Seven Best Crossover Players in the NBA

A crossover is a move you can do in a basketball game where you dribble the ball so it can bounce and let you change momentum. This move lets you outsmart your opponent by letting you drive the ball towards the goal. Some of the NBA players with the famous crossovers are Iverson and Davis.

1. Allen Iverson is the top player for this list of NBA best crossovers. Allen Iverson was famous for turning Michael Jordan for two times in just one game. He is a little less than six feet tall and he had a hard time going through most of the players in NBA. He nevertheless figured out some tricks how to outmaneuver them. He usually did not just with sheer speed but with several fakes and crossovers that people would watch out for his moves in every game he is in.

2. Baron Davis is the second player for this list of NBA best crossovers. He was famous as the "Too Easy". He was a famous guard known for defending the ball in a creative way. He was also popular for his fast spinning moves while doing a crossover. His most celebrated crossover was the one he did on the basketball player named Manu.

3. Steve Francis is the third player for this list of NBA best crossovers. He was popular called as the little guy with many aerial moves. He was famous for several kinds of crossover movements. His personal favorite was the dependable move of leaning on his right and crossing on his left. This way he gets to open up the way to make for him in a fascinating way. One of his memorable moves was when he did a crossover on the player named Peja. It was a quick move that he looked on the incorrect way after Steve did it. He was caught unaware by the move.

4. Dwayne Wade is the fourth player for this list of NBA best crossovers. His famous crossover move happened during a game between the Cleveland Cavaliers and the Miami Heat. He did a crossover on Eric Snow that he was not aware of it at all.

5. Stephon Marbury is the fifth player for this list of NBA best crossovers. The Marbury and Yao was a funny mismatch in NBA history. Yao a very tall basketball player was a difficult player to guard but Stephon Marbury still managed to do a crossover move on him many times in their games. He was able to do it that Yao Ming even fell several times on the floor.

6. Jason Williams is the sixth player for this list of NBA best crossovers. He is known to be the player with the most effective hesitant crossover move. He can also shift on both left and right directions in a fast way that would confuse his opponent.

7. Kobe Bryant is already considered one of the famous players in the history of NBA. His crossover move is famous for wrapping up his opponents on themselves. One of his popular crossovers happened on the Wizards' player, Ben Wallace.


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