Top Brands to Sell on eBay

One of the challenges of selling on eBay is knowing what to sell. You can wander around thrift stores, garage sales, clearance sales, and flea markets and the array of offerings can be absolutely overwhelming. How do you figure out what to sell on eBay?

First, focus on anything that was expensive when it was brand new. Visit high-end department stores either online or in person. Take note of the prices of the items. For example, Ferragamo shoes are around $300 brand new. These shoes hold their value on eBay. Many eBay sellers find these shoes for $5-$10 at thrift stores and resell them in gently used condition for $50-$90 on eBay.

Second, pay attention to vintage items. Baby Boomers love their vintage collectibles. Lunchboxes, rotary telephones, typewriters, belt buckles, ashtrays, and vintage lingerie are great sellers on eBay. You might be thinking, "Why would someone want an old ashtray?" Vintage items remind people of their youth and times gone by. Something as simple as an ashtray or a mug can bring back a flood of emotional memories. Cash in on vintage items!

Third, pay attention to current trends. Think about the hot movie in the theatres, the current fashion trends, or the celebrity that teenagers are going crazy over. For example, last year the Twilight movies were a major attraction. Items such as the Twilight books, t-shirts, specialty cosmetics, and posters were hot sellers on eBay. Teenagers have more discretionary income than other demographic groups, so pay attention to what teenagers are spending their money on.

Selling on eBay involves more common sense than you might think. Pay attention to what is going on around you and keep an open mind when choosing products to sell. Click here to download a free list of over 200 items and brand names to look for when selling on eBay.


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