Tie Dye Fashion - Not Just For the Hippies, New Style of Tie Dye Fashion For 2010

For some of us 'Hippies' tie dye fashion never left us. But in today's innovative world this fashion has become more subtle. Integrating all sorts of styles in a variety of colours as well as the cut of the garment. Making the whole style a little bit more mainstream and up market. And it is a trend that we can all embrace.

So lets take a look at what all the fashionistas are wearing in this gorgeous style. Lovely soft flowing fabrics for that bohemian look is a large part of this current trend. Steering away from the harsh cottons and into the softer rayon fabrics as well as soft cotton crepes. Teaming the tops up with jeans for the urban grunge look. The bohemian style skirts are best worn with a tight fitting t-shirt to contrast away from the fullness of the skirt.

Tie dye is a look that a lot of young celebrities are embracing now. Some of the top designers are featuring tie dye on the runway. So this fashion that we have loved all those years ago has come of age. Always making you smile as the colour always makes you feel happy never blue!! These garments are available at all price points, making it available to everyone at their own budget.

The newer styles that are available are a lot more chic, then the traditional styles from the sixties. And Fashionistas nowadays are looking for that chic classy style. It is all about being individual as well as in style.


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