Capsiplex Slimming Pills Review - Do Capsiplex Tablets Work?

People in the UK were recently introduced to a new diet pill. Described as the ideal product to help with weight loss, the manufacturer claims that users of Capsiplex slimming pills do not need to do much before results are seen. In fact, people who work in the office the whole day can benefit from this "chilli pill". Now, you may be wondering whether these are "far fetched" claims about the slimming pills. Well, read on this Capsiplex review article to find out the answer.

How Does It Work?

Capsiplex Capsicum extract and Capsimax Plus Blend (mix of black pepper extract (Piperine), caffeine, Niacin) are the main ingredients in the non-prescription Capsiplex tablets.

There are natural compounds present in capsicum (red hot peppers) called capsaicinoid that make them hot as well as offer weight loss benefits. The last three decades have in fact seen various tests carried out to determine the weight reduction properties of red hot peppers. The findings of such studies confirmed its effectiveness and safety.

Does It Deliver Without Side Effects?

The next question that you probably want answered is whether the slimming pills themselves come with any bad side effects. The answer seems to be "No" if instructions are carefully followed, as demonstrated in extensive clinical studies. Furthermore, such studies validates this slimming aid's effectiveness.

You will in fact find your body expending more energy, experience better oxygen supply in addition to improved endurance while exercising and increased metabolic rate, based on the findings of these studies.

Up to 278 calories can be burnt by using this product, which is roughly the same as:

- Walking at 2mph for one hour and 20 minutes
- Jogging at 6mph for about 25 minutes of

Now, if the capsaicinoid's slimming benefits have been medically known, how come no such products were available before? This is because previously there was no known method to counteract the strong burning effect of the capsaicinoids. By applying a coating on its capsules, the manufacturers were able to release this product that does not irritate the gastric system.

The Capsiplex slimming pills are said to be used by several popular celebrities due to its weight loss and management benefits.

Four Most Expensive London Hotel Rooms

While many of us look for the cheapest possible London hotel, there are a privileged few around for whom cost is no object. Without further ado, here are the four most expensive suites in London:

1. The Brook Penthouse at Claridge's.

Claridge's is a hotel fit for royalty and the Brook Penthouse is the jewel in its crown. It is of course designed in the hotel's typical Art Deco style and has its own roof terrace and a lot more besides: there is a large living area, two bedrooms with two dressing rooms (including those ever so essential walk-in wardrobes!). Naturally, it has its own private dining room along with plenty of room for entertaining guests as well as your own private butler. You'll obviously want to have a big party to show off to your friends if you end up staying there!

2. Royal Suite at the Lanesborough.

The regal Lanesborough has what is rumoured to be London's most expensive suite with views over Buckingham Palace's grounds no less! You pay thousands per night but you do get three bedrooms, a huge lounge, panoramic windows and a study - plus once again, your own private butler. Celebrities love it for its discretion as it's hidden away deep within the hotel!

3. The Infinity Suite at the Langham Hotel.

This suite was renovated at an estimated cost of around £700,000 some years ago and has high ceilings, two bedrooms, lots of technology and gorgeous, spacious dressing areas. There's also an infinity bath which will take your breath away just looking at it and a fair bit of entertaining space.

4. The Harlequin Suite at the Dorchester.

The Harlequin Suite was renovated in 2007 and has a master bedroom and dressing room, along with a living room, dining area and its own bar. There's also a big terrace with tremendous views over gorgeous Hyde Park.

The precise pricing for the above suites is elusive but the researchers at London Hotels Insight reckon they will cost you between £4000 and £7000 per night. If you want to stay in them you'd be well-advised to start saving your pennies!

Symptom Assessment and Cause of Perfectionism

Treatment Planning and Action Steps against Perfectionism

Your job is not to totally overhaul an individual personality or makeup. Wouldn't you prefer to have a perfectionist performing heart surgery on you than someone who just is willing to be good enough? We need to celebrate what they bring to their work while helping them to manage it in a manner that minimizes damage to themselves and others. on himself than he is on the client.

*Action Steps*

1. Determine your Personality
Do some self-exploration by taking a personality inventory such as the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator TM or other similar tests that are available online. This is a great way of discovering what makes you tick. Seeing yourself on paper and realizing that you have personality tendencies that are similar to others can be part of your life journey in discovering the you God made.

2. Change is not the issue
You do not need to change so much as begin to understand your God given nature and how to use it when appropriate and reign it in when not appropriate.

3. Learn flexibility and acceptance
* Realizing, for example, that I am more rigid with my time and you are more flexible, is okay and does not mean that I am better than you.
* Ask, What the worst that can happen? The answer (for example, that the report goes through with one typographical error) probably is not worth losing sleep over.
* God love is unconditional. You don't have to earn His love by being a perfectionist or by setting unrealistic standards for yourself or others.
* God sets no conditions that we have to meet in order to be His children. We, in turn, need to be unconditional in how we accept and love others.

4. Laugh a Little
Don't be so judgmental of yourself and others. Find humor in who you are! (God must have had a sense of humor, right?)

5. Be realistic
* You are not going to be God, so stop trying.
* Look at life as it is, not as you think it should be.
* Meet people halfway.
* Don't expect the impossible of yourself or others. Set attainable goals and reasonable time limits.
* In your life, determine where perfectionism is appropriate and where it is not. Learn to accept good enough on certain tasks.
* Realize that many positive things can be learned from making mistakes.

6. Be Perfect in heart
* Concentrate on having a perfect heart with God. This will release you to a less stressful life. You will live for God and not for your perfectionist tendencies.
* Being perfect in heart (not being a perfectionist) and having one will with the Father enable you to overcome perfectionist tendencies that disconnect you from your loved ones and inhibit your relationships in general. A Web counselor will provide you enough help.

Six Flags New England Discount Tickets - Learn What You Can Experience With a Season Pass

Six Flags New England discounts will help you save on admissions, food, drinks, parking, and more. Admission prices for the amusement park and the nearby Hurricane Harbor are usually separate, but if you get a season pass this year, you can visit both! As a season pass holder, you'll be able to receive hundreds of dollars in miscellaneous discounts and freebies. Even if you just want one, regular ticket, you will be able to save if you order online. This is because adults only have to pay kids' price when ordering Six Flags New England discount tickets on the internet.

You'll find a lot to do at the amusement park. And if it isn't enough, you can visit Hurricane Harbor as well. There are a number of roller coasters, pools, slides, and multiple rides for kids at both parks. Since there are so many fun activities and exciting rides, you'll definitely want to keep going back for more!

Two of the most thrilling coasters at the park are Bizarro and Cyclone. Bizarro is a world famous steel coaster that goes up to nearly 80 mph! It'll take you through high banks and frightening turns. The special effects are pretty amazing, as you'll be surrounded by fire and fog. As for Cyclone, you'll soar up at top speed, where you will rotate at 360 degrees, every which way, before finally falling! On the Cyclone, you will actually feel as if you're flying.

Several theme areas make up this park. Each area has its own unique theme, rides, and attractions. DC Superheroes Adventure, for instance, has a lot of superhero rides and attractions, including Joker's WildCard, Superman: Ride of Steel, The Blitz, and Catwoman's Whip. Thomas Town, another area of the park, is just for kids, and includes rides such as Thomas the Tank Engine and Bertie the Bus.

Take a break from the rides and check out attractions like MovieTown Stage, where a variety of shows are held several times a day. There are also parades, such as Glow in the Park, which features amazing light shows, floats, circus music, etc. In July, you can expect a huge celebration on Independence Day at Six Flags New England!

Shops and restaurants are everywhere at both parks - the amusement park and water park. Print yourself out some coupons ahead of time so that you can save on miscellaneous expenses once you get there. If you're going to go ahead and get your Six flags discount tickets online, you might as well print some coupons out as well!

Where to Eat Out in Style in Marbella, Spain

If you're in the mood for tapas, most places are in the old town with quite a few of them around Calle del Perral. Tapas (literally, "tops") were once a mere piece of bread laid over the glass to deter flies from exploring the drink. The custom of serving a little food alongside a drink at no charge eventually spread. Few places nowadays offer free tapas (Granada is one exception), but you can easily cover your lunch or dinner with a selection of two to five selections normally priced at one to two euros each. It's not untypical to wander from bar to bar over a couple of hours to complete a single meal. Most tapas dishes are also available as half or full portions (raciones) and common recipes are often based on fish, shellfish, and pork derivatives (cured ham, chorizo, black pudding, etc.). Other options include dishes based on potatoes, eggs, mushrooms, bell peppers, aubergines, and the list goes on. Many of the bars double up as full-fledged restaurants with waiter service, so all or some of the tables may be reserved for this purpose while tapas tend to be enjoyed sitting at the bar.

Before moving on to standard restaurants, it should be said that another important tradition in all of coastal Spain is that of the chiringito, as the typical beachfront bar-restaurant with extended opening hours is known. These venues tend to have simple and affordable menus, although some of them achieve fame for the quality of their food, especially with regard to seafood and, of course, paella. Three of the fifty or so chiringitos in Marbella are La Pesquera at Playa Marbellamar, Charli Bar & Restaurant at Playa del Arenal, and Los Sardinales at Playa de los Alicates.

For more formal lunch and dinners, Marbella offers the greatest variety on the Costa del Sol and you can count on finding a restaurant to your liking for any occasion. Here we briefly describe a few good places, but there are many, many more possibilities to be found in comprehensive listings.

Probably the most famous among the luxury restaurants is El Portalón (tel. 952 827 880), which is next to the Marbella Club hotel. This is a good place to come for more formal Spanish meat specialties, but you'll also find international dishes and a large selection of Spanish wines.

For Italian food, Villa Tiberio (tel. 952 771 799, ) is one possibility in the same general area. This is a converted mansion with beautiful gardens decorated with Roman-style statues. The menu is reputed to be particularly innovative and there is an extensive and truly international wine list, a welcome contrast to many restaurants in Spain.

The Marbella Club Hotel itself features several restaurants onsite, with live music at selected times. The gourmet option is simply known as The Grill (tel. 952 822 211), and it features a seasonal menu of dishes in various European traditions. As in many other Costa del Sol restaurants, dining is possible both indoors and outdoors.

For Japanese food including sushi, you can head to Sushi des Artistes (tel. 952 857 403, ). There is also a newer restaurant under the same ownership in the Puerto Banús area called Naruto Tokyo (tel. 952 811 827) specialising in ramen noodles and "Japanese tapas".

At Plaza de los Naranjos, the historic square in the centre, Ciboca (tel. 952 773 743) is a celebrated restaurant where you can enjoy your meal on the square itself. The building is 500 years old and adorned with flowering vines. The menu should meet your expectations if you are hoping for local flavour, as it includes many fish specialities and a list of fine Spanish wines.

Last but not least, if you are going out for a romantic meal, try La Comedia (tel. 952 776 478) at Plaza de la Victoria, a nice small place with a menu inspired by various European traditions. Here you can sit on a balcony overlooking the square and enjoy the aroma and site of the orange trees, only rivalled by those of the nearby Plaza de los Naranjos.

Haridwar Pilgrimage Tour Destination

Haridwar is a Hindi language word; it means the place of the God (Hari + Dwar). Haridwar is Hindu religion pilgrimage city tour destination. Every Hindu religion people want to come here and bath in the holy Ganga River.

Haridwar is district of the Uttarakhand state of Indian union. This city inhabited of the bank of the holy ganga river and Indian national highway no. 58 cross this city which come form New Delhi. This city jointed with other major cities of the Indian union as Delhi, Chandigarh, lucknow, Agra, Jaipur, Mumbai by air, by road and by trains.

Haridwar climate is good for summer and winter vacation. Minimum average temperature from April to Oct. 20C and maximum average 30C. Minimum average temperature from Nov. to March 10C and maximum average 25C. This city rainfall season is June to Sept and maximum rainfall is 50 cm in July month.

Haridwar has many tour destinations which are Har ki Pauri, Mansa Devi temple, Bharat Mata temple, Maya Devi temple, Rishikesh hill station etc.

Har ki Pauri: this is main holy bathing palace in Haridwar. According Hindu religion if sin man/woman baths here the all sin will be wash with holy water and man/woman will become holy fresh.

Mansa Devi temple: it located on a hill in the city; anybody can reach here by road which distance is 2 km or by cable car which ticket is 48 Rs. Per person.

Bharat Mata temple: this temple is of the mother India. This located in north direction and 5 km. far from centre of city.

Main holy bath festivals of the holi Ganga River are Kumbh fair (mela) which celebrate in every six and twelve years after and yearly bathing festivals are Baisakhi (April), Kanwar Mela (July), Somwati Amavasya (July) and Kartik Purnima.

Budget hotels in Haridwar, luxury hotels, guest house, Gov. Lodges are providing services of advance booking at affordable rate. Haridwar hotels and tour agencies are providing rishikesh (hill station) and Haridwar tour package which include 3 day 2 night or 4 days 3 night packages.

The Benefits of Hiring Through a Business Speakers Bureau

Working with a business speakers bureau to find the correct business speaker for your particular event can help you avoid hiring an inexperienced or unprofessional speaker. When making an investment in something as costly as motivational speakers for a sales meeting or group conference, you always want to be sure you are making a smart investment for your company. A great business speaker hired from a business speakers bureau can help motivate members and employees who work for your company to put in more of an effort at work and work as a team. On the other hand, dull and lifeless motivational speakers tend to give employees the feeling that your company has not put in enough effort to make the event a success. If your company's employees don't believe you've spent time looking for quality motivational speakers who are truly capable of energizing an audience, they are much less likely to put in all the effort necessary to help your company achieve goals.

A business speakers bureau is a resource available which assists you in choosing a speaker, booking the speaker for the required date of the event, and ensuring that the speaker's abilities match your expectations of the event. A reliable bureau will be able to further aid you in finding someone to give a presentation that has the proper experience, training, and industry memberships. Business speakers bureau employees can help you prevent hiring an inexperienced presenter who could reflect poorly on the company's event. The bureau will also collaborate with you helping your company to get your core theme of the event across to the speaker for a more customized presentation, as well as help you communicate information regarding logistics with your speaker such as how payments are to be made. Best of all, you are not required to pay extra in order to hire a motivational or business speaker with the help of a speakers bureau. In the majority of cases, the speaker alone gives the bureau a portion of their income in return for referring work to them.

These bureaus serve as an invaluable resource of established relationships with business speakers, motivational speakers, school speakers, and keynote speakers. In addition to forming relationships with these professional presenters, bureaus are also expected to form relationships with the agents which represent various authors, celebrities, members of the entertainment industry, and politicians who give speeches at public events. As mentioned previously, hiring someone to give a presentation can be a considerable investment. This is why you should be entirely sure that the speaker you decide to hire has a proven track record with a speakers bureau or a loyal base of past clients. Motivational speakers end up reflecting upon the competence of the bureau itself depending upon how well their performance is at your event. For this reason, it's always in a motivational speakers bureau's best interest to hire out only the best public speakers who will be sure to positively effect daily performance and general morale among employees within your company.

How to Pick the Hottest FFany Jeans

With all the newer designs of jeans out right right now, how are you able to choose which pair to wear? And what will you wear with these styles? Jeans are now more sophisticated and made of better materials over the last few years, hence now you are able to create outfits based on jeans to wear for everything you do. I'm thrilled at last to get rid of the skinny jeans I have worn all winter and wear more nice spring jean designs. Putting on a fun pair of jeans will be the ideal route to jump into the chill spring attitude.

When you're in love, you share everything with your significant other--friends, food, even your jeans? One of the hottest trends in denim comes from jeans which seem like they could be worn by your sweetheart. But don't let the nick name fool you, it doesn't mean you should raid your boy's closet. Although celebrities like Jessica Alba and Victoria Beckham are well-known for wearing their lovers' jeans, you might not choose to take the expression so literally when looking for your personal set of boyfriend jeans. Boy's jeans can often have leftover bagginess and an unflattering fit; however, if really want a style which seems real, purchase a pair of jeans that is tight at the hips and waist.

If you're searching for a comfortable pair of casually chic denim, then FFany jeans are definitely what you want! Before you run out to get your initial set of guy-look-a-like denim, read these simple stylish rules on picking out your FFany jeans.

FFany jeans are meant to be rolled up around the hem so that the cuff sits right above the ankle.

Because FFany jeans are supposed to sit low on the hips, they look good on both voluptuous and skinny women. If you are short or have a short waist, even out the look by cuffing jeans with a lesser roll.

Consider what you will wear with your FFany denim. In order to maintain a look which is both casual and feminine, you should stick to slim-fitting blouses and girly footwear.

If you decide to accessorize your FFany jeans with guy clothes such as a V-neck polo shirt, make sure to show off your sexy figure by pulling in your waist with a belt, wearing some sexy heels, and accessorizing with chunky bracelets.

On colder days wear your rolled up FFany denim with some pantyhose or Spanx.

If you end up getting a pair of FFany jeans, be sure they fit! Find a pair of jeans which fit you in the waist and thighs, and make sure to get a straight-legged pair. Guy's bootcut jeans won't work that nicely for this FFany jean trend.

For a more classic look, pick a straight leg pair of jeans that is cuffed to around ankle-length. Include basic neutral bracelets and this jean will be chic. Consider throwing in a brown leather guys style watch, a light brown colored shirt, or taupe heels. Pick this jean with a darker wash and you can add a baggy jacket in order to get a simple, sophisticated look for the evening.

Wide Leg Denim: The flare cut has lasted decades and women have always been able to keep them trendy. For even greater slimming effects, get a pair of straight-legs that flare out at the ankle. Pair this jean with a longer shirt and high heels for a sexier appearance.

Denim is moreover stylish currently in regular apparel. Get a jean jacket that came from the early nineties. Look for a jean jacket with rolled up sleeves and large side pockets. Also search for cool denim shirts that have been popping up in several designers' lines. These shirts come in paint splattered fabric. Try pairing these denim shirts with more classic accessories to bring in a fun twist of modern fashion in your outfit.

The Role Routine Exercise Can Have on Your Overall Health and Life

Many people in the modern world realize the impacts of exercising at the gym or working out on the home based treadmill. It makes you not only feel amazing but also gives you a fit trim look to boot. But fitting an exercise program into your daily life not only increases your energy levels and makes you look good, it allows for more flexibility and muscle strength that will help prevent injuries or back pain later in life. It is often common for a mid aged adult to begin exercising less than they use to, enjoying the relaxation of more leisurely activities. There muscles, as a consequence, become weaker and they become stiff and tight. Then one morning they wake up and throw out there back getting out of bed and wonder why. Well, it is no great mystery. Many aches and pains, including arthritis and headaches can be relief with constant exercise maintain throughout one's entire life.

Participation in a regular exercise program can achieve the following:

1) Increase your energy levels
2) Reduce risk of heart disease
3) Prevent high blood pressure
4) Lower Caner risk
5) Increase your longevity
6) Treat and prevent diabetes
7) Strengthen bones
8) Improve cholesterol levels
9) Reduce anxiety, stress and insomnia
10) Treat depression
11) Reduce risk of glaucoma
12) Burn fat and build muscle
13) Reduce stroke risk

It has only been recent that human beings have created a lifestyle whereby no exercise is really needed. Back in the day of our ancient ancestors, daily exercise was a way of life needed to survive and hunt for food. Today, modern conveniences make is easy for the average human to avoid any physical form of excessive movement, yet the amount of food one consumes it far greater than the energies they are expending. Our bodies are designed to thrive on physical activity, it is not rocket science, just plain truth. It is in our genetic make up to run, swim, dance and celebrate life through movement. It is a waste of the human design to live otherwise and is not nearly as fulfilling a life. Most people don't really know what they are missing until they been to exercise for the first time. All of a sudden, it is like a weight has been lifted and the stresses of life seem to fade away. It provides for clear thinking by feeding the brain much needed oxygen. In addition, many researchers now believe that physical activity stimulates specific enzymes and hormones which reduce risk of disease.

Many people start an exercise program but have a hard time sticking with it. One reason for this is because they may choose an exercise that may not be particularly fun for them and they don't even know it. So, number one rule is to LOVE your exercise. If you really enjoy something, you will enjoy doing it and it will send signals to your brain to KEEP doing it because it becomes, not only a source of fitness, but a source of joy as well.

History of Wedding Favours and Sweets

Weddings are considered as one of the special occasions in a lifetime. You only get to be married once if you country or state does not allow divorce or annulment but if it is allowed you can be married more than once but this doesn't matter. It is still considered as a very special event in your life.

To share good luck and happiness to those who attended the wedding it is customary to give wedding favours. This tradition dates back to the early civilizations where they give wedding favours as part of the wedding ritual. They give these favours to the attendees of the wedding to share the good luck and the happiness that the couple shared and experienced so that they too will have good luck.

The earliest wedding favour is in the form of wedding bread instead of refined glass decors. This is because bread is the most popular form of meal during the early times. The wedding bread will then be divided to the guests of the wedding so each one of them will be able to bring a part of the bread. This is done after the wedding reception of o course after the guests were able to partake with the wedding bread.

In France, the earliest wedding favour which does not involve wedding breads is practiced. They give their guests bonbonniere which are small fancy boxes. These boxes are made from crystal, porcelain, or gold and they are usually covered with precious stones. A box of bonbonniere holds bonbons or dainty delicacies made especially for the guests. This wedding favour is highly appreciated because of its sugar content which is quite expensive during that time. It is also highly treasured because the French people believed that sugar has medicinal benefits.

This tradition continues to evolve until the discovery of cakes where it became popular as one of the most important dessert that must be present in a wedding. These cakes do not only function as food but also as a ceremonial accessory. The newlyweds usually cut the cake together and eat them first by offering each other with a bite of it. These mark the start of the food celebration.

The cakes, as a replacement for the wedding breads are given to the guests as wedding favours for the same reason why wedding breads are distributed to the guests during the early times. As the tradition evolves, wedding cakes together with beautiful boxes are given to the guests as the modern version of wedding breads and bonbonniere.

17 Ways to Repair a Fractured Relationship

The depth of hurt suffered in fractured relationships can be enormous. Here are some tips to help you cope, repair the damage and move on in your relationship with a deeper understanding and tolerance.

Be persistent - do treat the other person with kindness, courtesy and respect - even if you feel they do not deserve it. It does not help to use demeaning words and show your displeasure. Refrain from saying what you are thinking if the words are inflammatory.

1. Respond don't react. Losing your temper will just further fan the flames. If you react you will probably say or do the wrong thing.

2. Look for the root causes of the problem. Sometimes we are just as much to blame as the other person. Try to look at the whole picture. It is a bit like putting a puzzle together, if you do not have the cover picture you could never figure out where each piece would fit.

3. Do not be judgmental. It is very easy to blame the other person entirely for all and everything. Even more so, when you are coming from a point of hurt. Not one of us are blameless, we are all capable of being a better person, a better partner, a better colleague etc.

4. Don't dwell on past hurts. What happened a few seconds ago is in the past. Rather concentrate on the now and how you can live the best possible life in the now.

5. Remember you get more of what you focus on.

6. Keep a quiet mind. Stay calm and concentrate on being serene and composed. You will have a much better chance of sorting out problems when your mind is not filled with angry, destructive thoughts.

7. If the relationship is worth repairing, decide your best course of action and move forward, always being solution orientated.

8. Find at least one thing each day that fills you with gratitude and write it down.

9. Look for the things that make you happy in your relationship and focus on those.

10. Maintain a positive mental attitude.

11. Being positive opens the doorway to your mind

12. Be prepared to listen and work on the points raised when you are able to have a meaningful discussion.

13. What can you bring to the relationship that will contribute to a positive outcome?

14. Take time to spoil yourself.

15. Spend quiet time thinking things through so that your thoughts are clear and don't blame yourself.

16. If necessary, share your problems with a person who will be discreet, and not judgemental, but will look at the situation from both points of view.

17. You cannot change your partner but you can change yourself. "Become" the person that you want them to be.

Lastly, don't give up. Small improvements are something to be celebrated. Remember, the problems you are now facing took time to build up and it will take to time to heal and repair them.

Remember, never touch another person in anger.

Man Was Born With a Three-Headed Penis - Circumcision is Hellbent on Slaughtering It

The medical procedure for Male Circumcision is defined as surgically removing the foreskin from the penis. This typically happens shortly after birth. This, quite literally, destroys two heads of the penis from a neuro-sensory perceptive point of view.

There are plenty of pro-circumcision as well as anti-circumcision groups. The medical community (who profits handsomely from circumcision) wants everyone to think it is great and a necessity. The anti-circumcision group (who are not benefitting monetarily from circumcision) are against circumcision.

If one starts to look at the anatomy and function of the foreskin, one can only marvel at its impressive functions. We won't go into all aspects of this now, but we will discuss one important part. Believe it or not, from a sensory perspective, Man was born with Three Heads to his Penis. Does this seem bizarre...? You're probably wondering if I'm wearing my tin-foil hat and wearing my Batman cape and mask to write this... Perhaps, I do seem a bit crazy; but let's try to explore this statement regarding three-penile heads and see what we can come up with.

The most sensitive and most nerve-rich portions of the penis are the glans (head), frenulum, and foreskin. Of all three, the frenulum and foreskin are the most nerve sensitive and rich. In fact, the frenulum and foreskin contain very specialized sensory nerves that the rest of the penis, including the head, does not have.

Let's back up a bit and discuss the frenulum as a lot of people are unfamiliar with this structure. It is located at the bottom of the penis, just behind the penile head. It is a small, pyramidal-type structure. It aids in helping contract (retract) the foreskin from the head of the penis. We won't discuss it for now, but it's an important and interesting anatomical structure that men (and women) should be keenly aware of.

Back to the Three-Headed Penis:

Consider your penile head to be the Main Head of your Penis. Even though it has less sensory nerves, it still makes up a large portion of the physical structure of your penis; for this reason we will call it the Main Penile Head.

If you are circumcised, this means that the foreskin, which covers the penile head, has been removed. It is gone.

As an uncircumcised man, if you have vaginal sex with a woman, what happens from a sensory-neural standpoint? The inner vaginal walls compress and rub against the skin of the penis. This friction/stimulation is pleasurable for the male and hopefully will lead to orgasm.

To recap: A man with a circumcised penis will have only the skin of the penis stimulated by the interior of the vagina during sex.

However, the man who has a foreskin has what...?

Let's see... Anatomically the foreskin, typically, covers the entire head of the penis when it is not retracted.

This means that the foreskin has the same surface area as the head of the penis. It means that they are comparable in their ability to perceive pleasure. However, as a side note, the foreskin has many more pleasure-receptive nerve endings than the Main Head of the Penis -- But let's ignore that for now.

Here's the deal...

We discussed that a circumcised man's penis (the skin) will be stimulated during intercourse by the inner walls of the vagina.

However, if you are uncircumcised things are much different.

The inner lining of the foreskin will be in contact with the head of the penis during intercourse. It will move back and forth on the penile head to stimulate the nerve receptors on the penile head. BUT THE PENILE HEAD WILL STIMULATE THE NERVE RECEPTORS ON THE INNER LINING OF THE FORESKIN, TOO.

This is Head Number Two. This is because the surface area of the foreskin is the same as the penile head and is rich in nerve receptors. It doesn't have the PHYSICAL status of the Main Penile Head, but has the same sensory-receptor ability.

So far, we have The Main Head of the Penis as Head Number One and the inner lining of the Foreskin as Head Number Two.

However, during sex the interior of the vagina is also in contact with the OUTER SURFACE OF THE FORESKIN. You see, this is Head Number Three.

This means that a man with a circumcised penis will only have the Main Penile Head (the glans) stimulated during sex.

However, the man who is uncircumcised and has his foreskin has what?

He has the inside surface of his foreskin to be stimulated - This is Head Number Two. Remember the underside of the foreskin has the same surface area to be stimulated as the Main Head of the Penis.

He also has the outside portion of the foreskin to be stimulated - This is Head Number Three. Like the inner lining of the foreskin, this also has the same surface area as the Main Head of the Penis.

So what happens when circumcision is performed?

It Eliminates Head Number Two and Head Number Three!

Literally, circumcision converts a penis that has three heads of potential stimulation and pleasure and just leaves the Main Head behind. Instead of a Trio of Sexual Pleasure, the circumcised man is left with a one-man band.

What's even worse, is that the Main Head of the Penis is mainly composed of basic free nerve endings. They are NOT highly specialized and are mainly utilized for heat, temperature, pain, and deep vibration.

However, the sensory receptors of the foreskin and much more sensitive, much more pleasurable, and much more specialized.


A Man with a Circumcised Penis has what Type of Penile Head Sensation:

1) Vaginal to Penis Head.

A Man with an Uncircumcised Penis has what Type of "Penile" Head Sensation:

1) Penile Head from Inner Foreskin Stimulation.

2) Inner Foreskin Stimulation from Penile Head.

3) Vaginal to Outer Foreskin Stimulation.

Now, ask yourself if you think Circumcision Doesn't Decrease Penis Sensitivity and Pleasure?

Of course it DOES.

Do not let anyone, I don't care if they are a scientist, doctor, priest, super-hero, celebrity, or even a penis magician, tell you otherwise.

The reality of Male Circumcision and its monstrous and barbaric results are down-right terrifying in a world where medicine is supposedly so evolved and all-knowing. Male Circumcision destroys a minimum of 200% extra penile-head pleasure and stimulation during sex.

For those men who are circumcised, and even for men who are uncircumcised, there are methods that can help increase your penile sensitivity. To learn some methods of increasing your penile sensitivity, read IRON MAN PENIS - THE RUSSIAN SYSTEM.


Georg von Neumann

Your Best Story - Allow Yourself to Shine

"Describe a time when you were at your best."

To many people, this is a real challenge. Questions start popping up. What do you mean, "best" in what way? I never ran a marathon or was elected Miss Global Consciousness?

Granted it is an unusual request. When we see a doctor, she asks what is wrong. Often our friends, our spouse and colleagues do the same.

"What is wrong?"

Not that everything is wrong, it rarely is, we are just so used to describing what is wrong. When asked the opposite question our brain stumbles and strains to find a safe place to make a statement from.

A moment when something or even everything was "right"? A peak moment?

A woman in her mid forties, that I was working with, seemed to have been waiting to be able to tell her peak story. She beamed with joy describing how she had overcome a very difficult challenge. She had focused all her energy on it, slowly worked herself through the process over several months. Throughout, she did not have the assurance, it would work, the way she wanted to, but she had managed to stick with it. When it did work out, the experience transformed her life.

Faith in a project is not always enough, but it is often the only thing we have when no other guarantees are available.
Positive reflections can help keep the faith alive when distractions and doubts get in the way.

Allow yourself to shine.

Big moments can be very small ones. You don't have to be on TV or in a magazine cover story to shine. Our best moments play themselves out when we decide to do things that are true to our values, overcome our fears and assert some measure of control over our lives.

Or, when we simply challenge ourselves, like the woman I saw this morning in an over sized kayak paddling upriver with a pleased look on her face. It looked difficult. I am not convinced it would have brought me any joy. Maybe she was having a peak moment, maybe not, in any case, she was clearly enjoying her moment.
Do you need a positive re-introduction to yourself?

Now might be as good a time as any to take out a piece of paper and a pen and tell yourself your peak story (300 words or so).

The story will find it's way to the paper, or the screen, if you take a few deep breaths first and allow for the words to flow.

Need more convincing?

Here are 5 benefits to writing about a time when you were at your best:

  1. See your strengths more clearly. What was it exactly you did at that moment that you are proud of today?
  2. Change your overall life story to a more positive one.
  3. Gain energy from remembering what you are capable of.
  4. Celebrate the good times, help create more of them.
  5. Use the positive potential to realize new projects. Put the negative thoughts aside for a moment.

One of my peak moments took place in a class room in France 11-12 years ago. It still has importance for me today.
To read that story, click here.

Sometimes it looks like the Hudson river is running the wrong way, upstream. I know it is not true. It is just the upper layers of water being pushed in the opposite direction. Under it, the majority of the water is running the "right" way, past the southern part of Manhattan, Brooklyn and Staten Island out into the Atlantic Ocean.

Inherently we all have a strong, positive flow capable of making us climb mountains, paddle up rivers or whatever else we choose to do. Don't let that layer of "wrong" decide which way your river is flowing.

Share yourself and your stories.

Learn Comedy Show Secrets

Stand up comedians dream of seeing themselves on television, hearing "From New York City, Comedy Central presents" or being a regular on Saturday night live. However, not all comics make it trough, and not all have huge audiences, a fan base and get to go to comedy festivals and be a part of the comedy circuit. If you want to know how to make it as a comic and have the best comedy shows out there, this article will tell you the secrets of stand up comedy and stand up comics.

Now, in order to make it to a comedy festival and comedy clubs, first you need enter the comedy circuit. This is done by countless open mic nights which bring you a steady audience and a fan base. However, you can only achieve this with good humor, great jokes and hard work.

You can develop your talents as a comic, and deliver great a great comedy show, but this means that you need to work on those jokes, learn what gets people laughing, and develop your own personal style that will make you a well loved funny comedian.

Let's take it from the beginning: open mics. When you're on a stage for the first time, and you have a live audience in front of you, you need act as a stand up comedian. Normally, you'll be scared, but you need to push that away from you and give your fans a good time - you're the comic, right? So, how can you do that? How can you act naturally and give the audience a great comedy show? Here are some tips you can use right away and that will help you tremendously while you're performing and when you're building your stand up comedy career.

Believe it or not, it involves you and a mirror. As you stand in front of the mirror look at yourself. Are you looking funny? Do you look like a celebrity? Can you make a joke about the way you look? Do you look like a fat Jesus? You can make fun: of your ethnicity, religion, mother, family, friends, first date, sexual experiences, your girlfriend, etc. Get your juices flowing and try to come up with at least 5 minutes of original jokes.

Once you done that, you're ready to give a great comedy show to your audience. However, you will always need to work on new jokes. This is why every stand up comedian has a secret weapon: a pen and paper or a recording device that they carry with them all time. Why? Because you don't know when inspiration hits you! You might be on the toilet, at the movies, in front of a window, et cetera. You need to be prepared. Be sure that you'll forget your jokes before you get home and write them down. Buy a mobile with a recording function. This will help you tremendously writing new material and brushing your talent.

A good comedy show is all about humor, good jokes, big audiences and a good act. This will get you into comedy clubs, that comedy festival, and make you a part of the comedy circuit. If you're lucky you'll even get a special series featuring you on television - Saturday night live and Comedy central are not that far! You can do that, but you need to work for it. A stand up comedian must work and improve himself or herself, and this is done in time, keeping yourself informed, learning, and watching other stand up comedians. You can learn a lot from their act.

Highest Earning Musicians of the World

People may not always have much interest in playing music, but mostly do love listening to some good piece. For an average American family with not background in music and no such intended interest, the only use of having musical interest at home is for the sake of decorative art in their living room. A lot of people are seen moving their pianos and piano dollies around the room for a better location, but they do not seem to understand how influential these instruments have been through the history. Learning music can be really beneficial. Music has made billionaires in today's world. Most of the super rich celebrities are musicians and singers. Let us look at some of the best selling musicians of all time. Look at the figure of the amount they make and you will just fell in love with even the piano dolly in your house.

Elvis Presley: Who else can take over the king? It is quite long after Elvis left the building, but his record breaking records are still at the top position. He is a cultural icon, who has sold up to 1.1billion copies worldwide. He is considered to be the pioneer of rock music as he added the tempo and beat to the country and jazz music.

The Beatles: They are probably the most influential English rock/pop band. These Liverpool boys started off from Liverpool and eventually took over the whole global music scene with their Beatle mania. The band consisted of Paul McCartney, John Lennon, Ringo Starr and George Harrison. They sold about 1 billion albums.

Bing Crosby: Deemed as most influential, most admired singer of his time, Crosby ruled the music industry for more than forty years. This long and successful career bagged him a record sales of 900 million albums.

Michael Jackson: The king of pop was undoubtedly the legend of R&B and Pop. Michael has to his credit, few of the most world famous albums and world famous singles. The pop star sold about 750 million albums. His 'Thriller' album is the highest grossing album of all times.

Frank Sinatra: A legend, John Lennon called 'simply the best' was a great singer as well as actor. The man has a record of 600 million albums sold up till now.

ABBA: One of the most popular and influential band of 1970's, ABBA captured a worldwide audience with their catchy tunes and lyrics. They have sold around 350 million records worldwide.

Led Zeppelin: Led Zeppelin is singer known as the father of modern rock music. The popularity of hard rock music is still the same as it used to be in the seventies. Some people also referred to them as the 'Beatles of the decade'. They sold almost 300 million records worldwide.

The Queen: Another 1970's commercially popular act makes its entry in this list. The queen sold about 300 million copies almost equal to the Led Zeppelin.

Elton John: Sir Elton John has one of the most longest and successful artist of all times. Within his forty years of music career he holds the record of most best selling single of all times. His 250 million albums have been sold worldwide.

Girl Tattoos - Excellent and Best Tattoos For Girls

From the past years, it has been observed that girl tattoos have become quite popular. More and more female celebrates wearing their tattoos openly may have helped lift the social blockade for girls with tattoos. Nevertheless, getting a girl tattoo is a decision which has to be made carefully, especially for a girl or a young woman. A girl tattoo will stick with you forever or at least very many years and getting it removed still is complicated and painful.

Everything starts with deciding where on the body the girl tattoo should go. A very common place for girls to get their first tattoo is the lower back but shoulder blade, bum or arms are also quite popular. Consider that you will not stay young forever and that your skin will change with age and so might decide your tattoo. Before really getting into it, you might want to start with a place on your body that is easy to hide. Not every boss or customer is open, minded and liberal and might be offended by your tattoos.

At this point, Butterflies, Flowers, Dolphins, Stars and Fairies are quite popular girl tattoos. It is wise not to go with the fashion, but to pick a tattoo design which you will be comfortable with for a long period of time, even after the fashion dictates something else. Be especially careful when it comes to the name of your lover. He might be gone one day but the tattoo will stay with you and your next boyfriend might not want to look at it all the time.

Girl tattoos may be popular, but we still do not really know much about how it is going to be done, if it hurts, what kind of colors will be used, how the skin may react to it and so on. It will definitely be too late to think about all those questions when you are sitting in a tattoo studio and somebody is already working on your body. So the best thing to do is to gather as much information as you can before you take the final step. Ask other girls how they got their tattoos, how they chose the design, etc.

They may be able to recommend a tattoo studio as well. Go to different tattoo studios, ask all the questions you may have, let them show you example tattoos they did. If they do not want to take the time to talk to you and answer all your questions, this is definitely not the right place for you. Finally, there are some well established and experienced websites in internet are offering girl tattoo ideas to their customers. For more information and details, please do not hesitate to visit their valuable website.

Zumba Workout Shoes - 3 Best Tips When Selecting Your Dancing Shoes

If you're not familiar with Zumba you may be asking yourself... what the heck are Zumba workout shoes?

In this article you will discover not only one of the best sneakers to wear to a aerobic class but, you also find out what type to avoid.

So, what are Zumba dance shoes?

If you're at all familiar with the latest fad in aerobic cardio training then you must of heard about Zoomba (that's how it sometimes spelled) however, if you're not then let me briefly bring you up-to-date.

Zumba (another typical misspelling) is an aerobic fitness work out that was created by choreographer, celebrity trainer and fitness instructor... Alberto Beto Perez.

This was sometime in the 1990s. The work out routine incorporated music from Latin and international styles. However, the thing that was evident right from the beginning is that this was and is a fun exercise session.

Today, this dancing type work out has flourished. There are currently more than 50,000 licensed instructors in over 75 nations.

Furthermore, it is one of the few programs that is recognized by some of the top fitness educators in the country today.

But enough of the history lesson.

The reason it's important for you to get the right kind of sneakers or footwear for your dance fitness work out is because this is a unique cardio exercise session. Regular sneakers just won't do.

Why you might ask?

Well, you would think that you could use your regular sneakers or dance footwear -- but you would be wrong. Dance shoes will not provide enough support and comfort for an hour-long workout.

Sneakers on the other hand, have grips on the bottom and will trip you up and may cause you to fall in class.

Therefore, it is best to buy a shoe or sneaker specifically designed for this type of cardio training. And your dance exercise footwear has to be flexible and lightweight.

And, they have to have good shock absorption. Because of some of the movements in this type of dance workout you'll be jumping, twisting, and moving all around.

What Are the Best Zumba Shoes?

Here are the top 3 tips to use when selecting your aerobic dance workout footwear.

Look for Flexibility

A flexible shoe or sneaker is a must-have when you're looking for good or shoes for Zumba. They need to be not too firm and they should be able to adjust to some of the exciting movements involved in this type of workout. Rigid shoes are a no-no.


Spend a few extra bucks and pick yourself up a pair of dance insoles. You will not believe how comfortable this will make your feet and consequently you will get more enjoyment out of your aerobic workout.


Adding the insole helps a great deal however, you don't want shoes or sneakers that are way too tight don't fit or hurt you. Remember, the key to this type of workout is consistency.

You don't want to start it and then quit because of the wrong shoe selection.

There are many shoes that are designed for this type of cardio workout. Many of the brand-name companies such as Nike, Adidas, Ryka and others produce excellent shoes or sneakers at affordable prices.

However, let me warn you, don't let the fact that you don't have the perfect shoes stopped you from your Zumba workout. The main thing is for you to get started and to begin reshaping your body.

Finding the Right Cruise Line in Hawaii

The best way for a "first timer" to get a feel for the Hawaiian Islands is to take a cruise.. You get a small amount of time on each island, but, you also get to decide where you would like to come back and visit. Almost all of the larger cruise lines go to other places, along with Hawaii. Only Hawaii Nautical and Norwegian Cruise Lines offer Hawaiian Island only cruises.

Cruising is a fun way to see anything! On the ship they have legal gambling on the open seas, entertainment, and a tour guides with sign ups for fun things to do on the islands. To save money, book your own land excursions. Booking early, before you leave on your cruise, is the best way to ensure you are able to get the excursions you want! Check with the cruise lines for deals on golfing. Sometimes they can negotiate a better golf rate than you can. You don't have to go on any excursions. Simply ask the cruise director to point you to some of the best beaches or shopping. They will be happy to assist you!

You need to pick an itinerary first. Next, choose your ship. Every cruise line has its own style that appeals to different vacationers. Use an experienced travel agent to help you find the cruise line that fits you best.

Royal Caribbean offers cruises that stop in Maui, Oahu and the Big Island. Royal Caribbean is known for being all things to all people. They offer more land excursions than any other cruise line.

Holland America is known for service and elegance. Their ships go to Maui, Hawaii, Kauai and Oahu.

Princess Cruises are known for being luxurious. They also go to Maui, Hawaii, Kauai and Oahu. They might be pricier, but they are worth it!

Celebrity Cruises are more detailed. They are not as family friendly as other cruise lines. However, their service and attention to detail make them a highly desirable company. Maui, Hawaii, Kauai, and Oahu are covered on their trips.

Carnival "fun ships" have a great itinerary for families as well as adults only. They offer many activities to do onboard and off. Maui, Hawaii, Oahu, and Kauai are stopping points for these ships.

Hawaii Nautical offers cruises on their catamarans, yachts, and sailboats. Of course, you will pay more, but this is for a private cruise.

Norwegian Cruise Lines is basically the only company that offers inter-island cruises. They go to Maui, Oahu, Hawaii, and Kauai.

Once you have picked your ship and cruising adventures, go out and have a great vacation!

Personalized Holiday Coasters - Make the Holidays Even More Special

There are a huge amount of different holidays throughout the year, some of the most well known include Christmas, Easter, New Year and many others. A lot of people will often celebrate multiple holidays throughout the year and one of the most common ways to do this is to throw a party or have a gathering of your closest family and friends. If you are having one of these parties or gatherings then you will probably have a huge amount of drinks, and you will know that if these are spilt they can cause a lot of damage to your home and personal property. One great way to stop this from happening is to have coasters, and what better kind of coasters could you possibly have for your holidays other than personalized holiday coasters.

Personalized holiday coasters are coasted that you can have specially made and they can feature almost any design you like on them. For example, if you are looking to order personalised holiday coasters for Christmas, then you may choose to have a picture of a Christmas tree on them with the message "Happy Christmas". Of course, this is just one example and you really can create personalized holiday coasters for absolutely any type of holiday you have in mind, even birthdays.

There are many companies both online and offline that can fix you up with personalized holiday coasters. Most of these companies can create your personalized coasters in a matter of days and then deliver them right to your door, just in time for that special holiday. They can usually create your personalized holiday coasters from any design that you already have and if you don't have a design in mind, they usually have a variety of different templates that they can use in order to form a basis for your design.

Overall, personalized holiday coasters are a great way to add that little bit of an extra effect to your parties or gatherings. They are also very cheap to buy and you can usually buy a good few hundred for just a few dollars, depending on the quality of course. You can also re-use these personalized coasters for the same holiday next year, that's assuming they don't get too much spillage from the crazy parties that you have planned!

Summer Is Coming - Is it Worth Investing in a BBQ?

As the youngest person to ever receive 3 Michelin Stars, Marco Pierre White is known as 'The Godfather' of modern cooking and was the first 'celebrity chef'. His passion for the great outdoors led him to discover a range of barbecues by Heaven Chef, a company devoted to producing high quality gas and charcoal barbecues. In fact he is so fond of their barbecues that he has endorsed their versatility and put his name to them.

Whether you're a barbecue novice looking for a family BBQ, or a budding chef looking to wow your friends, there's a Marco Pierre White BBQ to suit your needs.

The smallest, and lowest priced, BBQ in the collection is called Marco Pierre White's 'The One' Control Burner BBQ. This barbecue has a compact design so is ideal for smaller patios or gardens, and can be easily stored away when not in use. It comes in glossy black to give a more modern look to barbecuing. It features a duel control burner which allows more controllable and even cooking - burnt sausages on the outside and raw insides will be a thing of the past with this BBQ! It also features a large chrome plated grate and warming rack, plus a side burner for more versatile cooking.

The next barbecue in the range is the Marco Pierre White Charcoal Cart Grill. This barbecue is a more traditional BBQ and is ideal if you want that 'barbecue taste' to your food. It features a variable height charcoal grate system to you to control the cooking temperature. It also includes a large 'swing away' chrome plated warming rack to provide a tiered cooking area - providing space for keeping food warm while other food is cooking. There is also a handy resin shelf for food to be prepared or served plus a condiment holder to ensure everything you need is easily to hand. This barbecue comes in a glossy black finish for a more modern look whilst having a convenient, traditional hinged lid.

The Marco Pierre White 'The Edge' range of barbecues give a contemporary look to any garden. The first in 'The Edge' range is the 2 burner barbecue which is the ideal size for intimate family meals. For ease of use and safety it features four lockable casters which means its ideal for use anywhere in the garden. This 2 burner barbecue features an integral warming rack to allow food to be kept warm before serving and this model also has a pair of wooden side shelves to make serving even easier. A base shelf will hold all your barbecue accessories so everything you need is easily to hand. The grills on this robust barbecue are porcelain powder coated to make cleaning really easy and the whole barbecue has been designed with sleek style in mind.

The Edge is a 2 burner BBQ with a real mix of wood and titanium coloured legs and hood. It looks great and is a real winner

There is another 3 burner BBQ available - The Marco Pierre White 3 Burner Deluxe Stainless Steel Barbecue. This barbecue is designed for state of the art barbecuing. It's sleek stainless steel hood, control panel and doors are complimented perfectly by its satin black frame and side shelves. This model features two lockable casters and two large wheels to make manoeuvring it around the garden or into storage hassle free.

For the barbecue enthusiast, there is a Marco Pierre White 4 Burner Grande Stainless Steel Barbecue on the market in 2010. This professional quality barbecue also features sleek stainless steel hood, doors and control panel, set off by stain black frame and side trays like the 3 burner model. In addition the 4 burner also includes a side burner which is conveniently located within one of the side trays so the side tray can either be used for preparation or serving or as additional cooking space.

So you looking to upgrade your bbq and need a Barbecue that not only looks great but is available and ready to go.

Copyright (c) 2010 Filton Kingswood

How to Attain Natural Beauty

Most women nowadays are looking for ways on how to become flawlessly beautiful. The reason is obvious; each woman wants to stand out from the rest. In most aspects of life, being beautiful puts you in the edge of competition. In employment, for instance, it is most likely for a beautiful woman to get the job due to the pleasing personality that would help the company to get more clients. what real beauty is and how to attain it is quite a challenge. Here are some of the beauty tips you can not ignore.

Crowning glory

It has been said that the hair is a woman's crowning glory. Beautifying it adds gorgeousness to the looks. The style varies with time and society. In most cases, it is dictated by fashion icons and hair stylist. Women are always up to what is trendy in terms of hairstyle. Few realizes the importance of simplicity. The more the hair is exposed to hair care products, the more it dries out. Although there are some hair care products that are formulated to really give the hair extra protection from external elements, most are just damaging. To ensure that the crowning glory is taken care of, choosing the right hair products is the best way to deal with it.

Right skin care

The skin is the most important part of the body as it covers the internal parts. With the pollution brought by congestion and some other external elements that are killing the environment, our skin has been subject to different damaging elements. This observation led to the booming industry of skin care products. Nowadays, you will find various types of skin care promising a healthy glow of the skin. Well, not all of them are effective as you would agree. Choosing which product to use has been quite a challenge. Nevertheless, realize that before finding the products that would help the skin replenish, we should be doing the basic things to ensure proper care is given to our skin. Maintaining a healthy skin care routine is what make right beautification possible. Sometimes by having a simple look creates a huge difference.


Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder so as they say. Well, the true essence of beauty is having the positive outlook in life. Believe it or not; the way we treat ourselves and the way we feel reflects our personality. People can easily tell if we have problems by the way we react to situations. Similarly, they can tell if we feel good about ourselves. We show confidence and positive responses even to the toughest situation we are facing. That said; if we feel that we are beautiful even if others disagree, there are people who know the essence of beauty that would affirm our perspective.

Just like happiness, beauty can be attained without exerting too much effort. If we believe that deep within us we are beautiful, by all means we are! Your quest for beauty stops here. Celebrate true beauty today.

Acai Diet - Way to Go

Acai diet is an amazing way to lose excess weight, as it may help you in shedding pounds naturally while also improving health. As Acai berry juice is rich in antioxidants, it is a good diet aid. This diet does not lose weight overnight as it is not magical cure and must be included to make a healthy diet plan. You need to get Acai juice along with Acai supplements to start your diet. You need to avoid drinks that are named Acai diets but have little quantity of actual Acai. Diets that have added sugar/ flavors must also be avoided. Search for 100% juice/ powder/ pills with nothing in addition.

Next you need to create Acai diet plan fitting your lifestyle. People with sedentary lifestyle need low calorie diet. More active people must focus more on exercise along with Acai supplements rather than cutting down the calories. Acai supplements must be taken in morning (pills/ powder along with juices/ shakes). Acai juice must be consumed between meals rather than soda. Next step is to eliminate sugary foods/ drinks and processed foods and use Acai juice.

Tracking your progress from diet can be done by record daily intake of juice while weighting yourself every week. You would certainly find reasons to celebrate. Assure that are not going through spam and are using only authentic products. Do not waste your money on sub-standard products as that would do no good to you. Choose a good graded concentrated product. Also remember that there is no miraculous weight loss. But yes the product is substantially remarkable. This purple super fruit is good and Acai diets are certainly far better than other diets I had been following since long that include fad diets/ soup diets/ pills/ capsules/ supplements - list is simply endless

Dieting must be followed by serious and holistic approach. Acai aids weight loss as it suppresses your appetite and speeds up metabolism that burns the calories. More effort put in Acai diet would mean better results. Acai diets require sincere effort along with commitment.

The Wonders of Joy Perfume

Known as the most expensive perfumes in the world, Jean Patou has left an indelible mark on the fragrance market with Joy Perfume. From his humble beginnings after World War I and the Wall Street Crash, he raised the bar of luxury in spite of difficult times and inspired the women of America with his Joy perfume. Although from French descent, he reveres his American clientele too well that he created a perfume that contains double of the required essential oils, thus doubling or even tripling the price of perfumes of his time.

Joy perfume celebrates the floral purity of its composition without compromising on the number of flowers used to create every drop of this luxurious merchandise. Ten thousand jasmines and twenty eight dozen of May roses are required to produce 30mL of this highly revered perfume. It opens up with Bulgarian Rose, tuberose and ylang-ylang. The heart sinks with jasmine and Grasse and dry down with May rose. An exceptional taste only for those who can afford it, it became a parody and a light of hope to the difficult times of the World War and the crashing economy.

There have been many other fragrances that have been released under the Jean Patou name and have lived up to the expectations of its loyal clientele. After the success of Joy and other fragrances, Ma Liberte was released in 1987 as an oriental floral fragrance. Opening with citrus notes and heliotrope; heart of lavender, jasmine, rose and cloves and base with sandalwood, spicy nutmeg, cinnamon and vanilla and blends with vetivir, cedar, patchouli and musk.

Standing out from the crowd is a woman that is offered with Sublime by the Jean Patou House. A mixture of the most delicate yet sensual notes, the top notes are of bergamot, tangerine and coriander with green accords to give you a fresh and sweet tinge. Middle notes go floral with ylang-ylang, rose, jasmine and neroli oil while it dries down with vanilla, sandalwood, civet, and cedar. Packaged in an elegant bottle that whispers elegance, it is crowned with a gold stopper to exude luxury.

A soft floral fruity touch as in the Joy perfume is the 1998 floral fruity perfume that is Un Amour de Patou. Aldehydes, mahogany and green notes open it up with floral jasmine, lily and rose at the middle. It is finished off with sandalwood and musk base.

Over the years, Jean Patou has never failed to commit its brand to the excellence that it has started since mid-1920. Today, his most famous Joy perfume has been the standards by which other perfumes such as Ghost perfume and others has respected for decades.

Environmental Crisis, Cosmic Opportunity

Perhaps the single most important spiritual issue of our time emerges in the global ecological crisis we face. The vast devastation that human beings have visited on the Earth in modernity poses profound threats to the survival of all life forms on the planet. Pollution of the land, air, and water has introduced life-threatening toxins into the food-chain and our bodies. Depletion of the protective ozone, global warming, alarming increments in human population growth, and the killing off of millions of plant and animal species--all of these suggest a grim future devoid of natural aesthetics and a radically diminished existence, if, indeed, we can survive at all. The source of these problems is not superficial. It has to do with our self-understanding and our relationship to the natural world. We are alienated from nature, estranged from the elegant magnificence which is all about us and within us. Growing awareness of this alienation and estrangement challenges our fundamental meanings and values.

We need to stand back from the present crisis and assess why things are so amiss. What are the underlying reasons for today's threatening situation? The answer, of course, is the human species. We are what has thrown the natural world into such imbalance. But is the human species intrinsically the problem? Are we a mistake of nature, inevitably drawn to behaviors which are destructive to the planet as a whole? A closer look suggests that the underlying problem is not the human species as such, but the human species of the past 200 years--and more precisely, the human species in the Western hemisphere and north of the equator during the past 200 years. It is modern Eurocentered humanity that has plundered nature and wrought such destruction to the planet.

Thomas Berry suggests that the underlying problem is twofold: otherworldly religion and controlling science--religion that denigrates the natural world and sees it as at best neutral and at worst our spiritual enemy; and science as conquest which seeks to conquer and subjugate the world of nature. Transcending nature through religion and overcoming nature through science--these prevailing attitudes combine to create a human species which devastates the natural world, perceiving itself as separate from, and even alien to, nature. Clearly, it is our understanding and perception that must change.

This change in perception begins with the physical universe (physics), with the Earth (seen from space), and with nature (ecology). Our understanding of the physical universe has changed dramatically and rapidly in the twentieth century, triggered mostly by the insights of Albert Einstein and our ability to observe both the macro (through telescopes) and the micro (through particle separators). Space travel has provided us with a mirror image of the Earth as a wonderful blue and green jewel which hangs in the blackness of space. For the first time we can see the planet as a whole. The ecological crisis has caused us to rethink our relationship to nature, and we are beginning to recognize ourselves as part of an intricate, interdependent web of life--more radically connected to and dependent upon the natural world than we had previously thought. The new physics, NASA, and the ecological dangers we now face are combining to change our perception of reality, our self-understanding, and the meaning and value of human activity.

This is both familiar to Christian faith and an extraordinary challenge to our tradition. It is familiar because ancient Israel developed a creation myth which tied the emergence of the natural world to the God who led them forth from Egypt. The Earth, the sun, the stars, the cycle of seasons, the power of fertility--all were seen as the handiwork of the same God who had liberated Israel and brought Judah back from Babylonian exile.

It is familiar, also, because early Christian traditions began to connect Jesus of Nazareth with the unseen wisdom of God (sophia), who was responsible for creation. We get images of a cosmic Christ in the Pauline and Johannine writings as well as in the Book of Revelation--"He is the first-born of all creation, for in him were created all things in heaven and on earth... all things were created through him and for him" (Col 1:15-16). The basileia proclaimed by Jesus in word and deed is universal, encompassing everything there is.

It is familiar, also, because Christian thinkers throughout the past 2,000 years have explored the connections between creation and redemption, between what we know about universal reality and our faith in Jesus. Plato's understanding of the universe undergirds Augustine's theology. Aristotle's description of the physical universe is the basis for Thomas Aquinas' thought. Christian mysticisms celebrate the unity of all things in God. Catholic figures like Francis of Assisi, Hildegarde of Bingen, and Meister Eckhart saw all of creation suffused with spirit. Only in recent centuries does Christianity reflect a split understanding of the natural universe (phenomena) and the sacred (noumena). So retrieving an integrated understanding is familiarly Catholic.

But the new paradigm is also a profound challenge to many of our assumptions and previous understandings. Copernicus and Galileo, in challenging previous understandings of the universe, were condemned by Rome, beginning a prolonged conflict between science and religion. That conflict intensified with the Enlightenment, during which reason and empiricism were seen as the tools of science in the exploration of the universe and society, and revelation and faith were diminutized, given over to the sphere of the private individual and the interior life of belief and value. One could choose either science or faith for an integrated understanding, or one could choose both science and faith, but in a bifurcated reality. Our newly emergent sense of the universe and nature shatters that separation and opens up new opportunities for an integrated understanding which brings faith and science together, but not without challenges. There has also been within the Christian tradition generally a locating of revelation in history rather than nature, a focus on time rather than place. Recovering a sense of the revelatory character of the cosmos and seeing the physical (matter and bodies) as the location of salvation is a daunting challenge, given our history of being influenced by dualisms in which the physical universe was perceived rather negatively.

Environmental damage, the extent and intensity of which we are only now beginning to glimpse, is tied to problematic patterns of perception--attitudes grounded in long-standing assumptions and beliefs--as well as the anti-nature behaviors which flow from them. Christianity, as it has developed over the centuries, is part of the problem. Some (Lynn White, for example) would say it is the problem behind our ecological crisis. We have focused almost exclusively on the human, and seen the rest of creation as there for us. We have focused on human purpose as salvation from this world--in a heavenly realm beyond space and time. We have seen matter, the body, the physical world in a pejorative way, emphasizing control of and transcendence from. Our dualisms have led us to see the spiritual, the soul, and true human purpose above and beyond the earth, the universe, and physical reality. With these attitudes, it is no wonder that we are now witnessing pollution of air and water, destruction of the great rain forests, and the extinction of millions of plant and animal species. To the extent that we have embraced hierarchy, patriarchy, and dualism, Christianity is a hidden culprit in the ecological devastation we are now facing.

A revised and updated Christianity today means listening to the voices of physics, as well as to the beliefs and values expressed in the religions of indigenous peoples. It means listening to the voices of the Earth and her many creatures, who cry out for relief from the human assault. It means recognizing that the rule of God comes long before Jesus of Nazareth and that the meaning disclosed by him is ultimately cosmic and universal. Today we must perceive the reconstructed universe disclosed in the new physics, that we see the human and the Christian in the larger context of 15 billion years of cosmic evolution. We must find a creative integration of Christian faith and the harmony and balance which nature requires. Christian faith today must be about cosmic liberation and cosmic healing--connecting human creativity to the wondrous music of the universe.

© 2010 Robert A. Ludwig, Ph.D.

Last Minute Hotels

If you travel often, be it for business or leisure, chances are that some of your trips might have been planned at the last minute. This means that you do not have the luxury of time to plan your accommodation well in advance and thus may miss out on any early bird offers and discounts which are often associated with an early booking.

In the past, you might have to rush down to a travel agent's office or phone them to make last minute travel arrangements. However, the Internet age has changed all that, as the proliferation of websites specializing in last minute travel deals have not only made it much easier for you to gain access to a wealth of information about which hotels in your destination still have rooms available at the last minute, but may also offer discounted room rates which might even be lower than for an early booking.

These deals are a result of hotels seeking to raise occupancy rates during the non-peak travel season or as a result of guests making last minute cancellations. On top of that, you can even find heavily discounted airfares and car rental services on these sites as well, thus enabling you to rack up more savings on travel costs than you can imagine. You can read on for more information about last minute hotels and some useful advice to bear in mind when making accommodation arrangements at the eleventh hour.

Turn to the Internet

The Internet is the best resource to turn to when you want to search for last minute deals for your hotel, no matter where you will be travelling to.

The online travel agents often offer discounts of between 20% to 50%, while the hotels themselves may be desperate to fill their rooms and thus may offer attractive deals on their websites as well. These offers may even be seasonal in nature to coincide with school holidays or local celebrations and festivals.

The hotels available for last minute booking often encompass the whole spectrum of hotel categories, from budget to mid-range to luxury hotels, giving you an excellent range of choices no matter your budget and preferences. This allows you to search for the best rooms in your chosen location and enables you to compare their prices and facilities.

Some tips and considerations

Here are some words of advice to note when booking your hotel online at the last minute.

Firstly, you should exercise precaution when deciding which websites you can trust, as scams are common in such a situation where people often are not careful as a result of being too hurried in making last minute travel arrangements. To avoid such scenarios, it is advisable to place your booking only with websites run by established and reputable travel companies and hotels.

It is also a good idea to check if the website is frequently updated with the latest deals and promotions so that you can enjoy the best savings no matter when you choose to book. Before confirming your booking, it is always prudent to take note of any additional charges such as taxes and fees, so that you are sure of the exact amount that you have to pay. After your booking is completed, do remember to print and keep the confirmation notice from the hotel or travel agent.

It also pays to be flexible and open-minded when selecting your hotels at the last minute, especially when your desired hotel is fully booked during the peak travel season or major local events. Hence, you might have to be prepared to settle for accommodation of a different type or at a different location, such as in the outskirts or suburbs. The quality of the service that you will receive in these alternative hotels is often not compromised too. That being said, you should check that the site has links with recognized quality hotels as booking at the last minute can still afford you the high quality and service standards associated with these hotels.

Tummy Exercises For Women to Burn Fat Fast

Do you know that some of the best tummy exercises for women to build fat fast are not what most people think. Most women think that doing a few crunches or walking twenty minutes on a treadmill will workout their tummy. Actually this is not true at all. In fact these exercises will do very little for you. Yes they are the most common exercises, but the truth is that most women, even those in the gym, do not have a flat tummy.

1) Flatten your tummy with cardio

If you have run on a treadmill for twenty or even sixty minutes for some months and even years and you don't see the desired results then doing the same thing will manifest in the same result.

Cardio exercises can be a great way to flatten your tummy fast but you need to know how and what exercises to choose out. Generally speaking while you are doing the cardiovascular exercise you need to really feel that you are working out. Sorry but you will not see any results without effort.

2) Strength training

Doing strength training exercises a few times per week should be a habit for everyone that cares about her body. Strength training exercises will improve dramatically your body shape and tone.

Here are some excellent strength training exercises you can do for you tummy. Plank pose, leg lowering, reverse crunch, ball crunch, ball oblique crunch, and ball rock.

3) Weight training

In most cases women find weight training a "dirty word". However they can't be further from the truth. Cardio and of course a good nutrition programme can help but without weight training you will not lose tummy fat efficiently.

First of all it is a complete myth that you will look like a female bodybuilder by using some dumbbell or kettlebells. But it will give you an increase in lean muscle mass. This is actually one of the so called secrets of celebrities and fitness models to look better then "average" people.

Black UGG Classic Tall Boot - Stylish Footwear That Women Need to Own

UGG Boots have made an impact on the fashion world, especially in America. Take a look in any city and you will be bound to see a woman in a nice sexy looking pair. There are many different styles available from the company, however one of the most popular and in demand is the Black Ugg Classic Tall Boot. This article will take a look in detail at this particular boot. Find out some of the features that are available and also learn as to why it is so popular.

The Black UGG Classic Tall Boot is one of the most popular products available from UGG Australia. This boot is popular, mainly because of how it looks and matches perfectly with different outfits. The boot is worn by celebrities, models and fashionistas alike and this point to its overall popularity. This Classic Tall Boot is also very comfortable, soft and cozy. Because the inside is made from sheepskin, it is able to wick away moisture, while at the same time keeping the feet at the correct temperature. These boots all have a flexible outsole that is also light. This gives added comfort in every step that an individual takes in these boots.

The Black UGG Classic Tall Boot is very versatile as it can be worn or cuffed down. They look great with different outfits and clothing such as jeans, shorts and dresses. Women who get themselves a pair will love them as they can mix and match them with just about any outfit they can think of. The black color also gives them so much versatility.

This is a reminder for people who are considering purchasing themselves a Black UGG Classic Tall Boot. You need to remember that these boots run large. So if you are going to buy a pair, you need to get one that is a size smaller. If you wear a size 8, then you need to go ahead and get yourself a size 7. This is to ensure that the boot fits comfortably.

The Black UGG Classic Tall is one of those most have boots for anyone who is into fashion. They are very versatile as you can wear them up or folder down. They are also extremely stylish and goes well with just about anything. Get yourself a pair and you will not regret it, we guarantee it. It's popularity speaks volume of why this is a must have item. Trust us, you need yourself a pair.

Retirement Party Tips

Retirement marks a momentous occasion in life. The kids are grown, responsibilities are few, money is saved, you have no more alarm clocks, no more overtime, and no more dealing with the boss. A time to look ahead and a time for reflection. When it comes time for your friends, family, or coworkers to retire send them out in style with a retirement party. This is one occasion when you should have the best party ever! Here are some tips to help make your retirement party a memorable one.

You want to honor the retiree so it is important that you know the person well. Make a list of accomplishments, hobbies, interests, activities, and personality traits. This will help aid you in planning your party and in planning the best way to honor the retiree. Invite everyone who is close and who is important to the person being honored. This list will come from family, friends and coworkers. Decide on an appropriate theme for your party, one that is tailored to the retiree. Once the theme is picked then you can choose appropriate decorations and invitations. One fun thing to do at any retirement party is to take an alarm clock wrap it up, present it to the retiree then have them smash it in celebration that they no longer need it.

Keep in mind as you are planning your party that this is more than just a party, it is an event to honor a person you care about. One great way to do so is to collect photographs, put them into a software program like powerpoint, create a presentation using the photos and put it on loop and have it run all night in a corner of the room. You could do something similar with video and have it set up to run on loop. The advantage of video is you can include audio and get much more creative in your presentation. Make sure the presentation is centered around the person being honored. Other ways of honoring the retiree are with speeches, toasts, poems or songs that are written for the person being honored. A plaque, award or gift are also appropriate for such occasions. Having a guest book for people to write their comments and wishes in is a nice touch.

For the food keep it related to the theme if possible and be sure to serve favorite foods of the retiree. You could either serve a sit down formal dinner if you have the space, or opt for a buffet style. You could serve an entire meal from appetizer to desert or just serve snack food. Food is important to any party, but for this occasion the most important element is to honor the retiree.

Do not forget about music, you will want to have the favorite music of the person being honored playing in the background. If your budget allows always have live entertainment, this will add a touch of eloquence that will make your party very memorable. So the next time a friend, family member or coworker retires you will be able to send them off with a party that will be remembered for a very long time.