Convenient & Healthy Cooking With a Health Grill!

With a health grill you can cook gorgeous food in a fraction of the time of a normal grill. It doesn't matter what you are cooking, anything from vegetables through to steaks, the health grill will become in indispensable part of your kitchen. The most popular health grill is the George Foreman grill range, however there are many other brand grills available including some from celebrity chefs such as Gordon Ramsay and Jamie Oliver.

Health grills are on the whole a pair of grooved heated plates coated in a non stick layer which are both heated. The food is placed sandwiched between the plates and is consequently cooked from the bottom and top at the same time which cooks the food evenly all the way through a lot faster than a standard grill. The bottom plate slopes towards the front of the grill which allows the fat and juices to drain away from the food and into a drip tray making all your food not only healthier, but tastier as well!

There are various different health grills, ranging in size and functionality starting at 2 portion small grills all the way up to large 10 portion grills. Some grills have extra features such as bun warmers, floating hinges, removable plates and even a griddle on certain models.

You can cook pretty much anything on a grill including vegetables and boneless meats including chicken fillets, steak, sausage, burgers and bacon! You really can cook almost anything which you could cook on a standard grill! You should not try and cook any meat which is more than 3cm thick or contains bones.

Selected grills feature a floating hinge which makes it ideal for cooking thicker meat, melting food or creating toasted sandwiches and paninis. The floating hinge also allows you to cook everything from thin sliced bacon through to thicker chops and and large burgers.

Due to how the food is cooked and the way the plates are angled the food you cook is much healthier than if it had been grilled. So the food is healthier, but not only that, it cooks much quicker, looks better and best of all tastes far better than traditional cooking.

Due to the compact nature of even the largest grills, they can be stored away in a cupboard easily making them a must have, even in the smallest of kitchens. The plates can be cleaned quickly and easily and if it has removable plates they can be removed and put in the dishwasher. Even if the grill doesn't have removable plates, you can either use special grill sponges or a tool which comes with the grill for scraping the worst of the food off from the plates. By adding removable plates to the grills some sacrifices have been needed, such as the plates not cooking evenly across the whole plate and cooking times being increased slightly.

Making the decision on which health grill you should be is not easy. The first consideration will always be how much food you need to cook at once. Make sure you buy a grill which can handle more than enough portions. The second most important feature will be if you want removable plates or not. By now you should have a few grills to chose from. You can pick your perfect health grill from these by looking at the extra features, brand name and value for money.


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