Art of the Matter - Saffron Walden - Essex

There are many reasons why you would want to come to Saffron Walden, Essex. To walk in its beauty of the picturesque and quintessential English countryside, to soak in its rich culture and history of British aristocrats and its love for art.

Situated 45 miles north of London, this small town has a population a little over 15,000. After a small spate of redevelopment and modernization, the town took on a new look however, that is almost always in the shadows of the grand ancient architecture of the town.

There are many places of interest to see here, chiefly the monuments and structures built by the Quakers family, whose descendants are very much alive today in this town. It would be wise to get to a local museum and study the rich history of this market town as it is most commonly referred to as.

The best way to appreciate its beauty is by either taking a walk down the rolling hills of the countryside or chartering a helicopter or small aircraft to go about in the air to see the beauty of this countryside town.

Interestingly, this place had been flourishing as an art center from the longest time. Even till a few years ago, this place enjoyed great patronage of locals who appreciated art and it still continues to do so.

Another fact that cannot be missed out is its most prominent residents. The Quaker family had taken it upon themselves to leave behind a legacy and they succeeded that with their Quaker Oats.

Every year they host their own beer festival to celebrate spring somewhere in April. So if you want to go there, plan your travel well in advance. Staying in a B&B will be best.

Other places and monuments to walk around to are the St. Mary Church, the castle atop the hill, the market square and other such places.


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