5 Tips on How to Stay Together

Today is the day that your relationship starts to get better. You will begin to communicate more effectively, openly and honestly. You will no longer fight or get upset over little things that in the scheme of things are unimportant. You will begin to show more affection and support for each other and treat each other better than you treat yourself. Your relationship with your spouse or partner will be the most important one you have. This is my prayer for you and I happen to believe that it's possible to improve any relationship and figure out how to stay together.

How do some couples seem to stay together forever and others go through breakup after breakup? If at first you don't succeed try try again right? Only in Hollywood does this motto work. I have nothing against celebrity relationships but that's not the example we should strive to follow.

Here are the tips on how to stay together you should follow:

  1. Begin to communicate more openly and honestly. It is very easy to have communication breakdowns or problems in any relationship. The more you let the problems persist the deeper the problem will become and the harder it will be to recover. Avoid telling the innocent "white lies" that make you walk around feeling guilty and defensive.
  2. Stop making a big deal out of little things. Learn how to refrain from criticizing every thing your partner or spouse does or says. It's not just that you shouldn't put him or her under a microscope but you also shouldn't act annoyed or displeased all the time. If looks could kill your partner or spouse would probably be dead by now. Learn how to zip and skip. Zip your lips and skip over the little things that normally make your blood boil.
  3. Make your partner or spouse feel more loved and appreciated. It's so easy to take him or her for granted. You no longer feel the need to put forth and effort to display love and affection right? Perhaps you are too tired or think he or she knows how much you love and appreciate them. Well if you want to stay together you will need to figure out how to show how much you love and appreciate him or her. If you don't make them feel loved perhaps someone else will and then you know what can happen right? Let your spouse know and feel that you are there for them.
  4. Try to give rather than receive from your partner or spouse. Your goal should be to make him or her feel like you value them more than yourself. It doesn't mean that you let them have their way all the time. It just means that most of the time you should be considering the needs, desires and wishes ahead of your own. Your spouse or partner will not be able to resist your unselfishness and want to do the same.
  5. Make sure your relationship with your spouse or partner is second to none (excluding a relationship with God). It's very easy to let relationships with children, family, friends or co-workers get in the way of a relationship with a spouse or partner. If you are spending too much time with others then you are investing in the wrong relationship. Your spouse or partner should feel like there is a reason for staying together and not have to figure out how to compete for your time, love or affection.
I believe without a doubt that this day or this very hour you can begin strengthening your relationship. Starting with the next thought or next conversation or the next eye contact you make with your partner or spouse is when you can make it happen.

I've listed a few tips here to get you started on the road to a better relationship. There are many other strategies you can try to make for a blissful relationship.


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