer that Alexander Mackenzie first came up the Fraser River, named for Simon Fraser after his visit in 1808, in search of the outlet to the Pacific Ocean, in 1793. The Dakelh people showed Alexander the trade route of the Indians on the Nuxalk Carrier Grease Trail that followed along the edge of Blackwater River. He eventually found his way down to Bella Coola along this route.

The Nuxalk Carrier Grease Trail is still accessible for hiking along it is challenging, 347km/260mi to Bella Coola. If you are interested in doing this hike I suggest a stop in at the Visitor Centre for information, and bring plenty of water, food, bear spray, good hiking gear and a guide if you are doing more than just a few hours. The Visitor Centre staff will be happy to give you directions to the trail head if you just want to see it, have a picnic and hike a bit. Please remember, what you take in with you, take out as well.

Throughout our BC history we see hints of the Chinese visits as early as 400 BC, but not until the Gold Rush of the 1800s did BC see a population growth that immigrated to the northern Cariboo. The Chinese miners that settled in Quesnellemouth, later shortened to Quesnel, had a large impact on the growth and wealth of the town. During the late 1800s, it was believed that Quesnel would become the capital of BC because of the distance to Barkerville gold fields and the mines in Wells.

Today visitors will find that Quesnel is agriculture and lumber based community. However, the locals have never forgotten where they came from and treasure their mining and fur trading history. They have celebrations surrounding their historical culture, the Carrier people's history, artifacts preserved in the Museum, the well kept cemeteries not to mention the Chinese Memorial Cairn.

There is so much that Quesnel offers their guests that it would be hard to name them all here in this article. I will however name a few suggestions:

- The north Cariboo Farm Tour shows off 11 farms that have llama and alpaca ranching, horseback riding, to different places and styles of dining.
- The Farmers' Market has much to offer for great gifts or take homes such as wool blankets, Birch syrup and local art, carvings and local food
- Walking trails throughout Provincial parks, not to mention wildlife viewing
- Fishing, camping
- Historical sites

So much to do please stop by and check out for more ideas on activities, places to stay and times to go.

Until next time, Happy Travels!

Fireworks in Michigan, Law Makers Looking For a Victory! Again at Taxpayers Expense!

As we smell the neighborhood barbeques blazing, the laughter can be heard throughout the community, as in many communities. Off in the near distance you hear a few bangs from the presumed illegal firecrackers, then a boom or two, many wondering why people would be breaking the law. This is the presumed perception of America today in states where fireworks have been labeled as illegal, not only by the media, but also law enforcement officials.

The tradition of celebrating July 4th, also known to many as "Independence Day" stems back well before any of us today were even born. Fireworks in recent history have taken an extremely bad rap due to many past accidents and personal experiences of those who carelessly used them. You read article today on how some people oppose fireworks due to the fact that they are noisy, annoying and so on. All the things that fireworks are supposed to be, to them the annoyed ones they should not be.

Independence Day, fireworks, family get togethers, with many American's currently out of work, it sounds like a story that is not possible in America.

As we scan through the Michigan Votes website, looking at all the new bills that the lawmakers are purposing, one thing becomes apparent. Not one bill in all the bills pertains to creating a significant amount of new jobs.

We will use Michigan as an example due to the fact, there are number one, uno, in first place, for the highest unemployment numbers in America. We find bills that increase fines, jail time for offenders. There are several bills that add additional fees to the already struggling Michigan business sector. You will find bills that target past criminals, that prevent them from getting jobs or even owning businesses. You will find sections in some bills that will force them to close there existing business even if they have been law abiding, tax paying citizens, totally rehabilitated from there past. Bills, that are being introduced to regulate industries that are already heavily regulated under federal laws, bills increasing the financial burden on Michigan's struggling businesses.

At the same time, these very same lawmakers, take pay increases as the state in financial dyer straights struggles to survive. A state where those same elected officials cannot balance the budget. It appears that the syndrome of democratic policies have taken grasp with the belief that we can tax the hell out of them and then ask them, "Do not forget to vote for me now." The attitude that we will spend monies we do not have, hoping the existing businesses can survive the blow, this all in the wake of Michigan as it tries to recover. The record shows that these policies have not been working and unemployment figures clearly show just that.

"Boom" then a flash of light in the sky and another U-Haul truck blast by, speeding in the south bound direction for the Michigan border. Another family of Michigan's small business owners forced to leave behind everything that they once worked for, now victims to bureaucratic policies and the need for greed by Michigan's lawmakers. The ever rising trend is happening in Michigan at a alarming pace. As the press pads all the stories to protect the integrity of our lawmakers and public officials, reality is hitting home for many. Michigan's confidence levels have fallen to a all time low. Fingers are being pointed at the media to accept part of the blame for what appears to be one sided reporting, not telling the whole complete story.

Recently, a particular bill of interest is the fireworks law, HB5999-6000 which passed the democratic controlled house. The bill targets existing businesses with heavy fees in all aspects, hoping to generate monies badly needed in the state of no survival.

As you review who voted on the bill, several republicans jumped ship, ignoring there oath to protect the health, and well being of Michigan's citizen. One particular republican representative jumped ships to the democratic side supporting the bill, after businesses currently operating in Michigan opposed this bill and presented legitimate concerns directly to her. A bill with no foundation other than greed and out of control spending, with ridiculous regulations and guidelines.

This very same bill follows the carelessness of democratic policies, abusing conservative government functions, with a state in the financial situation as Michigan, conservative attitudes have no importance to those who represent the people. For those who feel that Michigan, is headed in the wrong direction, contact your state senator, write governor Gramholm, tell them, if it is BAD FOR BUSINESS, then it is BAD FOR MICHIGAN.

Rodger Maris - New York Yankee

Rodger Eugene Maris was born on September 10, 1934 in Hibbing, Minnesota. He grew up in Fargo, North Dakota and went to Stanley High School. While in high school Rodger played many sports and excelled in football. He was recruited and got a scholarship to the University of Oklahoma. He never attended.

His career in professional baseball began in 1952 when he joined the Reading Indians an affiliate team of the Cleveland Indians organization. He played minor league baseball for 4 years when in 1956 he set a record in the 2nd game of the Junior World Series with 7 RBI's. His batting average for those 4 years in the minor league was.303 with 78 home runs.

Maris joined the major league in 1957 playing for the Cleveland Indians. His first home run was in April that year hitting a grand slam against the Detroit Tigers. In 1958 he was traded and played for the Kansas City Athletics and played in the All-Star game representing his Kansas team. After one season with the Kansas City Athletics team he was traded to the New York Yankees in late 1959. He began playing for the Yankees in the 1960 season. His career with the Yankees lasted till 1966 when he was traded to the St Louis Cardinals. He played his final season in 1968.

Rodger Maris is best known for the 61 home runs he hit while on the NY Yankee roster in 1961. This tremendous feat was overshadowed by the fact that he reached the magic number of home runs hit in 162 games where as the Babe Ruth record was 61 home runs for 154 games. There was no qualification of Maris's feat but he did receive the Hickok Belt for top professional athlete of the year and the MVP award. On July 21, 1984 Maris's number 9 was retired and he was honored with a plaque to hang in Memorial Park at the Yankee Stadium. The plaque calls Maris "A great player and author of one of the most remarkable chapters in the history of major league baseball." Rodger Maris died on December 14, 1985 of cancer at the age of 51. He was buried in Fargo, North Dakota at Holy Cross Cemetery.

Celebrate Rodger Maris and all the great sports personalities of the past and present. Visit Mall4Men and check out their MLB watches. They have all the sports from baseball, football, basketball and more. They even have NASCAR watches featuring your favorite drivers. Whether you are looking for Professional team watches to University and College logo watches, your favorite team is here. Quality products offered at reasonable prices. They also have a Gifts4Her department for that special lady in your life.

Learn More About Adult Fun on Christmas!

They say that Christmas is only for children. Of course, that is not true! If there are people who would be celebrating more, those are the people who have been working very hard all year long and that include the adults! The holiday season is one way of resting your mind and body from the tiring work routine that you have. Besides, the children are not the only ones entitled to have fun and enjoyment all the time, adults can be silly at one point as well. So why don't you just let your hair down and have all that adult fun this Christmas?

There are so many ways on how you can have pure adult fun this Christmas. You could host a party or prepare adult fun activities and games as well. There are just some minimal things that you have to consider when preparing for an adult fun activity for your friends and family.

• A proper venue must be considered. If possible, you should choose a place that is accessible for everyone so that you and your guests will not have any problems on your way there.
• A schedule should also be convenient for everyone who will join the adult fun activity. Keep in mind that each guest has different availabilities so you have to come up with the most appropriate one.
• The budget should be determined ahead of time because you would have to work around it. Never over spend for practical reasons.
• If you are preparing food, you should consider a menu that is great tasting, inexpensive and easy to prepare. By doing this, you will have more time to prepare for the activity itself.
• It is not necessary to have a themed party but it is actually a good idea for adult fun. You can ask your guests to come in costumes that adhere to what your theme is. You can also prepare a prize for the person who wear the most creative and innovative costume.
• When choosing the games for you adult fun party, be sure that these are not just the traditional games. If you are making use of a traditional game, be sure to add a twist so that it will not be dull and boring. Always remember that new games will add excitement to the players and audience because they do not know what to expect.
• Just prepare enough activities so as not to exhaust all the energy of your guests. You might end up not finishing the activities you have prepared because everybody is too tired to participate anymore.

There are so many ways on how you can have adult fun during Christmas. Just be sure that you invite the people who are willing to enjoy and go on with the activity no matter what the challenge is. You as a host, have the responsibility to choose games and other activities that are fun but not offensive. You can consult a friend or a family member after you are done choosing the activities so that he can assess if the preparations are already enough.

Take a Walk in Dolly's Stilettos

Any trip to eastern Tennessee is not complete without a study of its most famous resident: Dolly Parton. After all, who knows the area better than its biggest fan? Dolly sings about Tennessee, helps Tennessee and embodies Tennessee-so check out some of her favorite spots and get a real understanding of this special place.

Start your tour in the Great Smoky Mountains. Dolly was born here, in Sevierville, and was raised in a one-room cabin in nearby Locust Ridge. Stop by Pigeon Forge, Tennessee's Dollywood, where you can walk around a replica of the cabin the Partons shared. There were 14 of them in there!

No town is more proud of Dolly than Sevierville-most of the residents claim to know her personally! Visit Sevier County High to see where Dolly played in the band. Even before she had graduated, she was performing at Knoxville's WIKV Radio and WBIR-TV stations.

On the Sevier County Courthouse lawn, take a picture with the life-size, bronze statue of a young, barefoot Dolly, playing her guitar.

Immediately following her graduation from high school, Dolly moved to Nashville to pursue a real career in country music. If you want to see more of Tennessee, drive the short four hours to Nashville to visit two places of significance in Dolly's life: where she met her husband and her first major performance at the Grand Ole Opry.

Dolly met her husband of over 40 years at the Wishy Washy Laundromat on her first day in town. And if you are at all a country music fan, you will definitely want to stop by the site of the former Grand Ole Opry, Ryman Auditorium. This place is holy ground for country music fans worldwide, long regarded as the "Mother Church of Country Music". Not far from the downtown, the Opry was home to a number of recording studios and record labels. Perhaps the most important of the recording studios was the Nashville Sound, where Dolly and Elvis (among others) recorded some of their first singles.

If Nashville isn't in the cards for your trip to Tennessee, then stay back in Pigeon Forge and hang out at Dollywood. Dolly's desire to give back to her home translated into the theme park, a great draw for tourists in the region. Dollywood includes elements of museum, carnival and theatrics in its expansive offering, helping visitors to see Tennessee through Dolly's rose-colored glasses. Ride the roller coasters and catch a dinner and show at the Dixie Stampede. Enjoy the fried and barbequed foods of the south. Visit the Chasing Rainbows museum to learn the chronicle of a real American dream achieved-Dolly's rise from extreme poverty to world-renown.

Really, taking a walk in Dolly shoes is a great lesson in Americana, whether or not you are a huge fan. What could be a greater celebration of our beautiful country than experiencing for yourself the story of dreams coming true?

Learn more about the many local attractions of the Great Smoky Mountains by visiting our Gatlinburg cabins website and clicking through to the blog.

The Human Spine - Understanding Its Structure

Do you know the purpose of your spinal column? Do you what to learn more about the different parts that allow the human structure to bend and move in certain ways. Sometimes a visual and anatomical description can help you understand your "back" better? If you suffer from any kind of back pain issues, learning more about this part of the body can be extremely helpful. The spine is skeletons basic building blocks of which many body parts function around.

Basic Principles Of Your Spinal Column:

Your spine houses the spinal cord and protects it. This cord is intimately connected to the brain that has nerve fibers acting as relay station. This spine is the outer covering that protects these nerves as the body moves. One of the most basic functions of the spine it that it allows you freedom of movement to bend forward, backward, or side to side. Supporting your upper body, it holds up the head and allows you to assume an erect position. New born babies are a good example of what the spine is like before it is fully developed. The spine and neck muscles can't support the weight of the head, so a baby's head must be held upright by the parent until the spine is more evolved. The spine also serves as a point of attachment for the muscles and ligaments. It is the center of the skeleton that is needed to provide for the human structure, without it you would be a pile of muscle and tissue.

There are three basic natural curves that be divided into specific categories:

* Cervical Curve
* Thoracic Curve
* Lumbosacral Curve

The Cervical vertebrae are the seven bones in the upper spinal column that support the upper parts of the body. The Thoracic section resides in the middle of the back and includes 12 vertebrae. The Lumbar portion of the back resides in the lower back region containing five vertebrae including the sacrum. This section carries the majority of the weight. When in balance your back's spine should make a straight line from head to sacrum. You can increase the flexibility of your spine with the practice of Yoga techniques or basic stretches. This supports spinal awareness and good posture that is so important to keep this vital part of the body aligned and healthy.

Exercise is also one of the most significant factors in keeping your back and spine in good condition. It is important to stay active and move your body even during the older years of life. Maintaining a habit of ritual exercise that you enjoy is a part of any conditioning program that supports a "back pain free" way of living. In addition, deep breathing through aerobic exercise maintenance can help a great deal to prevent back problems at any age.

The anatomy of the human spine is the perfect architectural design full of intricacies that allow you to move and celebrate life. Giving your spine special attention through routine stretching, exercise and periodic massage can keep it healthy and strong, eliminating any kind of back pain before it becomes a problem.

The Best Monuments in India You Must Visit This Holiday Season

India is famous around the world for its historical importance and rich culture. There are many tourist destinations in India that are known for its historical value. There are a large number of monuments in India that represents the old culture of India and many of these monuments are recognized as world heritage.

Monuments were made by emperors in ancient times to commemorate their loved ones or any event of utmost importance. Many monuments made in that era are so beautiful that you will amaze to look at their beauty. Most of these monuments in India are an example of intelligent architecture that is almost impossible to replicate in today's world.

Some of the famous monuments in India are:

Taj Mahal:

Taj Mahal in Agra is the most beautiful monument not only of India but of entire world. That's way it is listed in 7 wonders of world. Made by emperor Shahjahan, this palace is visited by thousands of visitors per month.

Red Fort:

Red Fort in Delhi is another famous world heritage site and a famous monument of India. Independence Day and Republic Day celebrations take place here, thus making it an important place in India.

Qutub Minar:

Qutub Minar is another key monument of India located in Delhi. It was built by Qutbuddin Aybak in year 1193. This is the tallest monument of India and is a popular tourist destination for visitors.

Char Minar:

Char Minar is a beautiful monument in Hyderabad, the capital of Andhra Pradesh. This is a square shaped structure with 4 minarets. There is a market near this monument where you can enjoy shopping.

Sanchi Stups:

Sanchi Stups are in Bhopal and are known as the meditation centers for Buddhists. These Stups are made in somewhat oval shape are built by Emperor Ashoka in third century.

These are some of the famous monuments which are also famous as tourist attractions in India. So if you are visiting to India make sure to plan a trip to these places.

Spring Cleaning - Ready to Dump the Nonproductive Habits That Are Holding You Back?

Too often, busy lives lead us to patterns where we are simply following the bread crumb trail of our to-do lists and not taking the time to step back, gain some perspective, and revamp or refocus. Here are four steps to doing a different kind of spring cleaning-without getting overwhelmed.

Step One: Clearing out bad habits

Cleaning out a closet or a drawer feels rewarding, but what about looking at the habits and routines that are cluttering up your life and not getting you where you want to go? Take inventory of how you are really spending your time - that's the true indicator of your priorities. What are the time and energy wasters in your life? Put them on the list. Include them all. Don't worry yet about what to do about them, just take inventory. Creating your plan of attack is the next step. If you don't immediate way to fix the situation, I suggest you brainstorm. Could you delegate? Redesign the task? Eliminate it all-together? If not, how could you add more joy or make it more pleasant (never underestimate the power of good music while doing anything unappealing). Look carefully for time wasters-activities that use your time and energy and don't pay you back in any way. Are you spending too much time online, keeping up with email or doing mindless activities? Have you gotten out of the habit of going outside and into the habit of too much TV? Make a list of the habits you want to eliminate AND the new habits you plan to replace them with.

Step Two: What's not really working for you (energy drains)?

Spring is a great time to look at your day-to-day life and routine with a fresh eye. We are great at "accommodating" and "making do," and, especially if we are busy, it's easy for these tolerations to add up. Tolerations are those things we put up with and try to ignore. The things we "tolerate" even though they aren't really working for us. Tolerations can be a major energy drain because they aren't optimal to begin with and we can spend our valuable energy trying to make something that doesn't really work do the job for us.

Spend ten minutes making a list of everything in your life you are currently tolerating-everything. Then keep the list somewhere handy where you can continue to add to it as things come up. They will. Include everything-that desk chair that hurts your back, the way your computer freezes up, the colleague who is often late, the sweater that itches, and the weight loss plan that failed you before you even started-you get the idea. Don't worry, this is not a to-do list. Instead, it's a way of focusing your attention. Tolerations are things we've decided "not to think about." By giving them your attention and acknowledging that they are problems you will automatically start the process of change. This isn't just "woo-woo." Watch what happens when you start to take note of the things you are putting up with that really don't work for you.

Step Three: Beliefs that don't serve

Some of the most bothersome life clutter is the stuff we carry around without even realizing it. This includes beliefs and attitudes about ourselves that don't serve us, and that may even sabotage us or keep us stuck. Spend some time listening to your internal soundtrack (the way you talk to yourself inside your head). What is the tone of these conversations and what are the beliefs underlying your internal chatter? Try to capture that chatter in several key situations.

What does your internal sound track sound like when you have accomplished a goal? Are you your biggest fan? Are you all about the praise and celebration or do you automatically downplay it and focus on what you didn't do? Does your internal audio register accomplishments or has it already moved on to the next item on your list?

How do you talk to yourself when you are taking on a challenge? Are you the "little engine that could" ("I think I can, I think I can") or are you likely to remind yourself of all your shortcomings and the reasons that you are likely to fail? How's the tone? Is your internal audio reasonable and respectful, a harsh task master, or too rigid or too wishy washy? When the going gets tough or you get off track, what's the conversation you have with yourself? Are you one to talk yourself back on the horse or do you beat yourself up and call yourself names like lazy, disorganized or something worse?

This conversation we constantly have with ourselves matters and most of us are rarely aware of it. It can take place almost as automatically as breathing. Here's the litmus test: would you talk to your friend or your child the way you talk to yourself? If not, it's time to do a major clean out. Raising awareness is the first step and the next step is crafting an alternate soundtrack. What are the words and labels and conversations that would really truly nurture your most brilliant and effective performance?

Step Four: Sprucing up

What in your life could use a fresh coat of paint or a complete overhaul? What "spruce up" would make your life fit better?

Are you wearing clothes that make you feel good? Do the places where you spend your time create the mood you want them too? Do you take the time to cut flowers from your yard, light a candle for yourself, or sit down to a well-set table? Is that pile of papers on your desk driving you nuts?

What about relationships? Are you getting the support and friendship that you need or is this an area of your life you'd like to renovate? How's your physical health? Do you have a healthy lifestyle plan and is it one that puts a smile on your face or is it feeling boring and tired? How could you spice things up or rejuvenate your passion? Could you use a mentor, a partner, or a new approach? What sounds like FUN?

Now's the time to think about the new stuff you might want to bring into your life. Don't let this be stressful. Start by noticing what you want and make a list of all the "spruce ups" and additions that you'd like to make. Save this list. And remember - it's fine to tackle these tips one step at a time.

Three Benefit Makeup Must-Haves

Benefit Cosmetics was launched in 1976 and has products that deliver quick fixes for all those beauty dilemmas. Benefit make up has won numerous beauty awards, truly deserving it's iconic status. Benefit products not only give great results, but they look fabulous too, and make any girl proud to pull them out of her make-up bag.

The top three products that we recommend from the Benefit make up range are:

1)Benefit High Beam

Benefit High Beam is one of the most famous highlighter's worldwide. It is known as a "supermodel in a bottle" and is used by make-up artists and celebrities worldwide. High Beam is a luminescent complexion enhancer and gives you a young and fresh complexion, with a dewy glow. High Beam can be used over make up or on its own. A definite must-have product.

2)Benefit Benetint and Benefit Posietint

Both Benetint and Posietint are cheek and lip stains. Benetint is rose-tinted, whereas Posietint is poppy pink. They are one of the best blushers around have won numerous awards to prove it. Benetint gives a sexy flushed tint to cheeks, giving a long-lasting glow. Posietint works in exactly the same way but plants a kiss of see-through tint on cheeks. So, if you want to enhance your cheeks, Benetint and Posietint give the sexiest flush you can get from a bottle.

3)Benefit Dandelion

Benefit Dandelion is a ballerina pink powder blusher or finishing powder. Dandelion can be applied to cheeks or all over the face. Dandelion is the perfect pick-me-up to transform your complexion from dull to radiant. This is another celeb favourite and well worth trying out.

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