Tea Party Movement

There are tea parties that little girls have with their imaginary friends then there is the Tea Party Movement. This Tea Party is not about imaginary anything but it is about the reality of where this country is headed and what Americans think about it. Some say the party started on February 19, 2009 when Rick Santelli anchor man for CNBC went on a tirade about the Obama government's plan to bail out the "losers mortgages". This event unfolded at the Chicago Mercantile Exchange. A poor choice of words perhaps but a good indication about the frustrations many Americans are feeling towards our government today.

What is the Tea Party? What are they for or against? I know they are for the Constitution of the United States, the very basis our country was founded on. I know they are against expanded government and its intrusion into our lives. Less government, fewer taxes, a return to what our forefathers, who founded this nation, intended for our country and countrymen; freedom. These men and women are numbered in the thousands and are growing daily.

These people aren't rabble rousers as they have been portrayed. These people aren't violent and they have been accused of being violent. These people are you and me, our next door neighbors, our brothers, our grandparents; these are concerned citizens who are concerned about the path our country is going in. They have a right to meet, too congregate and protest in a lawful mannerly way. This is a right afforded to them by our laws of the land.

Whether you agree with this movement or disagree it doesn't matter. What does matter is that it is our rights as American citizens to have the freedom to express ourselves and we should all be concerned about those rights being taken away from us.

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