D-Day, Normandy

D-Day is a military term to denote the date a military operation is to begin. D-Day in Normandy began on June 6, 1944, a day our country will never forget. The Allied invasion of Europe was known as codename Operation Overlord. The attack was a 2 prong strategy; 24,000 Allied troops were to be parachuted behind enemy lines at midnight and an amphibious landing by the Allies on the French shores beginning at 6:00am. There were several diversion attacks that were perpetrated to distract the German forces from the major campaign on the shores of Normandy. The assault phase of the invasion was codename Operation Neptune.

The Allied forces under the command of General Dwight D. Eisenhower consisted of troops from U.S., England, Free France, Poland, Canada, Norway and Australia. This was the largest amphibious landing ever with a total of 175,000 troops. This huge attachment of soldiers were supported by 195,000 naval and merchant marine personnel, the accumulated crew of 5,000 ships. The landing took place on a 50 mile stretch of beach with 5 distinct sectors; Omaha, Utah, Sword, Juno and Gold Beaches. Each individual operation had its goals and timetable to complete their missions.

Operation Neptune began on June 6th 1944 and ended June 30th 1944 with Operation Overlord beginning on June 6th, 1944 and ending when the Allied forces crossed the River Seine on August 19th, 1944. Both operations were successful but came with a price. The approximate Allied casualties of killed, wounded, captured and missing in action was 10,000 soldiers. The German casualties were estimated at up to 9,000.

The Normandy Invasion was the beginning of the end of Nazis invasion and occupation of its European neighbors. This undertaking by the Allied forces was a great accomplishment of the planning and execution of a massive force under the tightest secrecy. The invasion was expected by the German military but the time and place was the surprise element that brought this great event of WWII to its successful conclusion.

Celebrate the brave men and women of the military and honor all the heroes of our armed forces. If you know anyone that served their country during war or is a member of the armed forces serving in the states show your appreciation for their devotion, their steadfast to stand with their country in defending its freedoms.

Hotels Near JFK Airport

JFK is in the marshland along Jamaica Bay. There is little of interest in that area. If you have a stop over at JFK or get there too early for your flight, it is a good idea to explore around. There are no attractions near JFK, you will have to travel eight miles or more to get to one. Brooklyn Botanic Gardens and Brooklyn Museum of Art are less than nine miles away. So, unless you have a layover of at least 4-5 hours, it is not wise to stray too far away from the airport. On Terminal 9, Au Bon Pain serves delicious snacks and delicate pastries. Those hungry for pizza can stop by Sbarro and Starbucks lovers can step into Starbucks for coffee and snacks.

Or you may want to enjoy coffee or cocktails at the pristine garden veranda of Ramada Plaza Hotel - JFK Airport, the only hotel located on the airport property. The onsite Leonardo's Restaurant offers an international buffet, but if you feel like a-la-carte, there are choices to suit many tastes. The hotel offers state-of-the-art meeting facility for the busy executive on the go, who prefer to stay at this New York hotel. Tennis buffs will have to travel six miles to play a set or game at the Arthur Ashe Tennis Stadium.

Sporty kinds will like the three star Hilton Garden Inn Queens/JFK Airport due to its close proximity to the Belmont Race Track, the Shea Stadium and USTA National Tennis Center. Free internet access, a 24x7 airport shuttle, a health club and an indoor pool make it a nice choice for a New York stay. Plan a trip to Coney Island located ten miles from the hotel. Enjoy a few hours or spend your entire day at one of America's most celebrated beach resorts. For dinner, have juicy steaks at the in-house Great American Grill restaurant or walk down to discover the dining options nearby.

Located on 140th Street, Doubletree Hotel JFK Airport Hotel is a nice spot for both a business and leisure stay. Enjoy modern comforts such as free WiFi, free newspapers, in-room plasma TVs and cable and a 24x7 well equipped business center. Choose from an international menu at the onsite Café 140, get rid of the jetlag at the fitness center and relax in the sauna. Located in Queens, this New York hotel is surrounded by residential houses. The hotel offers a 24x7 free shuttle to JFK and the AirTrain station connecting to Manhattan. From the hotel, attractions like Radio City Music Hall, Madison Square Garden and the Statue of Liberty are a half hour away.

Those on a budget should look up Comfort Inn JFK Airport located five minutes from the JFK International Airport. This New York hotel is minutes away from Jones Beach State Park, Rockaway Beach and Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum, home of NHL's New York Islanders. New York City and its many popular attractions are only a short drive away. Shoppers will like the nearby Green Acres mall. The neighborhood offers diversified dining options and cocktail lounges that you can walk down to discover. Free continental breakfast, free airport shuttle, free WiFi, free newspapers and free 24x7 coffee, give you all the more reason to stay here.

The Importance of Twitter As an Internet Marketing Resource

What is the first thing that you think of when you hear Twitter?

Do you think of people who have no one else to talk to, so they send details of every single minute of their days? Or maybe you think of people who fancy themselves celebrities, and want attention. There are many different types of people who are all using twitter for a multitude of different reasons. Internet marketers, for example, can leverage twitter to build their buying audiences and make more sales. Twitter is a lightning quick way to connect you with potential customers and to educate them about what you offer.

Below you will find a few of the strategies that will help you use Twitter to improve your internet marketing.

You can use Twitter as a window into what is going on in your market. When you follow other experts in your target market you can keep track of the important or "trending" topics. You can get a handle on what people in the niche are talking about and about other people offering products like yours. With Twitter, regardless if they follow you or not, it's really quite remarkable how you can follow just about anyone within the site. You can follow their account, see what their posting, and gather wisdom from their advice which can all be beneficial to your own business.

You can even keep in touch with your potential clients with the site. You can use Twitter to test and see how responsive customers are to your promotions listed there in comparison to other types of advertising you use such as blogging. With this technique, you can quickly and effectively acquire a TRUE clientele which is GENUINELY interested in your market. You can then cater your marketing plans and promotions to your most responsive audience and bring in more sales. Doing this will help keep you from spending too much time marketing to an audience that won't respond as well.

If you really want to make an impression, tweet every once in a while about something that has nothing to do with your business. Tweet some life lessons or post a clean joke for people to read when they are bored. Once again, don't overdo it because you don't want to bore people. When you do this your followers will see that you want to entertain them and aren't only there to get their business. They'll like you more and you'll get more followers that way. When you start adding followers, you start adding good targeted leads that could lead to sales and profits for you. You will find that if you give away some of your time you will be rewarded for doing so in the long run.

Twitter is a useful platform. You can certainly use it for social functions, but you can also use it for Internet marketing. Internet marketers who are not using twitter correctly are missing out on a major audience. With twitter you can offer better coverage of your products or services, endear yourself to your buyers and create a personality for your company or service.

Twitter will drive your closed sales and rake in greater profits than you have gained in the past, if you utilize it properly. This application is no longer just for people who enjoy chatting. It has become a tool for anyone with something to talk about!

The Latest Anti Aging Natural Skin Care Products

Today, people as young as in their 20's and 30's already start to see the first signs of visible aging. Countless of people are going through this problem, which is why anti-aging skin care products have become popular in the past decade, with its market getting younger every year. The anti-aging industry is worth billions of dollars, making it one of the most thriving health industries today. With all the options and anti-aging products, it can be quite overwhelming to choose a regimen that will work for you.

Today, I will let you in for a little secret - the latest and perhaps the most effective anti-aging skin care regimen. No, it is not top secret information that needs much celebration. In fact, it is a tip that is very simple, you would not figure out why you have not thought of it in the first place.

The latest regimen in anti-aging natural skin care product is simply nourishing your skin 24 hours a day with an excellent anti-aging cream. This means applying both day cream and night cream. Most people apply only one in their daily beauty ritual: either they put on day cream under their makeup, or allow the cream to penetrate as they sleep. However, this is not all there is to it.

There will surely be some people who will argue: "I use a separate night and day cream, yet I see no notable effects even after months!" The issue now lies on the skin care product you are using. The reason for this is not the regimen, but the anti-aging cream itself. Perhaps now is the time to change your skin care product to one that contains the right, all natural ingredients.

Not all anti-aging creams were created equal. The label says it all; just look at the ingredients list and you will see how different brands contain different formulation. However, although slightly different, most anti-aging creams we know today consist of parabens, mineral oils, alcohol and fragrances. These are all chemicals that may potentially be harsh on your skin. If your anti-aging cream contains any of these, it is not a wonder why your 24-hour skin care ritual does not work - it is now time to toss it aside.

What you really need is a day and a night cream that contains natural ingredients scientifically proven to reduce wrinkles, fine lines and sagging, and promotes softer, smoother, more younger-looking skin. The ingredients to look out for are botanical compounds such as avocado extract, shea butter, and grapeseed oil, all of which are known to be natural emollients that can moisturize your skin and protect it from dirt and grime.

Moreover, natural antioxidants in Cynergy TK (a breakthrough technology), phytessence wakame (a Japanese sea kelp) and nano-lipobelle H-EQ10 (more potent form of Coenzyme Q10) should also be present in your anti-aging cream. Having all these in one, single skin care product will assure you only the best results.

Applying an excellent anti-aging day cream over makeup and an equally good night cream while you rest at night is a simple beauty ritual that is not difficult to maintain everyday. In just a matter of weeks, expect to be pleasantly surprised with the results.

Six Flags Hurricane Harbor Texas Discounts & Season Passes For the New Season

At Six Flags Hurricane Harbor Texas, you can enjoy tube slides, speed slides, whirlpools, rafting, and more. Located in Arlington, TX, this water park is located next to the Over Flags amusement park. If you have a season pass, you'll have access to both. However, if you only pay for a regular Hurricane Harbor, you won't be able to visit the amusement park. A season pass is the best choice overall, as you can get the most out of both parks this year.

There is plenty to do at this water park. It's has some of the most exciting slides in the world. There are plenty of services available to make things easy and convenient for visitors. There are ATM machines, lockers, lost and found, inflatable tubes, cabanas, etc.

You can rent your own private space if you want to relax alone or with friends. There are three packages available: The Royal Caribbean, The Grand Bahamian, and the Bayview. Each of these comes with room, drinks, food, storage locker, and double tubes for two to four people. The prices range from $95 to $150.

When you're not relaxing, you can find plenty of excitement and fun! There are many slides and rides for the entire family to enjoy at Six Flags Hurricane Harbor Texas. They include Geronimo, Hydra Maniac, Shotgun Falls, Sea Wolf, Kamikazi, Caribbean Chaos, Niagara, Mega Wedgie, and more.

Mega Wedgie is a brand new attraction. It's a waterslide standing at four stories high and over 80 feet wide. Guests are sent down one side of the wing to another at 23 miles per hour. Another fun slide is the Blue Raider. If you go down this slide, you'll zoom down over 500 feet on inner tubes. These inner tubes are powered by 3,000 gallons water every single minute!

There are a lot of upcoming events over the next six months. With season passes, you'll be able to attend all of them! These events include Memorial Day weekend celebration, July 4 activities, and Labor Day weekend. On August 19, there will be the very first "Home School Day" at Six Flags Hurricane Harbor Texas, during which time private rides are offered to families on select attractions.

Needless to say, having a season pass can come in handy! They also come with neat extras, such as free tickets for families, access to exclusive events, and lots of coupons that can help you save on miscellaneous expenses. Within two visits you'll have your season pass paid for, and will have hundreds of dollars worth of coupons in the process.

Pull of Versatility With Black Boots

In fashion, nothing beats the beauty of black. It is the color that never goes out of style. Through the dramatic evolution and development of fashion, black has always been one of the most sought after colors. Even in the world of footwear, black is the one that never fades out in the statement of fashion.

Shoes have now gone to complex styles and designs. Boots, for example, are now considered to be must-haves in a girl's wardrobe. The size, shape, style, and design are vital things that one looks after in buying a pair of boots. However, these may become futile if used with the wrong and awful looking color. Therefore, one reason to celebrate black is because it has always remained as the most versatile color for a pair of boots.

Black boots are the most versatile for women. You can never go wrong with wearing black boots. Why? Black looks naturally elegant, attractive, and beautiful. Whichever boots you wear, whether over-the-knee, mid-calf, high-heels, skin-tight, slouch, or other variations; black certainly compliments your look. Black is an all around color. You can wear it with anything, at any time, and anywhere. No wonder why women keep black as their top most favorite color for boots. It is the one that can match any clothing. The color is neutral, so you can be safe to wear any color of clothing that you like. It blends in cooperatively with anything that you wear. It is also flexible with any style of clothing.

Indeed, black is the most versatile color for women's boots. You can wear this color anywhere in the world without compromising quality looks.

How to Be an Effective Shopper

Shopping malls and department stores are found almost in any part of the world giving the shoppers freedom to choose. Some shoppers always go for the concept "what you are what you get". They tend to buy things, expensive or not, that their eyes only see neglecting those necessary products that are quite invisible in a large store.

To be an effective shopper, one must follow shopping rules and guidelines. Basic guidelines are mentioned below.

• Branded vs Local Products

Everyone wants branded clothing rather than local products because of the quality and brand itself. If you are not that rich, just go for local products than branded clothing distributors but one at a time. Lack of financial resources does not ban anyone from buying high price branded products yet practicality should be always kept in mind.

For those financially stable fellows, branded clothing is a necessity but make sure not to waste money buying unfitted or lavish products that aren't suitable for you. Always know your own body size or at least ask a friend or an adviser about what to choose and what looks best on you.

• Planning and Surveying

It is a must to plan when, why, what and where to shop. First, one must survey stores and malls that could possibly have what you need and want. Try to scan all sections and stands of different brands as much as possible to accurately find what's really best.

Then, plan your budget to the products you want to buy. Rank every product so that it will be easy to disregard the least products you need when the budget is not enough.

• Go for Wholesale Purchasing

Many are not attracted to wholesale items because they are not oriented about the subject. Purchasing wholesale apparel would definitely make a huge slash to your expenses. By buying directly from distributors, you can access branded products at reasonably affordable price rates.

• The Cost, Importance, and Practicality

When you finished surveying the best and practically essential products out of tons of stocks, then try to rethink and consider all these factors: cost, importance, and practicality.

How much will it cost? Keep in mind that the things you want to buy should meet with your budget. Don't buy a product that would slash your entire budget in a single purchase.

Is it important? Always buy items that are important to your daily life. For instance, you usually attend formal celebrations such as weddings, formal gatherings or special occasions. These events require a good and formal suit, so it is justifiable to buy a new suit for such events.

Is it practical? Everything you buy must be practical and versatile. Make sure that whatever you are buying can be used for more than once. Try to think combinations and buy universal apparels to have a chance to mix and match your other clothing.

Eternity - Permanent Solutions to Temporary Problems

One ship sails East, and another West,

By the self-same winds that blow,

Tis the set of the sails and not the gales,

That tells the way we go. Ella Wilcox

Occasionally I become a bit frustrated with "inspirational" musings about the blessings of adversity and the magical effects of a positive attitude.

When I'm having a tough day, when my wheelchair breaks or my back hurts or I can't reach the top shelf, I don't want to be reminded of the bigger picture. I want to lash out with my own deeply philosophical response, something spiritually uplifting like If you think it's such a blessing, YOU try sitting here for the rest of your life.

I need to be crystal clear about this: I do not celebrate my injury. I don't consider quadriplegia to be a blessing. If I could choose to walk and run and reach the top shelf without help, I would.

But despite the frustration and grief, I also acknowledge that the bigger picture does exist. That fact doesn't diminish the pain one bit, but it does place my struggle in perspective. I don't like the struggle, but I do appreciate the perspective.

So we fix our eyes not on what is seen, but on what is unseen. For what is seen is temporary, but what is unseen is eternal. (2 Cor 4: 18)

Immediately following my injury, I wanted desperately to know whether the paralysis was permanent. Would I be trapped forever in a broken body, or was this a scene from an inspirational movie in which miraculous healing occurs before the popcorn's empty?

I'm not excited about knowing that my body will likely never work properly. But I am deeply thankful for the understanding that a wheelchair will not be my eternal companion. My disability, like all physical circumstances, is NOT permanent.

Then he got into the boat and his disciples followed him. Without warning, a furious storm came up on the lake, so that the waves swept over the boat. But Jesus was sleeping. The disciples went and woke him, saying, "Lord, save us! We're going to drown!"

He replied, "You of little faith, why are you so afraid?" Then he got up and rebuked the winds and the waves, and it was completely calm. (Matthew 8: 23-26)

Jesus didn't ignore their cries or disregard the threat. He didn't return to His nap and leave them to confront the storm alone. I don't think He expected them to sit passively and pretend that no danger existed. This wasn't the proper time to join hands and sing, "Kum ba yah."

Instead, He dramatically demonstrated that He was in control. He put the winds and waves in proper perspective and showed the disciples that perilous physical circumstances shrink in the face of eternal faith.

The storm passes, the fury subsides. That doesn't mean we ought to ignore them or enjoy them or pretend they're not dangerous.

Jesus never dismisses our struggles or fears, and He doesn't expect me to deny the realities of my injury. He felt the full wrath of physical suffering; He knows the horrors of a body wracked with pain. He begged for relief even when He knew that His torture was the only way.

Jesus willingly endured the cross because He retained an eternal perspective. He dreaded the tomb, but held firmly to the glory beyond it.

What storm rages for you right now? How can you look beyond the fury to the calmness of eternity?

NYC, New York - National Sports Museum

The first-ever museum dedicated to sports opened in April 2008, slightly delayed from its estimated opening date of November 2006. This 100,000 sq-ft (9,290sq m) world-class museum, developed in the former Cunard Passenger Ship Line building yard at a cost of $93 million, will house interactive sports exhibits for all ages and cover sports worldwide. Founded by Philip Schwalb, its mission is to celebrate the history of all sports and their significance in our lives and culture, on local, national and global levels. In fact, it brings together over 50 single sports halls of fame, museums and organizations across the US that will provide exhibits and memorabilia. It also includes a Women's Hall of Fame, headed by Billie Jean King and will be home to the prestigious Heisman Trophy, which has been awarded to some of the most notable athletes of the 20th century.

The National Sports Museum is a vibrant family attraction, with exciting exhibits, activities and interactive multimedia displays. It also offers rotating exhibits, great shopping opportunities, learning programs, a special event space and a sports-themed eatery. Surrounded by the key visitor sites of Lower Manhattan, the museum at Bowling Green will provide a slightly unusual as well as popular stop for those visiting the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island, as it is situated just two blocks from the ferries and only four blocks from the World Trade Center Memorial site. It is also near Battery Park, and is estimated to attract some 1.2 million visitors each year upon, more than any other sports museum in the country.

Wedding Shower Gift Etiquette

Whether you are hosting your own shower or have been invited to one, there are a few points of etiquette that should be observed when it comes to shower gifts. In this article, I will discuss these particularities so that you may not offend anyone.

First, if you are invited to a wedding shower, you must send a gift. This applies in all cases, even if the bride has no expectation that you would have been able to attend the shower (such as if you are on a military tour in a foreign country). This is a stricter rule than that surrounding weddings, but because the purpose of showers is gifts, any invitation brings with it a gift obligation.

Second, all gifts should be opened right at the shower, including those from people who could not attend the shower. Again, the purpose of the shower is the giving of gifts, and so the actual giving of the gifts is a part of the celebration itself.

Third, you must give a gift, even if the bride has been married before. Wedding showers are the exception to the rule that encore wedding gifts are optional. In the case of the shower, gift giving is mandatory. There is a flip-side to this, however. Because people who have attended a previous wedding shower should not be expected to give second gifts, it may be considerate not to invite them to a second wedding shower. This is a judgment call, however. For close family and very close friends, they would likely be hurt if they missed your shower, so you should feel free to invite them anyway.

Finally, shower gifts, just like wedding gifts, require notes of thanks. Because showers can be a bit chaotic, have one of your wedding party take notes at the wedding as gifts are opened, saying who gave which gifts so that you can send out "thank you" notes. If you fail to do this, you'll find you won't remember who gave you which gifts.

Birthday Gifts - Guiding You to the Ideal Present For That Special Someone

It is a fact of life that at times we struggle to find the inspiration to find that ideal present for that special someone in your life. Sometimes we need a little guidance in the right direction and who better to give that guidance than gift experience pioneers.

The collection of birthday gifts on offer range from luxurious pampering days at luxury health spas to adrenaline-charged activities and adventures that appeal to many. These gifts are not your everyday present; they are opportunities of a lifetime that will leave a lasting impression whether it is for a 21st birthday gift or to celebrate hitting the big 4-0.

There are birthday gifts that pander to whims of boys who like to play with their toys. Thrilling driving experiences invite them to whizz around the UK's most challenging race circuits in everything from supercars, classic cars to dumper truck racing and extreme dodgems. Their ability to race will almost certainly bring out their competitive streak.

Similarly, it takes little effort to find a surprise a woman that appears to have everything. Forget red roses and perfume this year and purchase something that's just for her. It is possible that birthday gifts for her can be enjoyed with her girlfriends, or better still, something you can share together. Experience new and exciting hobbies, turning a pastime into a passion, or recharge those batteries with a slice of pampering heaven on a spa break that is simply beneficial to mind, body and soul.

Whatever you choose you can guarantee it will be greatly appreciated. If you are concerned about making the wrong decision gift vouchers are available, taking the entire headache out of deciding what birthday gift experience to choose. Recipients can choose their own gift within set budget parameters to ensure the ultimate experience.

Excellent Customer Service - Do Your Own Thing!

In business, being the same as everybody else is not the ideal perception to strive for. I was reminded of the power to stand out and be noticed while waiting to board my plane this morning. A lady walked up to the gate dancing and having a really good time. It was 4:38 am so as you can imagine it was really hard to miss anyone with that level of energy. She was really shaking her thing and getting down.

This got me thinking because everybody stopped what they were doing to take notice. Maybe you don't want to stand out and get attention like that at the airport, but how would you like to stand out and get attention like that in your business? The best way - just do your own thing, be unique and avoid blending in.

While sitting there I made a short list of possible ways to get attention from customers. Customer service includes being noticed by noticing your customers. I thought I'd share that with you here:

~ celebrate your customer's half birthday.

~ send personal thank you cards for their business.

~ host a contest with an extravagant prize.

~ don't just serve your customers, be their ears and eyes for other products and services that add value and stay on top of new ideas to share with them.

~ phone your customers after they purchase to say thank you and ask if they have questions or feedback on how you might improve.

~ give them much more then they paid for.

There are lessons about business everywhere you look if you are open to seeing them. Excellent customer service can include the ways in which you do your own thing! It was not even 5:00am at the airport and I was making a list on how to stand out and get attention from customers. It seems that here is a lot of sameness going around and this is really the perfect time to stand out and be noticed.

Throwing a Successful House Party

For whatever reason you may be throwing a house party, a loved one's birthday perhaps or maybe a new years eve celebration, the key to making your festivities a success is planning. For those throwing a house party for the first time, here are 5 top tips to make sure your party lives long in the memory.

1. Prepare
Prepare as much as possible in advance. If you're preparing food, choose dishes that you can create the day before and reheat or assemble on the day. Ensure you have plenty of ice available in the freezer and have stocked up with everything you need. The last thing you want to be doing on the day of the party is rushing around supermarkets and shops desperately trying to find quiche and cocktail sausages.

2. Keep it simple
Don't over-complicate things. Whether its decorations, drinks or food, keeping things simple will ensure you're not stressed out creating fancy food treats or giving your house a complete makeover and its almost certain your guests will appreciate whatever efforts you make.

3. Music
Of course you can't have a party without music but you don't want to have to to listen to 11 Simply Red songs in a row or have to be changing CD's every 45 minutes, so the best option is to load an iPod or cheap MP3 player with approximately one hundred songs - that's roughly six hours worth so should be plenty, and connect it to your hi-fi. This way you can just hit play and forget about it for the rest of the night. You know your guests best so choose a selection of music that you think everyone may enjoy and keep the songs upbeat. Avoid any unpleasant doorstep confrontations by warning your neighbours in advance that you will be having a party and agree with them a curfew when you will stop the music and stick to it.

4. Drinks
There's nothing like a bottle of beer or a glass or two of wine to help your guests relax and start to break the ice with one another. By all means provide a selection of beer and a few bottles of wine but unless you're feeling really extravagant don't feel that you should be providing drink for all of your guests all night. Just make it clear on the invites that guests are expected to bring their own bottles. Provide a number of bottle openers and corkscrews so there's always one to hand and your friends aren't hunting around trying to work out how to get the cork out of the bottle of Pinot Grigot with a screwdriver.

5. Keep things tidy
Provide plenty of paper napkins and a couple of large bins. This will make tidying up bottles and rubbish quick and easy. And as long as its clear where guests are expected to dispose of their empty bottles and paper plates, chances are people will mostly clean up after themselves. Move any valuable items or furniture out of the way to a room that is out of bounds to guest. It's inevitable there will be spillages and accidents, so the golden rule is if you don't want something to get damaged move it.

Follow these tips and your party is sure to be a success and a great time will be had all - including you the host!

To Boo Or Not to Boo? An Analysis of Booing in the 2010 NBA & NHL Playoffs

Over the past couple of weeks, I've had multiple conversations with friends about booing. These conversations culminated with a discussion about Cleveland fans' decision to boo LeBron James and the lousy Cavaliers on Tuesday night. Simply put, I'm all for booing if the situation is right. Allow me to explain why with a few examples from the 2010 NBA and NHL Playoffs.

Obviously (as noted in my Alexander the Goat article a few weeks back), I believed the Washington Capitals deserved to be serenaded with boos. I would have even tolerated litter on the ice. Yes, throwing trash onto the ice is childish, illegal, and dangerous, but all three adjectives describe how most professional athletes behave in society anyway, so have at it. (Just kidding...about tolerating things being thrown onto the ice, not how athletes behave.) The Capitals deserved their fans' disgust. Instead, they received a round of applause. Shame on you, Capital fans.

Yes, losing happens; it's a part of sports. However, losing isn't what requires booing, it's the frequency and severity of losing that makes booing necessary. The Capitals have shriveled up and died in the playoffs for three straight years. When that happens, you boo...loudly, and you don't stop until you've chased them off the ice. I even booed the Capitals and Alexander Ovechkin from my couch...and I'm a Flyers fan. The same formula should be applied to the New Jersey Devils. Another example of a regular season bully that goes M.I.A. come playoff time.

In the NBA playoffs, the Atlanta Hawks come to mind. No one expected the Hawks to beat the Orlando Magic in round two. However, Atlanta fans (and all basketball fans) were appalled at the lack of effort and intensity demonstrated by the Hawks. After being blown out by more than 40 points in the series opener, Atlanta responded by getting trounced in their next three outings and was swept from the playoffs. Sweeps happen. Getting beaten by a better team happens. Even getting blown out by a superior opponent is understandable, but to exert no effort and zero intensity is unacceptable, especially in the playoffs. The Hawks don't really have a fan base, but the few fans they do have should still be booing.

As for the Cavaliers being booed by their own fans in what could have been LeBron's final home game? I loved it. LeBron has held those fans hostage for the last two years. They're scared to death about whether he'll leave or stay. On Tuesday night, LeBron and the Cavaliers were so putrid that Cleveland fans finally stood up and said, ENOUGH! Even great players need to be told they stink from time to time. By booing LeBron, Cleveland may have pushed him away for good. If that's the case, good for them. Any player that can't take some boos, especially after a lousy game like that, doesn't deserve the blind devotion that Cleveland has given to LeBron. Given is the key word. LeBron is a fantastic player, but he hasn't earned anything yet. He has one NBA Finals appearance, no wins and zero championships. At this point, he owes Cleveland more than they owe him. Booing his lackadaisical effort on Tuesday night was the right call-we obviously want you to stay, but this is unacceptable. Cleveland's season isn't over, but sometimes a single game deserves a chorus of boos. Cleveland fans hit all the right notes on Tuesday night.

Let's break it down in real world terms. If I have a great year at work, everyone loves me, and then I go on a two week stretch where I'm as worthless as Sammy Sosa without 'roids, you better believe someone is going to say something. Why are fans supposed to ignore a sloppy two week stretch (at the most important time of the year nonetheless)? Because the team gave us an enjoyable regular season? No thank you. The greatest thing about "sports" is its simplicity. Only one thing matters; championships. Fans aren't rooting for a rosy regular season. We want titles. Obviously, the season(s) building up to that title are appreciated and celebrated, but once a team gets stagnant in that pursuit (Capitals, Atlanta Hawks), fans get fed up.

The Philadelphia Eagles epitomize stagnant. Philly fans loved the early 2000's as Donovan McNabb and the birds rose to prominence. We didn't boo when the Giants beat us in the Divisional Round or when St. Louis squeaked out a win in the Conference Championship. Losing is an integral part of winning. However, once the Eagles dropped three consecutive NFC Championships (two to lesser opponents), the natives got restless. A half-decade later, we're still restless. The Eagles have been running in place since the Patriots won Super Bowl XXXIX.

To further prove that losing doesn't always deserve booing, let's look at the Philadelphia Flyers and Oklahoma City Thunder. The Flyers were down 0-3 in a seven game series to the Boston Bruins. They've since battled back to tie the series at three. Let's pretend the Flyers were swept by the Bruins in four games, the final loss coming at the Wachovia Center. I'm almost certain the Philadelphia crowd would have applauded the Flyers. They were overmatched, shorthanded, and battling injuries that plagued them all year. A sweep would have been disheartening, but no one could question the Flyers effort.

The same is true for the Thunder. In their first playoff appearance, the young Thunder went head to head to with the powerful Lakers and extended the series to six games. The Thunder played hard and attacked the favored Lakers, but still fell in defeat. Losing in the 2010 playoffs was an early step in building a successful team that should compete for the NBA title for years to come. Did the players want to lose? Of course not. Kevin Durant shrugged off talk of moral victories immediately after the series ended. When asked how he felt, he responded, "Like I just lost a playoff series." I'm sure Durant understands getting postseason experience (even losing) is part of the process, but no player with aspirations for greatness would accept that as an excuse for defeat. The Thunder faithful clearly understood the situation. After game six the Thunder were treated to a rousing and well-deserved ovation from their crowd. The fans appreciated the team's development over the past year and thanked them for their efforts and success. Now, if OKC is still getting bumped in the first round two years from now, you better believe those fans will start booing, and so they should.

Too conclude, I don't have a problem with fans not booing. To boo or not to boo is a choice that every fan can make. However, if a multi-millionaire athlete isn't giving his best effort in the playoffs; you better believe I'm going to let him hear about it. After all, I get scolded at work if I misread a zip code.

Discover the Secrets About FarmVille Now!

FarmVille Facebook application is now counted among the most widely-played games on the internet. When I checked the Facebook app stats a week ago, FarmVille had the largest users. The application is provided by the Zynga group, who've also created the Mafia Wars game. Farming on FarmVille can be a tough job and you've to look carefully after your crops; see that they are not wasted or the fields don't go dry. The overall exploration and fun FarmVille provides is immense and the addiction forces many users to surf this application for more than 6 hours a day on average. From my 3-month experience in this game, I've learnt many FarmVille cheats and FarmVille secrets that I'd like to share with you people who wish to be farm-rich and best their friends on this game. I'm sure that after following my Facebook FarmVille secrets, you'd go bragging stuff about yourself to your contacts and how rich you've become through your farm.

Firstly you need to get hold of some contacts and friends who would like to neighbor their farms with you. You will also get the chance to interact with many and you can seek help from skilled people. Through this, you can enhance your FarmVille experience and your level on Facebook FarmVille rises. You can earn some quick cash by helping your neighbor's farm in ways such as terracing its fields, watering trees and feeding their farm animals.

You can earn regular ribbons and gifts through tree growing and welcoming stray animals inside your farm. Besides gaining coins, there are also seasonal offers which you can avail such as mother's day special gifts etc. Another tip that maybe beneficial for you is that you should celebrate all Facebook FarmVille secret achievements with your friends; Facebook has streamlined its system where you can share your success with all your friends in just a simple click. Visit FarmVille daily and maintain the harvest circle properly. Know the available crops that can be planted and choose shrewdly according to its period of ripening and how much yield does it give per square out of 144 squares. A concluding recommendation from my side is that you should choose raspberries for quick earnings as they take only 4 hours to mature and give a higher return. One thing that should be remembered is that after following this tip, you will have to check in with your farm regularly after every 3 to 4 hours and take special care that your fields don't get parched. This is one of the best known FarmVille secret.

90th Birthday Ideas

Planning a 90th event this year? Though 90th birthday party supplies and 90th gifts may be harder to find, throwing a 90th party is well worth it. Just think of the smile on your older loved ones face when you surprise them with a party honoring not only their milestone age, but them. A 90th party is great time to get friends and family together. Read through these five 90th ideas to help get your party started.

90th Birthday Supplies- A 90th birthday is cause for celebration! Planning a 90th party can have its ups and downs. While the event itself will be a joyous occasion, getting to that point will require some hard work. Finding 90th birthday party supplies may be a challenge with local retailers. Always remember that buying items can be easier, faster and cheaper online. You can always go with a generic theme (over the hill) or colors, or you can purchase 90th party supplies. 90th birthday plates and napkins will always be the best match for your event. Don't forget your a 90 candle set as well!

Personalized 90th Birthday Gifts- Giving a personalized present is not only a more thoughtful gift idea, but also makes a great addition to any party display. Use it at your 90 party as part of a display honoring the birthday person, and then let them keep it and take it home. Place your personalized item where the guest of honor will be sitting as a one of a kind place card. Consider using a personalized gift to get this effect. A personalized birthday newspaper makes a great gift for this dual purpose. It announces the birth of the person on the date they were born and also include other factually accurate news and other fun facts about that date such as prices, movies, top songs and other news events from the year.

Functional 90th Birthday Gifts- Everyone appreciates a gift they can use. A usable gift guarantees that your gift will be cherished long after the birthday event. A Happy 90th mug makes a great usable gift, as it can be used for a variety of purposes. It can hold liquids, it can hold pens, or it can hold loose change. It can also be displayed with pride in one's home, a marker of that momentous day.

Practical 90th Presents- Want to give a usable gift that will be more special? Functional gifts don't have to be boring. As seen above, they can incorporate the special event with happy birthday greetings. Give a gift that will stand out from the rest and that will be used and cherished forever. Consider a gift like a 90th birthday clock. A mantle clock with 90th wishes will look fantastic anywhere in their home and will also serve a purpose, keeping the time. This gift is practical and sentimental, because every time they go to look at it they will think about the person who gave it to them.

90th Birthday Gift Basket- Looking for a great all around gift for a 90th present? Consider making your own 90th birthday gift basket. By purchasing and including smaller gifts that are more personal you will really create a wonderful and thoughtful gift. Don't forget to also consider including things they might also need to make their life easier, like large print items, low vision gadgets, or talking items. Not sure what a 90 year old would like? A 90th gift basket can be purchased online and comes filled with plenty of 90th themed items. For an extra special touch include 1930 trivia items as well. You can find 1930 frames, 1930 trivia booklets and even 1930 Music CDs, which will make the birthday recipient's eyes sparkle.

Dating a Mature Woman

While research shows that human males typically find young women most attractive as they're in the prime of their child-bearing years, there are also many great things about dating a mature woman.

These types of relationships aren't new in the celebrity world - the most famous such relationship would be Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore. There must be a reason why Ashton would be willing to date a much older woman! As it turns out, there are lots of benefits to dating a mature woman; here are just a few of them.

You might find it easier to have meaningful conversations with a mature woman. She's probably seeking companionship more than younger women would be. If you find that your chosen topics of conversation are a little too sophisticated for the women who only want to talk about makeup or Facebook, you might do well by dating an older woman.

Mature women will be more likely to want to discuss serious subjects, such as philosophy, life and death, politics, and the future of the country. You might not find your younger dates to be very receptive to these conversations.

A more mature woman is likely to be traditional. She grew up in a time when things were simpler, and she'll probably be just fine with cooking dinner and letting you take on the manly jobs around the house. If you enjoy such traditional gender roles, an older woman might be just what you're looking for.

Mature women might also surprise you with feminist ideas that require a more equal relationship. It can be hard to immediately tell where she stands on such issues, so you'll probably have to feel things out to see if you make a good match.

She might show you something new in the bedroom. A mature, experienced woman will probably take you to places you haven't yet been.

With certain taboos being lifted, it's more common to see older women dating younger men, and you might find that such a relationship is just what you were looking for. Try dating a mature woman and you could be in for the ride of your life!

Cheap Chair Covers and Tablecloths - Facts You Should Know

Chair covers and tablecloths are very important in creating the right atmosphere for events such as weddings. They help to increase the beauty of the room and look fabulous for any occasion. The chairs and tables, properly adorned with their gorgeous tablecloths and chair covers, look marvelous.

At the present time, there are several companies which are offering cheap chair covers and tablecloths in attractive designs and styles. Moreover, make any banquet hall or venue look spectacular with new wedding linens. Virtually any event is seen as having a presence of elegance and fashion when linens are used.

There are numerous types of event lines available in the market. They include the banquet and folding style covers which are kind of the industry standards. But some companies also carry specialized covers for chiavari chairs, armed banquet chairs, etc. As for tablecloths they can be found in numerous sizes and colors. The main styles are round and rectangle although square tablecloths are also sold.

A complete range of linens can be obtained through the internet or from exclusive linen supply companies. Aside from this, tablecloths and chair covers are also becoming available in discount party stores.

Most companies that are marketing and selling cheap or discount tablecloths and chair covers provide an outstanding range of designs and quality. The aim of these companies is to give complete satisfaction to their customers regarding quality, designs and rates on these linens. These companies try to give a truly unique experience to their customers.

Most linens used at events are the same ones whether they are rented or sold.

Using chair covers and tablecloths will add to the beauty of functions by giving them gorgeous and stylish looks. Most companies offer linens in both satin and polyester fabrics. Using these linens at the venue of the function helps ensure that the event is gorgeous. You can find round and rectangular tablecloths as wells as banquet and folding chair covers in pink, chocolate brown, champagne, red, white, ivory, green, teal, silver, sage, etc.

Most companies offer nationwide shipping. Many rental stores who rent linens will also come out and set them up as well as returning to remove them from the tables. Many are finding especially on the internet that they can buy these linens at a very deep discount. Many times it is even cheaper than renting. The big advantage to this of course is that you own them and can use them again and again at other events. If they are no longer needed after your event you can always sell on places like eBay or Craigslist and get most of your purchase price back if they are in good shape.

Don't spend lots of money on decorations for your event and then forget the linens. Many venues are beautiful but have worn furniture that will detract from a gorgeous celebration. Go the extra mile and get high quality but cheap tablecloths and chair covers for your special occasion.

Top 5 Female Comedians of All Times

Comedy is one of the most difficult acting zones and the active period of a comedian is also short lived. The period of recognition for a comedian is short lived due to many reasons. Male comedians are always preferred in this field, however a number of female comedians have also marked their presence. Top 5 female comedians of All times are been mentioned in the text below:

1. Ellen Degenres: Ellen Degeneres is regarded as the best female stand up comedian and voted the funniest person in America in 1982. She was nominated for 3 golden globe awards and had 35 other nominations in various award ceremonies. Ellen Show was one of the famous TV series by Ellen Degenres and was aired in 2001.
2. Lisa Lampanelli: Lisa was born in Connecticut, and stared her Stand up comedian in New York. She is regarded as one of the best insult-comic of all times. She is direct in his approach whether it is a needle pointing at a celebrity or her weight. She has a huge fan list and is also nicknamed 'Comedy queen of mean' by her critics.
3. Kathy Griffin: Kathy Griffin has won 2 Emmy awards, another 2 wins and totaling her tally with 8 nominations. The queen of D-list came into light with her famous series 'Kathy Griffin: My life on the D-list' which was aired on TV in 2005. She was also a regular stand up comedian at a Laugh Factory in Los Angeles
4. Sarah Silverman: Sarah Silverman is one of the wittiest female comedians of all times. She was born on December 1, 1970 in Bedford, New Hampshire, USA. She won public attention by her famous series 'Greg the Bunny' and 'Crank Yankers'. She has also made her appearance felt on the silver screen in the movies Bulworth, There's something about Mary and The Bachelor. Sarah won primetime Emmy in 2008 for 'Jimmy Kimmel Live'.
5. Joan Rivers: Joan Rivers is an American stand up comedian and was born in Brooklyn, New York. She is loud and known for her rash manner. Her show 'The Joan Rivers Show' acclaimed her a lot of respect as a comedian and also brought her an Emmy Award. Apart from being a comedian Joan Rivers is also a writer and made vibes in the public by writing two biographies back to back in 1986 and 1991.

Sign & Symbol of the Cross

The sign of the cross is the act of tracing the sign with your finger tips from ones forehead to the chest to left then right shoulder. This gesture is a reminder of the Cross of Christ and the Holy Trinity. The Catholic church along with the Eastern Orthodox and Episcopalians each practice this signing ritual as part of their religion.

The symbol of the cross is used on coffins and etched on tombstones of the dead to signify that the deceased is of the Christian faith. Even through Jesus Christ the Savior was crucified on the cross it is most prominent symbol of Christianity. The love of the Savior Jesus Christ who gave His life to atone for the sins of man, is enveloped by the cross. It's meaning is understanding and patience and hope that we are all saved by the blood of Christ.

As in Christianity, other religions have symbols that define their religion. The Islam religion has the crescent, a symbol of the sovereignty of God and Judaism uses the Star of David as a symbol of their religion. Every religion, sect and cult has a designated symbol that represents their faith. From Confucianism to Voodoo to Buddhism to the Baha'i Faith all religions use symbols to represent their faith.

The common factor in all these religions is God, a Supreme Being that created us in His image and a God that demands our love and devotion. If we could overcome for just one moment the visual symbols of religion and focus on what the meaning of faith is truly, this world would be a better place. The cross symbolizes love, the crescent moon, love, Star of David love, all symbols of faith and love of God and our fellow man.

Come celebrate our common beliefs and our common hopes for the future of mankind whatever your religion, your faith. If you believe in love for your fellow man and peace for the world then come visit us Mall4Men.com where they feature men's jewelry of all sorts. They also have religious jewelry, men's rings, men's necklaces and bracelets with the symbol of the cross. Their new department Gifts4Her also features ladies' necklaces, bracelets, and earrings with the symbol of the cross. These products are of good quality and reasonably priced with no shipping fees, there are no hidden costs.

Retymnon in Crete - An Oasis in Grece

Our hotel, Ariadne, was situated just outside of Retymnon in an area called Palatanes. Truly a wonderful place to be if it wasn't for the fact that we had arrived during one of the two rainiest weeks in October. We had planned a bus journey to a nearby convent which was cancelled due to bad weather.

But man and wife alone in Crete can still be great fun. We played quite a bit of cards, and the Greek cognac - Metaxa - and Ouzo was nice whereas my wife mostly enjoyed Pisang Ambon with banana juice.

But our walks were lovely. We saw quite a few local tavernas and had the exquisite joy of having our favorite lunch - tuna salad with lots of fresh vegetables. Already on the second day they remembered that both my wife and I weren't all that happy with olives. So they served the tuna salad without olives on the other five days. The one day we spent in central Retymnon caused them to miss us.

This is one thing you should know about Greeks. They are very loving people, and when you behave decently and show your appreciation for them, they will do anything for you. It is one of the few places where you feel welcome immediately.

One traditional danish dish, that tastes even better when it's raining cats and dogs, are roasted apples as garnish for meat. It tastes so much better with Greek apples, and you really owe it to yourself to experience Greek foods. Their bread is baked with true love, and you can really feel a totally different atmosphere from other tourist destinations we have visited.

My wife celebrated her birthday while we were away, and it was great fun to enjoy this day under a different setting from the normally rather cold scandinavian weather. On our way back from dinner we had the funniest experience with ice cream. Here, they are mostly served in cones or little glasses. Down there, they had boxes - and we tried all sorts of flavors we couldn't even get here. The taste of fruit was real - not just some artificial flavor...

So, even when weather is bad, you can have great fun when you take things in a good mood. Many would have been disappointed by such weather. We still speak fondly of that vacation so we can guarantee you can enjoy your vacation also when you visit the island of Crete. We plan on trying their island again in a couple of years. We will bring our kids next time, and we will probably visit the island in June or July. But you owe it to yourself to test the island. It's a lovely people with an amazing scenery with little mountains all over the place.

Losing Weight Postpartum - How to Do It?

Every month during pregnancy your belly gets bigger, your hips get a little wider and your boobs...wow! And then the nine months of waiting for baby are over, you go from pregnant lady to Mommy. But your postpartum belly makes you still look like you're pregnant. Losing weight postpartum can be challenging, it can be discouraging to still have the baby bulge without the baby inside. Most women struggle with losing the last bit of baby flab, those last stubborn 10 pounds or so of baby belly, what can you do about it?

First of all remember you don't have to be super Mom and get everything done all at once. Give your self a break, you just made and had a baby. Take time to bask in the afterglow...you will eventually fit back into your pre pregnancy jeans if you make the effort to do it. I know it doesn't help to see the 'celebrity mom's' looking like they never even gave birth. They look fabulous a week after delivering but think about it, they have cooks and trainers and mommy helpers.

Really, it just takes a desire, determination and a routine. You already have the desire and determination or you wouldn't be reading this. Now you need a routine.

Losing weight postpartum takes effort but it doesn't have to be a chore. Getting into a routine of doing easy to do exercises everyday will start you on your way to losing that postpartum belly bulge. And getting into a positive routine which means not sitting idle in front of tv watching reality shows and eating bon bons while your baby is napping. It is important to rest....so taking naps when your little one naps is a good idea. Seriously forget about vacuuming and other household chores, they can wait or hubby will do them for now.

So remember that you didn't gain all those pounds over night, it took 9 months and you gained them for a wonderful reason...you now have a beautiful baby. Secondly you can get back your before baby body if you want to, it takes a desire, motivation and a positive and healthy routine.

Speak Effectively in a Barack Obama Way

While mentioning international outstanding speakers, names such as John F. Kennedy and Ralph L. Keeney would first come into mind. Currently, another prestigious speaker - President Barack Obama is included as synonymous with these celebrities.

Just listen to some of his core speeches, and you will get to know that he is really an excellent speaker that knows exactly what to say at exact time in exact place. He always delivers rhetoric speeches that are inspirational in a proper way. The following are some speaking tips from the Oval Office on President Obama's speaking style.


By telling a related story President Obama has always successfully led the audience into the plot and raise their curiosity. For instance, he began with the story of his family and consequently led the audience into the message of the "possibilities of America" in his 2004 Democratic Convention keynote.


Short phrases are usually adopted by Obama to deliver important messages. For instance, in answering critical questions, the concise answer "Yes, we can" is much more powerful than any promise, and he has gained strong support from the public.


Repetition is also a vital rhetoric device President Obama usually utilizes in delivering important words or phrases. For instance, the phrase "Yes, we can" has been repeated for numerous times in his speech.

While delivering his speech, President Obama adopts plain but overwhelming gestures. At first, he would face directly with the audience, then look at the left for about several seconds, then switch to the audience on the right.

SEO is Immortal

Web Pro News covers these three topics on a regular basis, so most of you know how social media is evolving and perhaps you have read that social media is expected to replace SEO in the next few years.

The so-called "experts" are saying that social media users who post links are going to replace SEO. I have news for them, it ain't happening!

Google has website crawlers that pull keywords from all websites in the world to index in their search results. Keywords from each page are then placed into categorized buckets held in their data centers. The keywords in the buckets are then used to present search results when a Google search engine user enters a search query. At this point, the indexing process is not about any single website. It is about content, and as we all know, content is king.

What does social media have that SEO doesn't?

Twitter was founded by former Google employees and intended to be a search engine for the people and by the people around the world. Notice I said the word "search engine". What does SEO stand for? Search Engine Optimization. Twitter serves its purpose quite nicely, but it doesn't do what Google does. It doesn't present content in the same way that Google search results do. Twitter is a content aggregator. It serves content so Google can index it. Twitter doesn't index all website content. It will index a back link, and whatever else a user inserts into their 140 character limit. Twitter is fantastic at breaking news and offers real time search results. Ultimately, Twitter is a great addition to Google search results.

Facebook offers the same kind of result as Twitter. Facebook can show you search results that come directly from its website but not other websites. Yes, you can find snippets of website content in its results but its main purpose is to keep you on their website, engaged in their content, and it does a pretty darn good job at that. In fact, it does better than anyone else, including Google.

Google AdWords is about bidding on keywords. In order to get your Google Ads to appear for the paid keywords you select, you must have keywords inserted into your website copy. Google AdWords is the reason why Google has the best search engine in the world. Keywords are important to Google revenue and just as important to business owners. Have you ever wondered why Google offers analytics for free? Google wants to help businesses become more efficient by offering them an effective solution for analyzing website traffic to determine what paid keywords (AdWords) are converting to leads. If a Google AdWords campaign is not maximizing return on investment, then Google isn't going to be maximizing their return on investment in the long run. Google's maximum ROI is dependent on a customer because if they go out of business due to poor performance, then Google loses cash flow.

SEO is about optimizing web pages where you send paid/non paid traffic. Companies are constantly writing new web pages that specifically feature their targeted keyword phrases.

Before any company decides to put up a website, they have to narrow their business model down to five specific keyword phrases that best define them. Once they have those top five keyword phrases, they must create a keyword tree for each phrase. Each keyword phrase could end up breaking down to 100 keywords. Choosing the most profitable five keywords can either make a company a ton of money, or put them in the red.

What would our web be like if we didn't have Google AdWords?

If we don't have Google AdWords, then we don't have an efficient search engine; because, if you aren't bidding on keywords then what are you bidding on? Banner ad positioning on Facebook and Twitter? That's like not having a library's catalog to search for a book and replacing it by having only the best sellers in the library. Whoever pays the most money to get top banner ad position will be the one advertising the library.

Most marketers aren't spending money to send traffic to their Facebook. The larger majority send paid traffic to their website. Think about it, why would I want to pay to send traffic to my Facebook profile where there are several chances for the visitor to leave my profile and not convert into a lead? Facebook is an easily distracted environment. Your website is engaging and focuses on one thing: your niche. No random IM requests, no Farmville to take care of, no "which celebrity do I resemble?" quizzes. Having a website with keyword rich, optimized content is required if you want to maximize your return on investment.

SEO specialists serve content to search engines with top converting keywords so you receive links to the associated content in search results.

Search Engine Optimization is about everything. If you want your message to get to targeted visitors, it doesn't matter what site you use: Google, Twitter or Facebook. You have to choose the right keywords in order to effectively bring targeted visitors to your content.

Aside from how Facebook, Twitter and Google display content, Google AdWords is the number one reason why SEO is immortal. Social media is a dominant force but so is Google AdWords. They both offer a service that is uniquely different from one another.

Now, I want you to completely forget about everything I just said. Think about all of these websites: Google, Facebook and Twitter. They all have one thing in common: they all need SEO. They all need someone to research keywords to use in writing website copy and acquiring back links from related websites. And then go back to FarmVille.

Having read this article by now you should have a greater understanding of not only SEO, social media and Google AdWords, but the reason why keywords are so important. Keywords are what makeup all three of these areas of marketing and they are all dependent on each other in order to make our internet better. We couldn't have Twitter if we didn't have Google, and we couldn't have Facebook if we didn't have Google. Google is Facebook's number one competitor and with competition comes innovation, which in turn makes our web experience better. Innovation is about having one good idea and that idea is a keyword. SEO is all about keywords.

Behind the Name - What Ingredients Are in Moroccan Oil Products?

What makes Moroccan oil products very safe and effective is the fact that they contain natural ingredients. In fact, this is what makes Moroccan oil products famous among celebrities. As everyone knows, natural ingredients can offer best results without any worry of having side effects in the long run. Aside from vitamin A, vitamin E, vitamin F, a UV protector, anti-oxidants and phenol (used to give hair's ultimate protection against the environment), the Moroccan oil products-such as the Moroccan Oil Treatment, Moisture Repair Shampoo and Moisture Repair Conditioner-have argan oil as the primary ingredient.

Argan oil is extracted from the argan tree that is found only in southwestern Morocco. Many people revered the tree as the symbolic tree of life because it has been beneficial in the prevention of soil erosion in many areas in Morocco. It is produced from the tree kernels and the nut shells are transformed into fuel. The process of making the oil seems easy, but it is actually a delicate process whereby women work up to 20 hours of manual labor just to produce the oil. This process starts by cracking the nuts using stones. The seeds are then removed from the cracked nuts and they are roasted. When they are fully roasted, they are grinded to extract the oil.

The argan oil is heavily loaded with vitamin E and essential fatty acids. This is the reason why it can be an excellent dietary supplement. What makes this oil famous in the market is the extensive usage of this oil in various beauty products, especially the Moroccan oil hair line.

Health benefits of argan oil

Argan oil has countless benefits when comes to health and beauty. No wonder that argan oil is quite pricy compared to other oils used in the beauty business. The following are some of the health benefits of argan oil:

As previously mentioned, the oil is loaded with anti-oxidants, essential fatty acids and vitamin E. The ingredients are responsible in the cell's regeneration as a result of damages caused by free radicals.

It is an effective anti-aging solution as protects the muscles from aging. It is a powerful hair tonic that treats hair loss and dandruff. It is effective in treating various skin disorders like chickenpox, acne, eczema, psoriasis and wrinkles. In fact, the oil can also be used to soothe skin burns. It is a great skin moisturizer.

The oil is considered to contain no cholesterol, therefore it is good for the heart. Taking argan oil can help lessen cardiovascular diseases. When used as massage oil, argan is a great choice for people suffering from arthritis or rheumatism.

Brilliant Christmas Gifts For Everyone in Your List

If there is one thing that is indispensable during the holiday season, that is Christmas gift giving! Almost everyone who celebrates Christmas has observed the tradition and prepares gifts for their friends and family members. Because Christmas is just around the corner, a lot of people are beginning to think which gifts they would give to their loved ones.

If you are the type of person who wants to make every Christmas gift special, then you must be taking your time by diligently considering the personality and character of each person on your Christmas gift list. So if you have a hundred on your list, you should be planning way ahead of when you are going to buy them out or even months before Christmas.

Tips and Guidelines for your Christmas Gift Preparation

Gift giving should really be not that hard. There are pointers that could definitely assist you so you will not sweat a lot while doing your shopping. Here are some helpful tips that you could follow:
Always think of a gift that will make the season more memorable. There are loads of shops which offer a wide range of gift products that you can purchase. By doing this, you will be able to avoid the hassle and headache of shopping because you can check out which items would be best to purchase for everyone. A lot of these specialty shops offer good prices and discounts so you can save more.

When doing your list, you could already indicate what Christmas gift would most likely make each person happy. Also indicate two alternative gifts in case the first choice is not available or hard to find.
Of course, you know each and every person on your list and it would be easier for you to choose a gift for them because you can base it from what they like or their character. You can even personalize it so that you can be sure that it will be memorable for them.

It will be helpful to plan ahead of time so that you can get started with shopping right away. Of course you would not want to be stuck with so much people who are trying to do their last minute shopping.

Before planning what to buy, you should determine how much your budget is. You may allot a budget for everyone but it would be better to do it per person because it is easier that way. Once you have already set up your finances, never go out of your spending limit unless you have extra money because that will ruin your budget.

Everyone knows that Christmas is all about giving. Nonetheless, it is not only enough to give, it is also important that the person who will receive the Christmas gift will like it. It does not matter what the price is. What matters is that you have made someone happy with the present that you have prepared.

Beginning the New Chapter in Women's Health

The time has come for a new chapter in women's health and therefore the general public is prepared to embrace all these changes in the spirit of lifting up health standards. One of the most noticeable changes is that an increasing number of women are now looking at alternative remedies as a source of health care. The reasons for this are varied but we can point to the reduction in the general stigmatization of alternative medicine within the mainstream medical profession. Things such as homeopathy have become mainstream arena and there are doctors that openly advocate for complementary medicine in order to improve the outcomes for their patients. The celebrity endorsements of people such as Prince Charles has meant that there is a growing understanding that complementary medicine is a new chapter in women's health. The increase in research and development has meant that many of the myths about complementary medicine have been successfully debunked.

As people have grown within their understanding of general medical matters it has become increasingly clear that they no longer believe that the doctor is God. These days a large number of people are doing self diagnosis and self medication. When we talk of a new chapter in women's health, we are referring to that fact that women in particular have started to control their own health care. This goes just beyond purchasing some insurance from time to time. It actually means having a deep understanding of one's body and ensuring that the process for health care access is closely aligned to this understanding. In effect there is what is known as the dead end of health where the person has seen it all with the doctors. There is a danger that comes from this trend of people controlling their health care.

One has to have some specific training before they can claim to be health care professionals. This training is the bedrock of all the work that they do and they will have to consider all the various aspects of the training program as one of the crucial elements in delivering services. With a new chapter in women's health coming along, it becomes too easy for ignorant people to claim medical acumen. Superstition is mixed with supposition in order to create a toxic mix of half baked ideas. If one is lucky enough, these mistakes will not turn out to be fatal. Even with the presence of a new chapter in women's health, there have to be certain standards that are related to the way that we deal with medical treatments on a self help basis.

It seems that a new chapter in women's health has meant that people are moving away from the mainstream medical solutions and looking at alternative therapies. This has democratized the medical process but it has also created some serious problems with consistency. We have to think of the revolution in women's health a stop gap in the development of generic health care solutions.